Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 671. Luna’s sex Education 2 / Crawling tongues



「 N-Noo! I’m scared! 」

Luna trembles as my dark read penis come close to her.

Luna in her underwear, sitting on the bright red bed is sweating.

「 It’s okay, there’s no need to be afraid 」

「 Yes, it’s Onii-sama after all 」

Agnes and Ruriko smile gently from Luna’s sides.

「 Look, Papa’s thing is getting big. It’s cute! 」

「 Ufufu, it looks delicious 」

Ruriko kisses my glans.

「 Ah, Ruri-oneechan, that’s unfair! 」

Agnes also grabs the root of my penis and crawls her tongue all over.

「 Luna, you should lick it like this before having sex! When you do, Papa looks like he’s feeling good! 」

「 Even after sex. You have to suck out the remaining semen inside after Onii-sama ejaculates 」

「 It means cleansing with your mouth! 」

The two are sucking on my penis alternately like it’s natural.

「 Luna, how about you try it as well? 」

Agnes said.

「 I-I can’t do that 」

「 You can. Agnes does it every day 」

「 Me too, I do suck on it almost every day, even if I don’t have sex 」

Agnes and Ruriko replied.

「 Ugugu, is this the difference in living with Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu asks Michi.

「 Seriously, I can’t accept this! 」

Michi replied.

「 The two are special. Katsu-nee or I don’t give Yo-chan fellatio that much 」

Nei said while holding her camera.

「 Agnes and Ruriko are the most spoiled girls among us. That’s why they cling to Yo-chan always. Right? 」

Nei said.

But actually, Edie also comes to suck on my penis almost every day.

She’s good at finding opportunities when there are no people around.

Yet, when there’s a lot of women, she doesn’t participate, like now.

She’s like a cat in a way.

「 If we’re talking about spoiled, then Mao-chan’s also spoiled 」

Agnes protests against Nei.

「 But Mao-chan doesn’t suck on Yo-chan’s penis! 」

Nei smiles wryly.

「 Well, that’s because Mao-chan’s still small! Once Mao-chan grows big, she’ll join Agnes on licking! 」

No, Mao-chan is, well…

Somehow, the feeling of taking care of her as my daughter is getting stronger.

To be honest, I don’t know whether it’s okay to have sex with Mao-chan now.

「 Agnes-san, we’re in the middle of fellating, concentrate 」

Ruriko warns Agnes.

「 Ah, sorry about that, Papa 」

Agnes looks up at me and then stuffs my glans inside her mouth.

「 Luna, Papa feels good when you lick him in here 」

Agnes licks below the glans.

「 See? Luna, it’s about time you join us, desuno! You’ll do this every day, desuno! You should learn this as soon as possible, desuno! 」

Agnes invites Luna.

「 Every day? 」

「 Yes, desuno. Together with Agnes 」

「 Yes, serving Onii-sama is a sex slave’s work, our work 」

Ruriko tells her.

「 Do you not find it unpleasant? 」

Luna can’t understand, it seems.

「 It’s not unpleasant. It’s Papa! 」

「 Yes. I was born to serve Onii-sama 」

Ruriko parts from me and goes to Luna.

「 It goes the same for you. Your lips, your cute breasts, your genital that hasn’t accepted a man’s genital yet, they are all for Onii-sama. That is your fate 」

「 My fate? 」

「 Yes, just like me 」

「 Agnes is the same too! 」

In the end.

Our family relationship is twisted.

We have deviated from both the common sense and social ethics.

I’m aware that we’re doing the absurd.

No, it’s not just me. All the women in the senior group know.

Once you realize that you’re mad, that would be the only way to live your life.

They were the group whose fates were turned upside down because of Shirasaka Sousuke.

They cannot return to their normal lives.

They can’t blend in with the lives of ordinary people as they have been kidnapped and turned to prostitute as their past.

Even if Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa were to confess their true suffering, ordinary people would never understand them.

They’ll give an odd look, or try to be half-hearted sympathetic, but they cannot support mentally.

Therefore, they have no choice but to hide in Kuromori, a criminal organization, and live with their past.

They made a resolve to live with their distortions.


「 Ruriko thank the Gods for making me Onii-sama’s sex slave 」

「 Agnes too! 」

Ruriko and Agnes are not twisted.

These two are pure.

They believe that having sex with me is their destiny.

「 Onii-sama! 」

「 Papa! 」

And, that’s what the two need.

Ruriko’s under the impression that she’s living to become the successor of Kouzuki house ever since she was a kid.

However, Ruriko’s father betrayed Jii-chan.

Jii-chan himself ordered Ruriko’s father’s execution.

As Ruriko’s father judgment passed on, Ruriko thought that she cannot inherit the Kouzuki house anymore.

Ruriko’s identity since childhood was about to collapse.

Therefore, Jii-chan sold Ruriko to me as a sex slave.

I treated Ruriko as a sex slave thoroughly.

As a result, Ruriko now sees the meaning of her existence as my sex slave.

She’ll help Misuzu and Yoshiko-san to become the next generation Kouzuki house, however,

Ruriko’s base is just my slave.

Therefore, she no longer is desperate thinking that “I must do my best as the successor.”

The future of Kouzuki house will b pushed for the good of my family.

She thinks that way now so she enjoys doing housework in the mansion and helping out her little sisters.

「 What’s wrong, Papa? 」

「 No, nothing, Agnes 」

Then, Agnes.

Agnes now understands that I’m not her real “Papa.”

But, Agnes,

She’s taught since birth that she exists only to satisfy her “Papa (Shirasaka Sousuke) sexually.”

She was made to worship the naked statue of Shirasaka Sousuke, watch his sex videos, and masturbate to him three times a day.

「 Agnes, you’re getting better. It feels good 」

「 I love Papa after all 」

What will happen to Agnes if she understands her life objective through the eyes of common sense?

That her real father made her become a sex slave.

Will Agnes be able to accept that reality?

Will Agnes’ heart survive through it?

「 Agnes, stay by my side forever. Don’t leave 」

「 Why do you say that Papa? Agnes will never leave Papa 」

Agnes rubs her nipples on my glans.

Inside, Agnes is afraid.

That I would abandon her for I’m not her real “Papa.”

Therefore, she serves me with all her best.

「 I can’t live without Agnes. I can’t think of it 」

「 Agnes too 」

Agnes hugs me.

「 I love you, Papa. I love you, Papa. I love you, Papa, 」

「 Agnes 」

「 I have Onee-chan right now, but Papa’s the most important to Agnes., Agnes wants to be with Papa forever. Agnes wants to have sex with Papa every day! 」

Her days on that basement are nothing but a fantasy created by Shirasaka Sousuke’s delusions.

Now that she’s out of it, Agnes’ reality is to have sex with me.

「 Agnes can feel Papa’s feelings when having sex. Agnes can feel that Papa really loves, really cares about Agnes 」

「 Me too 」

Ruriko said.

「 Likewise, sex with Onii-sama is my everything. I can see the truth in Onii-sama’s heart, just how much he loves me. I feel that I am loved. Onii-sama is an honest person, so all of his thoughts are transmitted through sex. To be honest, I don’t fully trust my Grandfather. However, I can entrust my mind and body to Onii-sama. After all, Onii-sama puts our hearts ahead of everything 」

Ruriko looks at Luna.

「 Yes, I understand now why Onii-sama chose Agnes-san and me as partners for Luna-san’s first experience 」

She smiled.

「 Luna-san is in the same position as us 」

「 Same? 」

Luna’s surprised.

「 Yes. There are no options left for us but to follow Onii-sama 」

Their parents are killed.

They were chased away from the shrine they were born and raised in.

Yakuza wants to take their lives.

If they were to live, their life would be to serve the Yakuza for their entire life.

Even if they were made shrine maidens for form’s sake, their fate would be to give birth to a child of Yakuza through arbitration.

I can now understand why Luna’s parents didn’t teach her about sex.

If someone born as the Takakura shrine maiden learns the sense of love and sex from common sense, then they’ll suffer from the gap with the life of a shrine maiden.

It will be painful for them to live.

「 But Luna-san, please be at ease. Everything’s okay now. Onii-sama still has the room to accept Luna-san 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yes, it’s okay now Luna! 」

Agnes also smiles.

「 Luna-san is now a sex slave, just like Mitchi, Mana-san, and me. It’s good fortune that you become Onii-sama’s sex slave. It’s excellent that Grandfather approved it beforehand 」

「 Uhm, what does that mean? 」

Luna asks Ruriko.

「 This is the best fate Luna-san can hope for 」


To become my sex slave and have our family watch over.

「 I am the same 」

Ruriko is satisfied being my sex slave.

She wants to live by my side than to live always feeling the burden as a Kouzuki house’s successor.

「 Being a sex slave is the best! 」

Agnes tells Luna.

「 After all, that means you’ll be with Agnes all the time! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Look over there, that camera with a red light in it 」

I point at the camera on the wall.

Minaho-neesan or Katsuko-nee should be controlling the camera remotely,.

This feed should be reaching Jii-chan as well.

「 Okay. First would be naming yourself 」

The Naked Ruriko talks to the half-naked Luna sitting upright on the bed.

「 Takakura LUna 」

「 What’s your age? 」

「 !2-years-old 」

「 Luna-san, have you ever had sex before? 」

「 N-Never 」

「 Do you know what sex is? 」

「 Well, Kuromori-sama and that girl over there showed an example but, I still don’t understand it 」

Luna looks at Mana.

「 It means Papa’s penis is going inside Luna’s crotch. Then, both move their bodies, rubbing this inside your stomach. Then, it feels good. Papa will pour his baby seeds inside Luna, and it’s complete. That’s the first round. Agnes likes to do it three times in a row. Ah, five times is okay too! 」

Agnes tells Luna as she plays with my penis while I lie on the bed.

「 That big thing can’t possibly go inside 」

「 It will. look at this! 」

Agnes gets on top of me.

We’re having cowgirl sex.

「 Okay, look at here. This is the entrance 」

She places my glans on her opening.

「 Look, it goes in 」


The vagina secreting love nectar swallows in my glans.

「 It really went in 」

Luna’s shocked.

「 Yes, desuno. Agnes can do it, and we’re at the same age. Luna, you can do this too, Kuuuu 」

Agnes’ vagina swallows me to the root.

Luna’s shock is bigger than watching Mana have sex with me, since Mana’s older.

「 Can you see it? Agnes and Papa is connected 」

「 U-Un 」

「 Luna will connect to Papa this way as well 」

「 ………… 」

「 Then, you start moving your waist like this 」


She moves her small ass round and round.

Then sometimes, she pushes her ass up and down.

This time, she’s moving it in a rhythmic piston.

「 Hauuu, It feels good. Papa’s thing is hitting Agnes’ good zones. I’ll look for more while moving my waist 」

Agnes is moving and taking the lead instead of me ravishing her.

Therefore, Luna’s watching us have sex without feeling horror.

Her mouth’s open wide, she’s dumbfounded.

「 Aaah, aaaah, Papa! It feels good 」

「 You can’t, Agnes-san. Right now, you have to teach Luna-san about sex. You should let go now 」

「 Uuuugh 」

「 Agnes, stop 」

I said. Agnes stops moving her waist.

「 Okay. Then, observe the part where Onii-sama’s penis pulls out of Agnes 」

Ruriko said. Agnes raised her waist reluctantly.


Agnes’ love nectar covers my swelling penis.


My penis came out of Agnes’ slit.

Agnes’ love nectar stretches a string and shines.

「 Well then, I’m next 」

Ruriko gets on top of me, replacing Agnes.

「 Please take a look. Here I come, Hmmn 」

Ruriko thrusts my penis inside her vagina.

「 Haaa, it’s inside now 」

Ruriko’s inside is also hot and moist.

My penis invades Ruriko’s vagina, pushing through the narrow path.


I think Agnes has it hotter inside.

But, Ruriko’s inner texture feels more complicated.

In simple tightness, the 12-year-old Agnes is stronger, but.

Ruriko’s vagina is sucking on my penis.

Each of my women has a different taste in sex.

「 Okay, i-it all went in 」

Ruriko shows off the connected part to Luna.

「 Show it to Tsukiko-san and Yomiko-san as well 」

Misuzu tells the two.

「 You can understand it now, Women’s body is designed to accept men this way 」

Mana, Agnes, and Ruriko. The three of them shows off raw sex.

Even the Takakura sisters would understand that this is the correct method for humans.

「 However, that doesn’t mean that any men will do. Luna-san is Onii-sama’s sex slave just like me, you will only accept Onii-sama’s penis for your lifetime 」

「 Yes, you’ll give birth only to Papa’s child. That’s why you can’t have sex with anyone but Papa 」

Agnes said. Luna’s body trembles.

「 A child? I 」

「 Look at this 」

Ruriko ignores Luna’s remark and starts moving her hips.

「 Aaahn, It feels good! Onii-sama’s thing is poking me deep inside! Ufufufu 」

「 Ruri-oneechan, it’s time 」

Agnes stops Ruriko this time.

「 That’s unfortunate but, there’s no other way 」

Ruriko pulls my dick out of her vagina.

「 Kuun! Do you understand now? Sex is a pleasant thing! 」

「 You have to endure the first ten times at least though 」

Luna’s stiffened, showing a confused look.

「 Then, Luna-san, please try it as well 」

「 Do your best, we’re here to support you 」


Then, it’s about time. Luna.

I get up and go to Luna.

「 N-No. No 」

Luna’s teeth are gritting from fear.

「 Don’t be afraid 」

「 Yes, leave everything to Onii-sama 」

Agnes and Ruriko hug Luna from both sides.

「 H-Help me! Tsukiko-oneesama! 」

「 Luna-sama! 」

Tsukiko tries to come instinctively, but.

「 You mustn’t, Tsukiko-san 」

Misuzu stops her.

「 Please take a seat 」

Michi too.

「 I-If you do anything cruel to Luna I won’t forgive you! 」

Yomiko says, but.

「 He won’t. We all do that with Onii-chan after all 」

Mana said.

「 Besides, Tsukiko-san and Yomiko-san are about to experience it later. It’s better to be quiet and watch for now so it will go well when it’s your time 」

Nei lowers the camera and tells the other two.

Now then.

I hug the half-naked Luna.

「 Hiiiigu! 」

This 12-year-old never experienced a naked man with an erect penis hugging her.

Luna’s showing rejection from our skin making contact.

Her smooth skin’s hair turns to goose bumps right away.

It’s been a while since I’m exposed to this disgust.

「 Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared 」

「 Yes, It’s Papa. Don’t worry 」

The two whisper on Luna’s ears.

「 Okay, take a deep breath 」

I touch Luna’s back and slowly caress it.

「 Okay, take a deep breath 」

「 Let’s do it together. Breathe in, Suu…Haaa 」

「 Haa. desuno 」

Luna takes a deep breath, matching with Ruriko and Agnes.

「 Luna’s heart is beating hard 」

I can feel Luna’s heartbeat.

Luna’s whole body is hot, she’s sweating even to her hair.

「 Once we’re done, let’s take a bath. Agnes, wash Luna’s hair, okay? 」

「 Okay, desuno 」

「 Also, Luna, wash Agnes’ hair 」

I tell Luna.

「 Papa, Agnes wants Papa to wash our bodies 」

「 Sure, I’ll do that 」

「 If that’s the case, Onii-sama, I would like to wash your back in “soapland style,” which I learned from Katsuko-oneesama 」

Ruriko laughs.

「 Ruriko, I’ll join that! 」

Misuzu said from the side.

「 Kuh, I soapland is a handicap 」

Michi mutters.

「 It’s not. Michi-oneechan, we can do it as long as there’s love 」

Mana said laughing

「 You all 」

Luna looks up at me.

「 Why are you all so calm? 」


「 I’m so scared, afraid that I’m about to cry, and yet 」


「 Well, what we’re about to do is a daily occurrence to us 」

「 That’s right. Onii-sama having sex with us every day is natural 」

「 Therefore, there’s no need to be afraid at all 」

Ruriko and Agnes smile.

「 Yeah, this will be Luna’s every day as well 」

I lick on Luna’s nape.

「 Kuhi! 」

Luna trembles.

「 Well then, it’s about time I see your breasts 」

I reach for Luna’s chest.

「 T-That’s 」

Luna tries to hide her chest with her hands, but

「 No 」

「 You mustn’t 」

Agnes and Ruriko hold Luna’s hand.

「 Yes, that’s a cute breast 」

Luna’s chest is wrapped in a simple children’s bra.

It’s already puffing up.

Her sister, Yomiko’s a loli-big-tits after all.

Luna might grow big in the future. I’m looking forward to it.

「 Is this the type that slides out? 」

I can’t see the hook anywhere.

「 Yes, I think so 」

Ruriko said so.

「 Then, I’ll touch them 」

First, on top of her bra.


「 Yeah, it’s still hard as expected 」

It feels dense and thick.

「 P-Please don’t touch me there 」

Luna says as I massage her chest.

「 no. Papa loves touching and licking on breasts 」


Do I really look like I love breasts so much?

「 But, Luna will come to love being touched and licked soon. Agnes was the same after all 」

「 Me too 」

Ruriko said.

「 I do not have much breasts for Master to enjoy, but I love it when he touches it and licks it 」


「 I also like touching and licking on Michi’s breasts 」

You should really take out that insecurity already, Michi.

「 Breasts aren’t about the volume, it’s about the sensitivity. I love it when Michi looks happy when I touch it 」

「 Master! 」

「 Hey, Yo-chan! My big tits are sensitive too! 」


「 You already know that I love your breasts the most, Ya-chan! 」

「 Ehehe. I know. I’m just kidding. Really, that’s so cute, Yo-chan! 」1

I finally pulled up Luna’s bra while we’re talking.

「 Nooo 」

Ruriko and Agnes hold down Luna who’s desperately resisting.

「 Ooh, that’s a cute nipple 」

Luna’s nipples are already raised even though she’s still 12.

「 Your breasts have a good shape too. Yes 」

I use my palm to feel the raw puff.

I rub her nipples with my thumb.

「 I don’t like that! 」

Luna says, but.

「 Then, how about I do this? 」

I suck on Luna’s pink nipples.

「 Hiiyaaaaa!!! 」

I lick on her left nipple.

I put it in my mouth and roll my tongue.

「 N-Noooooo!! 」

「 Don’t be afraid. Sharpen your senses, look, can you feel the shiver inside your body when Onii-sama licks on your nipples? 」

Ruriko whispers to Luna.

「 That’s what feels good 」

I continue to suck on Luna’s nipples.

「 Look, Papa’s licking on Luna’s breasts deliciously. 」 Look at it, Luna 」

Agnes said. Luna looks at me.

「 My breasts are being licked 」

「 That’s right. Luna’s breasts are for Papa to lick on 」

「 See? It feels good, doesn’t it? Luna-san 」

The whispers from both sides raise Luna’s sexual arousal.


  1. Nei asserting dominance