Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 602. Bastille Day.



「 Wait! 」

Megu shouts to Nei.

「 Don’t stop me now! 」

Nei grins and then starts operating the computer.

「 Don’t! Yo-chan! You can’t invade the privacy of your friends. Yoshi-kun, do you want to see the naked bodies of the first years or seniors who aren’t even related to us? 」


「 Yoshi-kun, are you okay looking at their naked bodies without their permission, don’t you think that’s unfair? 」

Megu tells me.

Then, Nei stops Megu with her hand.

「 I mean, Yo-chan, you want to see naked bodies of girls other than us recently, right? 」

She asks me smiling.

「 Huh? 」

「 Well, look, Yo-chan always have sex with us, his family, right? At least he has sex with three or four people recently 」

「 Well, true 」

That’s true, yes.

「 And even those were mostly us asking to have sex before Yo-chan wants to do it, right? 」

「 That’s true but, nowadays he decides the order of things 」

I decide the order on who I’ll sleep with in bed in order.

I stay at Nagisa’s house once a week.

There are also days where Rei-chan and Shou-neechan stay over.

Although I often go to bed with two or three people, the elder girls have stronger desire to sleep together with me alone.

Sometimes, Katsuko-nee and I stay in a hotel.

I also went to a love hotel with Nei.

There are a lot of random times having sex other than doing it early in the morning, after school, or even before dinner.

Especially when I finish my bakery work, Megu still has her practice in track and field, so Nei and Edie ask for sex in a small room next to the bakery.

Sometimes, Katsuko-nee brings Mana and Agnes secretly to school, and we have sex in the secret room under the principal’s office.

「 Anyway, the times we want to do it with Yo-chan is much more than the times Yo-chan wants to do it 」

Nei’s right.

「 That’s why I thought he should be doing some underhanded stuff! 」

「 What do you mean, Nei-oneechan? 」

Mana asks.

Agnes sitting between my legs looks in puzzlement.

「 Yo-chan, you’re already feeling stale seeing our naked bodies, right? 」

「 No, that’s not the case, although 」

I still get erect when I have sex with everyone.

I still ejaculate whenever I do it.

「 No, it’s a bit numb already. After all, Yo-chan is still okay even when we’re all here, naked, right? 」


「 Earlier, when you stripped, you don’t feel embarrassed to have your penis seen, right? 」

「 Well, you know 」

I’m naked in front of my family almost every day, they see it.

「 Yeah. You don’t mind our eyes looking at you naked anymore, right? That means that you’re used to being naked too much that your senses are getting numb 」

Now that she said it, it might be.

「 Then, on the other hand, Yo-chan’s getting used to seeing us naked that have you thought of the possibility of getting numb to the sensation? 」

Nei’s eyes look at me.

「 That’s 」

No, Nei’s naked body is unbearable as usual.

Mana and Agnes’ young naked bodies are also stimulating.

Even Megu who’s the only one wearing clothes now has a slender body.

「 In that case, I’ll be frank 」

Nei said.

「 When Nikiniki came over last night, well, of course, she did the initiative but, Yo-chan came inside her five times in the reception room, right? Why? 」

Even if you ask me that.

「 That’s because Nikita looked like she wasn’t satisfied yet 」

「 I wonder? I think it was Yo-chan who wasn’t satisfied with five times. That’s how I felt when I was watching! 」


「 It’s been a while since you did it with Nikiniki since Los Angeles. Yo-chan was quite aroused. It must be fresh for you to embrace a body other than Yo-chan’s women in the family, right? 」


A woman other than the family.

Was I drowning myself in Nikita’s white skin and soft Russian body?

「 Listen. I’m not angry about that. Instead, I’m sorry to have you hold back that much 」

Nei hugs me.

She envelops my face with her big breasts.

「 Onii-chan’s driven down? 」

Mana asks.

Megu and Mana are listening to Nei with a serious look.

「 Yeah, so, let’s go back to the question at hand, Yo-chan, have you been masturbating recently? 」


「 I don’t. I mean, my situation doesn’t allow me 」

Ever since the holidays in May,

I always do it with someone in the family for almost 24-hours a day.

「 After all, I’m always with someone when I’m in the mansion, people are watching through the cameras, also 」

I know that there are cameras even in the restrooms.

If there are cameras in the women’s restroom, then there should be one in men’s as well.

Minaho-neesan should be checking the behavior of the teachers under Shirasaka Sousuke’s control in the school.

Minaho-neesan won’t let a place where only men enter have no cameras and microphones set up.

「 Right. There’s always someone watching. Katsu-nee’s still checking on Yo-chan when he’s in school after all. She’s even watching when you’re in the toilet 」

Nei said.

「 Yo-chan can’t take it easy because of the eyes watching, right? That’s what I’m worried about 」

「 No, I don’t have any problems with it 」

I replied, but.

「 No, it’s a problem! Yo-chan’s becoming overly-dependent on us! 」


「 Usually, a healthy boy would look at gravure photos, porn magazines, adult videos, and others 」

「 Well, I have everyone. If it’s sex, then I’m already doing it every day 」

「 That’s not what I’m talking about! Men need to have delusions! Like when you see a woman, it should stir up your delusions like “That woman looks good, I want to smash her,” or “I want to squeeze those tits!,” or “I want to fuck her hard” and more! 」

What? N-Nei?

「 You see, when I entered school, I received letters with those messages. Especially when I turned to a blonde haired delinquent on the rooftop, they want to do me so hard 」

Nei took the rumors about Iwakura-san’s prostitution.

「 So when just enrolled, there were pure love letters saying “I like you, please go out with me,” then when I changed my hair to blonde, their letters contained their delusions such as “let me fuck you at least once,” or “let me squeeze dem titddies” The paper even stinks semen 」

Oh, that happened too.

「 No, of course, it’s disgusting, and Margo-oneesan punished each and every one of them, so there was no direct damage to me 」

Margo-san was also a student of our school last year.

「 Seeing that, I know that men have a lot of delusions. It’s normal. It might be too much when you send letters with that delusion but, I think there’s a lot of boys who are having delusions when they look at me 」


Nei’s got a beautiful and lewd body.

I think there are a lot of men who want that.

「 Yo-chan, what’s your opinion on the boys who look at me and think “I want to have sex with her,” or even “I want to rape her?” Are you going for them? Do you want to beat them up? 」


「 No, I don’t like that they think that way, but If there’s a guy who really tried to make a move on Ya-chan then I’d beat them up, I’d come to beat them senseless 」

「 Well, if it does real harm then I’d personally eliminate it since it also troubles me. Besides, it’s not just Yo-chan, Margo-oneechan and Edie will lend their strength to throw those guys away. But you see 」

Nei said.

「 What would you do to those who just keep it in their heads? They don’t say it, but they look at me with perverted eyes and use my image to masturbate? 」


「 I don’t want Ya-chan to be their material, but that’s not a big deal. If they keep it inside them, then I won’t complain. In the first place, I don’t know what’s inside their heads 」

「 So, if there’s a guy who rapes me inside their head, is he guilty or innocent? 」


「 I may not like it, but he’s innocent. He’s not going after Ya-chan for real 」

「 So it’s safe when it’s a delusion? 」

「 Well, that’s how it is 」

I replied.

「 Then, Yo-chan should have delusions too. You should look at women other than the family 」

No, but.

「 Yo-chan, you feel sorry for us doing that, right? Thinking that all of your sexual desires should only be towards the family. Do you think that looking at other girls and immersing yourself in horny delusions would be the same as betraying us, right? 」


「 That’s the reason why Yo-chan never looks at gravure photos, not even adult videos, nor masturbating. You don’t also look at the girls in your class and in your club, right? 」

That’s true.

I wasn’t aware of it.

I do that.

「 But, that’s not okay. It’s not okay for Yo-chan’s heart to look only at his family 」

「 Is that so? 」

Megu speaks.

「 I feel happier when Yoshi-kun looks only at us 」

Nei glares at Megu.

「 You only think about yourself 」

「 No. I think of the whole family 」


「 That’s enough 」

The door suddenly opens, and Ruriko enters.

「 Uhm, Katsuko-san told me to shout “That’s enough” when intruding 」

Ah, Katsuko-nee, she was watching.

「 Also, Katsuko-san doesn’t seem to be watching Onii-sama’s situation when in the toilet. She wanted to convey that 」

She’s listening, I knew it.

「 She only looks at Onii-sama’s toilet when in the restroom. Just the face of bracing. She doesn’t look at Onii-sama’s lower half while defecating since it’s a violation of privacy, she says 」

She’s still watching though.

「 Papa, what’s defecating? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Err, it means pooping 」

「 Oh! 」

Agnes nods in understanding.

「 Agnes would like to poop next to Papa next time 」


「 I want to poop together with Papa while holding hands 」

Agnes looks up at me with sparkling eyes.

I see. I guess this is also a delusion.

「 Well, next time 」

「 Okay, desuno! 」

Will Agnes and I have the opportunity for that?

「 Onii-chan, how about using an enema as well? 」


「 Mana’s ready for it anytime 」

Err, is this another delusion?

「 Papa, what’s an Enema? 」

This isn’t something she should know. Agnes’ delusions will accelerate further.

「 It’s the most significant person in the Space Battleship 」

Why would you add a “space” in a battleship?

「 Uhm, I was also listening to Nei-oneesama’s topic in the kitchen 」

Ruriko talks.

「 That is a fascinating philosophical question 」


「 In the West, they disagree that it’s no sin if you’re only thinking of it. Is that a Japanese ideology?

Ruriko says.

「 In Christian ideology, if you imagine doing something bad in your head then it’s already a sin, even if you didn’t do it for real 」

Huh? Really?

「 Is it not okay even to think about it? 」1

「 Yes, it’s a sin 」

Ruriko replied smiling.

「 Even looking at a beautiful woman and having a sexual delusion, or looking at a pretty item and thinking “I want to steal that,” is a sin. Just thinking of it is already a sin 」

「 Isn’t that strange? 」

I tell Ruriko.

「 After all, you only imagined doing a bad thing, not actually doing it 」

「 Yes, it’s innocent in legal terms. But, it’s guilty in Christian values 」

「 No, won’t that mean that everyone has committed a sin? 」

Everyone should have thought of doing something bad.

Even stealing or raping.

But, if it’s just within their imagination.

「 Yes, therefore, humans are sinful. Their birth is a sin 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s why Christians confess their sins and repent. They’ll continue to commit crimes as long as they live, so they need to confess their sins to God, repent, and ask for his forgiveness to go to heaven 」

Humans are all sinners.

「 You see them in the movies confessing to the priest, right? That kind of private stall is in the church. They don’t confess sins that they haven’t committed, however. “I thought of doing a bad thing” or “I had evil desires for this woman,” is a sin. Humans remain as sinners unless they confess and ask for God’s forgiveness.

So that’s how they think.

「 Therefore, in Christian countries, even seeing indecent 2D images is a sin! 」

「 Huh? What do you mean Ya-chan? 」

「 You see, it’s about the notation of restrictions. In reality, there’s a problem of child pornography circulating so you should understand this. If it spreads out then people will be hurt, there will be victims. But, you see, among those politicians and social activists, people are trying to regulate manga and illustrations of girls who are just byproducts of human imagination. Isn’t that strange? It was just imagination, there were no real victims 」


「 Having lewd delusions is normal for people and making an illustration of it is freedom of expression. But, people are trying to regulate that. I mean, in Christian countries, they actually punish people for bringing lewd Japanese manga. If Europe and America’s push pressure further, Japan will soon regulate lewd manga 」

Nei said.

「 In other words, that is the Christian ideology. Having just delusions is already a sin so drawing that delusion to an image is a big deal. They never allow delusions of having sex with a young woman 」

I see, just thinking about it is already a sin to them.

What an absurd world this is.

「 That’s why even we are forced to consider the Christian ideology. Those people have a culture deeply ingrained that having delusions is a sin, that may be okay on its own but, Japanese ideologies are inherently tolerant. What people think in their minds shouldn’t be regulated. Yet, some laws are trying to pass about controlling people’s expression. They’re basing it off from another religion and another country’s ideology. Even though only Europeans and Americans make decisions on what’s the “global standard,” the Japanese people are following it without much thought. Seriously! 」

Nei turns to Megu while saying that.

「 Now then, I made you wait, Megu-chan. What do you think Megu-chan after listening to what I said? Do you think that one should be punished for just having delusions? 」


「 I don’t think so. Nobody’s doing anything wrong if they just imagine it. Even I know that much 」

Nei smiles.

「 In that case! Yo-chan, Megu-chan gave her permission! You can have as many delusions as you want 」


「 You still don’t get it Yo-chan? You fell into Christian rules without noticing it. You’re under the impression that it’s a sin to have lust towards other girls outside the family 」


「 That’s why, Kyouko-san thought that it would be bad to let it continue and sent Nikita, a girl outside the family. Back then in Los Angeles, Minaho-oneesan and everyone gave their permission because Nikita’s irregular existence is a good target for Yo-chan’s lust as she’s not in the family. Then, Yo-chan was burning up so much! You’re always so careful when having sex with the family. Therefore you were so rough when having sex with Nikiniki, right? Just like how you have sex with Yukino-chan during the holidays in May 」


「 Yo-chan eases up his mind when having sex with only Yukino-chan. It’s because Yukino-chan isn’t family, right? Yo-chan always wanted to be friends with Yukino-chan, but you knew that she’ll never become family 」

Nei said.

「 To be honest, Yo-chan was able to spiritually overcome that Golden Week because you have sex with Yukino-chan. She was an excellent relief to prevent Yo-chan’s mind from collapsing 」

Nei said. Megu and Mana look down.

「 But you can’t have sex with Yukino-chan anymore. At least, until she gives birth 」

「 Yukino won’t have sex with Yoshi-kun even after giving birth! 」

Megu shouts.

「 Yo-chan’s the one to decide that. Not Megu-chan 」

Nei speaks calmly.

「 Besides, Yo-chan needs to take some breaths in another way. Nikiniki isn’t Japanese, and if he has sex with only Nikiniki, then he’ll also settle down. If that happens, it’s just the same as the number of our family increasing, right? 」


If she stays over for long, then she’s already family.

「 In that case, what should we do? 」

Megu asks Nei.

「 Let’s finally return to the topic, let’s have Yo-chan watch girls in our school through our peeping videos 」

「 But, that’s! 」

「 Look, could you already stop grumbling about something this much, we’re a criminal organization, you know?! Megu-chan is living under Minaho-oneechan’s money! You know how that money is earned, right? 」

Kuromori is a brothel.

We’re living from the money earned by selling prostitutes.

「 Seriously, I’d like you to leave the mansion and go back to Yamamine house but, to be honest, we can’t do that anymore 」


「 We’re not just family. You’re protected when you stay here, and furthermore, we can’t afford to send guards to Yamamine house. If Megu-chan’s kidnapped by forces opposing us, then it would put us at a disadvantage 」

Megu fell silent.

「 I mean, you don’t have to be conscious of this sin. You don’t have to tell anyone that Yo-chan’s looking at the naked bodies of the girls in our school. It’s not a sin if nobody knows 」

Nei said.

「 I think so too 」

「 Me too 」

Ruriko and Mana agree.

「 But, the feelings of the girls whose bodies are seen 」

「 How can they have feelings about it if they don’t know anything?! 」

Nei replies astounded.

「 It’s only Megu-oneechan who can’t agree with this, right? 」

Mana said.

「 Megu-oneechan, you’re just jealous 」

Megu groans.

「 I mean, Megu-chan really don’t get Yo-chan, the other girls, even yourself 」


「 Just because Yo-chan saw girls in our school naked, nothing else will happen. Even if he feels horny, he’ll only have sex with us tonight. That’s all 」

「 That can’t be. After all, there are a lot of cute girls in our school. What if Yoshi-kun gets interested in that girl and wants to have sex with her?! He might even say that he wants her to join the family. In that case, Nei-oneesan and the others will do what Yoshi-kun wants! 」

Megu shouts.

「 Yes. If that’s what Yo-chan wants 」

「 In that case, Yoshi-kun might hate me! he might be wholly absorbed by the other girls in our school 」

Is that what you really feel, Megu?

「 But you see, that’s not a bad thing. Megu-chan, do you think that Yo-chan will keep on switching with the girls in our school and have a harem? 」

「 I’m worried 」

「 Stupid. It won’t happen. Even if Yo-chan finds a girl he wants to have sex with, then it’ll probably be just one. If it’s that much, then we accept it. Yo-chan should also have a sex friend in school 」 」

Nei speaks in confidence.

「 After all, I don’t want to boast, but we’re much cuter and prettier than the girls in school, Yo-chan loves us! 」

She smiled.

「No girl shines brighter than us that fits Yo-chan’s tastes! 」


「 If that’s the case then why am I going to watch some peeping videos? 」

I know that Nei, Megu, Mana, Agnes, Ruriko, and my other women are super class beauties.

The ordinary girls in our school can’t compare.

「 Well, Yo-chan’s looking only at us recently! That’s why we’d like you to look at normal girls once more! If you do that, you can reconfirm our beauty, right? 」


「 Oh, I see, Yo-chan’s been eating only delicious food recently, so he’ll soon forget what’s delicious and not if he doesn’t eat average food once in a while! 」

Mana said.

「 That’s right. That’s why Yo-chan should see the naked bodies of an average female student! 」


  1. Like the N word