Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 452. On the beach



「 Ruriko, do you want to go back to Jii-chan? 」

I ask Ruriko.

「 No, I am Onii-sama’s slave 」
「 Answer honestly, you’re stubborn, Ruriko 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 I genuinely want to stay by Onii-sama’s side. That’s my real feelings. I want to stay with Onii-sama and the family. Ruriko wishes for it 」
「 But 」
「 Yes, but I’m worried about Grandfather 」


「 I do not think about Kouzuki house, or the company anymore. Not even about succeeding the Kouzuki house 」

Ruriko looks at the sea.

「 Now, I have thrown away all of my obligations from being born as the daughter of a noble house. I am just a slave. My house and blood means nothing 」

Then, she looks straight at me.

「 And, I love Onii-sama 」

Ruriko hugs me.

「 I dedicate this body and soul to Onii-sama, I don’t speak lies. However! 」
「 You’re worried about Jii-chan? 」
「 Yes, Grandfather and Yoshiko-sama 」
「 I see, they’re family after all 」
「 Family? 」
「 Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san are Ruriko’s family, aren’t they? They’re family, so you’re worried about them 」

Ruriko looks at my face.

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko before would only be preoccupied with her words and deeds as a noble daughter instead of focusing on her personal feelings.
“I’m Kouzuki house’s daughter so I must’ or something like that.
Ruriko was too top-heavy before, but now she’s purely worried about Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san as a family.
Without thinking politically, she becomes obedient to her heart.
Ruriko’s also changing.
It’s going well.

「 Let’s consult about it with Misuzu and others later 」

Jii-chan’s granddaughters should discuss Kouzuki house.

「 I want to ask for Nee-san’s opinion too, let’s all think what to do together 」

Now we have a lot of ladies to depend on.
I’m sure we’ll find a breakthrough.

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko smiles at me.

「 You’ve mentioned about Jii-chan singing in London, was Yoshiko-san with you back then? 」
「 Yes of course. Yoshiko-sama was always together with me 」

Ever since childhood, they were together. Ruriko and Yoshiko-san who stayed in the same house before live apart now.

「 It was somewhat embarrassing that Grandfather sang Takasago in the city of London, then after, we sang with him. It was around the statue of Queen Boadicea at the base of Westminster Bridge 」
「 I see, what song was it? 」

Ruriko laughs.

「 It’s the song of the sea 」
「 Huh? 」
「 Thinking about it now, that’s funny. Even though we were on the banks of Thames river in London, Yoshiko-sama and I were singing a sea song in Japanese. Grandfather was listening with a smile 」

The sea spread before our eyes.
The sea is vast and spacious.

「 That’s ten years ago, grandfather back then was a good walker than now. Thinking about it again, that was a very distant walk. From the tailor at Saville Row street, past Piccadilly Circus, to the Trafalgar Square. Then from the National Gallery to the Thames river via Charing Cross. Then, we crossed the river via Westminster Bridge. The other side of the street is Big Ben. The statue of Queen Boadicea’s is there 」

Ruriko recalls it nostalgically.

「 Even though there were escorts, we have walked such a long distance. London’s a foreign city. Oh, that was the first and last time walking with Grandfather. It’s possible that Grandfather might’ve canceled the pick-up car to accompany us 」


「 Memories are good 」
「 Yes 」
「 As for me, I never talked to my father, and we’ve never gone somewhere to play 」

I recall my memories.

「 After Grandma’s burial; We couldn’t afford to give her a proper funeral, so we just stored the bones in the temple. It was only father and me. It was a cold day in winter; nobody else was there. The cloudy sky tells that it was about to snow anytime. I don’t have money to buy gloves or anything so my hands hurt 」
「 Onii-sama 」
「 On our way back after depositing the remains, we were on the way to the station. Father suddenly asked me if I want to eat ramen. We ate together. The cheapest ramen costs 390 yen. Haha, I remember even the price. 」

I smile wryly.

「 The ramen warmed up my cold body to the core. It was my first time eating outside with father. There’s nothing after that of course. It was just that one time. The two of us didn’t talk at all, we just ate. Oh right, my father asked me “What year are you now again?” and that’s all he asked 」


「 But I’m glad that I have some memories. I can recall and even talk about it 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 As for me, today, this moment, is also a crucial memory 」
「 Ruriko? 」
「 Onii-sama, let’s make a lot of memories. Together with Ruriko, no, not just the two of us but the whole family 」

Then, Agnes and Edie come to us running.

「 Look Papa! I got so many! 」

Agnes shows the shells she picked up with Edie to me.

「 Yeah, that’s beautiful 」

Edie is in high spirits as if she’s saying “you’re welcome.”

「 Yes, desuno! It’s souvenirs for Mao-chan! 」

Agnes smiles.
Going to the ocean today will also be a good memory for these children.

「 Geh, Shirasaka Yukino?! 」

At that moment, I heard a surprised voice from behind.
Turning behind;
A young hotel employee who’s carrying Yukino’s tropical drink screamed.
He was seriously surprised that he dropped the glass from the tray.
The bright blue drink falls to the sand.

「 S-Shirasaka Yukino? Here? N-No way! 」

An employee who seems to be in his early twenties look at Yukino, trembling.

「 S-So what if I do?!!! 」

Yukino gets angry.
W-Why do you have to confirm it!

「 Hey, Arai-kun, what are you doing?! Didn’t I tell you to not let anyone through?! 」

Shou-oneesan shouts at the security guard clinging to the hotel employee.

「 I’m sorry, I thought that hotel employees don’t matter 」
「 Don’t make your interpretations! 」
「 I’m very sorry 」

The young employee.

「 Shit, seriously! It’s really Shirasaka Yukino 」

He’s completely agitated.
He doesn’t even speak apologies for dropping the drink he brought.
The glass remains fallen.

「 Why do you know about me?! 」

Yukino aggressively barks.

「 There’s a lot of videos of you!! 」
「 What videos?! 」
「 Your sex videos!! 」

The employee shouted.

「 I’ve seen it all! I’ve also saved them! Look, your videos are categorized as child pornography, so they’re erased by the admins right away 」

Yukino’s sex videos are spreading for sure.

「 Shit, amazing, shit, seriously!? What the hell 」

The young employee picks up his phone and tries to take a photo of Yukino.

「 Arai-kun! 」

Shou-oneesan gives instructions. The guard from Kouzuki security service picks up his phone.

「 What the hell are you doing bastard! 」
「 What about you, what are you doing to your customers! 」

The guard and the employee glare at each other.

「 Stop it, Arai-kun 」

Shou-oneesan gets in between the two.

「 Are you a full-time or a part-time employee/ 」
「 I’m part-time, what about it? 」

The young employee speaks in ill-humor.

「 Of course 」

Shou-oneesan sighs.

「 This hotel seems to be more than what it looks 」

Having a part-timer on this job means their quality is terrible.

「 Oh, I get it, I have to say I didn’t see Shirasaka Yukino? 」

The young employee says.

「 Then, how much would you pay? 」


「 Hush money, right? 」

This guy

「 You 」

Shou-oneesan shows a look of anger.

「 You see, I can immediately mail the company. I’ll tell them that Shirasaka Yukino is here. Ah, should I speak to the media too? 」

The young employee threatens.

「 Arai-kun, bring me the manager 」

Shou-oneesan is trying to do the right solution as a member of Kouzuki security service.
She’s going to put pressure on the top of the company.

「 No, Nee-san 」

I look at Yukino.
Ruriko turned her back so the part-timer won’t see her face.

「 What’s with you? 」

Seeing me who’s a young high school student, the young part-timer shows a high-handed attitude.

「 The manager would warn him and give him a hush fee, but he’ll still speak rumors about Yukino on the internet 」

This kind of person will do that.
They think that as long as it’s interesting, he’ll do it.

「 Isn’t that right? Koganei Kentaro-san? 」

I look at the nameplate of the part-timer and said.

「 W-What? 」

The young part-timer intimidates me.
But, I;

「 Gather all the information about Koganei Kentaro who’s working part-time at this hotel. His current address, family structure, friends 」

I tell Arai.

「 You can quickly check out everything with our organization, right? 」

I speak that on purpose.

「 What’s with you, what organization? 」

Look, he’s backing off.

「 That’s Shirasaka Yukino, were you also aware that Shirasaka Yukino was kidnapped by a shady organization, right? 」

To the public, Yukino is supposed to be kidnapped by the group that Shirasaka Sousuke made angry, and recorded all of the rape videos.

「 We’re that organization 」

I smiled.
The young part-timer shows a confused face.
Shou-oneesan’s work is perfect, so only the managers know that we’re people related to Kouzuki house.
The other employees of the hotel were only given notification that we’re a wealthy group who’s traveling incognito so they shouldn’t disturb us.
They won’t use the name Kouzuki security service.

「 If ever you tell someone what you saw her, I think that you, your family, and your friends will be in trouble. Do you get it? 」

I said, the young employee;

「 You’re threatening me?! 」
「 We’re a shady organization you know? I think that’s obvious 」

I speak like a delinquent on purpose.
This is Margo-san and Nei’s technique.
Turn the other party small, stand firm, and basically, speak politely.
Then when pushing, speak like a delinquent.
First, attack with logic.

「 Reika 」

I beckon Reika.

「 Yes? 」
「 Try crushing the concrete block over there 」
「 Acknowledged!! 」

Reika grips her cane.

「 Teeiyaaa!!! 」

The large wave-blocking concrete cracks and breaks!!

「 W-What ?! 」

The young part-timer is taken aback.

「 If it were your head, it would break easily 」

Reika holds the cane towards the young man.

「 Our organization has a lot of these kinds of people 」

After logic, show violence.
That’s the Kuromori style.

「 Will you promise me not to tell anyone? 」

Shou-oneesan gets on the groundwork I laid.

「 What would you do, Koganei Kentaro-san? 」

The young part-timer;

「 I-I won’t say anything 」
「 You never saw Shirasaka Yukino, right? 」
「 Y-Yes! 」

Shou-oneesan’s words succumb the young man

「 Then that’s enough, hurry up and return to your work 」
「 U-Uhm 」
「 What, do we still have anything to talk? 」

Shou-oneesan asks the employee.
Behind her is Reika and I staring at the young employee.

「 I’ll bring a replacement for the drink right away 」

He picks up the glass he dropped in a hurry.

「 There’s no need. You don’t need to bring one back 」

I said.

「 W-Wait! I want to drink! Or rather, you should give a freebie to us! 」

Yukino shouts, but;

「 That’s enough, don’t show yourself before us again. Koganei Kentaro-san!! 」

I said clearly

「 Go 」

Shou-oneesan urges the part-timer.

「 Y-Yes! 」

The young man runs fast towards the building of the hotel.

「 Let’s get off right now 」

I tell Shou-oneesan

「 What?! Didn’t that guy say that he won’t tell anyone? 」

Yukino argues back.

「 Yeah, he promised only not to tell that he saw Yukino here 」

I said.

「 Once he’s back at the hotel, he’ll catch a friend who’s working part-time too and say that he found someone amazing on the beach. He’s pissed that he’s the only one we threatened so he’ll make other victims 」
「 Huh? 」

Yukino’s surprised.

「 With that, he’ll try to spread Yukino’s existence. Then, he’ll get revenge on us too. 」

He can argue that he didn’t tell about Yukino to anyone.
In short, what I’ve done just now was to earn time.
We better use this chance to escape from the hotel.

「 How do you know that? 」

Yukino asked.

「 It’s easy. If the part-timer was Endou, what would he do, you’ll get the answer right away 」
「 Ah, I get it 」

Yukino’s convinced.
No, Yukino, you too.
I’m sure that you’ll do the same as that part-timer.
I know.

「 Then let’s get out of here right now! 」

I said, Shou-oneesan.

「 I get it, Arai-kun, your group will stay. After our retreat, please settle with the hotel. Ah, address the receipt to “organization that connects the children of the universe: Dream X.”
「 Roger 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me.

「 Well, we have various organizations, we also have a lot of work where we can’t reveal the name Kouzuki 」

I turn to the beach.

「 Agnes, we’re going back! 」
「 Yes, desuno! 」

Agnes comes running.
She’s holding a lot of shells in her arms.
Ruriko calls out Edie.
At first, she said “I want to play with Agnes more,” but it seems that when she’s told “Mao-chan is waiting” she agreed.

「 Yukino too, let’s go 」
「 Tsk, I didn’t get to have the tropical drink 」

Yukino answers in ill-humor.

「 Let’s go to the parking lot from here 」

Reika takes the front
We go from the beach to the parking lot making sure that the employees of the hotel won’t see us.
Halfway, Kouzuki security service’s black clothed guards escort us too.

「 Nakamoto-kun, take the lead car. I’ll be behind. Reika, drive the same you did earlier 」

The same, means we’re using the white van.

「 Yes, Onee-sama 」
「 Takagi-kun, hand over a spare radio to Fujimiya-san 」
「 Yes, here you go 」

Reika takes the radio from Kouzuki security service.

「 If something happens, contact us right away, okay? 」
「 Roger 」

Reika answers.

「 Let’s hurry up and depart 」

Ruriko gets Agnes in the white van.
We also boarded after
Reika takes the driver seat.
Agnes, Ruriko and I took the second row.
Edie and Yukino take the back seats.
Edie’s the only one who moved in a different position.

『 Are all the cars ready? 』

Shou-oneesan’s voice comes from the radio Reika set on the dashboard.

『 Lead car, Nakamoto, ready! 』
「 Fujimiya, ready 」

With Shou-oneesan’s American car from behind, the three vehicles withdraw from the hotel.

『 Okay. Nakamoto-kun, we’ll take route G3 』
『 Nakamoto, starting the drive, roger 』
『 Go 』

The lead car starts to move.
Behind that is our white van.
Behind is Shou-oneesan’s car.
We go from the hotel parking lot to the road.

「 Hey, you guys smell like the sea! 」

Yukino said.
Oh, Edie and Agnes’ arms and legs were soaked in the sea.
Especially Edie.
You, even the hem of the boiler suit is drenched!
Err, if I recall;
There’s a towel around here.
I’ve gotten used to this van.

「 Here, wipe yourself, Edie, 」

I handed the towel then Edie opens up the chest part and wipes her sweat.
Hey, your sports bra is visible!

「 Ruriko 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko told her to wipe her feet.
Meanwhile, I wipe off Agnes’ arms and legs.
Ah, there were wet tissues here too if I recall correctly.

「 Yukino, where’s the wet tissue again? 」
「 Why do you ask me?! 」
「 Well, you know 」

I’ve raped Yukino in this van.
We’ve used the back seat.

「 It should be under the seat over there 」

Yukino answered.

「 Oh, there it is, thanks 」

I pull out some wet tissues and wipe Agnes’ feet.

「 Onii-sama, I’ll do it too 」

Ruriko wipes Agnes’ hands.
Ah, there’s sand between her toe fingers.

「 Papa 」
「 What is it, Agnes? 」
「 Thank you, desuno 」

Agnes said bashfully.
On the other hand.

「 Hey, why are you stripping?! 」

Turning to Yukino’s side.
Edie’s taking off her boiler suit and now in her underwear.

「 Err, she said that she doesn’t want to wear wet clothes 」

Ruriko translates

「 If I recall, Nei’s disguise costume should be around here 」

I look inside the van.

「 Hey wait a second! You had that thing! Then why give me such strange costumes!!! 」

Yukino snaps again

「 There’s no choice! Margo-san’s instructions were to make you wear those! 」
「 There’s no need to follow those kinds of directions! 」

For the time being, I found the Jeans skirt and cotton black tank top.

「 Edie, wear this 」
「 Onii-sama, Edie seems not to like skirts 」
「 Tell her that she has no choice so wear this! 」

Help meeeeee!!!
Edie reluctantly wore the clothes.

「 Muuuuuuuuuu!! 」

She’s angry.
She’s clearly angry.

「 What’s wrong with Edie? 」

Ruriko asks my doubts.

The breast part seems to be hollow.

Ah, Nei’s got some huge tits right.
Edie’s humble on that part.
Ah, the bra’s exposed on the chest part of the tank top.

「 Mumumumumuuuu!!! 」