Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 560. Kyouko-san’s conspiracy



『 Hey! what’s that supposed to be?! 』

A policeman in his 40s charges at Rei-chan.

He looks like someone with high ranks from his clothes.

He might be in charge of the police who entered this studio.

『 It is as you see 』

Rei-chan replied calmly.

First, Eenie and Meenie shot rockets, then miss Cordelia’s flashy exploding shots have almost all the press vehicles on fire.

Half of the policemen who came in the head out of the studio to chase after Kyouko-san who escaped via a balloon.

The rest of the policemen are investigating how Rei-chan knocked down the gangsters from Kitakyushu.

Oh speaking of which, I can’t see old man Dai Grepher or Banba-san now.

It seems that they used Kyouko-san’s smoke screen and went off the place.

Kudou-papa’s gone too.

All units from Kouzuki security service are in standby.

『 Hey! What are you doing?! Stop the broadcast! 』

The policeman shouts at the camera!

『 You all, arrest everyone! 』

The policeman speaks confidently against Rei-chan.

I knew it, he’s impulsive as he let Kyouko-san escape.

『 On what crime? 』

Rei-chan smiles.

『 T-That’s. Possession of dangerous weapons! 』

The police replies in panic.

『 Hey! I told you to stop the cameras! 』

『 I refuse as we’re bodyguards from a security company licensed under the defense law. I don’t think we have any legal violations from possessing shields and batons which are necessary to perform our duties 』

Rei-chan replied.

『 Furthermore, if I must say, I and my subordinates are units were deployed to protect Shirasaka Yukino-san and the media over there from the international criminal, Kyouko Messer, and her subordinates. We didn’t hurt anyone 』

The police;

『 No, what about that? Isn’t that a weapon? 』

He points at Rei-chan’s battle cane hysterically.

『 This is just a stick, I carry it out of my hobby, what about it? 』

Rei-chan spins around the cane in her hand.

『 If it’s a crime to bring a cane then the elderly and those with physical disabilities are all in trouble it 』

The police;

『 No, you used it as a weapon, didn’t you? You beat down all these unconscious people, didn’t you?! We were also watching the broadcast 』

Oh, the police rushed to this place because it’s broadcasted all over the country?

I mean, the information about Kyouko-san appearing in this studio was leaked in advance.

If not, they can’t mobilize this number of police units.

『 Canes are initially used for self-defense in western Europe. Therefore, I used it for self-defense 』

Rei-chan replied.

『 It seems that they’re members of an organized crime group based on Kitakyushu based on our investigations. They all have criminal records. A tip came that they came to Tokyo to kidnap Shirasaka Yukino-san! 』

『 Who’s that person? 』

『 They were likely hired by Kyouko Messer! 』

『 I’m asking you who gave you that tip? 』

Rei-chan laughs.

『 Oh, you don’t know? 』

『 W-What? 』

『 Could it be that the police has inferior intelligence gathering than a private security company? 』

The police get angry.

『 The whole country’s watching this broadcast you know 』

『 Ugh! Hmmmm 』

The police fell silent.

『 Our duty is to protect Shirasaka Yukino-san and the media from anyone. However, there are things we can’t say as everyone’s watching the broadcast 』

Rei-chan looks at the camera.

『 Currently, Japan is a target. Earlier, Kyouko Messer used criminals. There is a fearsome conspiracy of her trying to break the peace of our country 』


What an exaggeration.

『 The police force isn’t enough alone to oppose criminals like Kyouko Messer 』

『 Hey, what are you talking about! 』

The police are in a panic.

『 But, worry not, there is someone in Japan who formed a civil defense force like us are working diligently to perish that unease in Japan 』

Rei-chan isn’t mentioning who it is.

『 We inherit their noble heart, and we, Kouzuki security service civil defense force eagle corps will continue to fight, day and night, for the peace of mind for all of the Japanese 』


「 Everyone could tell that Kouzuki house is the sponsor. 」

Chief Yazawa says amazed as he looks at the screen.

「 Fujimiya’s scheduled to be the director of the security department as well as being the captain of the civil defense team, isn’t she? 」

「 That’s the plan 」

Shou-neechan replies.

The civil defense force is a security company named after Kouzuki house.

Their captain is also the director of the security department.

It operates as a company.

In other words, even children can tell that Kouzuki house is behind them.

「 Yes. And Kouzuki house is one of Japan’s leading houses. They are the representative of conservative Japan as they have the history, tradition, and social status. And that Kouzuki house organized professional troops to stop an invasion of an international criminal, there’s nothing strange about it 」

Shou-neechan says with a smile.

Yeah, for those coming from distinguished houses and from the political and financial world, it’s not strange for them to think that Jii-chan would do something this weird.

But, for the ordinary people in Japan who don’t know anything about the distinguished people.

Even I didn’t know that there were houses in Japan with such power until I met Misuzu.

「 Seki. Kakka knows this of course, right? 」

Chief Yazawa asks Shou-neechan.

「 Yes. He approved of this last night 」

「 I see, this has the same flow as Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama showing to the media in the hotel earlier 」

Chief Yazawa sighs.

「 Kakka is changing Kouzuki house from a “hidden noble house” to a “public noble house” This is a part of a larger plan 」

To dispel and unbind Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko from the branch families and executives.

Jii-chan will make the reports of the two of them giving bouquets to the Prime Minister and the Russian legislator as wide as possible.

Once they emphasize the Kouzuki house to the public.

The people who can make a move on Misuzu and Ruriko will decrease.

「 By releasing information to a certain extent, the real darkness part will become invisible 」

That is Misuzu and Ruriko’s relationship with Kuromori.

Kouzuki Security Service’s Rei-chan’s unit will be active on the surface and the dark part deeply connected to the political and business world is hidden.

「 Yes, if we hide them all, then others will try to sniff out, asking “what are you hiding” 」

「 If we show to some extent then we can make them think that there’s nothing beyond that 」

Chief Yazawa replied.

「 Especially Reika who is as you can see, a girl who can’t hide secrets 」

Rei-chan on the screen speaks to the audience.

『 We will protect this country’s future! 』

Rei-chan’s eyes have no hesitation.

Her eyes look she’s really trying to become a hero.

「 Umu. This mission suits Fujimiya 」

Chief Yazawa smiles wryly.

『 Hey, don’t speak things at your convenience! I’ll take you all to the station! 』

At the moment the police said that.


The two-story bus Kyouko-san left explodes!

「 Ah, I forgot! 」

Shou-neechan shouts.

「 Unlike the plans, Kyouko-san took down Barbie-san who rampaged 」

Barbie-san vs. Kyouko-san wasn’t in the plan made with Shou-neechan?

「 The original punchline just came out 」

The original punchline?!

『 What?! What’s going on? 』

The police arguing with Rei-chan shouts to his subordinates.

They open the door to investigate the bus left behind.

Oh boy.

Coming from the rising white cloud mushroom.

A man appears.

『 What’s going on!? What!? What’s this?! What the fuck!?!! 』

I know this man.

His name is Kamebuchi.

Speaking of which, this guy was there.

He’s the guy who rampaged in front of the mansion as he wants to be the security director of Kouzuki security service. Michi knocked him out.

Speaking of which, he was apprehended after that.

『 Y-You’re also Kyouko Messer’s ally?! Surrender yourself obediently! 』

The police surround Kamebuchi.

『 Kyouko Messer?! Who’s that!? 』

Kamebuchi shouts.

『 Anyway, get him! 』

The police rush to Kamebuchi.

『 What are you doing!?!! 』

Kamebuchi uses his mysterious martial arts to take down the policemen.

『 I’m going to take down all the sparks that fall to me! 』

Kamebuchi who has his blood rising in his head is getting out of control.

『 Secret Technique! Ostrich Lake! Goburachoooo!!! 』

『 Fugiii! 』

『 Gupaaa!! 』

『 Ajapaaaa!! 』

The police are knocked down one after another.

『 Those who stand in my way will be destroyed! Guts is the man’s way!! Kibishii! Paaaanchi!!!! 』

Yeah, Kamebuchi’s matchless.

I feel sorry for the police.

『 It seems that it’s my turn again 』

Rei-chan comes forward.

『 Back off! Civilians can’t butt in! 』

The police from earlier shouts at Rei-chan.

『 Can you defeat this man? 』

『 That’s 』

During that conversation, Kamebuchi takes down police one after another like a blood festival.

This man’s really indiscriminate once he’s fired up.

Therefore, he was planned to be brought out as a punchline.

『 I can’t allow further violence! I will take you down! 』

Rei-chan declares war to Kamebuchi.

『 What did you say?! Is a woman seriously trying to fight me?! 』

Kamebuchi throws the bodies of the two police officers he’s grabbing their necks.

『 Oh, you don’t look so strong though 』

Rei-chan provokes Kamebuchi.

『 Kuuuu! You’re conceited! Impertinent brat! Making a fool of me!!! 』

Kamebuchi runs towards Rei-chan at full speed.

『 I’ll beat you up!!!! 』


『 Yes, this is legitimate self-defense 』

She holds up her battle cane.

『 Seeei!!!! Thrust!!! 』

Rei-chan holds her battle cane and thrust it forward to Kamebuchi.

『 Such a straight attack will never hit! 』

Kamebuchi avoids the end of the stick, but.

『 But it will still go pierce!! 』


A second thrust?

Rei-chan’s battle cane hits Kamebuchi’s chest.

『 Mugiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 』

Kamebuchi’s large body flies to the back of the bus.

Then, he collapses

『 Fushuuuu!! 』

Kamebuchi spouts bubbles and fainted.

Rei-chan’s attack is impressive.

『 There you go 』

Rei-chan tells the policemen with a smile.

The police officers are speechless from the strength of the beautiful woman wearing a uniform in front of them.

『 Weren’t you going to arrest him? 』

One of the young police;

『 Ah, yes 』

He finally spoke and nodded.

『 Then, go on 』

『 Oh, thank you 』

The young policeman moves stiffly and handcuffs Kamebuchi’s hands.

『 S-Secured 』

『 That’s great 』

Rei-chan’s smile is eloquent.

Then, she turned behind.

『 We’re also withdrawing! Operation over!! 』

『 Roger!! 』

The 300 units of Kouzuki security service salutes to Rei-chan.

Rei-chan slowly walks towards her subordinates.

Gallant and beautiful, a triumphant return of their commanding officer.

The camera relays that scene all over the country.

◇ ◇ ◇

The screen goes back to the upper part of the castle.

It returns to Yukino and the press.

『 Uhm, in the end, what was that? 』

One of the reporters asks Yukino.

『 I don’t know. Didn’t I tell you?! I’m the victim here! I don’t know anything about the person who assaulted me 』

Yukino speaks in ill-mood.

『 Err, everyone 』

Suddenly, the announcer, Okada speaks up.

There’s an earphone on Okada’s ear.

『 An instruction just came in. We will be changing our location from here to the indoor studio over there 』

Okada points at a huge indoor facility building at Green mountain studio.

『 Huh, what? Are we still continuing? 』

『 No, we would like to know the details but 』

『 Won’t it be better if we don’t leave this place for in-site inspection? 』

『 Anyway, let us take a break. If we continue like this 』

『 Yeah, I want to take a breather too 』

The reporters shout to Okada.

An attack using explosives and guns, then a mysterious fight.

The reporters’ nerves must be frozen.

『 No, the instructions were to come right away 』

Okada’s bald head is sweating.

『 That’s all for your convenience! 』

『 That’s right. We don’t have to follow instructions from the TV station of yours! 』

『 Who do we charge for the damage on the destroyed cars?! 』

Kyouko-san’s gone and Kamebuchi’s arrested.

As there’s no more danger of violence falling to them, the reporters shout to Okada arrogantly.

『 Wrong, this isn’t an instruction from our TV station 』

Okada said.

『 Then whose instructions? 』

The reporter asks.

『 We were ordered to hold a press conference here today about the kidnapping and confinement of Shirasaka Yukino 』

The reporters are startled.

『 As the rule of violence is eliminated, they’re trying to rule us with indirect force, that person says 』

Okada speaks for the voice in the earphone.

『 The bus that will transport us has come. Please go over there 』

A large bus comes under the castle as Okada says.

◇ ◇ ◇

While Yukino’s reporters are moving.

The screen details the situation so far.

Kyouko-san’s assault and the highlights of Rei-chan’s fight.

Then, Rei-chan’s interview too.

Just as said earlier, there really is no commercials in between.

It seems to be that this time will be all news report only.

「 Continuing the press conference, what? 」

Chief Yazawa asks Shou-neechan.

「 No, my plan was only until this far 」

Shou-neechan’s surprised too.


「 Ah, this is an adlib of mine from now on 」



Kyouko-san comes to our operation room.

Banbarubie’s Banba-san and old man Dai Grepher too.

「 What? You’re here too? 」

Seeing my presence, Kyouko-san smiles.

「 She seems worried about Reika 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 You too, right? 」

Kyouko-san looks at Shou-neechan.

「 W-Well 」

Shou-neechan blushes.

「 I mean, Kyouko-san, shouldn’t you be in the balloon? 」

I asked unconsciously.

「 What? Did you not see the great escape of Hikiten Tenko? When they thought that I’m in, I was already out 」

Kyouko-san laughs loudly.

「 No, weren’t you hanging on the rope, Kyouko-san? 」

Yeah, it wasn’t a mannequin hanging on the rope.

That was definitely a person.

「 Oh, that was Kudou’s disguise 」


「 The strange old man 」

Speaking of which, I didn’t see Kudou-papa since he disappeared back then.

「 He was hanging from the rope and controlling the balloon via remote control. Then, he’ll head to the urban area and jump to a roof of a complex building somewhere. Then, once he removes his disguise he’s just an old man, right? The police won’t try to investigate him 」

That was the plan all along?

「 That old man is great at that kind of plays 」

Oh, Kudou-papa’s always been Jii-chan’s agent.

Therefore, he has a relationship with Kyouko-san too.

「 Anyway 」

Kyouko-san looks at Banba-san.

「 Your Nee-sans are quite troublesome, aren’t they? I even had to adlib on the spot because of them 」

「 Sorry 」

Banba-san bows her head.

「 Barbie and Ruby work freely, so they dislike when someone gives them instructions on how to move 」

Old man Dai Grepher says.

「 Well, I guess they had antipathy towards me from the start. Although, with their skills, they’ll stay as a second-rate 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Then, how can we become the first-rate? 」

Barbie-san wrapped with a bandage around her neck, and Ruby-san appears.

「 Huh? You want to be first-rate? I was under the impression that you were satisfied being a second-rate 」

「 You bitch! 」

Ruby-san gets angry.

「 Stop it, Ruby 」

Barbie-san tells Ruby-san.

「 It’s our defeat today, what you say will only put shame on us 」

「 Tsk 」

Ruby-san endures it.

「 You girls are still young, you know? Having this young girl as your disciple and just watch at the back is what makes your skills deteriorate 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Well, you have to take the initiative and head to the scene yourselves, and you have to show that you’re tougher than anyone else there 」

Miss Cordelia comes in the room.

Behind her are Eenie and Meenie.

「 Kyouko and I always do that. If we can’t show our full power at 100%, then we’ll retire. Our jobs aren’t as warm as the underground society of this country 」

「 Hmm, a lukewarm underground society sounds healthier 」

Chief Yazawa tells miss Cordelia.

「 Your world is abnormal 」


「 I wonder, most of the world have ours as common. Japan is abnormal, no, it’s’ a miraculous paradise 」

「There are no places to have fun and play like here 」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「 Haa, from Fujimiya’s remark on the TV earlier, the world level criminals like you will come to Japan from now on. That’s horrible 」

Chief Yazawa said.

「 It’s because you don’t understand the reason 」

I remember Cesario Viola.

Yeah, he’s a man who doesn’t pick the means as long as it’s for his desires.

「 Therefore, it was the right choice to make a civil defense team. I think that’s good 」

Kyouko-san looks at the screen.

Rei-chan’s getting interviewed.

「 That girl might be more of use than I thought, she’ll get better if I train her 」

「 Please do 」

Shou-neechan bows her head to Kyouko-san.

「 What are you talking about, you’re included too. Shou-chan 」

Kyouko-san grins.

「 My contract with the old man Kouzuki is still active, I’ll train you too 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Chief Yazawa’s here, so she says that.

Kyouko-san knows that Rei-chan and Shou-neechan are members of our family.

「 Well, I can’t do it right away though, I’ll stay in Los Angeles with Cordelia until this cools down 」

Yeah, the ruckus of tonight.

Kyouko Messer’s name is known all over Japan.

Well, they were all wearing a tiger mask, so their faces aren’t exposed, but.

The police are still stirred up, trying to catch Kyouko-san somehow.

It’s better if they return home for a while.

「 Oh, what? They’re talking about me on the TV 」

The TV reports what they know on Kyouko-san’s criminal travels.

To show that the person fighting earlier is a real international criminal.

「 Uwaa! They got me! That’s a photo of me when I was 18 」

Blurred black and white photos of her from her time in Brazil were shown.

「 Minaho leaked that. I’m glad that my face isn’t clear there, but it still feels fuzzy. Dammit! I’m going to complain! 」


Barbie-san reaches out to Kyouko-san.

「 What do you want? 」


「 Nee-san, please take us to Los Angeles! 」

She’s asking to be Kyouko-san’s apprentice?!