Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 503. The end of revenge.



「 Geez, you really love breasts 」

After sex, Misuzu and I flirt on the bed.
I lick Misuzu’s nipples.

「 Do you hate that? 」
「 Not at all, do as you want, Danna-sama 」

I bury my face on Misuzu’s chest.

「 Oh, this is full of Misuzu’s scent. 」

Misuzu’s room, the bed Misuzu sleeps on, Misuzu’s futon.
And, Misuzu’s soft skin.
Sweating, her skin’s glossy now.
I’m wrapped in Misuzu’s scent.

「 How is it? Misuzu only knows Danna-sama’s smell 」

Misuzu sniffs my neck.

「 Yes, I love the scent of Danna-sama’s sweat 」

Misuzu’s entranced.

「 Ufufu, my room, my bed, my body all smell like Danna-sama 」

They say that you don’t smell yourself. It’s true.
I can only smell Misuzu’s scent stuck in my body.

「 Misuzu 」

I kiss Misuzu, twine our tongues.
I can feel Misuzu’s hot breath on my skin.
I can feel Misuzu’s heartbeat with my palm.

「 I would like to do it one more time but, we can’t let the people below wait for long, can we? 」

Nei, Ruriko, and Michi are waiting on the lower floor of this maisonette-style condo.

「 Err, 45 minutes has passed 」

Nei told Misuzu that she had a one-hour time limit on being alone with me.

「 It’s about time we show up 」

Misuzu gets up, still naked.

「 Please embrace me again later 」

She tells me smiling.

「 Yeah 」

My penis is still erect.
I actually want to do it one more time, push Misuzu down.
But Nei still has her turn.

「 Danna-sama is really patient, you always hold back your desires and prioritizes us 」

Misuzu said. She licks my penis.

「 But, it’s okay. That’s what defines Danna-sama 」


「 Yes, let’s hurry down so you can embrace Nei-oneesama too. Then, we’re all even so you can pick who you like and push her down. It’s a sex party! 」

No, even if you tell me that.

「 Let’s go! 」

Misuzu pulls my hand. I get up.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Let’s bring this to everyone 」

Misuzu puts on a red undershirt to her naked body.

「 I wear plenty of this under a kimono, it’s much sexier than a gown, don’t you think? 」

Right, she looks like a prostitute from the Edo period.
However, no matter what Misuzu wears, she’s still cute.

「 What’s wrong, Danna-sama? 」
「 Hm? Nothing 」

Speaking of which, Katsuko-nee made Yukino wear a red undershirt like this too.
When I fucked Yukino at the school’s abandoned building.

「 Now let’s go, everyone’s waiting for us 」
「 Ah, yeah 」

Misuzu pulls my hand down the stairs.
We go through the corridor and back to the vast living room.
I thought that everyone’s doing karaoke but…
Why are they gathered in front of the TV?

「 Oh, Yo-chan! 」

Nei’s looking not only at the TV but also on her smartphone.
Ruriko and Michi are still naked.
They’re leaning on the sofa, watching TV.

「 What’s up? 」

I ask.

「 Kyouko-san did it! 」

Nei replied.
On the television screen, there’s “Shirasaka Sousuke found?!” written.

「 Look, the weather segment of the news program isn’t done in the studio but in the courtyard in front of the station, right? 」

Oh, there are those stations too, right.

「 The 10 o’clock news of the TV station of Shirasaka house does that. You know that don’t you? The “News Creation” program? 」

Nei tells me.
Oh, the one with the famous announcer?
That’s one of the highlight programs of that TV station.

「 Then, at that courtyard, the weather forecaster’s behind is a big staircase. When they were in the middle of broadcasting… 」

No way…

「 Shirasaka Sousuke’s placed on a baby carriage, his legs are posed M, and he’s rattling from the top of the stairs 」

He came down from the stairs using a baby carriage?
On a nationwide live broadcast?

「 It’s “Odessa Stairs” isn’t it? 」

Misuzu speaks on my side.

「 Yeah, I think that’s what Kyouko-san wants to show 」


「 It’s a famous scene in movie history, Have you heard of “Battleship Potemkin?” 」

Misuzu asks me.

「 Sorry, I don’t 」

What kind of anime is that?
I get that it’s a sci-fi though.
Just what kind of people does Battleship Potemkin fight?

「 Oh well, we haven’t seen the real scene though. When we turned on the TV, they’re already making a fuss 」

Yeah, the scene on the TV shows the incident scene on the building of the TV station.

「 Although, there are already several images uploaded on the net, but… 」

Nei looks at her phone.

「 It’s a bit too shocking, so, yeah 」

Oh, she judged that it’s better not to show it to Ruriko and Michi.
They say that Shirasaka Sousuke’s tied up to a baby carriage with his legs posed M, but…
His crotch no longer has a penis.
I was watching the broadcast at the moment Shirasaka Sousuke’s penis is blown off.
After that, Margo-san said that his limbs and tongue are cut off.
It should be a really gruesome image.

「 The baby carriage has a large writing “Hey! Here’s Shirasaka Sousuke! (No, I’m serious)” so they know that it’s Shirasaka Sousuke, but his appearance is messed up 」

On TV, the announcer reports the incident’s details.

『 The person assumed to be Shirasaka Sousuke is transported to the police hospital after 11 p.m., but we have not confirmed if it’s the person himself or not 』
『 Studio, Okura-san? 』
『 Yes, is there any news on the site? 』
『 A comment from Shirasaka house came through their lawyer just now. They have confirmed that it was Shirasaka Sousuke himself that was taken to the hospital 』
『 So it was really Shirasaka Sousuke? 』
『 Yes, Shirasaka Sousuke has some bruises, wounds, and a few body parts missing, he’s in a state that can’t be shown on screen 』
『 Is he in critical condition? 』
『 Err, there’s no official announcement from the police yet, so we don’t know the details. However, it seems that he was confirmed alive when discovered in a baby carriage during the news program 』
『 Understood, please continue your coverage 』

The news show announcer looks at the camera.

『 We will be rescheduling and extend our news coverage. Otani-san, a commentator at the headquarters has come to us. Otani-san, just what does this mean? 』
『 From our data collected so far, it seems that Shirasaka Sousuke has caused trouble with the gangs. Besides, it seems that the gangs connected to Shirasaka Sousuke were attacked by someone the other day. The police officials think that this might be a conflict between groups, however, 』
『 But, Shirasaka Sousuke has received quite the beating, there’s a testimony that his face is swollen enough that it’s hard to distinguish his identity and the loss of his limbs 』
『 Yes, we know that Shirasaka’s severely injured 』

Nei looks at the conversation…

「 Everything they’re confirming is all broadcasted. You can clearly tell what’s gone on the image on the internet! 」

The lost parts are his penis and wrist for example.
Or perhaps all?

『 Otani-san, but it’s not possible for Japanese gangs to do this to a Japanese person, right? To think that they damaged the body and expose it on a live broadcast on TV, that’s a method on an illegal area 』

The announcer asks the commentator looking somewhat agitated.

『 Yes, at the moment the media committee seems to have received a statement from the organization with the name 『 A group of enthusiast where children join hands WITH Himekobura 』 』
『 What is that? 』
『 We don’t know the details yet 』

Nei laughs.

「 As expected of Kyouko-san, her taste isn’t “rainbow man” but “diamond eye” It’s too stingy 」

Well, it must be a parody of some sorts.

『 Here’s the official statement 』

A letter appears on the screen.
The female announcer reads aloud.

『 Shirasaka Sousuke, congratulations. You’re no longer a sex offender of Shirasaka house only. You’ve become a sex crime of the world now. You’re determined to continue the ups and downs of a severe sex crime path, so this is your glory day! However, this isn’t the end of your sex crimes path. To fish a hera-crucian, we’ll use a bait. Hera-crucian uses vegetable plankton as staple food so we’ll use wheat as a foundation, pellet, gluten, tororo, udon, fish floss, we’ll use tapioca too. Before, it was popular to hide the taste with curry powder but stop that! With the unique ability of the snake god, Rah, burn off all the nandere, pondere, burn up Shirasaka Sousuke’s spirit who’s tied with the monster of the game of darkness! Don’t die! Shirasaka Sousuke! You still have a life. If you can endure this, then you win! Next time, you’ll become a magical sex criminal. Sousuke – Souske. Let’s go to the last episode “Sousuke dies in the dawn” Duel Fight!! 」
『 What’s that? 』

The announcer is dumbfounded.

『 I don’t get it at all, it’s impossible to decipher! 』

I don’t get Kyouko-san’s sense of humor either.

「 Well, anyway, the anger of the ladies of the mansion will settle down. Or should I say that after going this far, they’d get past their anger and feel shivering in their spines? This shows what happen if you make Sensei and Kyouko-san angry. 」

Nei said.
Yeah. If they show this far, then their fear of Minaho-neesan becomes stronger.
Therefore, this is the end of the revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 He’s in the police hospital now, but I think that he’ll be killed before his consciousness recovers. It’ll be a kill request from the head of their house 」

Nei’s words are weighty.
Shirasaka house doesn’t want more scandals from Shirasaka Sousuke.
I mean, the head of Shriasaka house believes that Shirasaka Sousuke was captured by Kouzuki house, by Jii-chan.
Even if Shirasaka Sousuke regains consciousness, his hands and tongue are cut off, but if he somehow shows the intention to who did it to him somehow…
Then the story gets complicated.
Nobody wants that anymore.
Kyouko-san already took down the organized crime groups related to Shirasaka Sousuke.
They’ll judge that it’s better for Shirasaka Sousuke to die.

「 How’s MInaho-neesan? 」
「 She already knows it, I called her. I think that they’re watching the same news on their smartphones on the next room 」

I see.

「 Then, what is she going to do? Did Minaho-neesan say that she’ll go back to the mansion? 」

Usually, they’d go back to the monitoring room at the mansion or at school to disrupt the information on the internet.

「 She won’t do anything tonight, she said 」

Nei smiles at me.

「 It’s okay now, Yo-chan. It’s all over 」


「 From now on, no matter what opinion comes out from the internet, the uncertain information will just become complicated, there’s no need for us to make a move 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s execution is over.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s obliterated, physically and socially.

「 Rather, it’s essential that we don’t do anything now until morning 」


「 Look, we’re making our best alibi right now 」


「 The public police are monitoring us outside, right? Isn’t there no better witness than them? 」

That’s right, the police and Kouzuki security service were watching our movements to Misuzu’s apartment.

「 Furthermore, Shou-oneesan, the next head of Kouzuki security service is with us too, and Kouzuki-ojiichan called us too, confirming that we’re here 」


「 Sensei’s alibi can be proved without question at the time Shirasaka Sousuke was found. That’s important 」

That’s right, Minaho-neesan…
She’s the culprit on kidnapping, confining, and assaulting Shirasaka Sousuke. She’s the planner and the leader of the crime.

「 Kyouko-san is elusive from the start, so there’s no record of herself staying in Japan right now 」

Kyouko-san said that she came to Japan with a false passport.

「 Her job is perfect. There are no traces of Shirasaka Sousuke taken out of the mansion. 」

There’s no link from Shirasaka Sousuke to our mansion.
Even if they investigate the mansion from the grudge towards Shirasaka Sousuke.
Minaho-neesan’s alibi for tonight as the owner of the mansion is documented.

「 That’s the reason why Kyouko-san left Sensei to Shou-oneesan 」

I see.
If Minaho-neesan who’s supporting Kyouko-san remained in the mansion…
There’s a possibility that she’ll be suspected at the course of the investigation.

「 The police can only start their investigation on the TV station courtyard where they found Shirasaka Sousuke 」

From Australia to his entry into Japan…
Even his confinement in the school and the mansion.
Kyouko-san did it all stealthily, so there’s no trace of it.
The only point of investigation for the police is…
By having a definite alibi at the same time Shirasaka Sousuke was discovered at the television station, they won’t inquire further.

「 Margo-oneechan too, I think she showed up on the surveillance cameras on the way home after having Agnes consult Ikeda-sensei 」

Speaking of which, they mentioned about eating parfait on the way home.
Both Margo and Nagisa will be confirmed at a different place at the time of discovery of Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 The mansion has Katsu-nee and Megu left but, those two can never do what Kyouko-san did to that guy. They’ll never be a suspect 」

Nei said.
Right. Katsuko-nee can’t break into a television station and throw away Shirasaka Sousuke to a place where there would be a live camera like it’s no big deal.

「 Or should I say that only Sensei and Margo-san are the likely marks of the police. Nagisa-san has her job, so they’ll judge that she has an alibi 」

I see.

「 So that’s why for tonight, even if the information on the internet is ROM, we’re not allowed to write. We won’t do anything and wait till morning.

Nei smiles.

「 Then, let’s turn off the TV. Nei-oneesama 」

Misuzu said.

「 It’s Nei-oneesama’s turn now 」

We’ll have sex.

「 Ruriko and Michi, it feels cold to stay naked, doesn’t it? This room is air-conditioned, and the temperature is constant. Put this on 」

Saying that; Misuzu hands the two red undershirts.

「 Thank you very much 」

Michi wears it immediately.

「 Michi that suits you 」

Her body’s flat, developing, but…
She’s initially a Japanese style beauty.
When she puts on a red undershirt, she looks like a prostitute in the red light district, it’s sexy.

「 How about me, Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko’s used to wearing kimono every day.
The undershirt suits her gracefully.

「 Yeah, Ruriko’s cute too 」

I pat Michi’s ass and rub Ruriko’s breasts.

「 Hauuu!! 」
「 Kyaauun!! 」

The two are surprised.

「 Ah, sorry, you two were so cute so I just… 」

I learned it from my sex with Misuzu earlier.
I must not hold back.
My relationship with these girls…
If I ask, then they would respond.

「 No, please continue 」
「 Yes, please do as you want, Onii-sama 」

The two lean on me happily.

「 Please do it anytime 」
「 We are Onii-sama’s properties after all 」

Seeing that, Nei…

「 Hey, Yo-chan!! It’s my turn now!! 」

She turns off the TV while fuming.
She puts away her smartphone.

「 Oh, sorry, sorry 」

I go to Nei and hug her tight.

「 Yo-chan? 」

Nei’s surprised by my aggression.

「 I also want to do it with Nee-san sooner 」

Nei’s body is glamorous. It feels good to hug.
It smells of an adult woman more than Misuzu.

「 Nee-san, do you use perfume? 」
「 Yeah, just a bit 」

I knew it.

「 Michi, prepare some tea, I’ll take a rest 」

Misuzu sits on the sofa.

「 Ah, if it’s tea then I will 」

Ruriko begins moving.
As expected, even though she’s wearing underclothing, she’s elegant, and her figure is beautiful.

「 Yo-chan, where are you looking?! 」

Nei’s getting angry.

「 Ah, sorry 」


「 Where do you want to do it, Nee-san? 」

I did it with Ruriko on top of the sofa.
I did it with Michi on the horse riding machine.
There’s no way I can do it with Nei on Misuzu’s private room.

「 Before that, there’s something I’d like to tell Yo-chan 」

Nei pulls me to the sofa.
Nei sits next to me.

「 You see! Yo-chan, I’m glad that you’re kind to us but, you must not hold back! 」


「 Nei-oneesama, if that’s what you want to say, I’ve already told Danna-sama just that 」

Nei says while drinking the tea Ruriko prepared.

「 Whut!? 」

Nei’s surprised.

「 Really, Yo-chan?! 」
「Yeah, Misuzu told me, I reflected on myself and agreed with her 」

I replied.

「 Then, then, then, about Yukino 」

Nei fires herself up and looks at me.

「 Danna-sama already understands that matter already 」

Misuzu replies casually

「 Ugh!! 」

Nei shouts.

「 R-Really?! Yo-chan?!! 」
「 Yeah, I think Misuzu already foretold what Nee-san’s about to tell me. Then, I reflected on it and agreed with her, I’ve already made a definite effort to resolve myself 」

I replied.

「 Yes, Danna-sama has promised me! 」

Misuzu smiles happily.

「 Wait a second! Then my plan on persuading Yo-chan kindly as a Onee-chan?! 」
「 There’s no need for it anymore. Danna-sama understands it right away once you tell him 」
「 Gununununu 」

Nei looks frustrated.

「 I-I failed, I shouldn’t have let Misuzu do it first! 」


「 Nei-oneesama seems to have forgotten, but I’m also a year older than Danna-sama. I can also talk about Onee-san type discussions too! 」

She shows a smile of victory.

「 Kuuuh! I’m so stupid! That was a once in a lifetime chance, Natou Nei!! 」


「 Look, Nee-san, I know that you want to be the Onee-chan but you see 」

I look at Nei.

「 Nee-san’s idea of “Onee-chan” is a bit wrong 」
「 Huh, Yo-chan?! 」

Nei looks confused.

「 Look, Minaho-neesan said it, Nee-san’s “Onee-chan look” is a bit bossy, or should I say that you try to stand on top of us too much 」


「 Huh, what do you mean? 」
「 I mean, you call all those younger with you without a suffix. Basically, you’re trying to show that you’re the leader of the younger group, right? 」
「 Well of course! I’m the Onee-chan after all! 」

Nei replies.

「 Wrong, that’s that’s weird 」

Wow, how should I tell her?

「 Nee-san, are you scared? 」
「 Scared? 」
「 Yeah, you’re afraid on how our relationships come together, so you try to become the leader, a step above us 」
「 I-Is that so? 」
「 That’s so. After all, you purposely call everyone without a suffix to break the wall with the younger people, I think that kind of boldness is impressive. But, right now, it feels like you’re making walls by calling them without suffix 」
「 Uuuuuu 」
「 It’s true. It feels like “I’m older than everyone else so please acknowledge me,” and that is, in fact, making a wall 」
「 I think so too 」

Misuzu says from the side.

「 Hey now, Misuzu’s the same 」

I said.

「 What, Danna-sama?! 」

Misuzu looks surprised.

「 It’s limited to Ruriko and Michi but, since Misuzu calls the two of them without suffix, you’ve become the kind of the castle for the two. 」 You made the Kouzuki faction in the family, and become the boss of that faction 」
「 T-That’s not… 」

Misuzu tries to deny it, but…

「 No, it was clear since we came to this condo. Nei-neesan, you’re feeling uncomfortable here, right? 」

Nei doesn’t reply. She just sighs.

「 On the other hand, Misuzu you feel so carefree since this is your home, right? 」
「 That’s, this is my house 」
「 Yeah, that’s right. And yet, your follow-up on Nei-neesan is weak 」

I said, Misuzu realized.

「 Misuzu, you think that Nei-neesan is the boss of the opposing faction, so even though this is your home, you’re not considerate of her 」

I look at Nei this time.

「 Nei-neesan’s’ the same but, you’re trying to reign on Megu and Mana to get rid of Misuzu from Kouzuki faction 」
「 No, I’m not trying to remove them 」

Nei said.

「 But, you’re fighting Misuzu contesting the leadership of the young group 」

I give up.

「 This is why Minaho-neesan sent this composition in here 」