Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 419. Virgin Deflowering (Part 1)



After taking a shower, Misuzu and Michi wipes my body

「Ufufu, please do your best」

Before putting on a bathrobe, Misuzu kisses my glans once again.

「Let me give my regards to this too」

Michi kisses the tip of my penis too.
As it’s aroused, transparent pre-cum comes out.
Michi then licked that liquid.
My libido is overflowing that if Ruriko’s in front of me, I would attack her right away

「Anyway, let’s go」

Misuzu and Michi are also wearing bathrobes on top of their naked bodies.
Furthermore, the bathrobe has a very short hem.
It’s like a miniskirt.
Their thighs turned smooth from the bath are exposed.

「This way!」

Michi guides us.
As expected of Michi.
Just taking in Katsuko-nee’s lecture in advance, it seems that she’s gotten the complex structure of this mansion inside her head.
But still.

「Huh, it’s not that room, right?」

Michi leads us not to the special room that’ll be used to ravish Ruriko.
But instead on the room next to it.

「No, we must first come to this room. We’ll stay in here. The『room of love』is only for Ruriko and you」

Since it’s supposed to be like that, it cant’ be helped
Misuzu knocks on the door.


Ruriko, the offer for today, speaks from the inside.
Misuzu opens up the door.
We come inside.

「We’ve been waiting! Yo-chan!」

Sitting on the wine-red velveted chair is Nei, Mana, Megu, and Ruriko in the center.
Megu and Mana are wearing the same miniskirt bathrobe as Misuzu.
Nei’s wearing the Greek style white costume back during the『sister’s association』event.
It suits Nei who’s breasts are big.
And, Ruriko.
She’s wearing a red silk underwear.
Her neck, wrist, and her ankles haveー
Sparkling gold ornaments.
There are red jewels embedded in gold.
This is the outfit Jii-chan prepared?
Then, her face is arranged by Nei.
Her beauty’s polished up more than ever.

「We’ve been waiting, Onii-sama」

Ruriko who’s wearing red and gold sparkles, bows to me.

「Onii-chan, Ruri-oneechan’s beautiful isn’t she?!」
「Yeah, you’re very beautiful. Ruriko」

I answered honestly

「Thank you very much」

Ruriko blushed.

「Now then, the escorts will stay here」

Nei tells the girls in their bathrobes.

「Does anyone have a parting shot to Ruriko?」

First, Megu;

「The first hurts but, Yoshi-kun’s gentle, do your best」
「Yes, Megumi-oneesama. Thank you very much」

Following, Michi.

「Losing your virginity is the first step. You must learn a lot from now on in order to please Master Fulfil your duty as a slave with that intention」

Michi is Ruriko’s coach.

「Yes, Michi-sama. Please teach me from now on」

Even if they’re of the same age, Ruriko views Michi as a senior on being my『woman』

「 Don’t mind large numbers at the start, anyway, just have Onii-chan a lot. Have your stomach filled up with his semen! You just have to endure the pain for tonight!」

Mana who’s raped multiple times during her first time said.

「Yes. Thank you for teaching me a lot, Mana-san. I’ll do everything you told me!」

Since it’s Mana, she must’ve taught some biased knowledge about sex
That’s a bit worrying.
Lastly, Misuzu tells Ruriko.

「Once Danna-sama has embraced, made you his『woman』you’ll finally be our true『family』okay?」
「Yes, Misuzu-oneesama, Ruriko knows it all」

The two who draw the blood of Kouzuki house smile at each other.

「Ruriko, we are born under the bloodline of the head of Kouzuki house. Do you remember the words Grandfather always say?」
「Yes, we may be daughters of Kouzuki house but the property of Kouzuki house belongs to all the people who support the house. One must not think that it’s their own」

Ruriko said.

「That’s right. We must think that we don’t own anything. What we wear, what we hold, it’s all borrowed from Kouzuki house, we’re allowed to use it to show the honor and prestige of Kouzuki house. One must treat it carefully and return it to the house someday」
「Yes, one must behave with the right attitude as the daughter of Kouzuki house, any time, anywhere. We’re the symbol of Kouzuki house」

Misuzu smiles.

「And that commandment as a daughter of Kouzuki house doesn’t apply to you anymore」
「Yes, I’m no longer a member of Kouzuki house. I’m Onii-sama’s slave already」

Ruriko looks at me.

「Yes. And as Danna-sama’s slave, means that you belong to him, you must show that Danna-sama is special to you」

Misuzu speaks kindly.

「This person is your master. Congratulations, Ruriko. You finally hold onto something your own」
「My own?」
「Yes, It’s not borrowed from the house, it’s yours. There’s only one person you’re allowed to give your affection for your lifetime」
「Ahh, my, Master!!」

Ruriko smiles at me like a blooming flower.

「It’s the same for me, Danna-sama is the only one I love in this world, the only one I will give my body and mind to」

Being my slave means being my property.
And that’s the first time.
Ruriko’s released from the spell of Kouzuki house.
Becoming mine means that Ruriko also has me.
I’m also Ruriko’s own.

「Ruriko has already dedicated her heart to Danna-sama, the next would be your body. The body ties are more important than the heart. Do your best to it」
「Yes, Misuzu-oneesama, thank you very much」

Ruriko bows her head to Misuzu.
Ruriko’s behavior is elegant and beautiful.

「Okay then, we’ll return to the basement. Nagisa-san would have problems being alone as she’s taking care of Edie, Agnes, and even Rei-chan!」

Nei said.

「Mao-chan’s about to sleep so we have to take the final weapon『little girl』to the bed!」
「Yes, we also want to talk to Agnes-san」

Misuzu said

「I guess Edie-san also wants to see Michi?」
「To be honest, I’m not really good with her」

Michi answers.
But, Edie thinks that Michi’s her best friend.

「I actually want to see Onii-chan and Ruri-oneechan’s first sex on the sidelines but, first experiences has to be done with just the two people!」

Mana said.

「I also had a good memory when I was alone with Onii-chan, and he made love with me passionately」

No, Mana.
Your first experience is a rape.
Furthermore, I fucked you three times on the grass while the rain’s pouring down

「Onii-chan, let’s do it again!」

Mana smiles as she looks at my expression.

「I know that Onii-chan wants to do that kind of sex more, right?」


「Uhm, me too, if possible. Rather, I want it!」

Masochist Megu said.

「Of course, me too」

Michi who’s got the reputation for being an M.

「Me too」

Even Misuzu.

「Well then, me too, ufufufu!」


「Well, putting that aside, Ruri-oneechan, I’d like the two of us to serve Onii-chan together later, would you like to join in?」

Mana said.

「Having one-on-one sex is good but, it’s also fun doing it with everyone!」


「Yes, if you do not mind」

She accepts Mana’s offer with a smile.

「Okay, that’s settled!」
「Yes, yes, well then, everyone else can go!」

Then Nei takes out a digital camera.

「Actually, Katsuko-nee was supposed to be the photographer but, she’s got work somewhere else so I’m doing it!」

Katsuko-nee’s training the young secretary of Jii-chan’s

「Ah, Nee-san, could you take a photo of this group?」

I want to take a commemorative photo before Misuzu and others get off.
The proof that these girls gave their blessing to Ruriko’s first experience.

「Okay then, gather around Ruriko」

Everyone gathers around.

「Okay, I’m taking a photo, smile!」

Yeah, everyone’s smiling.
Ruriko’s not alone.

◇ ◇ ◇

Misuzu and others exit the room.
The people remaining in the room are me, Ruriko, and Nei.

「Now then, this time, it’s Ruriko’s commemorative photo!」

Kuromori’s custom is to take photos of the girls before they lose their virginity

「Ruriko, take those off」

Ruriko stands up and bashfully takes off the undershirt’s obi.
Nei takes a photo of her embarrassed look.
Silk makes a sharp noise.
The front of the undershirt opens up.
Her white skin, well-shaped breasts, and her hairless crotch appears.
And then.
Ruriko’s coiled with gold and ruby necklace, and a gold string around her thin stomach.
Golden bracelets on both hands, and golden anklet on both legs.
All of them are wonderfully crafted, embedded with jewels.

「Gustave Morrow’s Salome」

Nei said while taking a photo.

「Kouzuki Ojii-chan’s got some taste!」
「What do you mean?」
「Actually, Ruriko should also be wearing seven veils, not just red silk. That’s quite degenerate」

I don’t get it

「If Yo-chan doesn’t care, Ruriko might be beheaded. It’s like John the Baptist!」
「That won’t happen to me」

Ruriko answers bashfully

「Right, Kouzuki Ojii-chan would be the one who’d have his head fall off. He holds such feelings for his granddaughter after all!」

Nei just keep on taking photos

「Seriously, what an old geezer」

Nei, Jii-chan’s watching you know
I think

「Long ago, there’s a princess called Salome, it’s a story where she stripped dance in front of her old father, the King and asked the freshly severed head of the saint as a reward」
「It’s a story originally written in the bible, but the name Salome doesn’t come out in the bibles, Oscar Wilde’s drama has created that image」

Nei and Ruriko explain.

「Oh right. Ruriko, dance for a bit. Take off the silk undershirt while dancing!」
「Like this?」

Ruriko dances while turning over the hem of her red undershirt.
This 15-year-old girl’s naked body is shining.
The golden pieces of jewelry in her whole body shake around and make a bell sound.

「Oh, good, good, okay then, take it off!」

Hearing Nei’s signal, Ruriko throws off the undershirt!
It flutters through the air and the red silk shines.
Ruriko who’s naked and only wears accessories lightly dances.

「Yes, yes, good, good!」

Nei takes even more photos.
Ruriko who loves dancing from the bottom of her heart dances entranced, showing a gentle face.
The smile is like of a celestial maiden’s.
Ah, Ruriko’s stiffness is coming off.
Nei might’ve made Ruriko dance just for that

「Okay, we’re done!」

The dance stops.

「That was beautiful Ruriko」
「Thank you very much, Onii-sama. Iyan!」

Ruriko turned shy noticing that she was naked!
She twists her body, hiding her crotch and breasts with her hands.

「 Don’t hide it! We’ll be taking photos of that part now!」

Nei smiles.

「Okay, take a seat over there and open your legs wide!」

Ruriko who’s red to her ears looks at me.

「Show it to me, Ruriko」

Ruriko opens her legs.

「 Don’t turn your face, look at me」
「Yes, Onii-sama」
「Yo-chan, open up Ruriko’s pussy with your fingers」

Nei tells me.

「We’ve got to take photos of her hymen」


「Ruriko, I’m touching it」
「Yes, please don’t be too hard on me」

I squat down in between the embarrassed Ruriko’s legs.
Ruriko’s virgin pussy is completely closed.

「Open up your legs more, like this」

I grab Ruriko’s thighs and open her up further.
Changing the position of her waist so the secret part could be higher.

「I’m opening it」

I open my finger sticking with Ruriko’s slit, making a V shape


The hot love nectar drips down slowly

「Ahn, please don’t look there!」
「No, Ruriko, you say “Please take a look”」
「This is Ruriko’s most important part so I want to see it properly」

Ruriko nods then looked at me.

「Yes, please take a look, Onii-sama, my Master」

Then, spring flows out from Ruriko’s insides.
This warmth, it’s a hot spring I guess?
I want to fill this hot spring to the root as soon as possible.

「Yo-chan, spread it, even more, Ruriko’s pussy is small so you can’t see the hymen!」

Nei says while taking photos of Ruriko’s naked body and her expression

「Yeah, I got it, Ruriko, here I go」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

I force Ruriko’s secret part open…

「Ah, I see it, it’s pink!」

Nei shoots Ruriko’s hymen.

「Hmmm, it’s closed so tight, if you break this it’ll hurt a lot!」

Nei speaks her opinion as she looks at Ruriko’s hymen.

「I’m prepared for the pain」

Ruriko said.

「Ruriko, did everyone teach you about virginity and your hymen?」
「Yes, Mana-san and Katsuko-sama did」
「I also did!」

Nei laughs.

「Once it’s broken, it’ll never come back again」
「Yes, and I can’t have sex with any other man for the rest of my life other than the man who broke my hymen」

Was it Mana who spout that lie?

「That’s right. You can only have sex with the first person who broke your hymen and injected his sperm into the uterus! Furthermore, if the other party wants to have sex, you must entertain them any time anywhere, that’s the rule of this world.」

Was it Nei?
No, I’m sure that she and Mana would just escalate the lies even more.
But still.
It’s better to make Ruriko think that way

「Ruriko, are you sure about it?」
「About what?」
「That, me breaking Ruriko’s hymen…」
「I’ll be troubled if you just break it, please pour in your semen inside Ruriko」

Ruriko says while keeping her pussy exposed.

「Like I said, are you sure about being just me for the rest of your life?」
「Yes, Onii-sama, what about you Onii-sama?」


「Would you really accept this immature woman like me?」

She looks at me with serious eyes.

「Yeah, I like you. Ruriko」

I kiss Ruriko’s lips

「Aah, I’m looking forward to it too!」

She repeats kissing like a small bird.

「Yes, yes, good, that’s some good photos!」

Nei takes photos of us.

「Okay, well then, it’s Yo-chan’s turn to get naked, I’ll take a photo of both of you naked」
「I’ll do it」

Ruriko takes off my bathrobe


We hug each other naked.
We kiss each other.

「Okay, well then, lastly, Ruriko, kiss Yo-chan’s penis.」
「We’ll end the photography time at that」

Ruriko looks at my erect penis timidly
Misuzu and Michi made it quite aroused earlier.
It’s harder than usual and it points to the sky strongly

「Ruriko, touch it」

I forcibly make the frightened Ruriko touch my penis.

「It’s big, and hot」
「This is going inside Ruriko」
「 Can it really come inside?」

Nei laughs.

「It will! It went inside me, and Ruriko also saw Michi who’s smaller have it enter her, right? It also went inside Mana, who’s younger!」

Ruriko’s feeling fear from my penis.

「It’s fine, look, touch the tip. That would please Yo-chan if you do that」

The naked Ruriko squat in front of me.

「L-Like this?」

She grabs my penis with trembling hands.
She kisses the tip of the glans gently.
Nei takes a photo of that.

「Okay then, the pre-shooting’s done!」

◇ ◇ ◇

「And then, you two go to the next room, Mufufufu, what’s left is to enjoy it just the two of you! You can do what you want. Then, when you’re finished, just make the call on the phone at the bedside. The line’s directly connected to me. Then, I’ll start the post-photography」

Taking a photo of the naked Ruriko, covered in semen and virgin blood.

「Yes, Nei-oneesama, thank you for everything」

Ruriko puts on her undershirt and bows to Nei.

「With that said, Ruriko, get in the room first」
「Yo-chan will come in three minutes later」
「Uhm, why?」
「It’s the slave’s job to welcome the master in the room!」

Nei shows another lie again

「It’s fine, just go there Ruriko. Go go, hurry up 《HURRY UP!》」
「I-I Understand, then, Onii-sama, I will go ahead」

Nei went that far, there must be a reason for it.

「Yeah, wait over there. I’m going right away」

I tell Ruriko with a smile

「Yes, I’ll be waiting」

Ruriko bows and goes to the special room alone.
The door closes.

「Now then, Yo-chan」

Nei looks at me with a serious face.

「As expected of a Kouzuki house’s lady, she’s much tougher than Misuzu!」


「That girl’s forcing herself so much now」

Nei said.

「She’s actually scared so much. Being Yo-chan’s slave, sex too」

Ah, she may be convinced on her head, but,
She’s always holding down her feelings.
Ruriko’s that kind of girl.

「You also know it on the final kiss to your dick right? Her body refuses. She’s scared so much that she can’t help it」


「Therefore, don’t ever go easy on her. Ravish her with the intent of raping her!」
「If not, that girl’s pride won’t break」

Ruriko’s pride

「That girl believes that she accepted her fate. That’s the only evidence that she escaped from the spell of being the daughter of Kouzuki house」


「Therefore, no matter how her body rejects it, ravish her. If you hold back there and don’t have sex with her, it’ll just leave a wound in her heart」

Yeah, that’s true.

「That girl is still enduring. She lies to her heart, try to smile, you have to destroy them all!」

Nei smiles at me.

「Get her naked, make her cry! Turn her back to just a girl!」

I answered Nei kisses me.
Then, she pats my erect penis gently

「Aaah, it’s so hard, I want this inside me!」

She strokes it.

「Misuzu and others have licked this quite a lot right? I also want it to be released inside of me」

Nei also gives it a fellatio.

「But, it can’t be helped, Onee-chan will have to endure!」

Nei smiles at me.

「I’ll leave being Ruriko’s Onee-chan to you」
「Of course! I’m everyone’s Onee-chan!」

Then, she slaps my ass.

「Okay, that’s three minutes, Ruriko’s waiting for you!」
「Yeah, I got it」

◇ ◇ ◇


I enter the room without knocking.
Ruriko’s sitting at the edge of the bed, wearing her red undershirt.
Ruriko got completely nervous within three minutes.

「W-Welcome, Onii-sama」

Her voice is stiff.

「Uhm, should I prepare tea?」

This room has everything prepared

「No, let’s begin right away」

I said.

「I’ve been wanting to embrace Ruriko that I can’t hold back anymore」
「That’s, I’m sorry」

I sit next to Ruriko
Ruriko reseats to keep a distance from me.
Perhaps she’s doing it unconsciously
As expected, when we’re alone.
She’s afraid of the first experience that’s about to start

「What’s wrong, scared?」
「That’s not it」

Ruriko’s putting a strong front.

「Ruriko, let me tell you beforehand」

Ruriko swallows her saliva and looked at me.

「You see, Men, once they start to have sex, they can’t be stopped. No matter how much Ruriko cries, get hurt, I will never stop until I finish」
「I won’t cry」

Yet, Ruriko’s body is trembling.

「No, Ruriko, be honest. There’s no one else here but us」

Her big eyes look at me.

「If you’re scared or if it hurts, just say it clearly. Speak out what you think. Let your heart bear」
「Uhm, Onii-sama?」

Ruriko’s face looks like she doesn’t understand it.

「Ruriko has already opened her heart to Onii-sama」

That must be what Ruriko senses.
She’s resolute in her head, butー

「I know that. What I’m talking about is that you have to be rawer, speak out the words that come from the bottom of your heart」

Ruriko’s confused.

「Ruriko, hold onto this」

I stick out my erect penis in front of Ruriko

「Eh? Uhm?」
「Just do it」
「Ah, yes」

Ruriko’s trembling hands wrap up my penis.

「It’s hard isn’t it? It’s hot, right?」
「Yes, Onii-sama」
「Look into my eyes」
「Yes, I’m sorry」

Her puzzled big eyes look up at me.

「You’re going to bear my child」

I say clearly

「Can you tell? This is the thing for that, the act we’re about to do」

At that moment.
Ruriko trembles.
Up until now, she convinced herself that the act of sex is
That it is an act of beasts overflowing with lust.
Ruriko noticed.

「You said it earlier, I won’t hold back」
「No matter how much Ruriko’s in pain, suffer or cry, I’ll pour in my semen inside you. I will do it as much as I want until I’m satisfied!」

Ruriko’s eyes tremble in fear.

「Let’s begin, Ruriko!」