Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 684. Necessary and Absolute



「 Me?」

Why am I suited as Tsukiko’s first sex partner?

「 Yo-chan doesn’t have sex with his own desires. He thinks of the partner and doesn’t do anything unreasonable if she’s a virgin 」

Nei said.

「 Even if his heart is seen through, only his love for the family and this thoughts of not letting Tsukiko-san fell to misfortune is the only thing she sees 」

No, I.

「 I’ve got a dirty heart though. After all, I’m such a bad guy that I have nothing to be complimented on at all 」

「 Well, if Yo-chan thinks that then sure, but it’s better than some random men passing through the street 」


「 Because ordinary people move for their own greed 」

「 Nei-chan’s right. If Grandfather’s subordinate were to do the same instructions, I think that they won’t care about Tsukiko-san at all and force them to have sex 」

Misuzu said.

「 If not, will they be able to have sex with a young girl, and even a virgin 」

「 No, I get what Misuzu and Nei are trying to say, but I’m also trying to meet Jii-chan’s expectations. If not, I wouldn’t have accepted this one 」

Jii-chan mentioned that having sex with the Takakura-sisters is necessary for Kuromori.

Therefore, I had sex with these girls.

「 Even so, Kuromorio-sama, you did your best in thinking on what you can do for us sisters who can’t do anything to make us happy 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Showing your heart to me made me understand 」


「 No, don’t mind me. Still, let’s think of the future 」

I change the topic.

「 I have to report the results to Jii-chan tomorrow 」


I’ve taken Luna’s custody in advance.

Yomiko isn’t suited to become a prostitute.

And Tsukiko.

「 Having one’s heart read through every time you have sex is definitely something that would burst the prostitute’s heart 」

I guess she also can’t.

「 That said, I think that the wandering shrine maidens do have sex with anyone who wants to and see through their mind during the era where they haven’t settled down in Takakura shrine 」

Nei said.

「 That is why becoming a prostitute is training to become a shrine maiden, or so Kouzuki-ojiichan said 」

I mean,

The Takakura sisters don’t know but,

Before Tsukiko mother succeeded as the shrine maiden, perhaps,

She might’ve been sold to several men in secret for training.

I don’t think she’ll participate in the “arbitration” as a virgin.

Having her first time with the big bosses of Yakuza would make her collapse.

「 Grandfather indeed mention it but is Grandfather correct? 」


「 Uhm, I think that it’s necessary to think of the situation looking at the big picture 」

Big picture?

「 It means looking at things from the bigger perspective as a whole 」

「 Thanks, Edie 」

The American who came to Japan four months ago is now the one teaching me.

「 We’re under the impression that Grandfather knows everything about the Takakura house’s shrine maiden, however, 」

It’s possible that he doesn’t.

「 Nei-chan, Misuzu-chan, how do you think Grandfather wants this case to end? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Currently, he’s fighting off the Yakuza group chasing the Takakura sisters while protecting them 」

「 Or should I say that there’s a force sent to attack in Kansai 」

Nei and Misuzu look at each other.

Those who came to Tokyo following the Takakura sisters were taken down by the units under Shou-neechan’s command.

On the other hand, in Kansai, chief Yazawa’s attacking the Yakuza headquarters of those who took over the Takakura shrine which was the beginning of this case.

「 I think that Grandfather and Kouzuki SS’ power can eliminate all of the radical people who caused this incident to happen However 」

Ruriko speaks.

「 We cannot take out all of the Yakuza in Japan 」

That’s right.

Boss Satake killed Tsukiko’s parents, and boss Oodori who’s trying to eradicate the Takakura shrine maidens can be taken down but,

There can’t be only two Yakuza groups in the world.

「 Surely there are some other moderate factions of Yakuza as well. What do those people want to do with the future of the Takakura shrine and their shrine maidens? 」


「 The Takakura shrine maidens are the arbitrator of the Yakuza. If possible, they’ll wish to have a shrine maiden with power in the shrine 」

Tsukiko said.

「 In short, I must become a shrine maiden and return to the shrine to meet their expectations 」

Luna and Tsukiko are the only ones holding the “Tsuki” power which makes them possible to become the arbitrator.

「 Wait, wait, Tsukiko-san’s enthusiasm is nice and all but still 」

Nei interrupts.

「 We know that the next shrine maiden is sought after. Furthermore, everyone knows that the Takakura shrine maiden is an arbitrator of the Yakuza world, but 」

Nei looks at me.

「 Those who know the contents of the arbitration ritual are only the heads of the organizations, right? 」


Sure enough, Andou,

He thinks that shrine maidens are pure.

They don’t know that the big boss has sex with the shrine maiden and the child of arbitration is born.

「 I mean, if one’s heart is read through sex as the result of the arbitration ceremony, only the elders and those who experienced the arbitration knows 」

Nei’s right.

The true nature of the shrine maidens isn’t publicly known by the Yakuza.

No, even the bosses who participated in the arbitration ceremony do get shocked that their mind is seen through

Their fear from that incident made Oodori try to kill the shrine maidens.

「 If that’s the case, Kouzuki-ojiichan’s selfish view that the Takakura sisters don’t have enough training to become a shrine maiden so it would be best to turn them as prostitutes of Kuromori and continue their training in Tokyo. I think 」

Selfish view?

「 Ojii-chan only heard about the Takakura shrine maiden from the elders in Yakuza. He actually hasn’t seen an arbitration ceremony, and he has no way of experiencing it 」

Jii-chan isn’t Yakuza.

He can’t view the arbitration of the Yakuza’s conflict closely.

「 Much more about the shrine maidens reading through other people’s mind. Kouzuki-ojiichan can’t possibly know the mental damage it gives to the partner and even more to the shrine maiden herself 」

I see.

「 Ojii-chan only talked about the tales of the wandering shrine maiden, and heard about the training of the shrine maidens so far so he must’ve thought that “if that’s the case, making them prostitutes and have sex with multiple men will become their training.” I mean, he probably doesn’t know that Tsukiko can see through other people’s hearts even just as a shrine maiden candidate 」

Nei said.

I knew it, even in Takakura shrine, they follow the wandering shrine maiden’s custom and prostitute the shrine maiden candidates.

That’s the practice he heard from the elders of Yakuza.

Jii-chan had ideas from the examples.

No, even the elders only know hearsays about the shrine maiden’s training.

They only have the memory of the previous priest and shrine maiden.

「 And, Kouzuki-ojiichan’s most trusted brothel is in here 」

Nei smiles wryly.

Yeah, if Jii-chan wants them to become prostitutes, then it would be the safest to leave the sisters to Minaho-neesan’s mansion.

「 It’s not possible to train the sisters in the Kyoto shrine after all. Ojii-chan would want to put them where he can reach so he could protect them, see?

I see.

「 Besides, if one’s a candidate to become a Takakura shrine maiden, most Yakuza will protect her 」

Oh, that’s.

So that’s the insurance Minaho-neesan was talking about.

「 In the first place, Ruri-chan, Kouzuki-ojiichan’s beloved daughter is in here, see? The Yakuza from the Kansai region doesn’t know it though 」


「 If that’s made public, the ordinary Yakuza will think that the Takakura sisters are under protection here for their training, that they won’t become prostitutes. Ruri-chan’s staying here, but she’s not a prostitute. I mean, Kouzuki-ojiichan will never let Ruri-chan become a prostitute 」

In that case.

「 The Takakura sisters are thought to be sheltered here together with Ruri-chan, they won’t become a prostitute, or so they’ll think 」

Nei said.

「 And, Grandfather is also a bit anxious, I think 」

Ruriko said.

「 He must be wondering if his idea was the correct one or that it might be a mistake to turn them to prostitutes to train them to become a shrine maiden 」


「 That makes him uneasy, so he asked Onii-sama to give the sisters an aptitude test 」


「 Ruri-tan’s right. If he were merely looking at the qualities of a prostitute, then he would be asking Minaho-oneesama, the representative of Kuromori 」

Misuzu nods.

Yeah, Minaho-neesan’s the representative of the brothel.

She’s experienced raising a lot of prostitutes before.

「 But, Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan both gave the request. Minaho-neesan’s watching us on the monitor right now 」

At that time, Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan both talked to me.

「 Yes. Grandfather personally asked Danna-sama even though Minaho-oneesama was present. Right in front of Tsukiko-san, Yomiko-san, and Luna-san 」


「 By all rights, Grandfather should be asking Minaho-oneesama, who is the head of the brothel, then Minaho-oneesama will give Danna-sama instructions 」

「 However, Kouzuki-ojiichan asked Yo-chan directly. He even talked to Yo-chan making sure that Tsukiko-san heard all of it 」

Now that you mention it.

「 Grandfather believes in Danna-sama’s power. Danna-sama will not just follow Grandfather’s order faithfully but instead try to understand the sisters before anything else 」

Try to understand.

「 Then, Danna-sama even went gently, and carefully with Tsukiko-san and everyone 」

「 Grandfather thought that Onii-sama will investigate if his thoughts were correct if he leaves it to him 」

Misuzu and Ruriko said.

「 And so, what’s Yo-chan’s decision? Is it correct to turn Tsukiko-san to a prostitute and have her train to become a shrine maiden? 」

Nei asks. I.

「 It’s wrong 」

I replied immediately.

「 But, don’t all the shrine maiden candidates have that as training? 」

「 And because they’re doing that the Takakura shrine maidens are short-lived 」

I replied.

「 No, if I can become a shrine maiden by cutting out my lifespan then 」

Tsukiko says.

「 You can’t do that! 」


「 I will never allow Tsukiko to do something that painful 」

「 Kuormori-sama? 」

「 Tsukiko’s also born to become happy! You weren’t born to become a shrine maiden! 」

「 But, I must continue the history of the Takakura shrine maiden!!! 」


「 Okay, let’s stop for now 」

Edie claps her hand.

「 It gets complicated if you continue that argument 」

Edie smiles.

「 The means and the goal becomes a jumble that you’ll no longer know what’s important 」

The goal and the means?

「 In short, Tsukiko wants to become a shrine maiden? 」

「 T-That’s right 」

「 Then your goal is to become a shrine maiden. And you think that being a prostitute is a means to become a shrine maiden. In that case 」

Oh, I see.

「 We just have to look for a method on becoming a shrine maiden without being a prostitute 」

That’s it.

「 That’s not all 」


「 Tsukiko, what do you think Takakura shrine is? 」

「 That’s, it’s an intermediary in between the world of Yakuza. 」

「 Isn’t that just a recent one? 」


「 “Meiji era” was only 150 years ago, right? 」

Meiji Era?

Oh right, Meiji era.

「 It’s a bit recent. It’s when my Grandma’s Grandma is alive, that era 」

Grandma’s Grandma

「 And so why is Takakura shrine stuck with the Yakuza? They had no relationship with each other in the previous era, do they? 」

「 That’s 」

Tsukiko fell silent.

「 If you think that it is the way it is then you’ll lose sight of the true nature. Isn’t Takakura shrine one with a long history already? 」

I see.

There’s no need to fuss over Yakuza by all means.

Since ancient times, Takakura shrine has been revering the Tsukuyomi God.

It was only after the Meiji era when they became a shrine for the Yakuza.

「 Also, it looks like it’s forgotten the reason why the wandering shrine maidens were accepted in the Takakura shrine during that era 」

Michi said.

「 Takakura shrine originally had the tradition of the “Yomi” shrine maiden, doesn’t it? However, during that age the “Miko power’ to control people’s hearts is weakened due to the transition in time, so the shrine accepted the wandering shrine maiden’s blood to try and revive their “Miko power,” am I wrong? 」

That’s right, the original “Miko power” the shrine had was Yomiko’s “Yomi” power.

Tsukiko’s “Tsuki” power was derived from the wandering shrine maiden, it wasn’t originally from the shrine.

「 The relationship with the Yakuza and even having sex to read someone’s mind as a ritual is something the wandering shrine maidens brought in, it has nothing to do with the Takakura shrine 」

Michi said. The Takakura sisters are listening carefully.

「 And you three are the current descendants of that lineage, a mix of both the historical Takakura shrine and the wandering shrine maidens. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t just maintain your status quo with the Yakuza world as the Takakura shrine but also shouldn’t you take over the wishes and thoughts of the ancestor shrine maiden? 」

The Takakura sisters.

「 Our ancestors 」

「 Takakura shrine’s 」

「 The thoughts of the shrine maidens 」

Michi’s words soak into the hearts of the three.

「 The migrants who lost their place because of the Meiji government went to Takakura shrine. They had a ‘power’ But, did the wandering shrine maidens want to continue their life of having sex with those who ask for it, read through other people’s mind and bless them while staying in Takakura shrine? 」


「 This is another one of the differences between the goal and the means. They lived in various places, so they’re called wandering shrine maidens, and that’s what made them have a hard time. Why is it that in the new age, they had to do the same thing in the past where they deal with the Yakuza? 」

「 That’s because the wandering shrine maidens in the past had a deep relationship with the Yakuza all over Japan, the tradition is… 」

「 Tsukiko, do you think that the tradition has to be kept absolute? 」

No way.

「 IN the Meiji era, the new government had various restrictions on shrines and temples that even shrines with old history were receiving harsh treatment. Takakura shrine is one of those 」

Misuzu said.

「 Therefore, they didn’t only take custody of the wandering shrine maidens but also interacted with the Yakuza who are linked to them 」

If the Yakuza trusts them, then they can receive economic benefits as well.

The arbitration ritual which used to be the job of the wandering shrine maidens is taken over.

「 Let’s try to imagine this. Forget everything about the Yakuza and imagine the Meiji era 」

Edie tells us.

「 The Takakura shrine’s original shrine maidens’ power is weakening. And at some point, one person had a dream that they can restore the power with the “Yomi Miko power” 」


「 While at it, there’s one wandering shrine maiden. She has the ‘power’ But, there’s no permanent home for her because she’s a wandering shrine maiden. Therefore, she had no choice but to let the men do what they want with her until she reaches a place to settle down 」

I can imagine that.

「 The two shrine maidens met each other. Then, the Takakura shrine maiden accepts the wandering shrine maiden and let her live in the shrine 」


「 Then, perhaps, the wandering shrine maiden marries the child of the Takakura shrine maiden. Do you know the blood of the two shrine maidens combined? 」

Edie looks at Tsukiko.

「 The dreams of the two shrine maiden from the Meiji era was to fuse the power of the two 」


「 Therefore, the two powers weren’t called “Tsuki Miko power” and “Yomi Miko power” 」

Tsuki and Yomi.


It’s the name of the god Takakura shrine worships.

「 However, this fusion is hindered by an outsider 」

Edie switches with Michi.

「 The Yakuza feared that the power of “Tsuki” who can read people’s hearts, and the power of “Yomi” who can make people obey be obtained by a single shrine maiden 」

Having one’s heart read and even follow orders.

They’ll have no choice but to submit to the shrine maiden.

「 To the Yakuza, the Takakura shrine maiden is just a piece that will set them free 」

「 Therefore, they only keep the shrine maiden with the “Tsuki” power 」

I asked.

「 Yes. As imagined, they restrict the daughter who has the “Yomi” power 」


「 I’ve been thinking on why I can suppress Yomiko-san’s power with my Qi 」


「 Perhaps it’s because her “power” is under control every day. She’s used to being controlled so I can easily seal her even with my Qi 」

「 Controlled by who? 」

Michi replies with a serious look.

「 Perhaps, it’s the “Tsuki Miko power” 」


「 The “Tsuki Miko power” which is from the wandering shrine maidens is stronger than the weakened “Yomi Miko power” 」

Then that means.

「 It’s me. I’ve been restraining her 」

Tsukiko replied.

「 But my power was still immature that I wasn’t able to completely contain it like how Michi san did 」

「 Why? 」

Yomiko’s surprised.

「 Those who have a strong “Yomi power” are killed 」


「 Yomiko-sama isn’t a problem if she can only control children and weak Yakuza at best. The bosses of each group laugh at Yomiko-sama making people obey her 」

I-I see.

「 Therefore, if Yomiko-sama were found to control someone in a higher position, then Yomiko-sama will be murdered 」

Only the lower end of the Yakuza follows Yomiko, so the Bosses just laugh and ignore her.

However, if they find out that they could be controlled,

They won’t go easy.

They’ll kill Yomiko.

「 Therefore, the daughter who inherited the power of Yomi shrine maiden has no choice but to hide her power and live quietly 」

That’s the truth.

「 With that truth in mind, the Tsuki shrine maiden and the Yomi shrine maiden can’t fuse 」

Edie asks.

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Tsukiko admits.

「 And so, exposing everything so far, what do you three want for the Takakura shrine maidens and for yourselves 」

I look at the sisters in order.

They’re all puzzled.

The attachment with the Yakuza distorts the ideal form of the Takakura shrine maiden.

Even if they know that,

With that said, they don’t know if it’s okay to cut the relationship with the Yakuza as it has been there since the Meiji era.

Is that even possible?

If it was, what should they do in the future?

They cannot see the future.

「 Then, how about we experience the fusion first? 」

Michi says.

「 How about the three of you experience the combination of the Tsuki and Yomi Miko power first and find the answer later? 」

「 Is that even possible? 」

Won’t it be impossible unless one does years of training?

「 A complete fusion would be impossible, but they should be able to experience the fused state for a short while 」

Michi said.

「 Edie, Master, and I are all here. Our Qi can support the Takakura sisters’ power and if we fuse it together with Shingetsu, then 」

Michi’s suppressing Yomiko’s power right now.

On the other hand, if we were to support their power and use Shingetsu at the same time, then,

「 We will experience the dreams of your ancestors. Then, you must decide your own future after feeling the thoughts of the former shrine maidens 」