Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 599. Coming from the TV nation



「 Huh, where’s Mao-chan? 」

I haven’t seen her since earlier.

「 Ah, Onii-sama, she’s sleeping over here 」

Ruriko told me.

She’s sleeping soundly on the sofa.

It seems that she’s filled, so she went to sleep as is.

「 I’ll take her to the bed once I’m done washing the dishes. Nagisa will return soon anyway, you don’t have to worry about her 」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「 Thanks 」

We head to the living room.

Mana turns on the TV with the remote.

Then, she sits next to me.

Ruriko’s on the other side.

Agnes sits down on my lap.

Megu’s the only one sitting a bit far away.

This is how it usually is when we watch Yukino on TV.

「 It’s just about to start 」

Mana said. We focus on the TV.


『 There will be no commercials for the next hour 』

Subtitles appear on the screen.


『 The views and opinions of Shirasaka Yukino does not reflect views and opinion the management and the network 』

Yukino’s show has become famous due to her freedom to say anything compared to other broadcasts of political views.

American Newspapers even say that she “wears a bikini as freedom of expression.”

『 Shirasaka Yukino Hour, Yukino’s coming 』

The show begins without any music.

There are three chairs placed on the empty studio.

Sitting on each chair is:

Snatch, the comedian from before.

Franchie Sakai, a fresh talent that’s gay.

And, Shirasaka Yukino who’s wearing a tiny bikini as usual.

Yukino seems to be in a bad mood today.

『 Yes, that’s the start of our weekly “Yukino’s coming” however, we need to make sad news 』

Snatch begins.

『 Last week, the regular, Koyabu Tankoro wanted to resign, and he contacted me 』

『 Why did he not talk to me directly?! 』

Yukino’s angry.

『 Well, he doesn’t know Yukinon’s number! 』

Snatch says in a panic.

『 I mean, there’s nobody exchanging address with me! 』

『 They all value their life after all 』

Francie the gay laughs.

『 I mean, it’s that. Yukinon mentioned the movie actor last week, he’s a senior to us in the entertainment world, so your remark previous time was a bit problematic to Koyabu 』

『 Huh? What now? I didn’t say “Nakamatsuzawa Kotaro is bald!” I said “Could it be that Nakamatsuzawa Kotaro might be wearing a wig,” didn’t I? It’s just a suspicion of mine. I was just asking. I heard that Koyabu worked together with him in a drama, so I asked 』

Yukino said.

『 I mean, don’t even say that as a question! Think of the person you’re asking! 』

Snatch shouts to Yukino.

『 Huh? Don’t shout at me! It doesn’t matter, right? Koyabu isn’t Nakamatsuzawa Kotaro himself, he could’ve just said his personal opinion! 』

『 Like hell he could! 』

『 So what, is Nakamatsuzawa Kotaro bald? Or not? Which is it? 』

『 Aaaaah!No more of that! 』

『 I get it!! I’ll bet that he’s bald! 5k yen! 』

『 Idiot! Don’t bet money on TV! 』

『 Who cares. They won’t arrest me for that! 』

『 Sure, you might not be arrested, but we’re not untouchable like you! 』

Snatch shouts with his face turning red.

『 Look, the regulars here are resigning one after another because you keep talking like that! Nobody’s coming over as guests! It’s Francie and me nowadays! Do you get it, Yukinon? Then this program started four months ago, there were at least 20 people lined up for this 』


The regulars resign almost everytime.

Now, it’s just three people.

『 I don’t care about that! Ah, Koyabu? Are you watching? If you’re not then someone else tell him this: This is my message for him! Koyabu, you should investigate whether Nakatsuzawa Kotaro is bald or not. Okay? I’ll be showing the results in the show! 』

『 Dammit! Yukinon! 』

『 What? Got a complaint? 』

Yukino and Snatch glare at each other, Francie calls them out.

Okay now, that’s far enough. Drink some water you two 』

He said then handed water bottles to the two.

『 Why does this show always have to start like this? 』

Yukino takes the bottle angrily.

『 There’s no set either. 』 The show just has these chairs. There’s no food either. There’s no staff either. There’s no makeup nor hair-stylist. All we have are these bottles of water, are they making a fool of me? 』

『 We have no choice, this show has no sponsor! Even the water bottle labels are peeled off since it would be hindering their business if someone sees us drinking from their water 』

Snatch’s right, there’s no label on the bottles.

『 Oh, well, that’s nice! 』

Yukino removes the cap of the bottle and drinks it down.

『 Ah, this is bad, *** company’s mineral water is really tasteless! Do they really have minerals? This is worse than tap water! 』

『 I just told you not to do that!!! 』

Snatch throws the bottle on the floor.

『 Oh what now? You’re treating **** Company’s mineral water that harshly! 』

Yukino says with a mean smile.

『 Aaaaaah, shit! 』

Snatch picks up the bottle in a hurry!

『 Hah! It must be hard being a talent, you have to be careful of your actions! 』

Yukino said, Francie.

『 Yukino-chan, Snatch-san supplied these bottles of water 』

『 Huh? 』

『 There’s hardly anything in this show, right? That’s why Snatch-chan buys these with his own money. Even your share. Besides, they’ll know the maker if it’s juice or others, and it would be bad for the show, right? That’s why it’s just transparent mineral water with their labels removed, so the manufacturers aren’t known 』

Yukino looks down.

『 I didn’t know, sorry 』


『 It’s okay. I’m a comedian talent who cares about the people in various ways. Besides, it’s the manager who bought these and peeled the label off 』

Yukino looks at the back of the camera.

『 Sogabe-san, thanks, also, sorry 』

『 Don’t call him by his name in this show! 』

Yukino ignores what Snatch said and drank more water.

『 I guess it’s delicious, *** company’s mineral water! 』

『 As I said, don’t call out the name of the manufacturer! 』

Snatch shouts.

『 But still, Snatch-chan is really caring. You’re the only one who keeps coming on this show from the start, right? 』

Francie laughs.

『 Well, I have no choice. I promised to look after her 』

Snatch tries to keep his word to Kyouko-san.

『 Although, for some reason, I get more regular programs after I started here. This show actually has good viewer ratings. Its got a lot of problems though 』

Yukino who keeps on making reckless remarks seems to have increased. Snatch’s popularity as he desperately follows up.

Also, Kouzuki group made some measures from behind the scenes so Snatch’s work won’t be hindered, so his regulars have increased.

『 Right. You have it nice. But you see, a show with no sponsor is meaningless 』

Francie laughs.

『 Well, if people are still watching, it’s publicity for the talent, I’ve become a regular halfway 』

『 That’s right. They didn’t need to resign. They should be grateful that they show up on TV you know? Comedians need to have such a positive attitude. If they lost that feeling of a barrage, then it will be their last 』

『 Oh, you don’t know, Snatch-chan? 』

『 What? 』

『 There’s one huge advertising company attached on the show competing at the same time, so “Yukino’s coming” is putting a lot of pressure on other entertainment offices. That’s what I heard 』

『 Really? Francie? 』

『 Well, having a show with no sponsor is having a high viewer rating, the stakeholders of the shows on competing times are at the edge 』

『 Seriously? Wait, is it okay for you to tell us that? 』


『 Look, I’m not a gay talent but a gay essayist. I write in a magazine series. My fee on TV is lower due to my cultural background. I get more jobs when I appeal honestly 』

Haa, the TV world has a lot of problems.

『 Are you done with that boring talk now? 』

Yukino says after drinking up the water bottle.

『 I mean, that advertising company is the company my Papa was working with before, right? If my program has a high viewing rate, then they think that they can’t recover from their tainted image 』

Right, Shirasaka Sousuke worked for an advertising agency, if I recall.

Was he the director?

A lot of bad things happened in the light, so the company he worked at are also looked at coldly.

『 By the way, Snatch, you make it sound like you’re fantastic for staying in this show, but 』

Yukino glares at me.

『 I’ve always been here too! 』

Yukino gets angry.

『 Even though I don’t want to show up on TV at all!! 』


『 No, but this is your show 』

『 That doesn’t mean that I’m doing this because I want to! Why do I always have to show up in front of the TV every week and get sad for a whole hour?! 』

『 Don’t say that. That’s what I always think too 』

Snatch looks troubled.

『 You see! I don’t want to do this! Seriously! 』

Yukino crumples the empty water bottle.

『 Oh, is that so? Then why is Yukino-chan wearing a new swimsuit? Gufufu 』

Francie giggles.

『 W-What now?! 』

Yukino blushes.

Right, her small bikini today is white and has some laces.

The lower part is the usual piece of cloth.

『 W-Why can’t I? 』

Yukino’s 16-year-old breasts sway every time she moves her body.

It looks like it will spill out from her tiny bikini cup.

『 Well, don’t you prefer that frills? 』

Francie said. Yukino;

『 This is for concealment! 』

Conceal? What?

What can you hide wearing such a small swimsuit?

Then, Yukino looks up to the camera!

『 You all!!! If you think you can see through my nipples, then you’re making a big mistake! 』

See through nipples?


Is that why she’s wearing a laced swimsuit this week?

Come to think of it. Usually, the fabric of the bikini is too thin that Yukino’s nipple is clearly visible.

I didn’t mind it though.

『 What? Are you wearing that bikini for that reason? 』

Francie’s amazed.

『 Show them at least your nipple. Half of the viewers are watching this for your lewd body 』

『 I’m not showing it off to them! 』

Yukino snaps.

But still, if you move your body that much, your pink areola is already coming out of the cup.

『 Hey! Yukinon! 』

Snatch calls Yukino in a panic.

『 Hah?! What now?! 』

『 It’s coming out! It’s sticking out! I can see it!! 』

『 Hauu!! 』

Yukino hides her nipples in a hurry.

Then she looks at the camera.

『 You saw it! 』

『 No, you’re the one showing it!! 』

Snatch retorts.

『 Seriously, it’s incredible how this show transcends the broadcast act and the anti-child pornography law. If this goes on, UN, UNICEF, and WHO would get angry 』

Francie says.

『 Even I want to wear something other than a bikini! But I have no other choice but to wear this! 』

The program’s existence has a meaning.

It starts with the mystery of why it shows on the golden time, with no sponsor.

Why Yukino, a 16-year-old girl shows up in such clothing.

Furthermore, her nipple and areola are coming out all the time.

Usually, this show isn’t allowed to broadcast.

『 Oh, there was that talent who was trying to push that matter back when this show was starting and got fired from the company, right? 』

Francie smiles wryly.

『 It’s inevitable. He was told not to touch that during the meeting yet he tried to push it during the live broadcast 』

Snatch looks like in pain.

『 Well, he probably thought that it would be called as annoying when he does it in the live broadcast, gufufu 』

『 That guy doesn’t even know how nasty the other party is. They’re more dangerous than Yakuza 』

『 Also, there was an idiot who tried to talk to me in the dressing room 』

Yukino said.

『 Ah, I saw that one on the internet. What’s his name again? He got fired too, right? 』

Francie laughs.

『 What are you laughing it? I wasn’t joking. They were the reason why one movie flopped down. Just because the protagonist is a friend of that guy 』

『 Oh, if that’s the case, I heard that they changed the actor and they resumed recording again, only placing where that person appeared in 』

『 Even so, it costs millions to recast. The other actor is already working on their next job, and since they cut their hair, it seems that they’ll have to use a wig for the movie. Then there’s even the whole marketing campaign schedule changed altogether 』

『 Oh, that’s tough 』

Yukino says like it’s someone else’s problem.

『 Hey now, it’s your fault that guy was fired, right? 』

Yukino glares at Snatch.

『 What my fault?! It was my first time meeting that person! He came to greet me in my dressing room before the show and suddenly said. “Hey, I’ve watched your sex videos suck on my dick next time,” which naturally comes from someone who has some loose screws in their head 』


『 Sure, my rape videos are scattered around the internet! You all watched, it right?! Everything about me, from my body to my deflowering, me receiving semen inside, you all watched it, right? 』

『 Hey, Yukinon 』

Snatch tries to stop Yukino, but.

『 Let her talk 』

Francie holds back Snatch.

『 I don’t feel like complaining about you all looking at my naked body and watching me get raped this late. But you see, I’m not a porn star or a prostitute! I was raped contrary to my will!! I’m the victim here! Don’t forget that at least!! 』


『 That’s why I don’t feel sorry for the idiot from the entertainment world! That guy treated me like I’m a filthy woman!! 』

Yukino closes her mouth.


『 Err, I thought of telling people just in case but, the guy was dismissed in this case wasn’t fired because Yukinon told them to. Surprisingly, there are a lot of hidden cameras and microphones in the dressing room and staff room of this program, so if you speak rude things to Yukinon then you’re dismissed. I’m serious, it’s not just the talents but also the staff, there’s been quite a lot of changes 』

『 Oh right, P changed to D, right? It was both men before, weren’t they? 』

『 Francie, don’t say P or D! 』

Snatch shouts.

『 Oh, that was D. Yamashita, the guy from the video department, right? 』

Francie nods to himself.

『 Yamashita-san is still okay. P. Miyamoto-san is now a driver 』

Snatch replies feebly.

『 Anyway, it’s risky, Yukinon’s untouchable. Those who know that don’t even come close to her. It’s incredibly troublesome after all 』

『 It’s not my fault, okay?! 』

Yukino mutters.

『 I know 』

『 Right. If they were ordinary people, they’d remember how Yukino-san’s father died. The police investigation ended without making any announcements at all 』

Francie adds to Snatch.

『 If you think just a bit how much power does the darkness behind Yukino-san have then you’ll understand 』

『 Sorry but that darkness has messed me up too. They’re not my allies either. They killed Papa and still make me suffer to this day 』

Yukino’s face looks sorrowful.

『 Hey, Yukino-san, I don’t know whether I’m allowed to ask this, so I’ve been silent now but, well, of course, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to 』

Francie looks at Yukino.

『 What’s with the tattoo in your stomach 』

That’s right, Yukino;

She has her tattoo in her lower abdomen exposed.

『 Oh, this? I usually hide it with makeup foundation though 』

It’s an emerald green tattoo.

The letters are showing up the top of Yukino’s string-like panty.

Before, my name “吉田” is what’s written on it, but.

Now, it’s changed to “嘉甲.”

『 It’s the name of the man who raped me. He wrote it himself. Right above my womb. He’s just bragging that my uterus is his 』

Yukino says while touching the letters on her lower abdomen.

『 Why did you not hide it tonight then? 』

Francie asks.

『 Because it became true 』

Yukino looks up at the camera.

『 I got pregnant. I didn’t say it officially before, but I got pregnant from being raped last May 』

Yukino says feeling easy-going.

『 You were already fertilized during May? 』

Francie counts with his fingers.

『 Yes. I’m on a stable period now. I was told by the gynecologist, I can’t abort it anymore 』


『 That’s why I made my resolve. I’m making it public on TV. I’ll bear this child made from rape. I have no choice, I don’t want to experience being made a fool of. I want to give birth to this child 』

Snatch and Francie are both at loss of words.

『 Aren’t you still in high school? 』

Francie asks.

『 Yes. I’m still 16-years-old. I just became a high schools student this year. Although, I haven’t been able to go to the school that much because of the fuss last May. Thanks to Papa and my rape videos leaked out, all my friends disappeared! 』

Yukino laughs.

『 Papa died like that, so I severed my ties with Shirasaka clan. My other family members all fell apart. And I’m still watched over by the scary and influential people in the dark 』

She looks at the camera once again.

She talks to the people in the country.

『 You all look so happy talking and watching me get raped. The people who watched knows this. I was a virgin. I was a virgin yet I was raped, and again, and again. You saw me receive ejaculation from the inside, right? You know it, right? Was that fun? Were you aroused? You surely enjoyed watching Shirasaka Yukino get raped, right?! 』

Yukino’s hand pats her lower abdomen.

『 And now, this is the result. I, Shirasaka Yukino got pregnant. A man I don’t even like raped me and made me pregnant. The child inside me is from the man who raped me, hmm? Either way, you all get aroused from this kind of situation, right? 』

『 Are you sure that you want to give birth? 』

Francie asks.

『 They’ll kill me if I don’t. By the people in the dark you mentioned earlier 』

Yukino sighs.

『 That’s not all. I also want to give birth to the child. No, I don’t really want to bear one, but there’s already live inside my stomach. I won’t kill it. I won’t kill this child. That’s the reason why I want to give birth to the child 』

The studio fell silent.

「 Yukino 」

Megu looks at Yukino in the TV and muttered.

『 So, I know that my rape videos will remain on the internet forever, I also know that people I don’t even know will continue to see my embarrassing figure. But, I want the people who watched me to understand this. I’m pregnant from the man who raped me. I bore a child from being raped. This isn’t a child I wanted 』

That’s right, I raped her and forced to get her pregnant.

『 But, I’ll give birth to this child with my chest puffed with pride. After all, this child has no sin. There’s life in my stomach so I’ll give birth to it 』

『 You have the resolve to become a mother, I see 』

Francie said, Yukino.

『 Of course I don’t. I’m still 16. But, I’m already a mother. This child won’t wait 』

Yukino looks at her stomach.

『 Why did I talk about this on TV? As a matter of fact, it wasn’t just the talent from last time. Some people think that I’m a porn actress after watching my rape video. Even when I try to go outside and shop something in town, there are that kind of men that come. Men who go and talk to me like we’re friends, thinking that I’m a slutty woman who they can have sex with easily 』

Shou-neechan told us that Yukino’s private life is guarded by Kouzuki SS, so I don’t need to worry, but.

That even happens.

『 I see, that’s tough 』

Francie said.

『 I’m used to it. But now that they heard I’m pregnant, well, most men aren’t interested in doing it with a woman pregnant with another man’s child, although I think there will be some stupid boys who’ll say “we can have raw sex as much as we want since you’re pregnant already” 』

Yukino speaks to the camera.

『 That’s why I’ll make this clear. I won’t have sex with anyone until I give birth to this child. Isn’t that obvious? I wouldn’t want to put a man’s filthy semen in my stomach where my child is living 』


『 This child is made from rape, so I don’t want it to feel any more burden than that. If the child’s mother still has sex even when pregnant, don’t you feel sorry for the child?! 』

Tears spill from Yukino’s eyes.


Yukino’s a girl who cries a lot.

『 Yukino, you 』

Francie tries to embrace Yukino.


『 Don’t touch me! You’re a man too! 』

『 I’m a homo 』

『 You still have a penis, right? 』

『It was already taken off three years ago! 』

『 Then, you’re okay 』

Francie hugs Yukino.

『 You did your best 』

『 I didn’t, I just have no choice 』

Yukino continues to cry.

『 That’s why I’ll tell the person whose name is in my stomach! 』

Yukino points to the letters “嘉甲.”

『 I won’t have sex with you until I bear this child! I won’t let you come over and rape me! 』

Yukino, you.