Pure love x Insult Complex Chapter 458. Which way is tomorrow?



「 But still, I never thought that Natou-senpai is such a bright and friendly person 」

Tanaka tells me.
Yeah. Nei until now has the image of an “evil delinquent girl.”

「 D-Don’t misunderstand just because I’m laughing! I”m still the usual delinquent! 」

Nei tells Tanaka with a smile.

「 I don’t trust anyone other than my relatives! 」

Nei’s eyes can make you feel fear

「 Of course I don’t trust you at all 」

She laughed as she looks at Tanaka.

「 Then what about Yoshida? 」

Tanaka investigates.

「 Yo-chan’s my brother! A relative. Megumi too 」
「 Megumi? 」
「 Yamamine Megumi! 」
「 Oh, Yamamine-chan, I see 」

Tanaka’s’ convinced.

「 I see, the Yoshida couple is indebted to Natou-senpai 」

It really helps if he thinks it that way.

「 You’ve heard some of the scary rumors about me, right? 」

Nei asks Tanaka.

「 O-Of course! 」
「 I know a lot of dangerous people, so if something happens to Yo-chan or Megumi, it won’t end well for you 」
「 Ah, yes 」
「 Tell that to your classmates, if anyone bullies these two, a scary Onee-san will come for them! 」
「 C-Certainly! 」

Tanaka loses to Nei’s intimidation and bows to her.
Yeah, now that she’s become a black-haired beauty, it increased her intimidation power.
She’s genuinely an ultimate beauty.
Now then, it’s not long before we reach the track and field.
I turn around.
Okay, Edie’s following.
There’s still a bad taste in her mouth. She continues to drink the bottled water.
Nei speaks to Edie.
Edie replied, then she closes the distance between us.

「 By the way, uhm, you’re fluent in English 」

Tanaka asks Nei.

「 Oh, Nee-san’s a returnee 」

I answered.

「 Err, where did she come from? 」
「 Los Angeles 」
「 Oh, Los 」

Nei laughs.

「 Only Japanese shorten Los Angeles to Los! Americans don’t call it like that1 」
「 Is that so? 」
「 Yeah! The people over there call it L.A. 」
「 Oh, speaking of which, there was an old movie of the same title 」

Tanaka’s talking thoughtlessly, I guess that’s really because Nei’s charming.
But still.
I think that it’s great to have Nei talk and laugh about Los Angeles.
The sorrow of losing Kei-san and the hate and fear of Cesario Viola finally becomes a past for Nei.

「 Hm, what’s wrong, Yo-chan? 」

Nei smile at me.

「 No, nothing. Oh right, Nee-san 」

I recall the past.

「 How was Megu? 」

Megumi mentioned that she’d talk to captain Takeshiba earlier this morning.
She’ll talk about her past.
She won’t talk about Kuromori nor Kouzuki house of course.
Megu said that she’d tell the captain about her secret and her relationship with Shirasaka Sousuke.
Last night, captain Takeshiba helped out a lot, so she wants to tell her the truth.
Nei went with Megu to support her.
Nei met with captain Takeshiba last night in the middle of the dispute.

「 Ah, it’s okay. The talk went well! Of course, we only did the talking, but she’s convinced! 」

Nei is at the same age as captain Takeshiba, so she doesn’t add respect to her words.
Well, she’s on a different grade than her now though

「 Thanks, Nee-san 」

It must’ve been reassuring for Megu to have Nei with her.

「 It’s fine. We’re siblings, after all, Yo-chan 」

Nei laughs.

「 Besides, I also heard some good stuff! 」


「 I think that Takeshiba-san might be a good friend 」

I’m glad.
Captain Takeshiba is a frank person, so she’s reliable.

「 What are you two talking about? 」

Tanaka looks at my face wondering.

「 You don’t need to know! It’s a conversation between siblings! 」

Nei said bashfully.
When we turned around the corner of the gym, the track and field come to view.
Oh, they’re not done with practice yet
Some members are running on track still.
People are doing a long jump in front too.

「 Ah, Megumi’s over there! Heeeeey!! 」

Nei waves at Megu during practice.
Megu notices.
She bowed to captain Takeshiba and other members, bring her baggage and run towards us.
What’s wrong?
On the other hand, Edie’s looking at the ground interestingly.
She points over there and asks Nei what it is.

「 Yoshi-kun!! 」

Megu in her short pants come running.
Megu’s tall and slender so this form is the most beautiful.

「 S-Sorry to make you wait! 」

She’s breathing roughly. Sweat beads float on her neck.

「 Is that okay? The practice isn’t over yet, right? 」
「 It’s okay, the training is over, and it’s now time for self-training 」
「 But, shouldn’t the first years remain for cleaning up? 」

They shouldn’t go home until the seniors finish their training.

「 That’s right, but, I told them that a family member is ill so I’ll leave early 」

Megu said.

「 That’s the truth anyway 」

She adds as Tanaka’s next to us.
Oh, Megu’s worried about Minaho-neesan too.

「 I’ve apologized to the other first years, and I’ll make it up to them 」


「 Let’s go, Yoshi-kun 」
「 Yeah 」


「 Huh, Yoshida, you’re coming back with Yamamine-chan? 」

Tanaka asks.

「 Yeah, what about it? 」
「 Then, who’s going to guide this foreigner to the school? 」

Oh right, I told Tanaka that Edie’s inspecting the school.

《 E-Edie!? Stop! 》

I hear Nei’s panicked voice.

「 HEY!! 」

Edie jumps out and runs like a bullet
She climbed over the fence to the sports ground and jumped inside!!

「 Hey! Outsiders are prohibited here!! 」

Captain Takeshiba shouts angrily but;
Edie didn’t mind it and started running for a long jump.
After looking around, she starts dashing.


She rushed like a firework then kicked the ground when she reached the crossing line.


Edie jumped.
Highly, strongly, towards the distance
The members of the female athletics club witness the sight.

「 Hanyanyanyanyanya!! 」

Edie’s brown skin and blonde hair dances in the air as she makes an incomprehensible shout!!
That stance mid-air is a perfect pose.

「 Nyawawawaaan! 」


Edie touches the ground on one foot while taking a flying kick stance.
She jumped for 7-8 meters.

「 Isn’t that the best record for high school? 」

Tanaka said.

「 High school record is 7.96 meters 」
「 You can jump that far? 」
「 No, look here, Yoshida. 7.96 was a record for a high school boy 」
「 Huh? 」
「 You’re sure she’s a girl? 」
「 Yeah, she’s a girl 」
「 Female high school student’s best record is 6.44M 」

Congratulations, that’s a new record.
No, now’s not the time for that.

《 Edie! Come back!!! 》

Nei shouts, Edie.
She dashed straight back to us.
She ignores the entrance to the ground, climbed the fence and jump from it.
She then comes back running to us at full power.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa!! 」

Edie’s breathing roughly like a dog.
People from the ground are looking at Edie dumbfoundedly
T-This is bad.

「 Hey, what’s with her?! 」

Captain Takeshiba shouts at me.

「 Err, she’s a foreign transfer student!! 」
「 Transfer student?! 」
「 T-That’s right, she’ll be coming here after the holidays 」
「 That’s right, her name’s Edie-san, she came from America 」

Megu joins in.

「 Edie, what’s her full name? 」


「 What’s Edie’s full name again? 」

I ask Megu.

「 I don’t remember either 」
「 Ditto 」

Nei surrenders.
We’ve been calling her Edie all this time.

「 Isn’t she an acquaintance?! 」

Captain’s voice echoes from the ground.

「 We’re an acquaintance, yes 」
「 Then, you should know, right?! 」

I can’t think of anything.

「 Yoshida! 」

I shouted desperately.
I’ll just take her in.

「 She’s Yoshida Edie-san! 」
「 Yoshida Edie?! 」

The people in the ground make a fuss.

「 My grandfather’s son’s father’s wife is Edie-san’s mother! 」

Whispers, whispers.

「 Then, what’s with her, is she a half foreigner? 」

Captain Takeshiba looks at me suspiciously
Well, yeah.
Edie’s brown, her hair is blonde, and her eyes are blue.
Even her body type isn’t a Japanese person no matter how you look at it.

「 S-She’s 1/16 」

I just shout what comes to my mind.

「 1/15? 」
「 Yes. She has 1/15 blood in her 」

That’s not true, but.

「 Her full name is Yoshida Eide Hanako Ebi 」
「 Ebi? 」
「 It’s ABEDIE 」
「 That should be ABCD though? 」


「 W-With that said, we have to go home now so excuse us!! 」

I bowed then turn away from the ground.

「 E-Excuse us! 」

Megu follows me.

「 We’re sorry for the ruckus!! 」

Nei smiles wryly

「 Hey, Edie, bow too 」

Nei forcibly lowers Edie’s head too.

「 Mukyuu?! 」

Edie doesn’t get what it means.

「 Well then, everyone, goodbye!! 」

Nei said, then she looked at Megu and me laughing.

「 Now then, we’re running you two! 」

We leave everyone from the track and field.
We run with all our best.

「 Oh wait, Yoshida! 」
「 Don’t come, Tanaka, they’ll think of you as a member! 」
「 Oh right 」
「 Let’s see each other at class next day!! 」

We leave Tanaka behind and run.

「 Gyahahahahaha! 」

Nei keeps on laughing.

「 Aaah, what should we do?! 」

Megu’s confused.

「 Kushishishishishi! 」

Edie’s laughing strangely too.
Then, we head to the principal’s office.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 The things I have to tell captain Takeshiba has increased 」

Megu said.

「 It’s okay. I’ll just come with you again 」

Nei laughs.


The hidden cameras are watching us.
The lock at the principal’s office unlocks.
Megu, Nei, Edie and I come in.

「 Oh, you’re here now! 」

Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia are in the principal’s office.
They’re all stretching.
Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia, Eenie and Meenie in pairs

「 We have to move our bodies while we’re still free 」

The fighting forces do not neglect to care for their body as usual.

「 Where’s Minaho-neesan? 」
「 Below 」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「 Wait, I’ll get off too, Cordelia 」

Kyouko-san points at Edie.

「 Take care of this monkey. We can’t talk seriously if she’s with us 」
「 Sure thing 」

Miss Cordelia instructs her two subordinates
Eenie and Meenie jump at Edie at the same time.

「 Gyuuuun!! 」

Edie escapes from the two.
The chase in the principal’s office begins.

「 Yeah, have her play like that. Let’s go 」

Kyouko-san opens the hidden stairs to the room below.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 We’re back! 」

Nei calls Minaho-neesan who’s sitting on the chair in front of the monitoring equipment.

「 Welcome back, I’ve been waiting 」

Minaho-neesan looks haggard at a glance.
Her whole body shows fatigue.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s confined in the passage at the back of the room.
The target of her revenge is very close to her.
She probably didn’t sleep from last night.
Next to Minaho-neesan is Katsuko-nee.

「 I’m preparing tea right now. 」
「 Ah, I’ll help out Katsu-nee 」

Katsuko-nee and Nei prepare tea.

「 Where’s Margo-san? 」
「 She went to check on Sousuke 」

Kyouko-san answered.

「 Megumi, you came here straight from training? 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Megu.

「 I wanted to come as soon as possible 」

She seems to have prepared her clothes and bag on the ground so she could go with it anytime.

「 But, you can’t go like that. Take a shower and change clothes 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Megumi’s the first one 」

It’s the revenge plan of raping Shirasaka Sousuke’s four daughters in front of him.
Megu’s the first one.

「 Clean yourself to make that man feel bitter to his soul 」

Shirasaka Sousuke plans to make Megu a prostitute at the end of the holidays.

「 He also planned to take your virginity by himself 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 It’s written in the schedule in his laptop the date and place on his plan on raping you 」


「 Can you show me that? 」

Kyouko-san looks at Minaho-neesan.

「 I’d like to make the arrangements first. Megumi, please leave it for later 」

I knew it, Nee-san;
Her head’s filled with only revenge.
It’ll be filled even later.

「 Katsuko, call Margo. It’s okay to check him on cameras only 」
「 Yes, Ojou-sama 」
「 Kyouko-san to, please come here 」
「 Okay 」

Minaho-neesan is assembling the acting members of Kuromori.
They’re going to make the final arrangements about the revenge.

「 Here, tea’s ready! 」

Nei comes in.

「 Minaho-neesan, let’s think about tomorrow after today’s done 」

I said.

「 Tomorrow 」

Minaho-neesan looks down as she mutters.

「 That’s right. Because tomorrow will come for us always 」

Minaho-neesan looks straight at me.

「 This won’t end here. Tomorrow will come. I still haven’t done anything for Minaho-neesan 」
「 That’s not true, you’ve gotten stronger 」

Minaho-neesan smiles sadly

「 Even without me, I think that you’ll do well with everyone 」

I knew it.
She’s still lamenting whether she should kill herself after completing her revenge or not.

「 That’s not true, I 」
「 That might be, might not be, kufufu, we don’t know! 」

Nei gives me tea while laughing.

「 But you see, I know about myself! I’m a woman who can’t go on without Yo-chan! 」

Then, she looks at Megu and Katsuko-nee.

「 You’re the same too, right, Megumi, Katsu-nee? 」
「 Yes, I am 」

Katsuko-nee answers.

「 Me too, I don’t think I can go on without Yoshi-kun 」

Megu said.

「 Surely, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, Mana, and Nagisa-san are the same. Agnes, Mao-chan, and even Rei-chan, they need Yo-chan now
「 Seki-san too 」

Margo-san comes in from the back corridor.

「 Was it Shou-oneesan now? She sent me a mail that she can’t go on without him 」


「 Right, a lot of women needs you. You have to work hard 」
「 Yeah, I will. They need me, so I’ll do everything with my power 」

I answered.

「 You’ve really become strong. I’m glad 」

Minaho-neesan caresses my cheeks as she says that.

「 Then, what about Minaho? 」

Kyouko-san asks.

「 What do you mean? 」
「 No, everyone needs that guy, and he’s become strong because of that. You can tell that he’s doing his best. So, what about Minaho? 」


「 I think that he doesn’t need my support anymore 」


「 He has Kouzuki-sama’s protection, Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san are his partners too. Kouzuki security service has Seki-san, I don’t think he needs to be bound by a criminal organization, Kuromori to protect him 」

Minaho, nee-san?

「 No, not just him, Nei and Megumi too. I think you should be away from a woman like me 」
「 So you want the young ones to separate from Kuromori and have only us/ 」

Margo-san asks.

「 Wrong, I think that I’m the only one who should remain in Kuromori. Katsuko, Nagisa should live a new life away from me, Margo too, you’re free 」
「 Don’t be stupid! 」

Margo-san gets angry.

「 Hmm, what about me? 」

Kyouko-san smiles wryly

「 Kyouko-san’s free from the start 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 I sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done so far 」

What are you saying?

「 That’s not what I want to hear 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 You’re no good. You’re really no good, Minaho 」
「 Yes, I’m a useless woman 」

Minaho-neesan affirms Kyouko-san’s words.

「 Yeah, you’re as childish as Yukino. Minaho 」


「 You don’t see how much does this guy need you? 」

Kyouko-san said, Minaho-neesan trembles.

「 True, this guy might not need your assistance anymore. But, aren’t you the one who can’t go on without him? 」