Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 506. Sexy Night 1



「 Geez, Michi-pon, wipe the floor! 」

「 I’m very sorry, Misuzu-oneesama 」

Misuzu and Michi desperately clean up the floor they stained with their pee.

Fortunately, it’s not the zone of the sofa we had sex but the flooring’s woolen rag mat.

It absorbed the pee, the sopping wet rug is carried to the bathroom, washed, and the flooring is wiped with a dust cloth.

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi, the three wearing undershirts are now all wet with pee, so it’s in the washing machine now.

With that said, all the girls are naked.

「 I have to do something before Father and Mother comes home, geez 」

Misuzu gets angry.

「 Nei-chan, help us out! 」

Misuzu said, but…

「 Why? I didn’t leak! 」

Nei is grinning as she lies down on the sofa naked.

「 If I leaked out then this leather sofa would be in a disaster! 」

Fortunately, only Nei who had my penis inside her didn’t piss herself. The sofa is okay somehow. Because the girls who leaked are wearing an undershirt, the leak went through the fabric and didn’t splash on the couch.

「 Haa, that rag mat was expensive. I’ll wash it by hand. Then, I’ll dry it on the veranda 」

Misuzu drops her shoulders.

「 If I didn’t use Shingetsu, then 」

Michi blames herself, but…

「 No, it’s me who wet myself. The desire was transmitted to you, so it has turned to this. 」 So don’t blame yourself, Michi-pon 」

Misuzu said.

At the moment, Ruriko is:

「 Ahn, Onii-sama!! It feels good!!! It feels so good!!!! 」

She’s straddling me, swinging her waist.

On the flooring near the glass door leading to the veranda.

「 Just how much fun sex is?! Onii-sama, aaaahn, please look at me!! 」

Ruriko’s rotating her waist, grinding it as she rides on me in cowgirl position.

She’s looking at my face with her eyes enchanted.

「 Ufufu, Onii-sama, you look so pleased. Does Ruriko’s body feel good? 」

She shakes her hips and tightens her vagina.

She’s been observing me having sex with other girls for tonight, so Ruriko has learned various techniques in just one night. Moreover, she practices it with her body already.

「 Yeah, it feels good Ruri! 」

I lost all my strength due to Michi using Shingetsu earlier.

But my erect penis doesn’t end.

Even though I ejaculated so much, my libido doesn’t stop.

Ruriko’s the same.

Perhaps, when she lost all strength to hold herself back, she becomes unstoppable.

I grab Ruriko’s waist and thrust from below.

「 Aaah that feels good, Onii-sama! Onii-sama!!! 」

Ruriko and I drown in sexual desires.

Nei watches over us from top of the sofa with warm eyes.

Misuzu and Michi, who turned on Ruriko’s switch via Shingetsu leave her alone for now.

「 Ah, there, that feels good! Grind it more! It hurts when it’s knocked! 」

「 Are you okay with the pain? 」

「 I like this pain! Onii-sama1! 」

Ruriko looks eager, asks me to keep going.

「 Oh, this is so fun! How can sex be this fun!! Onii-sama! Ruriko’s having so much fun she’s feeling weird!! 」

Ruriko translates “I can feel it” to “fun.”

「 Ah, no, this is becoming more fun!! Onii-sama! Is it okay for Ruriko to have more fun?! 」

「 Yeah, go on, Ruri!! 」

Her body dances on top of me.

Ruriko puts my hands on her chest and moves her cute ass up and down.

My penis goes in and out of Ruriko.

「 Do you like sex, Ruri? 」

I ask Ruriko who’s aggressively moving her hips.

「 I like it! Onii-sama! I like Onii-sama!!! 」

Ruriko says while showing a sweaty and refreshed face.

「 This way, I look at Onii-sama’s happy face, Onii-sama’s looking at Ruriko’s face too, that’s great! Ruriko likes Onii-sama!! 」

Ruriko says while exhaling hot sighs.

「 In the end, every girl who had sex with Yo-chan becomes like that. Yo-chan always look at his partner whenever having sex. It makes us feel that we also have to look back 」

Nei said.

「 The sensation of seeing and feeling “Yo-chan embracing” and “embracing Yo-chan” is what feels good. The mutual feeling is conveyed 」

Even if you tell me that, I don’t know how others have sex.

「 Aaaahn, look, please look, Onii-sama! Ruriko’s feeling good! Aaah, so good, I like it! I love it!!! 」

Ruriko’s climbs lightly.

There’s a lot of love nectar coming out from the joint part.

「 Aaafu!! What should I do?! I can no longer live without Onii-sama! Thank you for making me this happy. Onii-sama, thank you for making Ruriko your sex slave!

Ruriko swings her waist again while crying tears of joy.

「 Ufufufun, Ruri-chan, should I teach you an even greater sex position? 」

Nei’s eyes are sparkling.

「 Mii-chan, I’m borrowing that mirror! 」

Nei got up from the sofa and went to grab the full-length mirror hanging on the wall.

Is that an antique too? The mirror’s edge has gorgeous decorations of a picture frame or a painting.

Nei places that mirror on the carpet carefully.

「 Yo-chan and Ruri-chan, come here 」

Nei beckons us.

「 Onii-sama 」

「 Yeah, let’s go. Perhaps it’ll be fun 」

Whenever she smiles like that, she’s come up with something interesting.

Ruriko and I separate for a moment.


「 Ruri-chan, get on all fours on top of this mirror. Ah, it’s dangerous if you put your hands on the mirror directly since it might break so avoid it 」

The naked Ruriko crawls her way on the mirror as she was told.

「 It feels sad doing sex from behind because you can’t see Yo-chan’s face, right? But, if you look down on the mirror like this, you can see his face! 」

Nei smiles.

「 Your face too, this is sex that appeared on a movie “Unbearable light existence” 」


Ruriko’s posing like a dog.

Indeed, you can have sex while looking at one’s face like this.

「 Now, Ruri-chan, get ravished by Yo-chan from behind?! 」

「 Ravished? Is this rape? 」

「 That’s right! Yo-chan’s going to rape Ruriko!! 」

「 Oh, Ruriko loves rape! Onii-sama, faster!! 」

Ruriko sways her ass facing me.

「 I’m putting it in! Ruri! 」

I push in Ruriko from behind.

「 Haaaaauuuu!!! 」

Ruriko’s body shakes and accepts it.

Then, I cover Ruriko’s back like dogs mating.

I look down the mirror from the side of Ruriko’s neck.

I can see Ruriko’s face who’s on all fours, the part where we’re connected, even my own face.

I slowly move my waist.

「 Aaaahn, amazing. The part where Onii-sama connects with Ruriko is completely visible 」

Ruriko’s face turns red in shame.

The love nectar from Ruriko’s crotch drips on the mirror.

I massage Ruriko’s breasts from behind.

I flick her hard nipples.

「 Amazing, Ruriko’s being raped! This feels good! So fun!! 」

Ruriko seems to like the play where she’s exposed as she’s violated.

「 Doing it on all fours feels good too. Aaaaahn, Onii-sama’s violating Ruriko!! 」

「 Ufufun!! I thought that Ruri-chan likes humiliating poses you see. Ruri-chan, do you like this dog-like play, right? 」

Nei whispers to Ruriko’s ear.

「 I like this. I love it! Aaah, I’m being violated. 」

「 Then go and tell Yo-chan. 『 I’m your bitch. Fuck me like a bitch. Impregnate me 』Go 」


「 Ruriko is Onii-sama’s bitch, please fuck me like a bitch. Please do me every day, please impregnate me like a female dog!!! Aaah! Onii-sama!!! 」

Ruriko’s dripping down on the mirror’s surface again1!

「 Uuuuuugh, I want to be done that way too! 」

Michi’s mutter can be heard from the distance.

「 Then Mitchan’s next, you okay with that, Mii-chan? 」

Nei asks Misuzu who brought the rug from the bathroom.

「 It can’t be helped, we have a sequence! 」

Saying that. Misuzu opens the glass door to the veranda and hangs the rug.


The night wind comes to the room.

It’s May now, so the wind isn’t chilly.

Instead, the hot, sensitive skin during sex is cooled down, it feels pleasant.

「 Aaaaahn, Ruriko wants to try having sex outside!!! 」

Ruriko whispers.

「 Outdoor sex is okay too! At the garden in the mansion, on the shade, sniffing the scent of the grass 」

Nei whispers to Ruriko.

「 Yes, I’d like to do that, Ruriko wants Onii-sama to rape her outside! 」

I grab Ruriko’s breasts from behind and violently thrust in.

「 Aaaah, more, please tease me more! Onii-sama!! Punish Ruriko more!!!! 」

Ruriko sobs while gasping.

「 Ahaaaa, aauuuuuuuu, Onii-sama! Ruriko is…Ruriko is!!! 」

Ruriko looks at me over the mirror with passionate eyes.

「 Does Ruriko’s body feel good?! Onii-sama, does it feel good!? 」

「 Yeah, it feels good! Ruri!! 」

「 I’m glad! Please enjoy Ruriko’s body!! Ruriko’s having a lot of fun too!!!! 」

I spurt forward.

「 Haa, hauuu, hauu, hauu, kuu, uu, ahaa!! 」

Ruruko pants from the violent thrusts.

「 Aaaaah, aauuu, aha, uuu, Onii-sama, Ruriko’s again!!! 」

Ruriko’s rising to climax again.

「 Let’s go, Ruriko! Cum, cum like a dog!! 」

「 Yes!!!! Wanwanwan!!! Wauuuuuu!!! Ruriko’s a dog!! Onii-sama’s bitch!!! Wanwan !! Aaaaaaah, noo, noo, aaaaaah!!!!! 」

Ruriko howls like a dog and bends her back!!!

「 Onii-samaaaaa,, hauuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! 」

Ruriko’s body twitches.

「 M-Me too, cumming!!! 」

I screw in my penis deep inside Ruriko’s vagina, pushing open her uterus!!!

I’m ejaculating!!!!

「 Hauuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! 」

My manly semen fills up Ruriko’s womb.

「 Wanwan! Onii-sama, it feels warm inside! It’s fun. So fun!! 」

I can see Ruriko’s melting face in the mirror.

「 Uuuh, uuu, uuu!!! 」

I push in my waist even more and pour in the sperm.

「 Aaaaaaahn, hafu!!! 」

Ruriko feels weakened at the end of climax. Nei:

「 No, don’t fall on the mirror, it’s dangerous! Yo-chan, get Ruriko on the side! 」

Oh right.

I lay Ruriko down next to the mirror.

My penis is still inside.

I hold Ruriko’s naked body from behind, so I could carry her.

I hug her tight once again.

I kiss Ruriko’s ear from behind while playing with her cute breasts.

「 Kyaaun!! 」

The sensitive Ruriko trembles from the tickling.

She puts her hand on top of mine.

「 Ruriko’s so happy. Onii-sama 」

Ruriko whispers.

The cold floor dampens our bodies in heat.

The night wind strokes on our tired bodies.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Onii-sama, Onii-sama, Onii-sama!! 」

When I pull out my penis from inside Ruriko. Ruriko hugged and kissed me.

「 Oh, I love this! I love you! Ruriko wants to be Onii-sama’s sex slave forever! It’s so fun being with Onii-sama!! 」

Ruriko’s wholly drowned on having sex with me.

「 Ruriko won’t leave Onii-sama! I’ll do anything to make Onii-sama love me more!! 」

This 15-year-old beauty hugs me tightly.

「 I love you!! 」

I pat Ruriko’s head.


「 It seems that this isn’t satisfied yet! 」

Michi checks my erect penis.

「 I’d like to taste it! 」

She puts it in her mouth.

Her saliva mixes with the semen and love-nectar in my penis.

She licks the glans.

「 What’s going on with me? My erection’s not ending 」

My libido’s not going away.

「 It’s okay for tonight1 Yo-chan can fuck all night!! 」

Nei laughs.

「 Auuuu, Michi! That’s for Ruriko!! 」

Ruriko who’s still soaked in the aftertaste tells Michi, but…

「 It’s my turn now 」

Michi glares at her while holding my penis in her mouth.

「 Hauuu, Onii-sama!! 」

Ruriko gives me a pained look.

「 We have turns. Ruriko 」

I kiss Ruriko.

「 I like you. I love you, Ruriko 」

「 Me too. Onii-sama! 」

Ruriko returns a kiss. Then, she’s calmed down.


「 Master, I’m Master’s true bitch! 」

Michi’s eyes are blazing.

「 Please do me outside 」

Michi invites me out to the veranda.


「 Wait, Michi-pon! 」

Misuzu who was watching us stand before Michi.

But, “-pon” was a perfect choice.

No matter how strong Misuzu’s attitude towards Michi as her master is…

Thanks to “-pon” it becomes funny.

「 Misuzu-oneesama, is there a problem?」

Michi glares at Misuzu as she grabs my penis so her turn won’t be taken away.

「 I’m also interested in doing it outside. I’ll watch 」

「 M-Me too 」

Ruriko says as well but, her waist is paralyzed, she can’t move.

There’s my white liquid flowing out from her slit.

「 Ruriko, take a while to rest, then go take that dust-cloth. Wipe the mirror. Okay? 」

Misuzu orders Ruriko as the resident of the condo.

「 I’ll look after Ruriko. You three have fun outside! 」

Nei comes to Ruriko with a towel.

「 Thanks. Please take care of her 」

Misuzu thanks Nei.

「 Oh right, Michi-pon, wait a moment 」

Misuzu went to get something in the back.

◇ ◇ ◇

Misuzu brought in a yellow vinyl raincoat.

「 Wear this, Michi-pon 」

Michi takes the raincoat.

She’s only wearing a T-shirt on top. The lower half is still naked.

「 Danna-sama, please wear this too 」

I’m also given a vinyl raincoat. Since it’s a one-size-fits-all cloak type, even I can wear it.

「 The veranda may be monitored from the outside 」

Misuzu speaks seriously.

Oh, I see.

「 Our veranda isn’t a metal railing but a wall of concrete, so our lower halves can’t be seen from the outside 」

That’s why it’s better for us to wear something on our upper body.

「 Yeah got it 」

I put on the raincoat But still, wearing a coat but naked underneath, it only looks like a flasher.

「 How is it? 」

Michi who’s naked under the yellow raincoat is quite lewd.

「 That coat is what I used when I was in elementary school 」

Yeah, even the petite Michi has a body of the third grade in middle school.

She’s a bit small, or should I say that she’s tiny.

The hem looks like a miniskirt.

She’s on her bare legs, wearing no panties.

「 Then let’s go 」

Misuzu takes the lead to the veranda.

「 Please use that sandal over there 」

It’s the sandals Misuzu, and her mother uses habitually, so we put it on our bare feet.

But still, this is quite a spacious veranda.

「 This is my mother’s garden. That part is used on parties during summer 」

Indeed, one side is full of greenery. The flowers are blooming, it smells nice.

The other side has white plastic chairs and desks lined up.

There’s also a couch for sunbathing common in beaches.

For the time being, I head to the end of the veranda.

Indeed, the concrete wall is as high as my chest.

With this, our lower halves can’t be seen from the outside.

This is the seventh floor of the highest building, there’s no other building in front of this veranda.

It’s impossible to look here from an upper floor.

The rooms on the left and right have no tenants.

Looking down, the surveillance cars are parked. The observers will, of course, be looking up in this room.

But, as long as we don’t bend forward and show that we’re having sex naked, there’s no possibility of being seen from below.

Or should I say that this is where Misuzu’s father usually calls his guests to open a party, the possibility of voyeurs is taken into consideration and has countermeasures?

It’s already night, so it’s dim.

My eyes are getting used to it.

「 Now then, Danna-sama, I’ll be drinking tea in a hurry. Do you know why? 」

Misuzu says a thing suddenly.

「 It’s for revenge! 」


「 Peeing without showing it off isn’t peeing for me! 」


Misuzu squats to a blind spot from the outside.

「 Please look at it closely 」

If she’s showing off, then I’ll go watch.

I squat down before Misuzu.

My penis shows out from under the raincoat.

「 So cute 」

Misuzu smiles.

Misuzu raises her T-shirt and exposes her breasts.

She spreads her legs to M shape.

But still, Misuzu’s slit is so beautiful no matter how many times I see it.

It’s a clean line as if it was cut by a knife.

Misuzu’s white long fingers open it up.


The semen I pour in earlier drips down before she could pee.

The semen drips down to the floor.

「 Here I go, Uuuh! 」




Misuzu urinates in the dark corner of the veranda.

As it’s already night, the odor vapor rises up.

「 Danna-sama, how is it? 」

Misuzu’s face is dyed in shame, she asks me with her eyes moist.


That’s all I can say.

「 You’re cute, Misuzu 」

「 Ehehe, I’m glad 」

Misuzu smiles while peeing.

Still, since she leaked earlier, the amount isn’t that much.

She’s already done peeing.

「 Thank you for the meal 」

Misuzu says satisfied.

「 Danna-sama, there’s a water hose over there 」

Oh, the one Misuzu’s mother uses for gardening.

It’s too broad, so it has to be lengthy also.

「 Please wash Misuzu’s secret part 」

「 Yeah 」

I twist the faucet a bit, and a small amount of water comes out of the tip of the hose.

Then, to Misuzu’s crotch.

「 Ahn, so cold!! 」

Misuzu trembles from feeling the cold water on her genitals.

「 Come here, I’ll wash it 」

I then use my fingers gently to rinse up Misuzu’s genital and thighs. I also wash down the floor Misuzu peed on.

Lastly, I wash my hands.

「 Thank you very much! 」

Misuzu kisses my cheeks with a smile.


「 May I now? 」

Michi’s standing with a ghostly expression.

「 Ah, sorry. It’s not that I forgot about you 」

I replied. Michi;

「 I’ve found a good point 」

Michi laughs.

「 Please do me over there 」

「 Sure, wherever you like 」

I also want to do it again.

My erect penis isn’t withering at all.

「 Here 」


The very front of the veranda.

Of all things.

Isn’t this visible from the outside!?!!

「 Master, please ender the shade of that pillar 」


Oh right, there’s a large concrete pillar here, but…

「 If I stand before that pillar, Master can’t be seen from the outside 」

You, no way?!

「 I have never met a molester 」

Huh, Michi?

「 I’m immediately aware of people who are thinking anything insolent against me. I don’t ride crowded trains. In the first place, we don’t approach places where men can touch our body 」


Indeed, Michi should be commuting to school via train, but she rides an hour sooner, so it’s not crowded. That’s what she does.

「 By the way, does Master want to molest me? 」


「 I will talk with Misuzu-oneesama in front of that pillar. Of course, the observers below will see that 」


「 Master, please feel free to touch my body. Please do me as you wish. Please 」

She’s come up with a high difficulty play again.

「 Oh, that seems fun! 」

Misuzu goes to the wall quickly.

「 They do night parties at summer, so there’s a lamp in here 」

She snaps the light on!

It won’t light up the whole veranda as expected, but about four lights turned on.

「 Let’s do this! 」

Misuzu fixes the angle of one of them.

Oh, the back of the pillar becomes a shadow.

On the other hand, the front pillars add intense light.

「 Yes, with this, the guards below will pay attention to the veranda! 」

The difficulty rises.

「 Michi, take position, I’ll go too 」

Michi and Misuzu stand in front of the veranda.

Looking from below, they should be able to distinguish their faces.

「 Ah, I should put a chair in front of Michi. It’s better to have something to grab on when you feel too much 」

Saying that. Misuzu puts a plastic chair in front of Michi. Placing the back of the chair in front of her.

「 Okay, that’s all the preparations. You can go now Danna-sama! 」


「 Yeah, the night wind feels good. Ah, the moon’s out 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama 」

The two starts talking.

I enter behind Michi’s shadow, making sure that those below can’t see me.

Michi’s wearing a yellow raincoat.

Her lower half is naked.


I reach out for Michi’s body.