Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 383. brand new day



「By the way…what is Margo doing?」

Kyouko-san asks while looking at the footage of Yukino’s house.

「She didn’t leave the premise and just entrusted everything to that old man, right?」

…That’s it.
Where’s Margo-san?
On the screen, Yukino’s car is surrounded by journalists…

『Hey…please give us your story!』
『Where is your father right now?!』
『Ichikawa-san, what do you think about social responsibility?』
『Shirasaka Youko-san, a word about your husband…!』

Old man Ichikawa desperately tries to get the car off but…he can’t move as he’s stuck in the crowd.
He pushed the horn multiple times.
Still, the reporters and journalists don’t leave the black luxury car.
They try to push the car, knocking on the windows!
They turn their camera to Yukino’s grandfather and mother.,
Yukino lowers the windows angrily.

『Hey, stop it! Yukino!』

Old man Ichikawa tries to stop his granddaughter, but…
Yukino’s anger is already on the verge of explosion!

『Stop this already you people! Now that it comes to this, just give it all away!』
『Yukino, stop!』
『Because, Ojii-chan! We didn’t do anything wrong! Everything’s Papa’s fault!』

Yukino’s scream is transmitted through airwaves.

『Then that means…the allegations thrown towards Shirasaka Sousuke are all true?!』

Then, the reporter uses a leading question on Yukino!

『What are you asking this late?! If not for that, I shouldn’t have experienced this cruelty!』

Ah…she admitted it.

『Is that so? The showbiz scandal, and the kidnapping and murder of a girl are all true?!』『That’s not it, that’s what those people say』
『Those people? Who?』
『Yukino-san look over here too!』
『Here too, please!』

Yukino’s even more fired up now that the cameras and microphones are aimed at her.

『It’s them, them! The people who raped me forcibly…』
『Who raped you, Yukino-san?!』
『It’s him…aah…!』
『Stop, Yukino…we’ll be massacred if you do that!』

Old man Ichikawa believes that Jii-chan is the mastermind.
That this is a ploy of Kouzuki group to seize the newspaper and television stations of Shirasaka house.
He only thinks of『Kuromori』as one of the organizations under Jii-chan’s control.

『What do you mean by that! Ichikawa-san!』

Old man Ichikawa’s a heavyweight of the advertising agency…it’s already reported.
The one old man Ichikawa is afraid of…
The reporters are heating up even further.

On the other hand…Yukino

『I…he turned me to a mess! Dammit!』

What Yukino hates is…
I’m the one who ravished and trampled Yukino’s heart.

『I’ll never forgive him!』

Yukino shouts to the camera…!
Eyes burning in hatred…clenching her teeth.
No matter how you look at it…she can’t be seen as a weak girl…a victim of a sexual crime.
The hysteric Yukino who only shouts, is overflowing with sense of life.
Nobody would feel sympathy with Yukino…

『Therefore…who is it? Who’s that “Them”?!』

The reporter asks Yukino.

『I’ll tell you now! The one who messed up my life is…!』

Yukino tries to make an accusation towards the camera…!

『Stop! Do you intend to get us all killed?!』
『Because, Ojii-chan! If I don’t expose it here, I can’t settle down!』

Yukino can’t be stopped anymore.

『So, who is it?!』
『That’s right, hurry up and say it!』

The reporters fuel her.

『…It’s Yuzuki!』

At that moment.


Something has exploded on the premise of Shirasaka Sousuke’s mansion!
Something fires up!

『It’s dangerous! Let’s run!!!!!』

Sparks fly down above the reporters.


The second explosion comes from the veranda.

『Hey, that’s dangerous!』
『Evacuate, evacuate!!!!』

The reporters run and evacuate like baby spiders.
Old man Ichikawa steps on the accelerator when the front of the car opens up.


『They’re escaping!』
『Chase them!』
『Rather than that, fire truck!』
『What is that explosion?!』

Shirasaka Sousuke’s house turns to a big mess.
Black smoke rises from around the garden of the mansion.


Mana speaks out


I hug Mana.

「I’m okay…Onii-chan I’ve already made my farewell with that house」

Mana answers.

「When we went to that house…we left that」

Minaho-neesan said.

「On the garden…veranda, and garage. I made it wirelessly controlled so it can be detonated anytime」
「Margo-san’s over there, right?」

I asked.

「Yes. She’s in a distance the signals could reach. I instructed her to detonate immediately after Yukino-san blurts something…!」

I see.

「Don’t worry…it may look flashy but, it won’t spread out of the building. The smoke is also a smoke bomb. The house isn’t on fire」

Minaho-neesan said.

「The public eyes…would think that the explosion is made by Ichikawa-san」

Ichikawa-san made it explode?

「His idiot granddaughter getting excited and tried to announce the culprit who kidnapped and raped her…but, Ichikawa-san can’t make it public. Therefore, he made that noise and escaped」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Why does Ichikawa-san not want it to be public?…That is because Ichikawa-san himself is connected to the organization that kidnapped Yukino-san」

The public knows that a criminal organization related to Shirasaka Sousuke kidnapped Yukino…

「Not only Shirasaka Sousuke…but also the maternal grandfather was also related to the gangs. Well, that’s how advertising agency works. Therefore, he can’t expose their name…that’s how I want it recognized by the whole Japan…」
「Oh well…that group would be crushed by us today though…!」

Following up Minaho-neesan…Kyouko-san laughs.

『Err, it seems that the site is still in confusion. Ah, a firetruck just came in…』

The morning variety show still continues…

「Ichikawa-san will head straight home…he’d quit the company, and he has no other place to run」

Kyouko-san said.

「Ichikawa-ojiichan has a villa」

Mana says, but…

「No it’s impossible, with Ichikawa-san’s age…he has no strength nor willpower to speed through the province while being chased by the media. Besides, if you head to the villa, can you buy food? The three of them have become nationwide celebrities. If they’re in Tokyo, they might still be able to ask someone they know, but …If he quits the company, he’s just a normal person. There may not be anyone who’s willing to help out Ichikawa-san anymore」

Kyouko-san said.
The screen switches to the areal image from the helicopter.
Ichikawa-san’s car runs at a breakneck speed…cars and motorcycles from media are chasing him.

「Well…we can leave that to the media and it’ll be fine」
「We should start moving too」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Megumi and I…and Kyouko-san’s group will be heading to school. Reika-oneesan will be on Nagisa’s shop. The people heading to Ruriko-san’s father’s funeral will wait for Margo to come back」

If Margo-san’s not here…we can’t go kidnap Ruriko.

「I will be looking over Mana-chan and Agnes.」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Mao…could you play with the ladies over there for today?」

Nagisa said pointing Mao-chan to Agnes.

「Eh, why?」
「Onee-chan has been trapped in this room ever since she was born, and she has never gone outside」
「Really. She never had any friends until now」
「Uwaaa…that’s sad」
「Yes, it’s pitiful…」

Mao-chan looks at Agnes.

「Mama and others wants Agnes-chan to go outside as soon as possible but…Agnes doesn’t know anything about the outside, you see? She’s scared so she doesn’t want to get out」
「Eh, even though it feels good to be outside?」
「Therefore, Mao…be friends with that Onee-chan and talk with her a lot about the outside. Tell her that outside isn’t scary」
「Mama, Mao’s already friends with Agnes-chan!」
「Then, you can get along with her right?」

Nagisa pats Mao-chan’s head.

「Mao-chan, I’m here with you too!」

Mana smiles at Mao-chan

「Uhm, what about the strange Onee-chan?」

Mao points at Edie.
…Well, she’s not normal, right.

「Edie has a job…therefore, Mao and Mana-oneechan are the ones who can play. Mama will be coming back home by night」
「Mama’s supposed to come back where Mao and Papa is, right?」

Mao-chan smiles

「Mana, take care of them」

I tell Mana…

「Yes, Onii-chan…!」
「Watch over Agnes so she doesn’t start doing that in front of Mao-chan」

It’s not a good education to have someone masturbate in front of this young girl.

「Un, I’ll be careful」

Mana asks for a kiss.
Kissing in front of Mao-chan…well, it’s fine
I kiss Mana.

「Then, Yoshi-kun, I will be going to my room and go in my uniform」

Right…she has to go to school in uniform.
I kiss Megu as well

「Me too, I have to go to the shop soon…so do your best today, dear!」

I kiss Nagisa too

「Ah, me too!」

Katsuko-nee comes and…I kiss her too

「You don’t need one, Nei?」

Kyouko-san said.

「I can take it easy once everyone’s gone!」

Nei laughs.

「Ah…Nei-oneesan, that’s unfair!」

Mana said

「It would be nice if Reika-oneesan does it too」

Nei turns to Reika


Reika seems to be worrying about various things.

「Reika…you see」

I go in front of Reika…

「To tell you the truth…I like Reika」

Reika’s surprised.

「I want you to know at least that. I’m not doing it reluctantly. I really want Reika to be in my『family』」
「Therefore…what’s left is the problem of Reika’s feelings」


「Thank you very much…Uh」
「Please…give me a kiss too」

I kiss Reika…

「Now, Reika-oneesan…I’ll be waiting by the entrance so please ready up!」

Nagisa pulls Reika from me and siad.

「We’ll have you as the『British Gentleman』for today!」

Oh, right.

「Reika-oneesan…your clothes have arrived here」
「Thank you…then, I will be going」
Taken by Katsuko-nee…Reika returns her heart to『British Gentleman』after a long time.

「Ah, wait…I will help out on Onee-san’s make up! Later then, Dear! Mao too, act obediently!」
「Okaay, Mama!」

Nagisa leaves as well.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then…the people who went ahead are now gone from the basement.
The remaining people are…me, Katsuko-nee, Nei, Mana, Mao-chan and Agnes.
Edie doesn’t want to leave Mao-chan and Agnes, but…
When Kyouko-san said『Work』…her expression changed.
It changed to an『assassin’s』eye
Edie’s late grandmother…had tailored her to be an『assassin』that’s useless to the organization, but…
But still, Edie’s soul is of an『assassin』

「Margo-oneechan…said she’ll be back by 15 minutes」

Nei ends the call and tells me.
Mao-chan and Mana are on top of Agnes’ bed.
Agnes isn’t wary of them anymore.
Rather, she feels easier now that Edie’s gone.
Edie can’t be understood…and she just uses brute force.

「What should we do for your mourning outfit at the funeral?」

Katsuko-nee asks.

「Should we buy on the way? We can’t go fixing the clothes in the mansion this late」

Katsuko-nee is talking about the clothes Minaho-neesan’s grandfather left behind.

「We’ll just wear uniforms」

I said.

「Do you think that someone who’s wearing a uniform that’s not from a prestigious school would stand out at the funeral of Kouzuki house?」

I asked.

「I think it’s fine today」

Nei answers.

「Well, isn’t today Ruriko-san’s father’s funeral, right? The company’s employees and various people will come…so you don’t have to stick with the upper class, right」
「Yeah. I feel worn out if I wear more expensive clothes than this. Besides, we’re going to move a lot so the usual uniform would make it easier」

I’m going to kidnap Ruriko after all

「Uniform, hmmm…」

Nei thinks.

「Then, I’m going to do the same as Yo-chan!」


「Look, ever since I took black hair…I haven’t work my uniform」

I haven’t seen Nei’s natural black hair beauty yet.

「I’m going to wear matching uniforms with Yo-chan…Miusuzu would be jelly!」

Nei laughs.

「Nee-san…you really like teasing Misuzu」
「Because, I can’t help it! If I don’t play with them…she’ll just be too conscious of other girls!」
「Nei likes Misuzu-san after all…!」

Katsuko-nee laughs.
The video on the laptop still open is still the morning show.
Yukino seems to have arrived at Ichikawa-san’s house safely.
Now, the commentators are saying their respective opinions.

「Kouzuki-sama’s the one manipulating the『public opinion』today so it’s easy」

Katsuko-nee said.
Up until Shiraska Sousuke was cornered…it was all『Kuromori’s』job…
Up, Kouzuki group has already started depriving the media companies from Shirasaka house.
The more notoriety of Shirasaka Sousuke, the member of the clan is…the less influence Shirasaka house can pull out of the management of newspaper and television companies.
Therefore…Jii-chan’s also manipulating the information about Yukino and Ichikawa-san.
Of course he’s also following instructions from Minaho-neesan, but…

「Speaking of which, when Michi’s father was in front of the camera…he mentioned the name『Kakka』」

I remember.

「Is it okay?…Wasn’t that broadcasted nationwide?」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「Did you know from before that when they say『Kakka』they talk about Kouzuki-sama?」


「No way I would…I had nothing to do with the rich and nobles」
「Most of the Japanese people are the same as you. Only a few people with special position would imagine Kouzuki-sama when『Kakka』is mentioned…」


「Therefore, it was right that Kudou-san used『Kakka』there. The people who don’t know, won’t understand what it means…for those who know, then they’d know that Ichikawa-san’s got a big shot having eyes on him… With that…nobody from the political, business, government, and media that would defend Ichikawa-san and Shirasaka Sousuke anymore. Nobody wants to be upfront hostile with the Kouzuki house…」

Therefore, Kudou-papa purposely siad『Kakka』
With just one word…the influential people are shown Jii-chan’s will…

「Also…Yukino-san’s last word, 『Yuzuki』…the people watching the TV wouldn’t know what that means」

Nei siad.

「In the first place, that girl speaks too fast that『Yuzuki』would be heard like『Yuuki』or『Yuuhi』」
「True…if they don’t know a person who’s name is『Yuzuki』they won’t know what she’s talking about」

Katsuko-nee said.

「But, the people at school knows Minaho-neesan.」 If Yukino says『Yuzuki』, I think the people at our class would know that it’s『Yuzuki Minaho』」

Nei smiles.

「But you see…would Yo-chan’s classmates imagine that the teacher kidnapped Yukino-san and had her raped?」


「Margo-oneechan and I…when we appeared in front of Sensei at school, didn’t we say『We’re hired by Yakuza to take her』, didn’t we?」
「The class knows that Sensei and Yukino-san are in bad terms but…Could the students imagine her being connected with a big shot from a gang and had deals with Shirasaka Sousuke?」

They won’t think that a homeroom teacher would have a female student in her class experience such cruelty.

「Perhaps, the people from Yo-chan’s class who were watching the broadcast earlier…thinks that Yukino-san was too scared to speak of the gang’s name in the last minute and just spoke out the name of the teacher she’s in bad relationship with…harassing her. Yukino-san is the type that could do that thing…」


「Therefore…I think Margo-oneechan pushed the detonator when Yukino named『Yuzuki』」
「Besides…it’s a good camouflage」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Look, they’re doing it on TV right now…!」

I look into the screen.
The moderators in the morning show talks.

『…Finally, what did Yukino-san mean by the words『Yuuki』or 『Yusuki』?』

One of the old commentator said.

『This is from the information I got independently…it seems that there’s an official in a Kansai gang called『Yukke』』
『No no, you see…there’s recently a certain character in a manga that’s getting popular, it’s 『Yukki』 In short, this is a metaphor that the criminal is a 『Figure Moe』…』
『Anyway, the culprit is likely to be in their 20’s to 30’s…or there’s a high possibility that they’re in 40’s or 50’s』

Hmm, true… they’re straying away

◇ ◇ ◇

Nei and I changed to our uniforms and when we came back to the basement…Margo-san’s there.
The footage of the surveillance camera shows Margo-san’s car passing through the mansion’s gate.

「Yo-chan, Margo-oneechan says wait outside, she’ll change the car!」

Nei with her phone on the ear spoke to me.

「Then, we’re going…Katsuko-nee」
「Take care!」

I give Katsuko-nee a kiss.

「Aaah, Onii-chan…me too, me too!」

She comes running. Mana too…

「Papa…you’re going?」

Mao-chan comes.

「Yeah, There’s something I have to do…get along with everyone」
「We’re going to buy you souvenirs!」

Nei smiles.

「Okay…give Mao a chuu too!」

I kiss Mao chan too.
Ehehehe, Mao-chan smiles happily

「Does Agnes-chan not want one?」

Mao-chan turns to Agnes.

「Papa’s going out!」

My『women』kisses me when they have to be away from me…

「It’s fine, Mao-chan…Agnes hasn’t kissed anyone yet」

I tell Mao-chan

「Is that so?」
「Yes. therefore, we have to teach Agnes-chan that kissing Onii-chan is amazing!」

Mana tells Mao-chan

「Then, Katsuko-nee…take care of the rest」
「Yes, I will make a call if something happens」
「Mana too…take care of them」


「Agnes! I’m going!」

Agnes doesn’t reply of course

「Now, Yo-chan…let’s go!」

Nei and I leave the room.
Through the stairs…
Reaching the first floor…Nei speaks to me.

「Hey, Yo-chan…let’s hold hands」
「Ah, sure」

I hold Nei’s hands.

「Kufufufu…Yo-chan’s mine for now〜」

Nei said…then gives me a rich kiss.

「I was being careful until we’re alone!」


「It’s just a minute or two until we get to the entrance though!」

I walk down the morning corridor while feeling the warmth of Nei’s hand.

「Yo-chan. Did you know that I like Yo-chan so much?」
「…I do」
「Did you know that I love Yo-chan?」
「…I do」
「Yo-chan…do you like me?」
「I do…I love you」
「Yeah…I know」

Nei hugs me.
Then kisses me once agian

「You two are late!」

Margo-san’s waiting at the entrance with a smile.

「Now then…what’s for today, the blue car or the white car?」

Nei asks.
The blue’s Maserati
The white…is the van.

「It can’t be helped you know? We have to do a lot of『job』today!」

Margo-san opens the entrance…
The usual white van is parked in.
The car’s body…
Has『Maruko Liturgy』 written on it.