Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 519. Entranced Agnes



「 Now then, that’s all for today! 」

Katsuko-nee gets off me.

My penis pops out of her and semen spills out.

「 Katsuko-san, here’s a tissue 」

Mana pulls a few tissues on the box at the side and hands it to Katsuko-nee.

「 Thanks! 」

Katsuko-nee wipes her crotch with the tissue.

「 And I’ll take care of this 」

Ruriko licks my penis clean.

「 Who’s next? Do you want to go all the way with that Ruriko-chan? 」

Katsuko-nee asks Ruriko who’s doing a clean-up fellatio.

「 I received a lot of love last night 」

Ruriko declined, smiling.

「 Then, Mana-chan? 」

Is Katsuko-nee going for a second round? No, I think she can do it.

「 I’ll do it later 」

Mana thought for a moment.

「 Agnes will do it! 」

The blonde half-foreign beauty raised her hand.

「 Papa, it’s Agnes’ turn! 」

Agnes lies down next to me.

She looks at me with upturned eyes.

「 Eh, that girl, you’re going to have sex with her? 」

Rei-chan’s surprised.

Oh right, Rei-chan doesn’t know that Agnes lost her virginity already.

「 Agnes did it already last night! 」

Thinking that she’s being treated like a child, Agnes replies looking angry.

「 No, she’s still very young, I was sure that all she does now is licking 」

So Rei-chan thinks the same.

「 Even if she’s young, Agnes-chan’s body is much more mature than Michi-chan. It’s okay. He’ll never hurt Agnes-chan in sex 」

Katsuko-nee tells Rei-chan.

「 For now, sex with Onii-chan is Agnes’ raison d’être 」

Mana said.

「 What’s that, raisin something? 」

I don’t get it. Mana knows a lot of difficult words.

「 Raison d’être, it means “reason for living” 」

Ruriko explains.

「 Yes. Agnes-chan is taught only about sex since she was born and her purpose of living for now is to just have sex with him 」

Katsuko-nee says while patting Agnes’ head.

「 We intend to show more things and have her experience the world but, for now, sex is used to deepen their bonds 」

That’s right. My relationship with Agnes is still weak. It’s lacking.

I’m just a replacement for the Papa in Agnes’ heart.

It’s not a strong build relationship.

「 Mana, how was your trip to the city with Agnes last night? 」

Last night, Agnes went to visit Ikeda-sensei for a medical examination on her genital after losing her virginity.

「 She was obedient. She’s sticking firmly to Nagisa-san and Mao-chan, Margo-san and Edie-chan looked after her 」

「 Papa, we ate parfait! 」

Oh, they dropped on a restaurant on the way home.

「 How was it? Was it delicious? 」

「 Yes, desuno! Parfait is sweet and tasty! Next time let’s eat together! 」

Agnes smiles happily.

「 Yeah, sure. So, which restaurant did you eat from? 」

「 Restaurant? 」

Agnes tilts her head.

「 The place where we ate parfait! 」

「 Agnes was hiding behind the adults, so she didn’t see 」

「 What kind of person did bring you a parfait? 」

「 A person in an orange apron. I didn’t see the face 」

Agnes seems to be intimidated.

She’s not looking at people’s faces other than her family.

「 It’s a family restaurant. Everyone went in together 」

Mana explains instead.

「 Was it safe? Did nobody come to hit on you girls? 」

I remember there were college boys who tried to hit on Ruriko when we came to a family restaurant.

「 No problem on that regard. There’s a significant age difference between all of us. Margo-san and Edie-chan were talking in English all the time 」

Oh, I see.

Margo-san and Edie who both look Americans were together. Even if Agnes, who’s a half-foreign is there, it won’t look strange at all. Nagisa and Mao-chan are parent and child.

If it’s a group of foreigners + parent and child, ordinary guys will find it hard to get involved.


Up to this point, Rei-chan was surprised that I had sex with Agnes, but;

Edie’s not saying anything.

Could it be that this isn’t uncommon in the assassination cult Edie belonged to before?

In other words, having sex with a young girl.

I heard that they have a polygamous system, so I’m sure that they’re a dangerous organization.

Edie’s grandmother protected her until she died. Edie could’ve been raped by the men in the cult if she lowered her guard.

Therefore, Edie’s grandmother taught her secrets of assassination.

《 Edie, Are You Virgin? 》

Make or break, I asked her. Although I think that’s a very daring question.

Huh? What’s the definite article in “Virgin’s” case?

「 Ah, Virgin. No no, the virgin, which is which? 」

「 Onii-sama, if you say “The Virgin,” then it’ll refer to mother Mary 」

Ruriko said.

Edie laughs out.

《 I’m a Virgin! 》

Edie said laughing.

I knew it, the article “A” was needed.

「 Then, I’m “Like a virgin” whoo~! 」

Katsuko-nee laughs and sings.

I don’t get it.

Anyway, the fighting skills she had prevented her from succumbing to the men of the assassination cult.

Therefore, she was tossed out of the cult.

I’m finally seeing through the blurry background of Edie.

「 Papa, please look at Agnes! Desuno! 」

Oh, sorry, sorry, I look at Agnes.

「 Ehehe 」

Agnes throws off the blouse she’s wearing. She’s wearing only underwear now.

「 I love you, Papa! 」

Then, she kissed me.

I hug Agnes.

Agnes’ 12-year-old skin is tense.

Despite all that, I can feel her skin thinner than an adult woman.

It feels different to touch.

「 Ah, wait, I think Agnes-chan needs to be wet a lot, or else it’ll hurt a lot 」

Katsuko-nee reaches for Agnes’ crotch.

「 I’ll prepare her so Dear, go for her face and chest 」


「 Agnes-chan, don’t touch yourself here anymore. If you want to do it, then we’ll do it for you 」

She touches Agne’s slit from above the underwear.

Oh right. She hasn’t been there recently, but.

Shirasaka Sousuke forced Agnes to masturbate while looking up at his statue as a daily routine.

We need to stop her custom of masturbating too.

「 This is a place for Papa’s penis to enter. Agnes-chan can’t touch hit herself anymore, okay? 」

Katsuko-nee said. Agnes:

「 Papa 」

She looks at me.

「 That’s right. If you want to do it, then I will 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes keeps on kissing me.


I reach out to Agnes’ junior bra. 1

「 Instead of touching it directly right away, it’s better to feel it from top of the cloth. Tease it. That’s what’s good 」

I follow Katsuko-nee’s advice right away.

I touch her small mountain from the top of the fabric.

I look for her nipples.

「 It tickles, desuno 」

「 If it hurts or you don’t like how it feels Agnes, then just tell me right away. I don’t want to do things Agnes don’t like 」

Agnes smiles.

「 I love Papa touching me, it’s okay 」

「 Agnes 」

I stare at Agnes and play with her chest.

At that moment, Katsuko-nee plays with Agnes’ crotch.

「 Hafu~! 」

Oh, it seems that Agnes’ pleasure point is found.

「 Ufufu. Agnes-chan’s oozing out love nectar. So cute 」

Katsuko-nee’s long fingers stimulate the lower lip.

「 I’ll do this one 」

Ruriko begins to lick my penis.

She stretches her long tongue and licks up and down.

「 Rei-chan, it’s okay 」

Mana goes to the nervous Rei-chan and holds her shoulder.

「 Uhm 」

「 It’s okay. Women’s body is made to accept a penis 」

Mana’s already very well experienced when it comes to sex.

「 Besides, it’s our fate to accept Onii-chan’s thing 」

「 Fate 」

Rei-chan’s stunned.

「 That’s right, it’s a beautiful fate 」

Mana giggles.

「 You see, in this past few days, everything in my world is turned over, all of my past exploded, and turned to a mess 」


「 I’m glad I met Onii-chan. I’m so happy it was Onii-chan. For me, what’s left in the Pandora’s box isn’t hope but Onii-chan 」

「 Not hope? 」

Rei-chan repeats.

「 Yeah. I don’t even have hope anymore 」


She’s separated from her real family, her father’s killed.

She doesn’t have a home to return to.

She can’t meet her friends and acquaintances she met in her life so far.

Of course, she can’t go back to the school she’s been through so far.

As a 14-year-old sex slave, the pleasure of sex is forced onto her.

She abandoned her real name, “Shirasaka Maika,” and will live as “Mana” from now on.

Mana now doesn’t have anything but a vague dream of becoming a supermodel.

What she wants to do in the future is still blank.

「 But, I have Onii-chan. There’s nothing as reassuring as that. I’m not alone 」

Mana said. Rei-chan’s impressed.

「 “not alone” 」

「 Rei-chan isn’t alone either. You don’t need to hurry and force yourself. Onii-chan will wait no matter how many years it takes until Rei-chan is ready 」

「 What? 」

「 To Onii-chan, Rei-chan is already family. Rei-chan is already inside Onii-chan’s heart, so there’s no Onii-chan has no reason to rush 」

Mana smiles kindly.

「 Oh my, it’s thoroughly wet now. I guess it’s about time we take this off 」

Katsuko-nee takes off Agnes’ panty.

「 Onii-sama, this taste, and smell. Ruriko fell in love with this 」

Ruriko sucks on my penis with an entranced gaze.

「 I want to keep doing this for long 」

I also put my hand below Agnes’ bra.

Oh, Agnes’ breasts are warm.

「 Agnes, your heart is throbbing. 」

「 It’s because of Papa, desuno! 」

Agnes’ breath is getting rough.

「 Papa’s looking at Agnes, Papa’s touching Agnes! Auuu!! 」

Katsuko-nee licks Agnes’ cute slit.

「 Agnes, you’re so cute 」

I take off Agnes’ bra and lick her breasts.

「 Aaaah, Aaaau, Kuun, it feels good, Papa!!! 」

Agnes’ small hand hugs me.

「 Hauuuuuu, aaaaahn, Papa, Papa!! 」

I let go of Agnes’ lips and look at her face.

Agnes is looking at me with moist eyes.

「 Look, please look at Agnes 」

「 Yeah, I’m looking. Agnes 」

「 I’m glad! Papa’s watching! Please hug Agnes! 」

In the end, Shirasaka Sousuke only confined and gave Agnes instructions.

Agnes wasn’t made to contact other humans.

He wasn’t looking at Agnes.

He never hugged Agnes.

「 Papa, Agnes loves Papa!!!!! 」

As a human.


He didn’t pour love to Agnes.

「 Papa’s here with me!!! 」

Oh, I.

I’m loving this girl more.

I have to be by her side.

「 Papa! Papa! Do you like Agnes? Do you need Agnes? 」


「 Is Agnes, not an unwanted child? 」

Does that mean?

「 Who told you that? 」

「 I forgot 」

Perhaps, that was Shirasaka Sousuke’s nanny, the one who took care of Agnes.

She’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s close nanny so she must’ve felt overwhelmed with the “Agnes plan,” to make the girl his toy.

Then, she thought that this beauty with no census as unpleasant.

「 I’m sure it’s a wicked fairy. Agnes didn’t see her after all. She always brought food for Agnes 」

Then, Agnes;

She felt that she wasn’t wanted.

So she erased her from her consciousness.

She didn’t look at someone who doesn’t see her.

「 I like Agnes. I need Agnes 」


That’s right, me too.

When Grandma died.

We’re in the same house yet my mother ignored my existence.

Not allowed to make footsteps, always holding my breath.

Since she ignores me, I also ignored her.

「 I need Agnes 」

Me unable to abandon Agnes is just:

This girl is me.

「 Papa, look. Look at Agnes 」

「 Yeah, I am. I’m looking at Agnes. So 」


「 Agnes, look at me too 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Yes, desuno! Papa! Agnes’ Papa!! 」

「 My Agnes! 」

We pile our lips once again.

We kiss each other again and again like little birds.

「 Aaa, Papa! Agnes, Agnes is feeling weird! It feels good! It’s feeling even more pleasant!!! 」

Katsuko-nee’s tongue ignites Agnes. She’s on fire.

「 It’s okay. Feel strange. I’m watching, I’m looking at Agnes 」

「 Yes, desuno! Haaa, haaauuu, hauuuu, Papa!!! 」

Agnes opens her mouth and trembles with pleasure.

「 Aaah, Papaaaaaa, Papaaaaa, Hauuuuuuuuu!!!! 」

Then, the small 12-year-old climbs to the summer!

「 Hauuuuuuuuuuuu!!! 」

Her eyes narrowed.

Her body twitched.

But still, Agnes is looking at me.

She’s melting to ecstasy while looking at me.

「 Papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

「 Agnes, I love you 」

「 Agnes too. Agnes alsoーHaa, Agnes too!!! 」

Agnes’ ecstatic look is the cutest.

She entrusts everything to me and sinks with pleasure.

「 Hauuuu, haa, haaaa, aaauuuuuu 」

Finally, the ecstasy fades away.

But still, the embers of pleasure is confined in her body.

「 Agnes-chan is dripping wet now. It’s ready. What about yours, Ruriko-chan? 」

Katsuko-nee looks at Ruriko.

「 Yes. Onii-sama is ready anytime 」

Ruriko takes her mouth off my penis.

「 Agnes, let’s become one. Spread your legs 」

「 Y-Yes, Desuno 」

Trembling, Agnes spreads her legs for me.

「 Don’t close your eyes. Look at them 」

Mana tells Rei-chan

「 But 」

「 Onii-chan and Agnes-chan are making love. It’s something wonderful 」

I push my hard-erect penis to Agnes’s small slit.

「 Agnes, here I go 」

「 Papaa 」

「 It’s okay, don’t be afraid. Take a deep breath. Suu, Suu, haa, like that 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes and I synchronize our breathing.

Suu, suu, haa.

Suu, suu, haa.

Suu, suu, haa.

Suu, suu.


「 Hauuuuu!!!! 」

I thrust my waist in as we breathe out.

Agnes’ 12-year old slit.

My glans pushes through the wall of meat.

「 Auu!! 」

My penis gouge through the part where her hymen was yesterday.

「 Pa-Papaaaa!!! 」

Agnes looks at me with a pained face.

I look at Agnes with a strong will.

「 Kuuuuuu 」

Agnes’ skin starts to sweat in one go.

Her fair white skin flushed pink.

「 Just a bit more, Agnes! 」

「 Auuuu! 」

Then, my penis goes all inside Agnes.

「 Haaauuuuuu!!!! 」

I pierce through the very end of her vagina!

Agnes’ wet inside is very hot.

I can feel her pulse.

「 We’re now connected. We did it, Agnes.」

「 Y-Yes, desuno 」

This is our second time having sex.

Agnes is sweating on her forehead, she’s enduring the invasion of a male.

「 Dear, stay like that. Don’t move 」

Katsuko-nee holds us.

Agnes’ body hasn’t recovered from the damage of losing her virginity yet.

I look at our situation while we’re still connected.

Agnes looks up at me while enduring the pain.

「 But, it won’t end if we don’t move 」

Agnes looks in pain while having my penis inside her.

「 Don’t force it to end. Dear, enjoy it inside Agnes-chan.

Katsuko-nee said, but.

「 I’ll teach you how to do Polynesian sex when we have time. For now, I’ll show you a different one 」


「 Ruriko-chan, Mana-chan, help me out 」

Katsuko-nee calls the two.

「 Yes 」

「 What should we do? 」

The two approaches us.

「 You two search for erogenous zones and lick it 」

Licking our erogenous zones while we’re connected.

「 You two don’t move, let us make you feel good 」

Katsuko-nee smiles at me.

「 Okay, then, I’ll start with Agnes-chan’s breasts 」

Mana licks Agnes’ nipples.

「 Hauuu! 」

Agnes’ vagina tightens up.

「 Then I’ll have my way with Onii-sama’s back 」

Ruriko licks my back.


My penis trembles inside Agnes.

「 Look for more places, for example; 」

Katsuko-nee licks Agnes’ armpits.

「 It tickles, desuno 」

Agnes looks at me with a ticklish expression.

「 Then, try around the neck and ear 」

Katsuko-nee bites Agnes’ ears.

「 Aaaauuu!! 」

Agnes’ insides leak hot liquid again.

「 Onii-chan, how about this? 」

Mana licks in between my toe-fingers.

「 Oh, that feels good! 」

「 Ruriko will lick Onii-sama’s nipples! 」

Ruriko’s tongue crawls on my chest.


「 Dear, raise your body a bit more, I’ll lick the part where you’re connected 」

Katsuko-nee’s hot tongue attacks the connection between Agnes and me.

「 Hauuuuuuu!! 」

Suddenly, Agnes’ body trembles.

Katsuko-nee’s rolling her tongue on Agnes’ clitoris.

「 Aaaaaa, Papa, Papa!!! 」

Agnes’ small hands want me.

I hold Agnes’ hands tight.

「 It’s not just me, everyone here loves Agnes. We’re all together. Agnes 」

「 Yes, desuno. Yes Desuno! Hauuuuuuuu!!! 」

This sex will change Agnes’ life.

I use this as a chance.

I’ll make the surrounding people clear for Agnes.

Agnes will feel that there are people around her, a family, where she could entrust her mind and body to.

A lot more than so far.

「 ! 」

Edie’s coming over?

She’s smiling.

Edie kissed me on the lips suddenly.

「 Edie? 」

Oh, I can feel Edie’s passionate existence.

《 We shall overcome 》

Edie whispers to my ear.

「 Aaaaaaah, Papa, Papa! Papa!!!! 」

Agnes who has her secret part licked by Katsuko-nee looks at me as if she’s about to cry.

Agnes’ vagina is wriggling with pleasure.

「 Agnes, aaaa, Agnes!! 」

Agnes and I feel pleasure from our whole body licked, and we don’t know what’s what.


Edie slaps her hand on my waist and lower abdomen.

What does she plan on doing?

Edie takes a deep breath, and then.

《 Hhaaaa……wooo!!! 》

Edie’s hand sends a strong Qi on my navel.

「 Aaah, I, I’m about to explode! Aaaaah! Agnes!!! 」

The hot lump in my lower abdomen is rising up!!

「 Agnes, Agnes!!!! 」

「 Papa! Papaa!!!! 」

We look at each other while connected.

「 I, I! Aaaaaaaa 」

The flow goes like a jet.

「 Agnes, Uuuuuuuuu!!!!! 」

I push in my waist deep.

At the moment my glans kissed Agnes’ uterus:

The hot semen goes inside Agnes!!!!

「 Papaaaaaa! Papa, it’s hot!!!!! 」

Agnes’ womb is poured with melting hot milky liquid.

「 Ah, Ah, aaah!!! Agnes! My Agnes!!! 」

I hold to Agnes hands tightly and push in my waist to impregnate her small body.

「 Papaa! Papaaaaa! It’s hot! The hot stuff is coming in!!!! 」

Agnes sheds tears of joy, her body bends, and she accepts my semen inside of her.

「 Oh, it’s coming out, it’s flowing, it’s not stopping, if I let out this much, Agnes will get pregnant! 」

My ejaculation doesn’t stop.

「 It’s hot, it’s spreading inside me! Papa! I love you!!! 」

I lay on top of Agnes’ body.

Agnes hugs me with all her strength.

「 I love you. I love you. I love you! I love you, Papa!!!!! 」

「 Agnes!!!! 」

Our tears love-nectar, and semen, we hug each other while we get messy with our body fluids. We kissed and became one.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Finally, my ejaculation ended.

「 Papa 」

The 12-year-old’s beautiful blue eyes look at me.

「 Did Agnes feel good? 」


「 Yeah, Agnes’ body, Agnes’ heart. It felt good having sex with Agnes 」

The 12-year-old girl smiles happily.

The body of a girl who had a man pour semen into her womb is full of life and overflowing with vitality.

「 I’m glad! Please do it again! 」

「 Yeah. But, we have an order of things. But now, your elder sisters helped you feel good 」

Agnes looks at her elder sisters.

「 Say “Thank you, Onee-chan” 」

I said. Agnes:

「 Thank you, Onee-chan 」

An angel smiled.


  1. The author forgot that he wrote Agnes is no-bra