Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 484. A woman named Minaho



The revenge room and the waiting room.
Putting that behind, we walk through the corridor.

「 Where’s Mana and Agnes? 」
「 Oh, they’re not on the waiting room from earlier, I brought them to the room next to the dining area via stretcher! 」

Nei answers my question.

「 I think that it’s not okay to put them near the room where Shirasaka Sousuke is all the time 」

It’ll affect not just Agnes but also Mana.

「 Dark aura’s coming out of that room now! 」

Nei looks behind.
Right, I feel chilling cold air from there.

「 At any rate, let’s get away from that place! 」

We walk the corridor.

「 This was my room. Katsuko’s next door 」

Nagisa suddenly speaks on the way of the corridor.
She looks up at the ceiling, then to the doors lined up.

「 This is the room of the ladies 」

Megu said.
Megu has lived in this mansion several years after birth.

「 You see, Kuromori is a brothel Minaho-san has protected for long 」

Nagisa touches the door to her room, feeling nostalgic.

「 If it’s an ordinary brothel, then the prostitutes would have an antagonistic relationship. Who would take the guest, who would earn money, fighting over trivial things 」

Speaking of which, I haven’t heard the prostitutes of Kuromori fighting over such things.
Even Iwakura-san doesn’t target Katsuko-nee who’s a prostitute.
The people she only pointed to the underground organization was Margo-san, Nei, and me.

「 Well you see, in most cases, the manager of a brothel is a man. A man stands on the top, and they have the prostitutes compete with each other so they can control them skillfully. If the relationship between the girls is terrible then they’d work hard to be recognized by the male manager, no prostitutes would unite to revolt.
「 I see, divide and conquer it is 」

Shou-oneesan nods to Nagisa’s talk.

「 But, Kuromori isn’t like that 」
「 Why, Nagisa-oneesama? Shirasaka Sousuke-san’s the manager, is he not? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 That guy is an idiot beyond saving you know? Even before Ojou-sama enters the management, it was when Shirasaka Sousuke took away the management rights of the brothel from Ojou-sama’s grandfather. He didn’t give any reward to the girls he newly kidnapped and turned into a prostitute. No matter how many guests they take 」

Nagisa said.

「 No reward? 」

Shou-oneesan’s surprised.

「 They eat food properly but nothing else. Clothes are suited to the guest’s taste. The prostitutes aren’t allowed to chose their clothes, only the costumes for sex 」
「 Yeah. That was the case 」

Megu said.

「 When my mother was alive, the ladies didn’t have hope. Shirasaka-san makes them entertain gusts one after another yet not giving anything to the prostitutes 」
「 As one would expect, Yuuka-san and others, those who were prostitutes before Shirasaka Sousuke came in, can’t do anything about it. Those long-serving ladies already had certain influential patrons 」

I see. During Minaho-neesan’s grandfather’s time running the brothel, the clients were genuinely the high class.
Yuuka-san and the other’s guests were supposed to be the influential people in the political and business world.

「 That is why Shiraska Sousuke couldn’t do anything violent to Yuuka-san and others. Although the reputation of Kuromori tower has fallen, it never crashed completely 」

Yuuka-san and Hidemi-san, the senior ladies who remained…

「 Shirasaka Sousuke isn’t interested in it you know? Therefore, thoroughly exploits the women he kidnaps and turns them to prostitutes 」

No matter how much they’re sold off, they’re not given anything.

「 Yes. Even after I was born, Shirasaka-san didn’t do anything to Mama. My milk and clothes were all bought by the senior ladies out of sympathy 」

Megu said.
Only the senior prostitutes who have their patron have money.

「 I was able to live in the mansion because the ladies helped me. Mama is always thanking the ladies 」

Megu looks up at the ceiling, remembering her past.
Megu grew up in this brothel until she was six.

「 Right. I’ve only heard about the era before I came to the mansion but, I’ve heard that Minaho-san and Megumi-chan’s mother’s age was the most difficult 」

That’s right.
Back then, Minaho-neesan was 12-years-old, turned to a prostitute, selling her body.

「 On the other hand, everyone was in the same situation, aren’t they? Shiraska Sousuke only brings people with the same perverted preference as him. Minaho’s prostitutes were encouraged to help each other. Therefore, there were no fights between the prostitutes 」

Instead, if they fight inside, they won’t be alive.
They can only rely on their fellow prostitutes on the hellish environment.

「 Then, Megumi-chan’s mother’s case happened 」

Megu’s mother, Keiko-san, was drugged with some illegal drugs by Shirasaka Sousuke’s guests.
Even though she became unconscious, she wasn’t taken to the doctor, and she died.

「 There’s also Minaho-san’s sister’s case 」

Minaho-neesan and Naomi-san were impregnated by the guests.
Shiraska Sousuke brought in an illegal doctor to perform a poor abortion surgery.
Naomi-san died.
Minaho-neesan’s body became unable to have sex.

「 Then, the prostitutes united, caused a strike, Yuuka-san asked for Kouzuki Kakka’s intervention 」

Jii-chan didn’t come to the mansion entirely after Shirasaka Sousuke’s coup of Kuromori.
But, he listened to the petitions of the prostitutes and reached out a helping hand.

「 Then, Kyouko-san was dispatched for inspection, then Minaho-neesan became the manager as representatives of the prostitutes to suppress Shirasaka Sousuke’s recklessness 」

Nagisa said.
Oh, I now know why they can talk about it so casually.
Nagisa’s talking to Shou-oneesan.
She can’t figure it out by just reading the research materials from Kouzuki security service, therefore, see it from the eyes of the prostitute inside Kuromori.

「 Since Minaho-san participated, the treatment of the prostitutes have been improved. They were able to earn money by working. However, only a portion enough for daily use was given, and the rest was withheld for earnings when it’s time to retire 」
「 Why? 」

Shou-oneesan asks.

「 When Shiraska Sousuke was doing the management alone, it’s just too sloppy on accounting, or should I say that he doesn’t take money from his friends. He embezzles the money for the mansion selfishly that the management situation wasn’t good. Therefore, when Minaho became the manager, the first years needed money to rebuild the management 」

Were the prostitutes not handed over the money they earned?

「 But, the result was excellent. From slaves living without compensation, when they were suddenly handed a lot of money, the sense-of-life of the prostitutes went crazy. In that case, they would compete for guests or for earnings, there would be fights about it

Nagisa said.

「 Besides, even though his power was weakened, it’s impossible to expel Shirasaka Sousuke. His perverts group remained, they still continued to kidnap girls like Katsuko and me, turning us to prostitutes 」
「 That part, why can’t that be stopped? 」

Shou-oneesan asks. Nagisa;

「 Minaho-san’s father, Kuromori Koichiro was alive. Koichiro-san is no match against Shirasaka Sousuke. Even with Kakka’s intervention, the fact that the head of Kuromori house is the representative of Kuromori hasn’t changed 」

Even when Jii-chan keeps an eye, Shirasaka Sousuke does what he pleases.

「 Minaho-san took a long time to restructure the management of the mansion and fully grasp the inside 」
「 Yeah, Shirasaka Sousuke’s subordinates was getting to the school until last year! 」

Nei said.

The principal and some of the teachers in our school were also related to Kuromori.
Their duty is to find new prostitutes among the high school girls.

「 I also almost attacked but Margo-oneechan made it impossible to happen again. I also burnt down the kendo hall 」

The fuss Nei caused made the reputation of her being a delinquent girl.

「 To say the least, it was autumn last year. That’s when Sensei reversed her power relationship with Shirasaka Sousuke 」
「 Oh, it’s the case of Kuromori Koichiro’s scandal 」

Shou-oneesan seems to have read the report.
Last autumn, Minaho-neesan’s father had a sexual relationship with a gangster’s boss’ daughter. Due to that scandal, Kuromori is forced to suspend business.

「 Minaho-san finally made up her mind to dispose of her father 」

Nagisa said.
Kuromori Koichiro is now crippled because of Minaho-neesan.
His consciousness will never come back.

「 Let’s return to the topic, anyway, since Minaho became the manager, the prostitutes were taken into consideration a lot. Spiritual follow-ups for the girls who were just kidnapped by Shirasaka Sousuke, financial problems, adjusting so each prostitute won’t suffer from customers, making adjustments, banishing guests with bad behavior, anything and everything 」


「 That’s why the prostitutes of Kuromori get along. Minaho-san took away all the factors that would bring discord 」

Nagisa said.

「 Matching with each prostitute, what kind of prostitutes does the guest ask for? Or talking thoroughly to those who don’t suit the guests. She tells them “Oh, you’re good here,” or “This guest wants only you,” Therefore, the prostitutes are satisfied with their position and have the confidence to live positively. They’re not jealous of other prostitutes. Some people see their worth properly after all 」

She’s done that far.

「 Besides, she also made a place where the prostitutes could talk about their dream after retiring. In my case it was a flower shop, so what kind of study I must take to have one? How many funds do I need? Studying up each thing in detail, I received courses on the corresponding topic. Minaho shows the precise steps to make me realize my dream. That is why I didn’t go crazy during my prostitution era. I’m thankful to her for that


「 But still, there are those who became prostitutes who were frustrated by the circumstances they’re in. But, while Minaho-san’s father and Shirasaka Sousuke was ruling, they can’t be released from prostitution 」

At that age, the conditions to quit prostitution was;
Only to get pregnant and give birth.
That’s why Nagisa retired when she gave birth to Mao-chan.
Tamayo-san also said that she had a boy, so maybe.

「 But, if a prostitute throws her hatred on Shirasaka Sousuke, it’s known that she’ll experience cruelty. That’s why Minaho-san decided to bind that girl with strong fear. Minaho-san steeled her heart, so the fear for her is beyond Shirasaka Sousuke 」

That’s the case with Iwakura-san?

「 Although, Minaho-san is in a different position than us 」


「 Earlier, it is as you pointed out. Us prostitutes had dreamt of leaving this mansion, but Minaho-san 」

Minaho-neesan who became the manager as she’s a member of Kuromori house.
She’s not allowed to leave the mansion.

「 Besides, Minaho-san can’t return to being a prostitute, right? 」

Minaho-neesan’s body can’t have sex.

「 The more kind she is to us the more harsh Minaho-san is to herself 」

She bet her life to rescue the prostitutes dragged to hell.
But, Minaho-neesan herself can’t escape Kuromori.
Besides, she can’t return to being a prostitute.
She has nobody in the same position as her.

「 Even when she’s working as a protector of the prostitutes, MInaho-san’s been lonely all this time. I think that she’s becoming more isolated 」

Therefore, she’s always killing off her emotions.
Expressionless, acting out her smile, not laughing.

「 Katsuko knows Minaho-san’s loneliness. Therefore, last autumn, when the activities of Kuromori has stopped, and all the prostitutes were released, she’s the only one who remained in the mansion 」

Katsuko-nee was the only prostitute left in the mansion.

「 Margo-oneechan was here too 」

Nei said.

「 Margo-oneechan really like Sensei 」
「 Nei-chan too, right? 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 As for me, I have my case with Cesario Viola, I can only stay here 」

Nagisa speaks lonely

「 Oh, I see 」
「 What’s is it Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu asks.

「 Minaho-neesan isn’t Kuromori 」

That’s right.

「 She’s using the surname of her mother at school, Yuzuki, right? 」
「 Yes, that’s true, but… 」

Megu and the other girls look at me.

「 Minaho-neesan is, sure, Kuromori Koichiro’s daughter, but she’s an illegitimate daughter, isn’t she? She lived as “Yuzuki Minaho” with her mother and sister, right? 」

She doesn’t have the self-consciousness as a daughter of Kuromori house.

「 Besides, she was kidnapped at age 12, raped, turned to a prostitute. Her young sister was brought in and died. I heard that her mother died of illness because she couldn’t find the kidnapped girls 」
「 That’s right 」

Nagisa answers.

「 She lost her family, no place to return to, alone. Her body can’t have sex anymore, she has to give up on both love and marriage 」

Even though she can’t have sex, give birth.
Minaho-neesan doesn’t think that there would be a man who would love her.

「 Then… Minaho-neesan just happened to have the blood of Kuromori house. Therefore she just happened to be a legitimate reason to be involved with the operation of Kuromori. Minaho-neesan had no choice but to accept the work as the guardian of the prostitutes! 」

Minaho-neesan has no choice but to accept that fate.

「 But, Minaho-neesan’s heart isn’t Kuromori. After all, Minaho-neesan hasn’t received any grace from Kuromori house at all! 」

Minaho-neesan grew up fatherless, not knowing anything about him nor his family.

「 She’s just an ordinary girl. Yuzuki Minaho. Despite this, only because she’s related by blood, all the problems of Kuromori house were all carried by her alone!! 」

Kuromori house’s sin.
The first generation, Kuromori Kounosuke has established a high-class brothel, it made a living
The second generation, Kuromori Koichiro was tempted by Shirasaka Sousuke, a scum, and changed the brothel into a messed up one.
Both of them are;
They’re worlds with no relation to Minaho-neesan.
Yuzuki Minaho, her mother, and her sister lived happily.

「 I misunderstood Minaho-neesan’s revenge 」


「 [Minaho-neesan isn’t doing this just to clear up the resentment for her and her sister as an individual 」

Shou-oneesan speaks;

「 I also felt it that way. Kuromori-san has always been concerned about the former prostitutes who were watching the broadcast 」
「 Yes, she’s more concerned on satisfying the desire for vengeance of us who fell prostitutes under her protection than herself 」

Nagisa said.

「 Perhaps, Minaho-neesan, of course, hates Shirasaka Sousuke, she also has a big grudge she wants to clear up but, Minaho-neesan’s aim for her revenge isn’t just the problem of one Shirasaka 」

I’m convinced.

「 Minaho-neesan wants to destroy Kuromori itself. She has to completely eliminate Kuromori or else… 」


「 Minaho-neesan can’t get off her position as Kuromori Minaho, she can’t go back to being Yuzuki Minaho!! 」

I want to hug Minaho-neesan.
Right now, Minaho-neesan.
She’s turned herself to a demon to clear up the grudge of the former prostitutes.
As a demon, she’ll chop Shirasaka Sousuke.
If Minaho-neesan becomes the demon and stains her hand with the blood of Shirasaka Sousuke.
Then the former prostitutes watching won’t have to commit a crime.
The former prostitutes won’t have to carry the sin of murder.
Despite all that, to release all the hate of those who became prostitutes.
Minaho-neesan became a demon.
Katsuko-nee and Kyouko-san know that.
They became demons to be with her.

「 Even so, we won’t return to that room 」

Nagisa said.

「 If you do, Minaho-san’s thoughts will be brought to waste 」

Minaho-neesan had Margo-san, Nagisa, and I, and the invaders, Nei, Misuzu, and Shou-oneesan exit the room on purpose.
That is to prevent us from being at the cruel scene.
If we’re not there, just watching the broadcast, their guilt will become weak.
Margo-san even only lets us watch Shirasaka Sousuke’s penis cut off.
We’re sent outside so she can ascertain it by herself, alone.
So there won’t be trauma carved on us.

「 Yo-chan, let’s do what we can do 」

Nei said.

「 First, a warm meal and a bath. Then, let’s not make Mao-chan and others who don’t know the tragedy worry about us! 」


「 Once we’re back at the room, let’s greet them with a smile, we’re a family after all 」


「 Then, as a family, let’s all think on what we can do for Sensei 」

Nei looks into our eyes.

「 You’re right, Nei-oneesama 」

Misuzu said.

「 We definitely have something we can do 」
「 I think so too 」

Megu also speaks.

「 True, we have a lot of people in our family after all 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Shou-oneesan, I’m expecting a lot from you! 」

Nei smiles

「 I 」
「 No. I understand it since you broke in for Yo-chan’s sake. Shou-oneesan is also our Onee-san 」

Nei said.

「 In the end, that’s all just words. You can say anything in just words. If you swear just in words, it’s not trustworthy 」

Misuzu said.

「 That’s right! If you want to be believed then act! You moved your body and jumped in. That’s why I believe you! 」

Nei tells Shou-oneesan with a smile.

「 Thanks, Nei-san 」
「 Just “Nei” will do, you’re my Onee-san, aren’t you? 」
「 I get it, Nei 」

Shou-oneesan smiles

「 As for me, “Megu” will do 」
「 You can call me Nagisa with no suffix too 」

Shou-oneesan’s older than Nagisa?
Though Nagisa who’s a mother has more presence.

「 Then, please call me Misuzu too 」
「 Eeeh 」

Shou-oneesan hesitates

「 Is there a complaint? 」

Hmm, as she’s in charge of Kouzuki security service;
She probably has some resistance on addressing the lady of Kouzuki house without any suffix.

「 I’ll try 」

Shou-oneesan replied

◇ ◇ ◇

Nei goes to the bathroom.
Megu and Nagisa go to the kitchen.
Misuzu and Shou-oneesan head to the room where Ruriko, Michi, Edie, and Rei-chan are.
That’s where I’m most worried about. According to Nei, Michi seems to be having a hard time dealing with Edie.
But, I

「 We’ll go check this room out, Danna-sama can go there 」

Yeah, Misuzu.
I first go to Agnes’ room.

「 Papa! 」

Agnes smiles when she sees me.
Mana’s with her.

「 Are you okay, Agnes? 」

I get close to Agnes.
Agnes is still lying down on the stretcher.
She’s still naked, covering her body with a towel.

「 My crotch hurts a bit 」

I pat Agnes’ pale blonde hair.

「 Sorry 」


「 I’m okay, Mana-oneechan told me that it won’t hurt that much tomorrow 」

She looks up at Mana and smiles.

「 Then, please do it again 」

Agnes’ blue eyes look at me.

「 I love you, Papa! 」

The beautiful angelic girl smiles at me.

「 Yeah, once the pain is gone 」

Agnes is still 12.
Her growth is better than Japanese because she’s half-foreign, so her appearance is developed as much as the 14-year-old Mana, but;
I don’t know about her insides.
Ikeda-sensei has to check this up, else…

「 Nei’s heating up the bath right now, once it’s warm, let’s take a bath together 」
「 Un, Agnes-chan, let’s do! 」

Mana smiles at Agnes.
Mana’s also still naked below and just wearing a bathrobe.
I’m also the same though.

「 Thank you too, Mana 」

I speak unconsciously

「 Huh, about what? Agnes is Mana’s sister, so it’s natural for me to look after her, you know?! 」
「 Well, that’s true, but… 」
「 Hmm? 」

Mana is playing dumb on purpose.
I’m talking about her kneeling to the former prostitutes but…
Is that something I have to bring up again?

「 Anyway, thanks. Mana 」

I pat Mana’s head.

「 I love you mana 」
「 Geez, Onii-chan, give me a kiss at times like that 」

Mana’s puffing.

「 Oh right, sorry 」

I kiss Mana.

「 I love you Onii-chan. I won’t let go forever 」

Mana speaks with moist eyes.

「 Yeah, I won’t let you go 」
「 I’m your sex slave, after all, I’ll serve you a lot! 」
「 Well, I’m looking forward to that 」

We pile our lips together again.

「 Papa, Muuuuu 」

I hear Agnes’ voice from below.

「 Agnes wants it too 」
「 Ah, sorry, sorry 」

I kiss Agnes too.
I hear a voice from the speaker.

『 Ah, Yo-chan, the bath’s ready. Or should I say that it seems that Katsu-nee didn’t turn off the heat since coming in earlier 』

I see. It’s ready for people to get in right away.
As expected of Katsuko-nee.

『 I’ll contact Misuzu and others so bring Agnes and Mana to the bathroom! 』
「 Okay, Nee-san! 」

I speak to Agnes.

「 Well, let’s go to the bath! 」

I carry Agnes’ naked body covered in a towel.

「 Princess carry, that’s nice 」

Mana said.

「 I’ll do it with Mana next time, Mana’s light after all 」

She’s a small middle school girl after all.

「 If it’s Nei-oneesan, I might not be able to lift her but…! 」

When I say that.

『 Hey, Yo-chan!! 』

She’s still listening?

「 Err, I’ll train so I can lift Nei-oneesan! 」
『 Don’t train, lift me!! I’m not that heavy!! 』

Nei’s angry
No, instead of saying heavy, she’s voluptuous.
Nei’s got huge breasts and a beautiful body.