Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 401. Micro



「…Great, then; Seki-kun will be appointed as the executive of Kouzuki security service…you’ll take the head of the field department. Your position is being in charge of the guard department and the top elites」

Chief Yazawa said.
In short…Seki-san would take over chief Yazawa’s current work.

「『Kakka』told me to be the president…that’s the kind of pattern, but, I’m still too young to retreat voluntarily…if I draw back in a strange way, Kouzuki security service would be doubted that there’s a power struggle inside… Therefore, there’s no choice but to go up」
「But, that’s a good thing. Your salary would also rise!」

Nei laughs.

「Well…for those under contract on site, they’ll get an allowance. If you stick with the president, your salary would go down. Our company’s focused on the field work」

Chief Yazawa smiles wryly

「So that’s why Yazawa-san’s always stuck on the site?!」
「Don’t say that…in the end, 『Kakka』established Kouzuki security service because he’s afraid of Shigeaki-sama’s rampaging. Oppress your relative with a relative…This private security organization was made in order to prevent the people in Kouzuki house from killing each other. Its original duty is to watch inside Kouzuki house, guarding other families was just a camouflage…」


「However…there was more demands for a guard who’s specialized with famous houses」

Chief Yazawa said.

「Well, it’s been a security company made for those who crumble down the police. Everything doesn’t go well all the time」
「Nobles…have a lot of things that are troublesome to be discovered. That kind of minute details shouldn’t be known to ordinary private companies at all. The nobles have their own rules. Taking that into consideration…they thrust to the guards with『Follow our instructions』…as a result, they’re likely to displease other nobles…」

For example…if a noble with not much power hires a bodyguard…
Then the guard only gives priority to their employer…and ignored a strong house like Kouzuki…
The employer would have no position.

「On top of that…if the guard’s process is known, based on the origin of the noble family, there would be bastards who would cause some threat… 」

Wow, that’s the worst.

「No…A bodyguard or a guardian it may be, it’s not a job that steals the limelight after all. It’s a job that’s devoted to the shadows of people. It’s very close to the underground world. Actually…people like Kyouko does some work here while belonging to a criminal organization. There are some from our side who had become criminals too. People with this kind of work don’t wish to become saints…this isn’t a work an honest man would do」

Yazawa-san says self-ridiculing.

「Kouzuki security service…is first and above all, an organization of Kouzuki house. The noble among nobles, if Kouzuki house manages it, their trust is also great. Of course, there’s also a fine balance between the nobles」

They can’t be ignorant of the power between houses…and won’t make blunders.

「On the contrary…In cases of『a family with a long history but its power is declining』or 『a house that’s rising in power』is formed, it can be mediated under the name of Kouzuki house. 『If that’s Kouzuki house’s judgment then there’s no helping it』we can make both sides lay down. This is the backing of Kouzuki house, a security company that functions under the will of『Kakka』so it’s possible. Therefore, currently…there are a lot of nobles who use our company」

…I see.
If each house contracts a separate bodyguard company…
Then the conflict between the employer houses escalates, and it may develop into fights between security companies.

「Rather, currently…there are a lot of families who use Kouzuki security service’s power as a means of political intervention. That case just has different security company」

Seki-san would be joining the top of that kind of organization.

「Kouzuki security service is divided into the surface, the security department, and the back, the top elites. The department on the surface is the same as an ordinary security company. We can leave that to the honest and stiff guys. Those who really protect the VIP…and those who fulfill their duty without any lip-service are the top elites. Those guys are the assets of Kouzuki security service. Also, people like Kudou…those who don’t feel like belonging to a company but have the skills must be controlled discretely. Even if they become enemies…with knowledge and skills, the means of handling would change. We can use them to negotiate with others without using the name of Kouzuki security service. The top elites and Kudou & others outside the company…can’t be frugal with them. In fact, their number isn’t even a tenth of the security department but their pay is nearly a hundred times more」

Haa…I see


Seki-san asks.

「I know all of that though?」

Speaking of which, that’s true.
Seki-san is a top elite of Kouzuki security service…
She’s one of the three people who are Jii-chan’s full-time guard.
She knows all of the internal circumstances of Kouzuki security service.

「Obviously…I’m not talking to you」

…To whom?
Or could it be…Nei?

「You, you. I’m talking to you boy…!」


「You get the gist of how fearful Kouzuki security service is?」
「No, well…somehow」
「You already know that your mansion’s monitored for 24/7 right?」
「Of course I do」

Yazawa-san glares at me…

「That’s how it is…Ruriko-sama’s entrusted to you…but monitoring isn’t neglected」

Oh…so that’s it.

「We’ll be assisting carefully so we won’t be seen as rude…!」


「It’s’ fine! We’re taking this girl, not as the lady of Kouzuki house but…as our『Little sister』!」

Nei answered with a smile.

「…Little sister」
「I think of Yo-chan as my brother…and Yo-chan’s partner, Misuzu is my『little sister』 Misuzu calls me『Onee-san』as well. Ruriko is Misuzu’s cousin, isn’t she? Then, she’s also my『little sister』! Or rather, that’s what our『family』thinks already!」

Nei didn’t say a lie.

「I see…then that’s fine, but」

No, Yazawa-san…
Don’t be fooled by Nei’s『little sister』or『family』
Having sex with the『elder sister』or『little sister』is the way of our house.

「Anyway…don’t make light of Kouzuki security service! Okay?」

Yazawa-san says strongly…so I just nod twice.

「Yazawa-san…it’s about time」

Seki-san cuts off chief Yazawa’s talk.

「We’ll meet up with Margo-san…I have to take these kids to her」

…I see.
Margo-san who stormed in with the bus is being chased down by Kouzuki security service.
Therefore…she’s already moving close this area.

「Okay. Come back after sending off Ruriko-sama. I’ll have to talk to other guys about Seki-kun’s appointment」
「Uhm…Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san already knows it?」
「I’ve inquired those guys in advance. Both of them seems to have written a letter of recommendation」

Seki-san feels relieved.

「No, of course…those guys highly appreciate Seki-kun’s ability but…to be honest, they just want a young guy as a full-time guard instead of you…」

Haa…they’re strong but they’re gay.

「Therefore, your successor will also be another young lady. To be honest, they move well only when there’s no young man around them…! When in front of a guy they like, they try to show their good parts, going all out, so their teamwork gets worse」


「Well, I’ll teach you how to control them. Every top elite has a carrot and sticks point in them. On that regard, Seki-kun… you’re the easiest one」

Chief Yazawa looks at Seki-san’s Dodge Charger.

「Your hobby is on American cars…I was surprised with the Pink Cadilac but, you also have a good sense of picking a proper black car on official work like today…」


「Fujimiya-kun’s really a problem but…no matter how much skill she has, her British hobby is just… She wears high-class suits rather than her VIP guard clothes. I can’t let her guard men with social status. On the other hand…she’s popular among the noble ladies」

That…I get it.

「Mothers too…but, there’s quite a lot of customers who hate Fujimiya-kun’s hobby…」


「There’s one with the opposite pattern as Fujimiya-kun. The top elite, Yoshino-kun, is a beauty, but… her usual look is too sexy. She’s popular with men but she’s got bad reputation with the wives」

That’s quite a lot of trouble.

「Seki-kun, you have the common sense as a top elite. That’s why you have been elected as an executive candidate」
「No, I’m…quite eccentric though」

Seki-san says embarrassed.

「No, you were before…but you’re stable now」

Yazawa-san stares closely to Seki-san.

「Therefore, 『Kakka』has decided your promotion at this timing」

Then…he looked at me.

「『Kakka』said that Seki-kun turned stable when she met you」

…Met me

「Yes, I think so too」

Seki-san looks at me.

「『Kakka』said that you have the power to stabilize a woman’s heart. Therefore, he can entrust Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama to you…」


「That’s right…actually, I’m acquainted with the people from Kuromori from long ago but…it feels like your boss, and the other girls are much calmer than before. Even Margo-jouchan and Kyouko」
「No, I just met with Kyouko-san…」

When I try to deny it…

「No, Yo-chan made some impact with Kyouko-san too. Nonetheless, Sensei, Katsuko-oneesan and I had the biggest changes so I think it’s conveyed to Kyouko-san through us」

Nei said.

「Yo-chan makes us all feel warm…」

I don’t get it.


Ruriko looks at me.

「I can feel that Onii-sama has a strange power」
「Is that so?」
「Yes…when I’m with Onii-sama, I feel excited but…I don’t feel scared」
「No, that’s not it…」

Even so, in front of chief Yazawa…
I can’t say that I took off Ruriko’s panties and slapped her ass until swollen.

「Uhm…even if I’m scolded a lot, I can tell that Onii-sama’s thinking is precise」
「Yeah, Yo-chan doesn’t deviate after all!」


「Because he follows the important limits of humans…you can rest easy!」

Nei smiles.

「Now, let’s go already! I’m getting hungry!」

Speaking of which…it’s already noon.
Jii-chan and others are having lunch meeting already…
Ruriko must eat something too.

「Then, let’s go…Chief Yazawa, I’ll contact later」
「Yeah, Yazawa-san…thanks for everything!」
「…Thank you for your consideration. Uhm…」

Ruriko bows her head deep to Yazawa-san.

「Please, take care of Grandfather and Yoshiko-sama too」

Chief Yazawa…

「Leave everything to this Yazawa. Rather than that…Ruriko-sama, please think about yourself first」

Then, he sent me a glance…

「If ever this guy tries to force Ruriko-sama into something unreasonable…please contact Yazawa at once」


「At that time, I’ll come to rescue you with my top elite unit. I’ll give him to Ootoku and Choumoto right away…!」

You’re going to make me a prey of those gays?!

「It’s fine…you worry too much, Yazawa-san!」

Nei laughs.

「Rather than that…」

◇ ◇ ◇

Seki-san’s muscular car…goes through the clear afternoon road of May.
It’s a fresh season.
It’s a great weather for driving.

「I’ve heard it from Katsuko-oneechan, but…」

Nei speaks to me.

「Yazawa-san has accompanied Kouzuki-ojiichan to the mansion a lot of times but…even when Ojii-chan invites him, he says『I’m in the middle of duty』he just stand by inside Ojii-chan’s car and he never came inside the mansion.」

…In short.
He knows that『Kuromori』is a brothel but…
He has never rented a prostitute.
He also doesn’t know the kind of amorous acts done by Jii-chan in the mansion.

「He sees Margo-oneechan and Sensei for security…he seems to know Kyouko-san from long ago but…he has never seen the interior of the『mansion』 That person」

I see.
Therefore…he entrusts Ruriko to me.
He’s convinced that I won’t make a move on Ruriko.

「But, we’re out of common sense from the start」

Nei speaks while rubbing me against her own breasts.
While listening to us, Ruriko looks down anxiously.

「…Oh, there she is. Look」

Hearing what Seki-san said from the driver’s seat, we look forward.
Margo-san’s familiar van is parked…
The letters stuck at the side of the car’s body is…『Maruko Liquor store』

「…You’re late, what happened?」

After stopping the car, Margo-san comes down and asked.

「We got found by Yazawa-san…it seems he saw through it」
「Oh, well, that’s within assumption. He knows that Kouzuki-san will let it through…」

Jii-chan wants Ruriko to be kidnapped.
Margo-san made that plan with that in mind.

「Margo-oneechan…Seki-san would be the next head of the field department of Kouzuki security service he said!」

Nei opens the window…and said.

「I see, that’s amazing. That’s a big promotion. Congratulations」
「No…it’s just an increase in troubles」

Seki-san smiles wryly.

「Then that means…Kouzuki security service will become Yo-chan’s!」


「…REally, Yazawa-san’s a good person but…he’s quite slow on that part!」

Nei smiles.

「No, uhm…does that mean that Kouzuki security service would cooperate with『Kuromori』?」
「That’s not it…Kuromori has nothing to do with it. It’s only for Yo-chan!」

I-I don’t get it though…
Then, Seki-san smiles at me from the driver’s seat…

「True…it is as Nei-san says」


「…Kouzuki security service will be given to you. By me」

No, Seki-san…
Your eyes are sparkling…
W-What do you mean…

「Yo-chan’s amazing…Ufufufufu!」

Nei laughed.

◇ ◇ ◇

「With that said…we asked Yazawa-san to release Iwakura-san before we parted…!」
「Okay…I’ll just take her later」

The last thing Nei talked about is Iwakura-san?

「The dinner meeting at the restaurant is scheduled for 3 PM. I think that you should aim at that time」

Seki-san said.

「That Iwakura-san made it impossible for the bus to be used so…Asami-san gathered taxi to send back all the people…」

Is it okay to take away Iwakura-san while the site is still busy?

「I’ll go over there. If possible, I’ll change the car」

Margo-san said.

「But, I wonder if it’s okay…if you leave her alone, Iwakura-san might attach the young security officer who’s interrogating her!」
「That’s fine…Yazawa-san told everybody to not interrogate her until he goes there」

I tell Nei
Yazawa-san must be afraid of Iwakura-san’s abysmal lewd power.

「By the way…why don’t we eat first?!」

Nei suggests.

「Right…I guess we should? Seki-san, want to go too?」

Margo-san invites Seki-san.

「Unfortunately…I have to return. I’ll eat lunch boxes with other security officers outside the venue. I think that they’re keeping my share too.」
「I see…the next head of the site has to show up as much as possible, I see」

Margo-san said.

「Please invite me next time」
「Even if you say that…you’re welcome to come to our meals anytime! Right, Yo-chan!」

Nei passes to me.

「Yes, please come anytime you like. Seki-san’s already familiar with everyone…you’re welcome!」

The only one Seki-san doesn’t know in our group is…Agnes?

「Yeah…I will」

Seki-san answers bashfully


Seki-san speaks.

「I’ve made security plans so many ties but…this is my first time planning『kidnapping』」
「Yeah…it was fun isn’t it?」

Margo-san smiles.

「Somehow…it feels painful doing something a bit bad, but…」
「…But, it was fun?」
「True. Making a plan…and doing it. It’s thrilling…fun」

Seki-san smiles.

「Great…then let’s do it again」
「Seki-san is already an『ally』of ours」

Seki-san and Margo-san look at each other.

「…It seems so」
「In exchange, we can help out Seki-san on her job anytime. You’re already a friend so don’t hesitate to tell us anything」
「…Thank you. I’ll rely on you then」

Seki-san answers.
Kouzuki security service and 『Kuromori』is connected without Yazawa-san knowing.
Well, this is also within Jii-chan’s assumptions.

「Chief Yazawa’s always been looking at things under the light」

Seki-san said.

「I…I’m glad that I moved with you people back at the hotel that night. Seeing how the side of light from the side of dark…made me learn about the actual site」

She smiles.

「Kouzuki security service…will change a lot in my reign」

◇ ◇ ◇

Seeing off Seki-san’s car…
Nei and others get inside Margo-san’s van.
Still, there’s no traffic in this area.
I can’t see any cars around…nobody’s walking around too

「…Now then」

From behind the car…I change into my original student clothes which I got back from Seki-san’s car.
Changing clothes fast…I thought of returning the Kouzuki security service’s assistant clothes to Seki-san but…
Seki-san said「Hold onto it for a while」and she went ahead.

「Seriously, it feels warm and comfortable today」

I change clothes quickly at the roadside.

「Yo-chan, change Ruriko’s clothes too !」

Nei slides the van’s door then said

「Ruriko’s uniform stands out too much, don’t you think?」

Oh, Ruriko’s wearing her usual super Ojou-sama school uniform.
This would definitely stand out

「Is there some spare clothes?」
「I checked inside the car just now…and I found some of them, but」

Nei takes out some paper bags.

「What do you think of this?」

This was the race queen costume Yukino wore before.
It’s handmade by Katsuko-nee…and there’s『GAVIN』written on the chest part…

「Let’s use this on another occasion instead」

I said.
Even if I make her wear this…I can’t take her anywhere.
A 15-year-old race queen beauty…yup, it’ll be reported to the police.

「What about this one?」

The other paper bag has…
Oh, it’s boiler suit…I’ve worn this one too before
It has the name of Nagisa’s shop on the back.

「This is good enough. If you turn over the hand and feet parts…it won’t look so sotrange」

It’s oversized but…if it’s Ruriko, it would look cute.

「But, in that case…it won’t match with the shoes」

Ruriko’s wearing leather shoes right now.
This also looks so luxurious so it won’t suit the overalls.

「Ah, there’s a Bea-san here! If you wear this!」

Nei reaches for the beach sandal at the corner of the van.

「…What’s a Bea-san?」
「Beach Sandals…look, you wear this when you go to beaches, right?」
「Ah, yes」
「Hmm, where does Ruriko go swimming? Hayama?」

Nei asks while handing over the sandals.

「No, domestic beaches seems to be dangerous…」
「Eh, then Hawaii?」
「No…No, Hawaii…I’ve heard that it’s very dangerous there too」
「Then, where?」
「Uhm…Grandfather has a private beach in Nanyo Polynesia」


「Private…beach, you said?」
「Yes the whole beach is a private property. No other person can go there」

…Kouzuki house is just.

「Since there is a bay extending back, high waves don’t come. It’s impossible to do peeping photos as well…」
「Misuzu’s going there too?」
「Yes…we can only go to the sea there. The swimming classes were also fun but…it’s a completely closed indoor pool. It feels good to swim outside」

Well…for a Ojou-sama’s school like Ruriko’s, it’ll be a big problem if the pool is outside.

「Yoshiko-sama liked that beach very much as well, but…I cannot visit it anymore」


「Let’s go there again. I’ll negotiate with Jii-chan so let’s all go together」
「That’s a promise」
「Yes…Thank you very much」

While we’re talking…

「Hey, Yo-chan…could you put this on Ruriko?」
「Eh, what?」
「Look…it’s not fun just making her wear the overalls, right? let her wear at least this under it…!」

Nei’s showing a…

「What is this…a black string?」
「It’s not a string…it’s a micro bikini」


「It’s a Brazilian micro bikini. Only the nipples and the genital are hidden…more or less」

I look at Ruriko.
Ruriko wearing this lascivious underwear…
On top of that, a boiler suit…
Somehow, that’s lewd…

「Then, Ruriko…could you wear this?」
「Yes, if that’s what Onii-sama wishes…but」
「I don’t know how exactly I should wear this」


「Well then…Yo-chan will put it on! Gufufufufu!」