Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 637. Bad girl. Bad girl. Ordinary Girl.



「 Huh? What? Sex? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised by what Agnes said.

At that moment.

Michi moves swiftly.


「 Hii!! 」

Michi stands before Hoshizaki-san as if she teleported from behind Misuzu, and then sticks out her fist right in front of Hoshizaki-san.

She’s done it all in just a few seconds.

「 W-What? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised. Michi slowly opens her clenched fist.

Stretching out the fingers one by one,

Hoshizaki-san’s eyes unconsciously follow Michi’s fingers.


「 Look me in the eye 」

Michi withdraws her hands.

Michi’s big eyes are right in front of her.

「 Look. Eyes 」

Michi prompts her. Hoshizaki-san stares into Michi’s eyes.

「 Hauuuu 」

Michi’s Shingetsu has captured Hoshizaki-san’s mind.

Katsuko-nee’s drug should be going in effect soon.

Hoshizaki-san’s caught in the trap.

「 It’s bad to lie to others, right? 」

Michi asks Hoshizaki-san while staring into Hoshizaki-san’s eyes.

「 Huh? What? 」

「 Do you think that it’s wrong to lie? 」


「 Yes, I think 」

「 Then, from now on, you should never lie to us 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You will never lie to the people in this place until you die. Okay? 」

「 That’s 」

「 Swear to us, Hoshizaki Kana-san 」

Michi’s Qi is tying up Hoshizaki-san.

「 Everyone in here is your friends, you don’t lie to your friends. That’s how it is 」

「 Y-Yeah, r-right. Friends. Everyone. That’s why I shouldn’t lie! 」

The Qi’s domination penetrates.

「 Our leader here is that man over there. Therefore, please swear to our Master that you won’t lie to him until you die? 」

「 Breadboy? Swear? 」

「 Yes, it’s simple. All you have to do is to promise never to lie. You’re not losing anything. You’re just trying to avoid doing the wrong, so it’s actually better if you swear 」

「 Ah, you’re right, not lying is a good thing 」

Hoshizaki-san looks at me.

「 Err, I won’t lie to you 」

Hoshizaki-san is clearly confused.

She’s following what Michi tells her, but her mind must be thinking “Is this really okay?”


「 Shouldn’t you say “until death, no matter what?” 」

I say while staring into Hoshizaki-san’s eyes.

「 Ah, r-right. Yes. I. I won’t lie. Until I die. To you people. I swear 」

「 Who’s “I” 」

「 Huh? Me? Hoshizaki Kana 」

「 Yes. Name yourself and speak in one go. Just like how the athletes do their oath of fair play. You must have manners, right? 」

I push Hoshizaki-san’s mind.

「 Ah, right, yeah 」

My words push her.

「 Second year Class 2, Hoshizaki Kana, swears to never lie to you all for the rest of my life! Is that okay? 」

That’s just the first step of the invasion.

「 It doesn’t need to be like that. I don’t have anything to worry about, I just have to tell the truth 」

She mutters to convince herself.

「 Okay, well then, Hoshizaki-san will start answering our questions honestly! 」

Nei starts the conversation.

「 Then, first question. Hoshizaki-san, what do you think of us now? 」

Hoshizaki-san speaks.

「 Didn’t you swear just now? 」

Michi’s Qi stimulates Hoshizaki-san’s mind.

「 T-To be honest, I’m a bit afraid 」

Hoshizaki-san replied.

「 What are you afraid of? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 Because you all look like someone from a different world 」

「 I see. Then, first of all, we, oh wait, did you really believe that these two are Kouzuki ladies? 」

Nei asks.

「 Well, I did. After all, Fujimiya Reika was real, and Nikita was real. Besides 」

Hoshizaki-san stares at Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 I didn’t know which school was their uniforms from at first but, I’ve seen the two in TV news. They were wearing a party dress together with a big-shot from a foreign country 」


The Russian Film Festival during the holidays in May.

Misuzu and Ruriko gave bouquets to the Prime Minister of Japan and a high official in Russia.

That clip was released to the mass media.

「 I can tell that they’re the real ladies of Kouzuki house. That’s why I feel a bit scared 」

「 What are you scared about? 」

Nei asks further.

「 Because I thought that I can ask for a lot of things when we become friends. No, I guessed 」


「 Somehow, the way they sit is really graceful and elegant. They felt like the real deal, so I feel scared 」

Ruriko’s staring in puzzlement.

「 Was I that scary, Onii-sama? 」


「 I don’t get it, but it might be the case for an ordinary high school student like Hoshizaki-san 」

「 People hold fear in what they can’t predict how to react 」

Nei said.

「 We’re in the same generation and yet she feels like your interests and or sense of humor are different than hers. That’s why she’s afraid 」

「 Is that so? I am aware that my hobbies are different from Hoshizaki-san, but I don’t feel scared 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s because Ruri-chan’s confident in your way of living. Therefore, even when you see someone with a different sense of values, you think “I am myself, they are themselves” But for Hoshizaki-san 」

「 She’s only lived with people with the same values as herself. Well, she’s an ordinary high school student, so it’s natural 」

Nei said. Katsuko-nee adds.

「 For example, how much is your monthly allowance, Hoshizaki-san? 」

Nei asks.

「 10k yen 」

「 Does that include your mobile plan? 」

「 Yes, it is 」

10k yen.

That’s her life.

「 Well, that’s an average number for second-year high school students. I think it’s above average? Hoshizaki-san has to make do with that budget! 」

Nei smiles.

Come to think of it, if I recall, Yukino’s receiving a considerable amount of money every month.

I guess she’s also out of the ordinary.

「 Well, enough of that, another question. Hoshizaki-san. You mentioned that you’ll profit when you become friends with the Kouzuki ladies, what do you mean by that? 」


「 Well, I’m talking about job finding 」

Oh, Kouzuki group has a lot of big companies after all.

「 And then, I thought that they would give me information about bargains 」


「 Thinking that they’d bring me on a limited bargain on a brand or something like that 」

Misuzu and Ruriko won’t go to bargain sales though.

I mean, they’d buy items at a listing price. I’m sure.

They’d even have the store deliver it to them.

「 Also, I thought that they might introduce me to celebrities and such 」

So that’s her aim.

「 Hoshizaki-san, who’s your favorite? 」

「 I don’t have anyone in mind, but if I get a photo with someone known, then I can boast it to my friends. I thought that a high-class daughter can easily get tickets for a live concert. Ah, speaking of which, I think I have someone I like at the moment 」

The command “cannot lie” is working.

「 Who’s that? 」

「 The comedian. Snatch 」

Snatch. What a popular guy.

「 What about Francie? 」

Nei asks.

「 I hate living gays 」

Hoshizaki-san replied immediately.

「 Beautiful gays should just stay in 2D world 」


「 She’s much more interesting than we thought 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 I thought that she’s just a cute girl, but she has quite the taste 」

Yeah, she feels like someone who lives with such vitality.

「 Then, Hoshizaki-san, since you really want to become friends with us, do you have the resolve? 」

Nei asks with a smile.

「 Well, yes. It’s a rare chance for me, and I’ll lose it if I don’t hold onto it 」

「 What about Yo-chan and me? 」

「 Well, as long as I can get along with the ladies of Kouzuki house, I’ll use you two without problems. Natou-san and Breadboy, and even the little sister 」

She’s bound by her oath, so Hoshizaki-san keeps on talking.

Oh, in the end, she thinks of Mana, Nei, and me as tools to get into Misuzu.

「 By the way, what do you think of me? 」

Nei asks.

「 A strange woman, you’re even repeating a year 」

She spits out words that could stab Nei.

「 Back then, when you were a delinquent, we hardly see each other in school, there was no harm, but recently, you were boasting your black hair, don’t you, Natou-san? 」

「 I-I don’t boast my hair okay! 」

「 You do. If boys approach you, then that’s a massive problem for me 」

「 Why is it a problem? 」

「 Because a delinquent before is now living a new life. That’s character development. Mine suffers! 」

Hoshizaki-san said flatly.

「 In the first place, Natou-san, you were the cutest girl in our school, and yet you repeated a year, you plan to compete with me, don’t you? 」

「 No no no no 」

Nei shakes her head.

「 You definitely want to. That’s why I took your invitation thinking that I can get hold of your weakness 」


「 She really is interesting 」

Ruriko’s impressed.

「 It is my first time meeting someone who thinks this way 」

「 What do you mean? 」

I ask Ruriko.

「 Well, she only looks at things right in front of her 」

What does that mean?

「 She only worries about her employment years ahead, also, bargain sales, celebrities, and lastly, the case of Nei-chan taking away her popularity. All of it is just momentary. There is no idea of seeing the bigger picture or thinking of long term. She’s very nearsighted with her goals 」

I see.

Simply put, Hoshizaki-san doesn’t think anything deeply.

She just follows her desires that she felt on the spot.

「 That said, you all have only smart people surround you 」

Katsuko-nee tells Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 The Kouzuki branch families and even the executives, though they have self-righteousness, they all are smart, they consider everything on a long-term perspective, don’t they? If not, a large corporation like Kouzuki group won’t work 」

Right, those people are calculating.

They think of which is better in long-term and act accordingly.

As one would expect, they don’t leave themselves to their momentary desires.

That’s why when Jii-chan introduced me as Misuzu’s partner, they accepted.

Even though they don’t like it.

They know that they shouldn’t go against Jii-chan’s decision right there.

They have to suppress their emotions.

「 The other executives will stab them from behind if they’re swept by their emotions. Genuine idiots disappear. That’s how a first-class organization works 」

Yeah, if it’s only on the level where Endou’s father operates, then,

There will be idiots who can’t suppress their emotions.

「 Grandfather’s school is an excellent place to train in a sense 」

Misuzu said.

「 Each of them is born from a blessed bloodline so they may act arrogantly but, when they receive guidance from Grandfather as a group, they keep looking at each other 」

If the Jii-chan’s students keep checking at each other, then they need to learn how to control their emotions.

Oh, so that’s why the factions are necessary.

If they glare at each other like that, they’ll learn how to hold back. Both of them.

「 But I think there are more ordinary children like Hoshizaki-san. Only a percent of the population have made decisions in the future while still in middle or high school and is already working hard building a long-term plan 」

Katsuko-nee’s right

Well, there are already students who are starting activities aiming to become professional sportsmen and artists.

However, most of the students don’t think of the future.

No, they can’t. It can’t come into their minds.

On the contrary, they already are doing their best about the immediate task and everything before their eyes.

Just like Hoshizaki-san.

「 Right, even I couldn’t have thought of anything beyond April 」

My father disappeared.

`Alone in the house, abandoned.

I felt hopelessness on everything in this world.

「 I see, now, I have decided to become a baker, resolved to protect my family, it all happened from the circumstances 」

I’m also one of the students who only see what was in front of me.

From the start, I’m different from Misuzu and Ruriko who shoulder the burden of Kouzuki house.

I’m different from Michi who’s already a professional bodyguard, succeeding the Kudou style.

「 Me too, I was a high school student, and I haven’t thought of the future. I was just thinking of having fun every day 」

Katsuko-nee was kidnapped in her first year and turned to a prostitute.

「 Me too, until we moved to the US 」

Nei went to America due to her father’s job transfer and her family’s killed by a criminal.

「 Well, Agnes-chan and I are the same. The common sense of this world is just turned over for us 」

Mana said.

Mana fell into a fate where she has to abandon her past as Shirasaka Maika.

Agnes just got out of the basement where she was confined in since birth.

「 Hey, Hoshizaki-san 」

Nei asks.

「 Earlier, Hoshizaki-san was talking about wanting to go to a decent level university 」

「 Yes, that’s my plan 」

「 Christian or English? 」

「 I don’t care either way. Even undergraduate will do. Next year, I’ll check my skills and make a decision by then 」

Hoshizaki-san said.

「 Are you okay with that? 」

「 Doesn’t matter, you know, some universities have high evaluation only for a specific department, right? Like **** law school or **** University picks only from the English department. I need to think of that when looking for a job 」

「 As for jobs, what kind of company does Hoshizaki-san want to enter? 」

Nei asks with a serious look.

「 Hmmm, I still don’t know. I’d like to go to a known reasonable company but, ah, IT or logistics are a bit no 」

「 You don’t have anything specific in mind 」

「 That’s obvious, I just have to use my time as a third year in college to think about getting hired for real! I don’t need to make decisions now 」

Hoshizaki-san said and laughed.

「 Natou-san, you talked about martial arts business or something stupid earlier, but I think you should think of your future seriously! That wasn’t funny even as a joke! 」

Hoshizaki-san thinks that Nei and Margo-san’s plan was a joke.

「 Oh, is it about Margo-chan’s overseas trip? 」

Katsuko-nee cuts in.

「 For now, we have 100 million yen ready as current funds. Kyouko-san’s also talking about a promoter in Las Vegas, the plan is to move during winter this year, right? 」

「 Yeah, I also invested 10 million yen from my account 」

Nei said.

Nei also receives a reward for the jobs she and Margo-san did for Minaho-neesan.

She decided to invest some of those.

「 Shou-oneesan’s contacting local subsidiaries from the Kouzuki group. At first, the plan was to provide money by ourselves, but it seems that she found a sponsor already 」

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised.

「 Sorry, we were serious about that. Also, we have the power to do it. Authority, assets, and violence 」

Nei said.

「 Unlike Hoshizaki-san, we’re special 」

And then.

「 Hoshizaki-san, you have mentioned earlier that you want to become friends with us because it has benefits, am I wrong? 」

Misuzu talks to Hoshizaki-san.

「 However, Hoshizaki-san, there’s something much more beneficial than becoming friends 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Would you like to become our ally? 」


「 Ally? 」

「 Yes, an ally. We cannot let you enter our family, but at least, we’d like you to be our ally 」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko.

「 Nei-chan’s amazing as ever, to think that you laid your eyes first at Hoshizaki-san 」

「 I feel the same way, I think that having someone like her is meaningful 」

What are you two talking about?

「 Yes, I was only looking for girls who are obedient and docile to offer to Danna-sama, however, 」

「 Me too. But, Onii-sama would be pleased to make a girl with strong ego yield to him 」

「 No, girls. Yo-chan likes girls who are cute, meek, and obedient. But you know, he also likes Yukino-chan 」

Nei smiles.

「 I think that having Hoshizaki-san as the first would be better. She creates the decision 」

Hoshizaki-san senses the unsettling atmosphere.

「 Uhm, what is this about? What about becoming an ally? 」

「 Hey, do you know what kind of group everyone in here is? 」

Nei asks.

「 Strange, isn’t it? Hoshizaki-san, you came with me to the house where the director lives in and yet, there’s the two ladies of Kouzuki house and their bodyguard over there. And then, Yo-chan’s little sister, a mysteriously beautiful blonde-haired half-foreign girl, and even a maid 」

「 Well, I don’t understand it. Natou-san just brought me here 」

Hoshizaki-san tells Nei.

「 This mansion is indeed owned by the school director, but that’s not all 」

Then, she points at me with her hand.

「 This is Yo-chan’s harem. We all are women Yo-chan loves! 」

「 H-Harem? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised.

「 Congratulations, Hoshizaki-san! You’re a bit of a low-quality and a bit of radical thinker for an ordinary girl but, Hoshizaki-san’s beautiful! I can guarantee you that you’re the number one most beautiful in our school! 」

「 T-Thanks 」

Hoshizaki-san says thanks unconsciously.

「 That’s why, Hoshizaki-san, You are qualified to enter Yo-chan’s harem! Congratulations! 」

「 H-Hey! Wait! What? Breadboy, what?! 」

Hoshizaki-san points at me.

「 Doesn’t he have a fiance? That first-year girl from the track-and-field club, right? 」

「 And also, he’s my Danna-sama. 」

「 My Onii-sama, and I am a sex slave 」

Misuzu and Ruriko said.

「 My Master. Of course, that means I’m also a sex slave 」

「 My Onii-chan, of course, Mana’s a sex slave 」

Michi and Mana.

「 He’s also my husband, I love him 」

「 Agnes loves having sex with Papa 」

Katsuko-nee. Agnes.

「 And he’s also my beloved brother! I love him too much that I gave him my virginity. Ehehehehe! 」

Lastly, Nei smiles at Hoshizaki-san.

「 W-What?!????!!! 」

「 And so, lastly, What do you think Yo-chan? Do you want Hoshizaki-san? 」


「 If you do, how much do you want from her? Body? Mind? Her life? 」

I look at Hoshizaki-san.

She’s wearing white tennis wear.

A well-proportioned face, big eyes.

A healthy slender body and yet she has the swell.

「 Answer honestly, Yo-chan 」

I replied honestly.

「 Of course, I can’t let Hoshizaki-san enter our family. She’s…Different 」

She has her family.

She doesn’t seek one.

「 However, I want her, specifically her body 」

Yeah, I want to have sex with her.

I want to violate this body of hers.

「 Then, that’s decided! Hoshizaki-san is now Yo-chan’s slave from now on! 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 H-Hey! Wait! 」

Hoshizaki-san’s head can’t follow what’s happening.

「 By the way, which do you prefer, Hoshizaki-san? Rape or Sex? 」

Nei asks. Hoshizaki-san.

「 Stop this joke! 」

At that moment.

「 Hauuuuu!! 」

Michi’s Shingetsu took complete control over Hoshizaki-san’s body.

Up until now, only a fraction of it penetrates her.

But now, it’s 100%

「 My my, that’s dangerous 」

Katsuko-nee supports Hoshizaki-san who’s about to collapse.

「 For now, Yo-chan, do you want it to be rape? 」


「 I prefer it that way 」

There’s no point in hiding my desires before my women here.

「 It’s getting hotter, shall we take off our clothes? 」

Katsuko-nee said laughing.

「 I made you wait, Agnes 」

I tell her.

「 Is Agnes going to have sex? 」

「 No, not just you. We’re all going to have sex now, Agnes 」

「 In that case, let’s go to the other room 」

Nei opens the door to the next room.

「 Aaaaaaaa 」

Looking at the dimly lit bedroom.

Hoshizaki-san leaks a sigh of despair.