Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 499. Ruriko’s rape play (cont.) / Joba!



「 Ruriko, Ruirko, Rurikoooooooo!!! 」

I lick Ruriko’s hot and humid place.
I splash it as if I’m a kitten drinking milk.,

「 Aaaaahn, No. Onii-sama, it’s embarrassing, Ruriko’s embarrassed!!! 」

Ruriko’s 15-year-old body smells like unripe sex pheromones.
Oh, I.
Sex with Ruriko.
I want to have sex with Ruriko.

「 Stop! Please stop! I’m scared, Onii-sama!! 」

My tongue licks from Ruriko’s crotch to her lower abdomen.
I crawl and roll it around her cute bellybutton.
From her stomach to her soft chest.
I put her elastic breast that’s still in the middle of the development in my mouth.
I lick her nipples.
That part is already hard.

「 Aaaahn, that’s good! I love it when my breast is licked!!!! 」

Ruriko hugs my head and trembles in pleasure.

「 Geez Ruriko! You should only say “No, No” 」

Nei continues her guidance from behind the camera.

「 Ah, yes. No! Onii-sama! Please don’t lick the tip!! Please don’t lick so much!! Aaaaaahn! 」

In short.
She wants more.
I change sucking nipples from light to left.
I stimulate her right nipple wet with my saliva using my thumb.
I knead her small breasts around my palm.

「 Hauuuu, this is embarrassing, stop! Please stop! Onii-sama!!! 」

My tongue lets to of Ruriko’s nipples.
Then, I crawl it on her white skin.
I lick up to Ruriko’s neck.
I lick behind her ear.
Then, her plump lips.

「 Uuuuuuuuuuu!!! 」

At the moment my tongue reaches her lips, Ruriko slurps my tongue passionately.
Our tongues entwine.
She hugs my body.

「 What should I do. What should I do, Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko looks at me with enchanted eyes.

「 Onii-sama, this is very fun 」


「 Ruriko might like Onii-sama raping her!!! 」

Ruriko opens up her legs wide, facing me.

「 No, this is embarrassing, please stop 」

Her eyes are inviting me.

「 Onii-sama, Onii-sama!! 」

She stretches out her white hand and grabs my erect penis.

「 Stop, please don’t do it! Please don’t shame Ruriko more than this!! 」

Though she says that, she’s leading my glans to her opening.
That part is already dripping with hot love nectar.
Though she rejects it with her mouth.
Her body wants sex.
That kind of rape make-believe on the contrary stimulates Ruriko’s mind and body.

「 Aaaaah, please rape Ruriko’s body with all your best, Onii-sama! 」

Her eyes are wet. At the moment she said that Ruriko smiles.

「 Ah, I made a mistake! Please stop, Onii-sama! Please do not shame Ruriko any further than this!!! 」


「 I’m fucking you Ruriko. I’m going to mess you up!!! 」

My glans. My tensed shining glans is about to penetrate Ruriko’s insides!!!

「 Noooooooo. Please stop, Onii-sama,, I’m scared, I’m afraid!!! 」


My meat stick sneaks inside like it’s pushing away the warm love nectar inside Ruriko.

「 Ah, so hot! 」

At the moment the glans is swallowed, Ruriko frowns.
It’s just a day after she lost her virginity, her torn hymen might still be there.

「 Are you okay, Ruriko? 」

I instinctively stopped moving.

「 No, no, no!! Onii-sama! Onii-sama! 」

She sways her hips, trying to invite me.

「 Please ravish me deeper! No, please ravish me!! 」

Her physical body seeking sex and the thought of refusing confronts on the surface.

「 Onii-sama!!! 」

She grabs my arms and clings to me.

「 Onii-sama!! More!!! 」

I put strength in my ass.
Nun!! Deep inside Ruriko.
I strike my penis inside!!!

「 Hiiiiiii!!!! 」

The tip of my penis kisses with Ruriko’s womb.

「 Kahaaaaa!! It’s in!!! Onii-sama!!!! 」

I can’t hold back anymore!!!
I begin my piston.

「 Auuu, auuuu, akuuu!!!! 」

Every time I strike deep, the 15-year-old beauty gasps.
Her fair white skin is now red and flushed.

「 Ruriko, I’m fucking you! I’m raping you! I’m going to ravish Ruriko!! 」

Ruriko loosens her body and accepts my fierce attack.

「 Yes, I’m being ravished. Ruriko’s being ravished by Onii-sama. No! I’m scared, it’s embarrassing, this is embarrassing!! 」

Ruriko’s shedding tears of joy.
Her eyes are on the part joined together…
I lick Ruriko’s tears with my tongue.
Ruriko’s tears are salty and bitter.

「 Aaah, amazing, what should I do, I’m!!! 」

While I sway her body, poke up her uterus.
Ruriko mutters.

「 This is fun, I’m having so much fun from Onii-sama raping me!! 」

Nei smiles at Ruriko.

「 Wrong, Ruriko, that’s not fun, you’re feeling it! 」
「 Feeling it? 」

Ruriko looks up at me as I ravish her.

「 Oh, Onii-sama! Ruriko can feel it! I love you Onii-sama!!! 」
I then hold Ruriko’s ass and carry her.
I change to Liana position.

「 Onii-sama! So embarrassing! No, Ruriko. Ruriko’s feeling it!!! 」

Ruriko’s grinding her waist on top of me.
Her clitoris is rubbing against my stomach.

「 Ruriko, me too, I can feel it too! I can feel Ruriko!!! 」

I slap my waist as I grab Ruriko’s soft middle school girl ass with both hands.

Picha, Pichau! Pichu!!

Every time our lower abdomens meet, a wet sound comes from the joint part.

「 Aaaaah, Onii-sama! Please ravish Ruriko, ravish me more!!! No, please stop, please don’t ravish me, stop raping me!!! Aaahn, I don’t know what’s what anymore!!! 」

We continue the rhythm of sex while hugging.
Ruriko and I are sweating on our head.
The two bodies have the scent of fresh sex drifting.

「 But,, it’s embarrassing, this is embarrassing. Onii-sama! Ruriko really, really feels embarrassed!!! 」

Ruriko wriggles her waist as I bang her with my penis.

「 Please do not abandon this shameless Ruriko!! 」

We shift to missionary position once again.

「 I won’t abandon you Ruriko. You’re mine 」

I spurt my waist.

「 Ruriko, my Ruriko!! 」
「 Yes, Ruriko is for Onii-sama! Please have sex with me anytime! Please rape me! Please ravish Ruriko’s body!!! 」

Ah, ah, ah.
I feel a massive wave rising up from deep inside of me.

「 Ruriko, I, I, I!!! 」

Looking at my face, Ruriko had guessed.

「 Yes, go on, Onii-sama, please do it inside Ruriko, inside please, please release all of it so Ruriko could make a child!! 」

Ruriko says with loving eyes, but…

「 W-Wrong, Ruriko, not like that!! 」

This is a rape play!
Ruriko realized immediately!!

「 Yes, Onii-sama! N-No stop, please stop!!!! Please don’t release it inside Ruriko! I’ll, I’ll get a baby!!!! 」

I-I-It’s coming!!!

「 R-Ruriko, I’m cumming! I’m coming to cum inside Ruriko!!!!! 」

Ruriko’s eyes look at me kindly.

「 You can’t!!! No!! Noooooooo!!! Onii-sama!! Stop! I’m scared!!! 」

It’s coming out!!!


「 Auuu!!!! So hot!!! 」

Ruriko’s womb feels a white liquid spreads inside.

「 It’s so warm! I feel the hot stuff spreading deep inside my belly!!! 」


I release semen into Ruriko’s womb.
I keep pushing in my waist.
I’m ejaculating like a water pistol;.

「 Aaaah, Ruriko, it’s not stopping, I can’t stop it!! 」

I’m releasing so much I can’t believe it.

「 Ruriko, my Ruriko!! 」
「 Amazing! I can feel it! Ruriko can feel it! This is really fun!! 」

While she receives a male liquid deep inside her womb coming from my erect penis…
Ruriko faces me, smiling.

「 Onii-sama, sex, even rape, is very fun 」
「 Ruriko 」

I fill my face with Ruriko’s hair as I ejaculate.
The smell of her hair, her sweat, the scent of having sex with Ruriko.
Ruriko’s embracing my naked body from below.

「 Onii-sama, I love you 」

Oh, Ruriko’s heart is throbbing.
It’s the same as mine.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

I loosen my body on top of Ruriko as I breathe wildly.
My ejaculation stops.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Oh, Ruriko’s also taking a deep breath.
Ruriko’s lungs spread wide as she breathes in, then she exhales grandly.
It goes up an down many times.

I slowly pull out my penis.

Tsu, torororori!

A lot of semen I spread out inside her vagina drips out.

「 Wow, Yo-chan that’s quite a lot! 」

Nei focuses the camera on Ruriko’s crotch.
The naked beauty’s body that was violated by a man after sex is…
Somehow gloomy.
Speaking of which, Ruriko didn’t cum.

「 Sorry, Ruriko 」

I raise my face and look at Ruriko.

「 Yes? 」

I’m still erect.
Even though I ejaculated so much, it’s not withering at all.

「 I just got engrossed with myself, did I hurt Ruriko? 」

Ruriko reaches to me.

「 Onii-sama, come here 」

She hugs me.
She embraces me on her chest, exhausted.
Then, she pats my hair gently.

「 I’m okay. Onii-sama 」

Her voice is gentle.

「 I should be the one sorry for lacking experience, I’ll devote myself to please Onii-sama more on the next occasion 」


「 Rape is very fun. I’ll practice so I can act better. Let’s do it again, Onii-sama! 」

Hey, Ruriko.

「 Look, it’s a lot more fun if you change the situation in plays! Like Yo-chan’s a robber and suddenly attacks Ruriko, or Yo-chan plays as a doctor and pretending to do a medical examination on Ruriko just to fuck her, or Yo-chan’s a school teacher and forcing Ruriko to learn about sex 」

Hey, Nei!

「 I see, it looks fun to do various plays. Ruriko likes this “rape” thing. Let’s do it again, Onii-sama! 」

Oh, Ruriko…
She’s got no distinction between “rape play” and “rape.”

「 It’s okay, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu said.

「 We will only have sex with Danna-sama for the rest of our lives. Just our circle needs to know it 」

Misuzu pats Ruriko.

「 Was it fun, Ruriko? 」
「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama, it’s my first time doing a play, but it’s very fun 」

Ruriko smiles without concern.
What I can only see is an innocent 15-year old girl who doesn’t know any impurities yet.

「 I think Ruriko will get better at sex after doing it a couple more times! You don’t need to rush! 」

Nei’s also laughing.

「 Yes, I’ll take the fun at ease. 」

Why can everyone smile like this?

「 I will keep on serving Onii-sama for the rest of my life so I won’t rush. 」

I lick the pink nipples in front of me.

「 Ahn. That feels good 」


「 Ruriko, do you not think of wanting to have sex with a man other than me? 」

I ask unconsciously.

「 I don’t. Why would you ask though? 」


「 Look, Minaho-neesan told me before that when women learn the pleasure of sex, they’d want to try it with other men too 」

That’s right, in Yukino’s case.
That’s what Minaho-neesan told me.
Then, when Yukino awakens to sex after I raped her.
She indeed told Endou “I don’t want to go home tonight,” at the night park, she asked for sex.

「 I can’t have sex with anyone but Onii-sama 」

Ruriko says clearly.

「 I don’t mean it ethically, it’s physiologically impossible 」


「 I don’t like other men touching me except for Onii-sama. I don’t like talking to them either 」


「 I can’t relax my guard to other men than Onii-sama. I can only for Onii-sama 」
「 No, why? 」

We’re still connected.

「 Ruriko isn’t a regular sex slave, I am a slave that loves Onii-sama from the bottom of her heart. I’m in love with Onii-sama, I want to embrace like this forever 」

Saying that. She gently hugs my head on her chest again.

「 Yo-chan, you should notice that we’re serious already! 」


「 Yes. We can’t go on unless we have Danna-sama. It’s impossible with other people. Therefore, we’ll never leave Danna-sama 」


「 Yo-chan, just like how you won’t betray us ever, we will never betray Yo-chan either 」
「 Oh, it’s okay to betray us too, Onii-sama 」


「 No matter what happens in the future, Ruriko is Onii-sama’s slave. My love for Onii-sama will never change 」

Ruriko’s embracing me.

「 Ruriko will always be by your side 」


「 Okay, Ruriko. Lastly, face the camera and speak your impressions!

Nei tells Ruriko
Ruriko looks up and faces the camera.
She’s still hugging my head on her chest.

「 I’m Kouzuki Ruriko. Ruriko is proud as Onii-sama’s sex slave. I will only serve Onii-sama for the rest of my life. I’m truly happy. I’ve found a person I’d like to serve to make pleased for a lifetime 」

Ruriko’s words are directed to Jii-chan.
This video is recorded to be viewed by Jii-chan.

「 Ruriko is genuinely grateful to God for giving me this fate 」

She denies that Jii-chan ordered her to be my slave.
She’s declaring that she’s here on her own will.

「 I will have a lot of sex with Onii-sama from now on. Even rape. It’s fun. I can’t help but find more fun every day. And once I’m bigger, then I’ll bear Onii-sama’s child. I will raise it with care and love 」


「 Ufufu, is it really okay for me to have this much fun? 」


「 Ruriko wants to love than to receive love. In here, there’s a man I love. I would like to make him happy 」

She hugs me tight.

「 Onii-sama. You should feel happier and happier! 」

Ruriko’s not talking to her grandfather but me?

「 Okay, cut!! 」

Nei ends the recording.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Now then, we’re doing it in turns. Ruriko will wait at the end of the line! 」

Ruriko tells me with a smile.

「 Here, towel 」

Misuzu hands some towel.

「 Thank you very much 」

Ruriko wipes her crotch flooding with semen with a clean towel.
This 15-year-old girl’s gesture is lewd.
My penis is still going strong.

「 Okay then, next! 」

Nei smiles.
Err. We’re going to the second round right away?
I’m not forcing myself though.

「 Come 」

Michi on her underwear pulls my hand.

「 Come 」

She’s speaking in a low thin voice.
Her expression is different than usual?

「 Hello, Michi, what’s wrong? 」

Speaking of which, she’s been erasing her presence since a while ago.
What’s going on with her?

「 Hurry up and come 」

She pulls my hand.
There’s no feeling of the usual warrior girl.
It’s as if…
She looks like a lost child.

「 Err 」

I look at Nei and Misuzu.

「 It’s okay. She’s next, so I think it’s okay 」
「 Michi, what do you want to do with Danna-sama? 」

Nei and Misuzu say, but…

「 Never mind that, come 」

Michi pulls my hand.

「 Yeah, okay 」

I leave Ruriko and get up.

「 Ah, wait 」

Michi puts her face before my penis.
She licks up the semen that’s stuck on my penis…
She grabs the glans and sucks out the semen that remained in my urethra.

「 It’s okay now, come 」

She pulls my hand again.

「 Yeah 」

I let Michi pull me to the back of the room.
Nei, Misuzu, and Ruriko follow after us.
Nei’s carrying the tripod with the camera.
Where does she want to take me?
Michi knows Misuzu’s house very well.
She knows the very layout of this condo, but…

「 Here 」

Michi brings us to the door at the back of the spacious living room.

「 Come in 」

Michi opens the door and turns on the lights.
In there is a room with training equipment, about the size of 6 tatami mats.
There’s a stationary bicycle, and treadmill.
There’s nothing professional in here. These are equipment likely sent through online shopping.
This must be Misuzu and her parent’s exercise room.

「 Look, Michi also wants rape 」

Michi speaks to me bashfully.
Ah, she…
She’s extremely aroused.
She wants to have sex so much that she’s on fire.
She was watching Ruriko and my rape-play.
Her mind and body are already igniting.

「 I want Rape, no? 」

That’s why she can’t keep up with her polite tone.
She speaks like a toddler already.

「 No, I’m okay with it, but… 」

Hearing that answer, Michi…

「 I’m glad 」

She then picks up a vinyl tape.

「 Then please bind my hand 」


「 If you don’t mind me then it won’t be rape 」

Ah, okay.

「 You wrap Michi’s wrist with this 」

Saying that. She turns her back on me and lay her wrists behind.

「 The adhesive force of vinyl tape is, so if you roll it round and round, a middle school girl’s muscle can never undo it 」

I-I see.
No, if it’s Michi, I feel that she can manage somehow with her ancient martial arts.

「 Then, this vinyl tape has a curse in it so the girls tied with it will lose strength in their whole body 」

I see. That’s the setting.

「 After this, I can’t oppose Master, no matter what 」

Your libido inside is boiling up.

「 Hurry up and tie me 」

I look at Misuzu and others for now.
Misuzu nods.
Nei’s setting up the video camera
Ruriko’s helping out even naked.

「 Well, okay 」

I bind Michi’s wrists with tape.
I feel sorry if her blood circulation stops from too much coiling, so I do it carefully.

「 Okay, It’s done 」

Michi puts strength on her hands.
Her wrists are still bound behind her.

「 Oh, I’m done for 」

Michi mutters.

「 If this goes on, I’ll only be raped 」

Michi tells herself.

「 Err, w-what should I do? 」

I don’t know what Michi wants to do in this room.

「 Do me over there 」


「 Rape me on top of that 」

On top?

「 No, sorry. Please rape me on top of that. Please ravish Michi. Do Michi until she makes a baby 」

Michi jumps to my chest while her hands are tied behind her.

「 I want Master to ravish me 」

No, look.
On top of that thing?
There’s saddle-horse equipment that was popular before as health equipment.

「 Michi wants Master to rape her on top of the horse!!! 」