Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 582. Deflowering Rei-chan



「 Okay 」

Rei-chan lowers her panty.

She pulls it out one leg at a time.

「 What should we do with this? 」

She hands me the small panty in her hand.

「 You can toss it aside 」

I said smiling.

「 Okay! 」

Rei-chan smiled and tossed the underwear she just took off up to the skylight.

Her panty spread and flutters in the air like a parachute.

Ah, it got stuck on the lighting in the middle of the wall.

「 My 」

Rei-chan laughs.

I also laughed.

「 We can pick that up later 」

「 Yes, underwear is unnecessary when I’m alone with My Lord 」

Rei-chan stretches herself naked.

「 It’s embarrassing, but I feel like something was loosened 」

I look at Rei-chan.

「 Rei-chan’s body is gorgeous 」

「 T-Thank you 」

「 Your body is trained and mature already. When Mana and Ruriko get naked, it feels like they’re still growing and it lacks in allure 」

「 And, mine is enough? 」

Rei-chan says while touching her breasts.

「 I don’t mean it like that. How should I say it, it’s the atmosphere. The atmosphere of those mature and those still on the way. Is the mental aspect the advantage? Rei-chan and that body feels just like Rei-chan, it feels that it’s enough 」

「 I don’t feel like it’s enough at all. My thoughts are still from a childish girl 」

I get that too, yes.

「 Come here, let’s take a shower. I’ll cleanse you up, Rei-chan 」

I invite Rei-chan on the shower zone of this “Agnes basement.”

We both are familiar with the structure of this room.

「 I should be the one cleaning up My Lord 」

Rei-chan says, but.

「 Don’t mind it and let me 」

I twist the faucet, and warm water comes out.

「 Come here, Rei-chan 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Rei-chan knees before me so it’s easier for me to wash her.

The tall Rei-chan becomes small.

I put body soap on the sponge and rub Rei-chan’s back.

「 How is it? Is there anywhere itchy? 」

「 None 」

Rei-chan replies bashfully.

I’m not touching her breasts or ass.

Right now, I’m concentrating on her back.

「 Somehow, it feels strange 」

Rei-chan said.

「 What is? 」

「 I’m the taller one here and yet I’m getting scrubbed like this, I feel like I’m the child 」


「 That’s better, isn’t it? 」

I said kindly.

「 My Lord? 」

「 When we’re alone, think of me as your older brother 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Nobody’s listening to us. It’s not recorded either. If it’s just the two of us, anything is okay 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 Isn’t that why Rei-chan made that request to Minaho-neesan? 」


「 That’s true, however, 」

She says with her face blushing in embarrassment.

「 But in reality, my body is older 」

I pat Rei-chan’s head.

「 But, your mind is still of a small child. To me, Rei-chan is about the same age as Agnes and Mana 」

「 I’m in middle school? 」

Rei-chan who’s on her knees looking up at me.

「 Yeah. Rei-chan’s heart is still in middle school, it’s cute 」

「 U-Uhm 」

Rei-chan’s cheeks dye red.

「 We’re alone, right? 」

「 Yeah, it’s just the two of us 」

「 Can I call you Onii-chama for now? 」

「 Of course 」

「 T-Thank you 」

「 You’re not allowed to speak honorific. No little sister speaks honorifics to her older brother, right? 」

「 Y-Yes, uhm, I 」

「 Also, you’re not allowed to say “I” call yourself “Reika” or “Rei-chan” 」

I make rules one after another.

「 Y-Yes, Onii-chama, Uhm, Reika wants a hug 」

「 Sure, Rei-chan 」

I hug Rei-chan.

「 Onii-chama. Onii-chama, I love you 」

I kiss Rei-chan.

「 Rei-chan, do you want me to wash the front? 」

「 Yes. Please 」

I use the sponge to foam Rei-chan’s neck to her chest.

「 Don’t use the sponge. Use hands 」

「 Got it 」

I toss the sponge to the side.

I use my hand to fiddle with Rei-chan’s breasts.

「 Ah 」

Her nipples are stiff.

「 Does this feel good? 」

My fingers slimy with soap kneads Rei-chan’s nipples.

「 Yes, that feels good. Onii-chama 」

Rei-chan leaks out hot sighs.

「 Does Reika’s breast feel good, Onii-chama? 」

「 I like this feeling, yes

I replied.

「 I’m glad 」


「 Reika was worried that Onii-chama might not like it 」

「 That’s foolish. It’s Rei-chan’s body so I won’t hate it 」

I tell Rei-chan.

「 Rei-chan’s so cute 」

「 Onii-chama! 」

Reika’s looks are well ordered.

Her height is too tall.

Her skills in sword stand out too much.

She’s different from ordinary girls in almost everything.

Yet, Reika’s mind is of an ordinary girl’s.

「 Why does everyone not notice how cute Rei-chan is? 」

The people around, adults, even Rei-chan’s friends.

They have a delusion that Rei-chan is just how she looks like.

A superior adult, strong-minded, and a gallant “female swordsman.”

But, Rei-chan’s not like that.

「 As long as Onii-chama notices, I’m okay with it 」

Rei-chan who’s kind and intelligent doesn’t try to break the image the people around her believe.

It’s not to betray their expectations.

She continued to act as the neutral “female swordsman.”

But, that wasn’t easy for Rei-chan.


She went off the Kendo path.

She took the unusual job of being a bodyguard at Kouzuki security service.

The beauty dressing as a British Gentleman became the “beat to death swordswoman.”

She doesn’t let anyone get close to her.

「 Onii-chama, Reika will wash you too 」

Rei-chan scoops the bubbles on her chest.

Then she reached for my penis.

「 Are you not scared? 」

「 I’m not, I’ll be receiving this from now on 」

She twines around her fingers on my erect penis.

「 How does it feel, Onii-chama? 」

「 Do it like this 」

I pile my hand on top of Rei-chan’s and teach her how to squeeze it.

「 Wow, it feels like a fish trying to escape in my hands 」

「 It won’t, do it up and down gently, yes, that feels good 」

「 Onii-chama 」

Reika’s eyes are of a girl now.

「 Reika never thought an opportunity to do it with a man would come 」


「 Reika thought she mustn’t do this 」

「 Who told you? 」

「 Nobody. But, Reika had to become the “beat-to-death swordswoman” 」

「 But, it’s okay now 」

「 Yes. It’s okay when I’m alone with Onii-chama 」

Rei-chan smiles.

「 Does Reika’s hand feel good? Is it getting big from looking at Reika? 」

「 Yeah, it does. Rei-chan. I like Rei-chan 」

「 Reika also likes Onii-chama 」


「 Tomorrow, this will return to “I” that everyone expects. This is only for now 」

「 Yeah, you’re mine right now 」

「 Yes, Onii-chama 」

I kiss Reika.

「 Let’s rinse off the soap and go to bed 」

「 Can I do this well? 」

「 You can try as much as you want until you can. We have a lot of time ahead of us 」

「 That’s true, Onii-chama! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

We rinse off the bubbles and wipe each other’s body with a bath towel.

「 Ufufu, I’m glad that Onii-chama’s very kind 」

「 What’s wrong, Rei-chan? 」

「 If we went on without taking a shower, Reika would remain nervous. But, Onii-chama invited to take a bath, so I feel like things are losing tension 」

「 Well, that’s great 」

Then, we head to Agnes’ bed.


「 Should we change the sheets? 」

This was on the same state where we left it last time.

Isn’t this inappropriate for Rei-chan’s first experience?

「 If I recall, Katsuko-nee had a replacement sheet? 」

Air mats were brought to this room, and everyone slept in it.

Is there a bed sheet somewhere here?

「 Reika knows! It’s over there 」

Rei-chan finds a sheet from the basket around the entrance.

「 This! This! 」

Naked, she brings the sheets in.

「 Okay, let’s change this 」

I take off the old sheet and toss it to the side.

「 Here, Onii-chama! Hold it over there! 」

「 Yeah 」

The two of us stretch out the sheets on both sides and make the bed.

「 It’s okay now! Onii-chama! 」

After changing the sheets, Rei-chan jumps on the bed.

「 Yeah, I knew it, this feels good! 」

She laughs out loudly.

「 To think that I’m this childish 」

Rei-chan mutters while looking up at the skylight.

「 I completely forgot this 」

I lie down next to Rei-chan.

「 Since when? 」

「 Hmm, I think it was since I went to Grandfather’s Dojo. I always had to be proper in the Dojo 」

Rei-chan said.

「 How should I say it, my posture and looks must be proper, well-dressed 」

「 Posture? 」

「 Grandfather has various guests so even though it’s an average day, I need to be proper, so I won’t embarrass Grandfather 」

Oh, Rei-chan’s grandfather is a name in the local Kendo world.

「 The discipline of the Kendo club in school, and the disciples of Kendo from police, and there’s the board of education in the city 」

There are a lot of people coming so Rei-chan can’t break her attitude.

「 Also 」


「 My Aunt 」

「 Aunt? 」

「 Yes, it’s Reika’s mother’s sister, but we lived together at first. Aunt was a returnee 」

「 Returnee 」

「 She got married once, it didn’t go well, and she divorced, so she came back to Grandfather’s house 」

「 Oh. 」

「 But, she’s already past 40. She lived together with Reika until the first year in high school 」

「 Then that means, she remarried? 」

Reika looks up at the sky and sighs.

「 She found a man and left. I don’t even know if they married formally. However 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Her partner was 19. If I recall correctly 」

「 Huh? Wasn’t your Aunt over 40? 」

「 That’s right. Yet, she went with such a young man. Reika met him once outside the house, but it felt really out of place 」

「 The 19-year-old man? 」

「 No, my Aunt 」

Rei-chan said.

「 Normally, she acts like a person of her age. Yet when she’s with the 19-year-old boy, she sounds like a spoiled high school girl. She was so clingy 」

「 I see 」

「 I liked my aunt on her usual self. I just didn’t want to see an over-40-year-old Aunt who’s being merry like a kid. Anyway, it didn’t feel right. I didn’t understand it. My Aunt was over 40 already 」

「 Then 」

「 I returned home and reported to Grandfather that I met with Aunt. I thought that I must tell Grandfather. Then, Grandfather 」


「 “Women are still girls no matter how old they are,” he said. I didn’t like it somehow. How that was said. After all, shouldn’t you act on your age when you grow up? She’s over 40, and yet she was clinging to him like a high school girl, it felt disgusting. I didn’t want to become a woman like my Aunt. I swore to my heart. 」

She’s not stopping with her talk.

「 I I wonder why I’m talking about it now? I completely forgot about my Aunt already. I thought I shouldn’t care about her anymore 」

Then, she looked at me.

「 Is Reika now like Aunt at that time? 」


「 Reika is already an adult. However, I have such a big body yet Reika’s getting spoiled by Onii-chama, does it feel disgusting? 」


「 People become what other people believe them to be 」

I look up at the skylight once again.

「 Your Aunt’s 19-year-old boyfriend must be making an image of the over-40-year-old Aunt as a girl of the same age as himself. The other party believes as such, so your Aunt acts like a young girl 」

「 I-I see 」

「 Therefore, when that 19-year old man notices “It’s really different. She’s already over the 40s,” then his love will change. It might be the end of their love. On the other hand, if their passion went through, they might create a new relationship. I don’t think they’ll stay the same either way 」

「 Right, Reika probably thought that those two won’t last that long 」

「 Well, as for Rei-chan’s relationship with me 」

Rei-chan looks at me.

「 I know how Rei-chan usually is. And we’re like this knowing that 」

「 Onii-chama. Reika’s a troublesome woman, right? 」

「 Not really. There are a lot more complex women in our family. I mean, everyone’s got a problem with their minds, right? Including me 」

「 Onii-chama? 」

「 Leave it to me. I’m still okay even with Rei-chan included 」

「 T-Thank you 」

「 In the end, you saw the gap in your Aunt’s mind, and you can’t agree with it, right? That’s why Rei-chan tries to become how she looks like 」

「 Yeah might be 」

Reika looks down.

「 But, I know that it might not be as what Rei-chan said 」

「 What? 」

「 Women are still girls no matter how old they are 」

「 Huh? 」

「 It might be true if the man only wants you to be a girl, but 」


「 Right, when Reika’s alone with Onii-chama, is it okay to return to a small girl? Right? 」

「 Yeah, it’s okay anytime. I like all of Rei-chan 」

I get up.

「 It’s about time we begin 」

Keeping this at erect state is painful.

I thought that I’d wait until Rei-chan agrees.

I’m at my limit.

「 Okay 」

Rei-chan replied.

「 Uhm, is it okay if Reika stays below? 」


「 If it’s like this, Reika won’t feel like her body’s big 」


「 Sure. Let’s do it like that for today 」

I replied with a smile.

「 But, Rei-chan is quite lewd since she’s tall. Your body’s big, and that’s not a bad thing You have to accept your characteristics 」

「 I know that, but, just this time 」

Rei-chan says bashfully.

「 Yeah, sure. For now, I’ll be on top 」

First, kiss, once more.

「 Un, un 」

I insert my tongue and entwine with it.

Then, I kiss Rei-chan’s ear, her neck.

「 Onii-chama that tickles 」

「 It’s okay, let’s continue 」

I massage her breast with one hand.

Oh, having her lie down, I found out.

Rei-chan’s breasts are thick.

The chest muscle and her breasts. It’s a double structure.

「 Hafu! 」

H lick her nipple

「 That’s unfair. It makes me shiver! 」

「 It’s not. I’m only licking and sucking your nipples 」

「 Muu! 」

I suck on her pointy nipple.

「 I knew it, it’s unfair, it’s really lewd 」

Rei-chan looks at me playing with her nipple and said.

「 Then, let’s make it lewder 」

My tongue goes from her breasts to her belly button, and down further.

「 N-No way 」

「 Yes way, open your legs 」

「 That’s embarrassing 」

「 We’ll do more embarrassing stuff so open it 」

「 O-Okay 」

Rei-chan opens her legs.

「 I won’t take a photo, but I’ll still take a look 」

「 HUh? 」

「 I’ll confirm Rei-chan’s proof of virginity with my eyes 」

「 O-Okay 」

Rei-chan spreads her slit.

I look deep inside.

「 N-No, it smells, doesn’t it? 」

「 Didn’t we clean it up earlier? 」

「 No, I was embarrassed by Onii-chama’s scrubbing from earlier, so it wasn’t that much clean 」

「 Then, let’s give it up. It’s normal for this part has a smell 」

Oh, I can see a whitish-pink part.

「 I’ve seen your hymen 」

「 T-Then, that’s enough, right? That’s enough looking 」


「 Yeah, time to change from watching to licking 」

「 No way?! 」

「 Yes way! 」

I lick Rei-chan’s unexplored vagina.

「 Aguuu! 」

「 How is it? Did it hurt? 」

「 No, it doesn’t hurt. It feels shivery however 」

「 Then, I’ll lick more 」

「 More? 」

「 More more! 」

I push in my tongue deep.

It tastes sour.

This is the taste of Rei-chan’s love nectar.

「 Rei-chan’s juice tastes good 」

「 Noo, please don’t sip it 」

Then, I expose her clitoris.

It’s big.

This is lick-worthy.

I use my tongue to lick it up.

「 Kyafu! W-What’s this? 」

「 I’m licking your clitoris 」

「 Please don’t lick that part! 」

「 This is for me to lick! 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 That’s right! So let me lick it. 」

「 Kuu got it 」

I use my tongue even more.

「 Aaaah, Uguuu, I knew it I can’t! This makes me shiver too much 」

Even if she says no, I continue my attack.

「 Kyaaaaaaaaa, aaaa, aaaa, aaaaaaau! Hagu, hagu!! 」

Warm liquid comes dripping from deep inside Rei-chan.

「 Kyauuuu! Hauu, akiyuyuuuu 」

Her breathing’s rough now.

Her body’s sweating.

Her eyes are swimming around.

Her face is melting.

「 What should I do Onii-chama, this might become a habit! 」

「 Then do it. I’ll do it with you whenever you want it 」

「 Yes, do it! Onii-chama! Please lick that part! 」

I move my tongue even more.

I massage her ass.

Her thighs also.

I stretch out my hand and massage her breasts too.

「 Wait, wait, wait! Onii-chama! Let’s take a break! Let’s take a break! 」

If we rest right now, then the flames burning in our body will be extinguished.

I’ll have to be adamant and spurt all at once without letting Rei-chan rest.

「 W-Wait! aaaau! Aaaahaaa!! Something’s coming!!! 」

Anyway, I’ll make her cum once

This is to make Rei-chan’s body loosen up.

「 Aaaaaa, uhaaaa, kukuuuu! Auuuuu!! 」

Rei-chan’s thighs grip my head.

「 Something’s coming! I’m flying!! It’s bursting!! Aaaaaaah! 」


「 Something’s coming!!!!!!! 」

She pushes my face, grinding.

Rei-chan convulses, she’s climaxing.

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Uuuuuuuu, Kugyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! 」

Rei-chan is the type that shouts when reaching climax.

Her love nectar spurts like spring water.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Rei-chan exhausts herself, breathing heavily.

She’s completely sweaty and wet.

Every time she takes a breath, her chest grows bigger.

「 Great 」

I get on top of Rei-chan’s body.

Let’s insert it while she’s unable to put strength in her body.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Rei-chan looks up at me. There are beads of sweat on her forehead.

「 W-Was I able to do it? Was R-Reika’s body good? 」


「 It’s okay. Rei-chan’s a girl 」

I push my glans on her opening and scrape up and down.

「 Are you putting it in already? 」

「 I’ve been wanting to put this in since earlier 」

I replied honestly.

「 I see, then, it can’t be helped 」

Rei-chan who’s weakened smiles at me.

「 Come, Onii-chama 」

「 Yeah, Rei-chan 」

I grab Rei-chan’s legs.

Then thrust my waist forward.

「 Kuuu 」

Rei-chan looks like she’s in pain.

My libido tells me to go deeper, however.

「 Hmmph! 」

I go inside Rei-chan in one stroke.

Ah, there’s a wall in front of me. 」

I pierce through it.

「 Ouch!!! 」

My glans breaks through the hymen and ravages inside Rei-chan’s unexplored area.

「 Rei-chan! Rei-chan 」

Rei-chan’s inside is deep.

It’s tight, clogged with warm and slippery folds.

I push in deeper.

It’s as if I’m sticking my rod to a lump of butter.


「 Aaaah, the hot stuff is coming in!! 」

「 It’s almost there, Rei-chan 」

I clamp my ass tight and endure.

「 It’s goal! 」

I pushed in completely till the root.

The tip of the glans arrives at the squishy uterus of hers.

「 It hurts, ouch ouch ouch!! 」

Rei-chan appeals to me with tears in her eyes.

Rei-chan who’s usually strong.

The cool and dignified Rei-chan.

I made that Rei-chan cry.

「 It hurts, Onii-chama! 」

At the moment Rei-chan’s tears spill down.

I unconsciously ejaculated.

「 Ah, I-It’s’ coming out! 」


My cloudy liquid is pouring to Rei-chan’s womb!!

「 Aaah, it’s hot!!! 」

Guu, guuuuuu

「 W-What’s this? My stomach feels hot!! 」

My semen spreads inside Rei-chan’s womb.

「 I’m ejaculating! It’s coming inside Rei-chan 」


「 This is an ejaculation? Will Reika become a Mama? 」

「 Yeah, you’ll get pregnant with my child, Rei-chan!! 」


My ejaculation’s not stopping.

「 Got it, I’ll get pregnant!! 」

Rei-chan’s vagina wriggles from the first time experience of being impregnated.

「 Please give me more of this hot stuff! 」

I hug Rei-chan and continue to ejaculate.

Rei-chan’s body is big.

I bury my face to Rei-chan’s breast and pour it into her uterus until the last drop.

「 Reika’s becoming a woman! 」

Rei-chan’s voice trembles in pleasure as a woman.