Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 409. Women’s track and field club settlement memorandum


「W-What’s a pill?」

Captain Takeshiba asks Megu looking puzzled.

「It’s a contraceptive drug」

Megu answers.

「Yes, therefore, even if semen’s released deep inside me, I won’t get pregnant」

She answers with a bold face.
No, my『women』all do it so it’s natural for Megu too
To be honest, Megu’s view about sex is quite biased.

「But, Yamamine, you just shouted『I want a baby』?」

Captain Takeshiba said, Megu blushed.

「…That was just spoken out of momentum」
「Momentum, you say?」

Captain’s surprised.

「Yes. I’m serious that I want Yoshi-kun’s child. But, I made a promise not to get pregnant as long as I’m still attending high school」

Megu answers.

「But, I intend to have sex every time with at least the feeling of being fertilized inside !」
「I-I see…」
「Besides, since Yoshi-kun too so far as giving me semen, it would be a waste to not accept it in my womb」
「A-Accept it in your womb?」
「Yes, it feels really hot deep inside. I can feel the semen reaching the depths of my womb. It feels very warm!」

Megu’s words surprised captain Takeshiba

「That’s enough, get away you two!」

We’re still connected.

「Megu, I’m pulling out」
「Yes, Yoshi-kun」

I pull out.
My penis comes out of Megu’s insides.
Of course, I have only ejaculated once, so;
My penis is still erect.
The glans is shining with love nectar and semen.
On the other hand.
Megu’s slit;
My white semen drips down to the tiles of the shower room.

「You, hurry up and hide that!」

Captain Takeshiba screams in panic.
It must be her first time seeing an erect penis.
A female genital who just had semen ejaculated in it too.

「Ah, sorry!」

Megu picks up the panties she took off and tries to wear it.

「Not yet, Megu」

I tell Megu

「What do you mean?」

Captain Takeshiba asks with a puzzled face.

「That, well you see」

I take out the digital camera from the pocket of my uniform that’s on the floor.
Then, with my penis exposed.
I head to the shower room, naked.
I opened up the closed curtain in one go!!!


The fifteen girls who were watching us have sex.
Everyone’s unable to stand up in surprise.
They seem to have lost their strength from the richness of our sex.
There are some seniors who have already changed to their uniforms, and there are some who fell to their backs and have their white panties exposed from behind.
I then take a photo of that scene.

「Hey, what are you doing!」

Captain Takeshiba yells at me from behind?

「Look at them」

I show the seniors to Captain.
Those guys are holding a phone in their hands.

「W-What? What’s going on?」

I turned to Captain.

「Megu mailed Captain. Megu was forced to show herself having sex with me by the seniors of the track and field club. On top of that, they probably recorded the scene with their phones」

I look at the seniors who have the phone.

「Senpai, what’s your name?」

The senior who lost her strength doesn’t answer.
I stick out my penis in front of that senpai.

「What’s your name?」
「Okay, Tajima-senpai, did you take photos of me and Megu? Have you sent it somewhere?」

Tajima-senpai trembles.

「I-I took two, three at the first. But, I haven’t sent it anywhere」
「Is that true?」
「Because, it was too amazing I didn’t have time to do it」


「And what about you?」
「I-I haven’t sent it anywhere!」
「Is that true?」

I bring my penis closer.

「K-Kyaa, don’t get close to me」
「 Don’t be so noisy!」

I threaten the club members.
White liquid drips from the tip of my erect penis.

「Ahn! Yoshi-kun, let me clean that up」

The naked Megu goes in front of me and puts my glans in her mouth, showing in front of the club members.
She sucks the sperm that remained in the urethra.
She licks it up with her tongue.,
The 15 club members stare at that, horrified.

「Yamamine, what are you doing?」

Captain Takeshiba asks stunned, Megu

「It’s the wife’s job to clean up after sex」

She continues her fellatio like usual.
Yeah, my『women』all do this

「Eh, you have to do that?」
「Yes, Captain. It’s a duty after having sex, a privilege」
「The time after sex is the best feeling, right, Yoshi-kun?!」

She looks up at me while sucking my glans.
While I let Megu fellate me.

「Anyway, this senior didn’t just threat Megu, they also took photos of us. It’s unknown what they will use it for. But anyway, this will be a very unpleasant situation for us」

I tell Captain Takeshiba.

「Perhaps, they intend to send it to their close friends at class. Then, they intend to laugh at us among friends」
「Laugh at you?」

Captain Takeshiba looks at her members.

「Megu and I are high school students and yet we’re engaged, we’re free to have sex being approved by the school. They must feel unpleasant with that existence of a junior couple. I can understand that feeling. True, we’re out of norm」


「Of course, though these people took a photo of us, I don’t think they intend to use that photo for criminal purposes. These people aren’t delinquents, and they’re also members of the track and field club just like Megu. They would be troubled if they turn it big and become a problem of the whole women’s track and field club」

Unable to participate in tournaments, at worst, the club will be abolished.

「But, if the photos were leaked. Well, they’ll send it to their close friends so it’ll be fine if they just shut up and store them properly, but. It’s unknown where this would spread, and it’ll be a big problem if this gets into the hands of the delinquents. Megu and I are willing to drop out but, the women’s track and field club…」

Captain Takeshiba leaks a big sigh

「Right, you’re definitely right」

Then, she looks at her own club members.

「Take out all your phones.」 Delete all the photos in your storage」

One of the members asks Captain

「Uhm, I have important photos herew」
「Captain, I didn’t take any photos!」

Captain Takeshiba glares at her club members.

「Who cares, delete it! All of it! Once you’re done, show me your phone one by one! I’ll make sure that the storage has zero photos!!!」
「That’s just! Captain!」
「You people should understand how much embarrassment you have forced these people into!」

Captain shouts.

「These people protest against you people while still naked!」
「But, we’re only invited by Nakaya-san」
「That’s right, we’re only invited by Nakaya-senpai」
「Me too」

The members are trying to push their sins to Nakaya-senpai

「What, you guys were invited? Why did nobody stop Nakaya’s actions?!!!」

Captain said.

「Yamamine is a member of the track and field club! Your friend, and yet you asked something that’s absurdly horrible! Do you get that ?!」

The female members turn silent.

「Think about how embarrassing it is to get naked in public and have sex, do you get it?!」

One of the seniors among the 15 people glares at Megiu.

「…But, Yamamine was the one who said that she’ll show it!」

The one who said it is Nakaya-senpai herself.
The long-distance group’s boss.

「Yamamine said that she’ll show it so we came! We didn’t force her!」

In this women’s track and field club who has a strict hierarchy, she’s the third year faction boss and Megu’s a newly entered member.
That excuse won’t work

「But, we didn’t say that you can take photos. Right, Megu?」
「…Un. I didn’t say it」

Megu tells Captain

「I don’t know about photos. They did it on their own. How about we give them a penalty」


「Nayaka-san, give me your phone」

This senior with this kind of personality.
There’s no way she won’t take a photo

「N-No, why do I have to lend you my phone!」
「Nakaya, hand it over」

Captain orders in a low voice.

「I said no! in the first place, this isn’t a problem Takeshiba-san can pry on! The club time is already over! The shower room has nothing to do with the track and field club! Therefore, this is me and Yamamine’s pro-」
「…I said give it」

Captain Takekshiba’s anger stops Nakaya-senpai from speaking

「Give it」

I thrust my erect penis in front of Nakaya-san

「Kyaaa! Don’t bring that dirty thing close to me」
「Shut up. Hurry up and give it to me already」

I tell gently

「To be honest, I’m already angry」

I slap Nakaya-san’s face with my penis.
「Hiii」Nakaya-senapai said.

「Hurry it up」

Nakaya-san takes out her phone with her trembling hand.
I take it from her.
I look at the screen.

「Captain Takeshiba. Look, she really did take photos」

Coming to the shower room, the scene of me slapping Megu’s ass.
There are only four pictures, I guess.
After that, she didn’t take any photos.
She took a photo but she hasn’t sent it anywhere.

「Hand it over」

I handed Nakaya-san’s phone to Captain Takeshiba.
Captain also checks the photo.

「Nakaya, when did you buy this phone?」
「This month, I just bought a new one」
「Then, this is quite expensive」
「That has nothing to do with you!」

At that moment.
Captain Takeshiba throws the phone to the floor strongly
Then she tramples it with the heel of her shoes!!!


Nakaya-senpai’s phone broke into pieces!

「If you don’t want your phone to be crushed, take it out and delete all your storage!!!!」

Captain’s roar made the rest of the club work with their phones right away

「Once you’re done show it to me! Those who try to cheat will have their phones broken!」

The members show their empty storage on their phones to the captain in turn.
Captain Takekshiba checks each person’s phone carefully.

「…I confirmed it all. Your embarrassing photos are all gone」

Captain Takeshiba said, Megu felt relieved.

「Can you spare them with this?」


「There’s no way I would」

Megu’s surprised with my reply

「Even if the embarrassing photos disappear, the memories remain. It’s unfair for us to be the only one who’s shamed here」
「What do you mean?」
「This girls will definitely tell others what happened here. Then, they’d exaggerate it. They’ll say that Megu and I have an exhibition fetish, that we forced them to watch us have sex. They can say anything with their mouth you know」

Perhaps that will happen.
Not just us, they’ll speak badly of Captain too.
They’ll push everything on us, saying that they didn’t do anything wrong.
Threatening Nakaya-senpai, breaking her phone…

「…These girls are my club members. They won’t go that far」
「I’m not related to the track and field club though」

I look back at Captain Takeshiba with strong eyes.
We stare at each other.

「You’ve changed」

Captain said.

「Since when did you become a man who can show that kind of eyes?」

Before, I was scared of Captain Takeshiba, but.
It’s not as much as Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia.
Compared to the pressure that two give.

「Then, what should we do?」

I look at the 15 club members.

「Let’s have these people experience the same『embarrassment』Megu and I experienced」

That’s the only way

「Eh, no way?」
「No, not that I’m telling them to show having sex, they’ll just get naked and have photos taken」
「Yes, the photos will be deposited to Captain Takeshiba. If they feel the embarrassment, they won’t talk about Megu and me only, right? Oh right. If they tell others, the photos would be leaked. Let’s do that. It’s a responsibility of all. If not, they won’t be able to keep the secret」

I tell the club members.
Captain Takeshiba thinks for a bit.

「Hmm, that much penalty would be inevitable」

The club members turn noisy

「Shut up! However…I will be having my condition as well」

◇ ◇ ◇

Captain Takeshiba’s condition was like this;
I take naked photos of the girls who spied on us, but…
It won’t be just them alone.
It’ll be Megu and I and a member, photographed side by side.

「With this, if you show in the same photo with Yamamine…you two can’t be threatened anymore」

Captain Takeshiba’s reasoning is right, but.
A photo of two naked women and one man.
It looks like a fun 3P
My penis is still erect.

「Nakaya, you’re first」
「Hurry up and strip!」

Nakaya-senpai’s completely depressed as her phone’s crushed
She takes off her clothes dejectedly.

「T-This too?」

Senpai who’s in her underwear asks Captain.

「Obviously, you need to have the same appearance as Yamamine and him」
「The other girls too, take it off now!」

Nakaya-senpai gets naked.

「Here, line up」

Captain holds my photo…taking the role of photographer.
The three are naked.
Nakaya-senpai is between me and Megu
Senpai’s hiding her chest and genital.,

「Nakaya… don’t hide it」

Captain scolds her.

「You saw Yamamine’s secret part, right?」

Being told so, Nakaya-senpai puts her trembling hands down

「Then, line up Closer」

Our naked skins touch each other.

「D-Don’t look」

Senpai tells me.
Yeah…Nakaya-san’s got some good proportions.
Her nipples are pink, nobody has licked them it seems.
Her slit is drenched.

「Nakaya-senpai, you’re wet」
「I told you not to look!」
「Since when? Oh, you were like this since you were watching me have sex with Megu」
「 Don’t say it!」

Nakaya-senpai’s face is red from shame.

「Hey, I’m taking a photo, look at the camera」


Captain presses the shutter three times in a row

「Nakaya, I think you know it already, but」

Captain said.

「This photo, no matter how you look at it, it’s like you’re cheating with the two」

Nakaya-senpai’s startled.

「How far have you gone with Takehito? Have you kissed him?」

Nakaya-senpai trembles.

「We haven’t!」
「You know the rules of the club, don’t you? 『Romance is banned』 Especially with males from other schools」
「Are you telling us to break up?」
「I won’t go that far, but, I’d like you not to see a guy until the end of the summer tournament」

Captain said.

「Rather than being like Yamamine, getting engaged fair and right, officially recognized by the school, you’re a third year sneakily dating a guy, that’s just shameful」

Nakaya-senpai is at loss for words.

「Once the tournament is over, rules and ban are gone. Who cares whatever happens after. I won’t even ask, but, until then, it’s troublesome if you don’t follow the rules! If the third years are flippant, the juniors would follow. It’ll be a mess like this time」

I see, Nakaya-senpai.
Since she got a boyfriend herself, she’s gotten more interested in sex.

「If you’re too stubborn, I’ll send this photo to Takehito」

If that’s done…
Nakaya-senpai’s boyfriend would think that she had 3P with me and Megu.
Even though they haven’t kissed, he thinks that she’s a virgin, and yet.

「S-Stop, don’t show it to Takehito」
「Then, can you promise us?」
「I will, I will!」

The naked Nakaya-san yields.

「Next, Mikuni」

A slender senior comes forward.
As expected, she’s hiding her chest and slit with her hand.

「Mikuni, your father’s on the board of education, was it?」

Captain asks

「If I show this photo, what would your father think?」
「Captain, please, don’t show it to father!」
「If you think so, then lower your hands, I can’t take a photo if you do」

Mikuni-senpai lowers her hand and stands upright in a hurry

「What, aren’t you wet too?」
「Because, Yamamine and him were so lewd」
「I know, I was listening outside」

Captain takes a photo

「Okay, next!!!」

The club members come in between Megu and me one after another.
We keep on taking photos of three naked bodies side by side, one after another.

「…Now then, let’s take photos of the first years」

Lastly, the first years line up
Everyone’s naked.

「You girls say something good like you were just told by the seniors and try to run away」

The naked first years feel down, hiding their growing chest.

「Besides, aren’t you in the same grade as Yamamine? To think that you abandon someone from the same year, that’s unimpressive」

Captain said.

「With everyone naked, we’ll wipe the slate clean with each other. Is Yamamine okay with it?」
「Hey, don’t hide it, oh, you girls are getting wet too?」

The first year girls are also leaking love nectar.
Their thighs are shining with the light.

「Here, I’m taking photo」

Megu and I are photographed with the naked first years.
With this, everyone’s done

「Now then, it’s my turn now」

Eh…Captain Takeshiba?

「I also saw your naked bodies. Even while connected having sex. I heard your moans too. It’s unfair if I don’t get naked too」

Then, Captain Takeshiba exposes her naked body
Trained and tight, a tempered body.
Captain doesn’t hide anything.

「It’s as you can see. I’m also wet, got problems with that?」
「No, nothing」

I answered as I look at her tall and brown naked body.

「Yamamine, you take the photo with your phone」


「Hurry it up, take a photo of me and him only」
「What do you mean?」

I asked.

「It’s fine. I’ll let Yamamine and you have my photo」

Captain Takeshiba line up next to me.

「But still, this is amazing. Don’t you feel pain?」

Captain said as she looks at my erect penis.

「No, this is fine」

Megu takes out her phone

「Then, uhm, I’ll take photo」


Megu takes a photo of me and captain Takeshiba.


Captain Takeshiba looks her club members.
Then to me.
She forms a talk with me on behalf of the club.

「I will keep the naked photos of our club members. And my naked photo will be held by Yamamine. Can I leave the control to you?」


「I intend to have a fair position but, I’m the head of the women’s track and field team. You might not be able to trust me. Therefore, we’ll hold a card against each other」

Holding a card?

「First, if our club members talk something unnecessary about Yamamine and you…I will return this camera with their naked photos to you. I don’t mind however you use it. Even if a serious problem happens to our girls as a result, I have no choice but to give up」

Captain looks at her members.

「That’s the result of our club members unable to keep their promise. It is as you said, it’s a responsibility of all. If one gets stupid and talk about it…that’s the loss of the pride of the women’s track and field club. If all of the photos are leaked as a result, nothing else could be done That would be the end of women’s track and field club」

Then, she laughed.

「In the first place, if the club under my management was taken down because of such a stupid reason…the former club seniors would come to beat me up. All of us…!」

Then, she looks at me with a serious face once again.

「That said…I can’t guarantee that I can really return the camera when a problem happens. Therefore…you can have my naked photo. That’s a proof of trust…!」

Captain Takeshiba.

「If you thought I betrayed you…you can use the photo taken on Yamamine’s phone as you want. You can use that to threaten. I’ll listen to everything you say. I will deposit that to you as an insurance」

Captain Takeshiba tells me.
I see.
By putting a risk on herself.
The club member’s worry would be wiped away.
The photos were taken but, Captain Takeshiba has it.
I have only Captain’s nude photo.
Making such a mutual safety system.
That’s why Captain also got naked.
There was no need for the captain to be naked.
Yet she left her nude photo to us.
There was no need for the captain to take a nude photo.
Yet it’s a guarantee for the members.

「That’s a deal, does anyone have a complaint?」

The captain speaks dignified while still naked.
To the captain who bravely got naked and took a photo of her naked body……
The club members are all impressed.

「Yamamine…give the camera to him. Let’s take a photo of all the club members. You’re joining in too」
「Yes, Yoshi-kun」

Megu hands me the camera.

「Girls, come…we’re all naked, wet down there…we’re all embarrassed aren’t we?」

The club members line up

「Okay, the front row, crouch」
「No, Captain…if they crouch, the down part would be fully exposed!」
「Who cares…we’re all seen naked by him already」

Captain Takeshiba laughs.

「But, this is fine…we’ve got a good look at his dick too. We’re the same」


「Pfft」 One girl laughed.


Everyone’s dumbfounded, but…
That girl…

「Megumi-chan, sorry」

She stopped laughing.
Then apologized to Megu with a smile.
It seems that she’s a first-year girl.

「I’m sorry…Yamamine」
「…Yeah, we were wrong」

The other club members, even seniors speak to Megu.

「Still, Yamamine, and her boyfriend really loves each other」
「Yeah, it’s completely different from the adult videos」
「Eh, Aoba, you’ve watched adult videos?」
「I-It’s the thing Onii-chan hides!」
「I don’t get sex but, I know that you guys love each other」
「Yamamine’s also loved!」

It seems that everyone’s let it gone by.
Everyone’s speaking of their shame.
I took a confronting attitude since Megu was threatened, but…
Captain Takeshiba ended it well.
She’s amazing.

「Hey, Yamamine’s boyfriend, hurry up and take a photo!」

A senior student with a relieved expression tells me…

「Then, I’m taking a photo」

I press the shutter.
Yeah…Everyone’s having a frank face.
A naked bond.


There’s one girl who’s not smiling.
The third year, Nakaya-san?!