Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 702. In the breakfast table



「 This is mine 」

「 This is the one I made 」

「 And this is the bread I made 」

Everyone recommends the one they made. Anyway, let’s eat.

I’ll eat a lot.

That includes the bacon and eggs Misuzu made for me.

「 You have to eat salad too! 」

Yes, Katsuko-nee.

Our stormy breakfast went by like that.

「 How is it as a product? Do you think it’ll work? 」

Katsuko-nee asks while she pours me an after-meal tea.

「 Yeah. Everyone’s skilled 」

I’ve seen Katsuko-nee teaching the members of bread-club in school, but.

This is a much more modest result.

「 Everyone’s serious about this 」

Katsuko-nee mutters.

「 This isn’t just a game for them. They want to help you out, and they understand what it means to sell the product to the customers 」

「 Besides, they’re smart. They’ve been reproducing what Katsu-nee taught them deliberately 」

Nei adds.

「 Of course, those who can’t do what they’re told is out of the question, those who are beyond saving make their own arrangement, and it ends up with a useless product 」

「 Ya-chan, what do you mean? 」

「 I mean, when given instruction, some think, “why were the instructions are like this?” and so they use their own methods saying “This is a better way to do it” and making more modifications. The person following instructions can repeat through trial and error and learn from experience which method is the best- is something they can’t imagine 」

「 Some people can’t imagine other people’s hardships and believe that their inspiration is the correct one 」

Misuzu said.

「 Also, that self-confident person would claim to the people around that their way is much better than what’s instructed 」

「 And yet what they made is completely useless 」

Katsuko-nee accepts Nei’s story.

「 I imagine the time where my customers eat the baked products I make. For example, if it’s in school, those who buy it would probably eat it right away, see? Even if they put it aside to eat after club activities, that would only be a few hours later 」


Nobody would save their school lunch until they’re home.

It’s for lunch, or a snack when they feel hungry.

「 But, if we were to become a bakery, then there are high possibilities of customers buying bread at 5 in the evening and eating it for breakfast. If it’s a sweet pastry, then they might eat it for night meal 」

Yeah, buying breakfast for the next day after work or school.

「 If that’s the case, the best bread to sell would be the type that’s the best when freshly baked, and if they let it get cold and pass the night, they’d want to warm it up again in the morning 」

I see.

「 Each kind changes the process. If you want to become a professional, then you have to use your imagination to that extent. It takes effort to get things right 」

「 But, those who don’t understand will just say “Why would I do something so troublesome? That’s so stupid. You can get it better with this. The one giving instructions doesn’t understand it at all. Is that person an idiot? Do they want to die?” And something like that 」

「 Strong idiots will change it to the task convenient to them. Then they’d force their ways to the people around them 」

Katsuko-nee and Nei said.

「 They often say that the idiots who think that they’re smarter than other people are the first to break 」

Nei laughed.

「 But, even you Yo-chan, once you started the bakery, you’ll hire various people, so you need to identify them 」

Yeah, someday.

I’ll run out of hands in making and selling bread if I don’t hire people.

「 But, I’m an idiot, so I don’t know. If a strong-willed worker comes, how do I deal with them? 」

I don’t know.

「 People like them won’t listen to me even though I’m teaching them. I’m not smart enough so also if they object against me, I don’t think I can retort to them 」

Strong-willed people think that they are right.

They’d most likely make fun of me.

They’d skillfully use their words and speak of their opinion at a frightening momentum.

They won’t even listen to me.

「 Huh? Well, you just have not to hire those people, easy 」

Nei said.

「 Isn’t that why part-time work and interviews exist? 」

「 No, Ya-chan. I get that. But, you can’t just figure out a person’s character and thoughts from just a short interview 」

People are complicated.

「 When you think that the person is a good one, so you hire them but what if they were hard to deal with? Then how do you face that person? 」

It makes me worry.

I don’t have confidence in human relationships.

「 What an idiot. If you think that it’s impossible to deal with, then fire the person 」

Yukino laughs from the end of the table and speaks to me.

「 Even if they make a mistake, you don’t think of fixing it or educating the person. Either way, you can’t do that 」


「 But look. Don’t they often say that your workplace is your teacher? 」

I tell Yukino.

「 If I’m going to manage a store, then don’t I have to be the teacher and the guide for the workers? 」

Then, Yukino.

「 Look, are you going to make your bakery to a big company? Huge enough to have its own factory and deliver daily products to each chain store? 」

「 No, that’s not the plan 」

What’s with that overambitious idea.

I can’t manage such a huge company.

「 Then it’s only a single store, making and selling are all within Katsuko, and your eyes reach? 」

「 Yeah, well 」

That’s the bakery Katsuko-nee, and I aim for.

「 Then, don’t think about training employees. If you think “Oh, I think I can work with this one” then hire that if you think “This one’s no-good” then fire that one immediately 」

Yukino said.

「 But, isn’t it hard to meet the right person for the job? 」

Yoshiko-san asks Yukino.

「 Well, that’s true. Still. Do you know Francie? The man who’s showing up with me on TV every week, the Gay one 」

「 I know. I always watch your show 」

I replied.

「 T-Thanks 」

Yukino blushed for a moment, but.

「 Recently, Francie’s talking with me in the dressing room. That guy writes columns or essays for magazines. The TV is just his side work 」

I know that too.

He mentioned that on a recent broadcast.

「 But, for now, he’s in the entertainment office’s seat. And then, it’s been years since he came on TV, see? Then recently, the manager in the office is replaced with a new one. The boss in Francie’s office told him “you’re already a veteran in the TV world, so you’re now going to raise the new recruits in the company” 」


「 Then, Francie got so angry that he said “I’m only here because the entertainment management is related to your company! Why do I have to be the guide of these new recruits for your company?! I’m not going to teach them even if you pay me” 」

That’s extreme.

「 Then, Francie and Snatch’s manager in the office talked a lot. In the end, the staff in the TV industry don’t fit their job, and they quit right away. Ah, TV stations, advertising agencies, and etc. are all different. For them, even if there’s someone useless you want to quit, they’ll stay until retirement and also get their pension. I’m talking about the entertainment office and production companies on below 」

Yukino continues to talk.

「 You see, Snatch is just a so-so as an entertainer that he’s switched too many managers already. Of course, there were also young ones with less industry experience than Snatch, and so he teaches them in his own way 」


「 But you see, it’s all up to the person in the end. If you don’t want to learn how to work as a manager by yourself then it’s useless even if someone teaches you eagerly. In his case, Snatch turned out to be considerate and caring that the talents were being made a fool of 」


「 In the end, Snatch talked to the office and got that one fired. Then that person hated Snatch a lot that he wrote a lot of slander about Snatch, something that won’t be understood unless you’re a former manager, anyway, it was found out where that person was hiding, and the scary people got them on a business trip. Snatch’s office is connected to the Yakuza after all 」


「 Since then, Snatch stopped trying to teach something to the manager and junior performers. If asked, then he’ll show, but he will not be the one to take the initiative. If one’s motivated, then they’d study by themselves, no matter how motivated one is, it’s no use if one’s an idiot. Nowadays, when there’s a new manager in the office, he’d spend a day together with the newcomer, and if it’s an idiot, he’ll cut them off 」

Cut them off?

「 In Snatch’s case, his main business is being a performer, so it’s impossible for him to turn them down like Francie. He’s in debt with the office that trained him. However, if the new manager is a useless one, he’d manage his own schedule and meetings. He won’t let the manager touch anything. If not, he won’t be able to keep his position in the industry 」

He’s protecting himself.

「 But the manager follows him every day. What does the manager usually do? 」

Yoshiko-san asks. Yukino;

「 Jump and Spirits on Monday, Sundae, and Magazine every other Tuesday night. On Thursdays, Champion and Morning. And every Friday, buying Superiors and young animals. Buying them all is an important job! 」


「 Also, preparing the brand of canned coffee Snatch prefers low-sugar, and black. That’s all the manager’s doing. I mean, if the manager can’t even do that, the office will probably replace with another one 」

Is that so?

「 Hearing Snatch’s story, Francie said “If you’re over 20 years old it’s impossible to correct one’s way of thinking about education and their character” Unless you enter jail, military, or a temple where you do the same thing for 24 hours a day and stuck in the living environment 」

Humans don’t change.

「 A person who’s felt the concept of the world with their eyes, ears, and skin as such by age 20 then their perspective can’t break. Therefore, if one has their parents, brothers, sisters, or anyone that helps them until the age 20, they’d think that there’s always someone that would help them. On the other hand, a person betrayed by people a lot would think that there’s nobody they can trust in this world 」

Yukino said.

「 What’s that? Yukino-chi, weren’t you the one whose mind is closed to the people around you? 」

Nei teases the talkative Yukino.

「 Your father was like that, Yukino-chi, you also suffered a lot, so it’s not strange if you become someone who distrusts people and lives life while crying 」

Come to think of it, Mana’s not back yet.

She’s still delivering breakfast to Minaho-neesan.

Mana’s absent so Nei’s being a bit harsh with Yukino.

「 That’s his fault! 」

Yukino smiles wryly and points at me.

「 Me? 」

「 Yes, you. You were always the center of the events since four months ago that I feel like I can’t stay here for long without breaking my finger 」


「 Last night, I talked to Maika, but 」

Yeah, I asked Mana to talk to Yukino.

「 To be honest, you like me don’t you? 」


「 And of course I hate you. But, you still like me even now. This all happened because you like me, but I’m also saved because you like me. Of course, I don’t plan on worshipping you because you saved me like how Maika does. But, at least I know that you helped me out from getting the worst results 」


「 It’s already been four months since then, I had a lot of time to think 」

Megu and Minaho-neesan are both absent so Yukino can talk about this with everyone here.

Even so, I think that it means a lot that she’s talking about this with Misuzu in here.

「 Now then, let’s go back on topic. Just as you know, you’re an idiot. You should never teach people. If you think that you can’t work with a person, then there’s no need to force yourself. You don’t have the duty to endure and teach. You’re not a manager 」

Yukino said.

「 You do not have a convenience store clerk, you want to have a handmade bakery, right? It’s small. You probably don’t need to be putting a recruitment ad on a magazine and accept part-time workers from there, try to loosen up and try to be bossy 」

「 Bossy? 」

「 I think that you should learn to have the dignity as the head of an organization 」

Is that so?

「 Well, there’s a lot greater people than you in this house so I guess you can’t help it 」

Yukino laughs.


「 Haa, the show’s over. I’m hungry! 」

Luna comes over

「 Choo!! 」

「 Hauuuuu!! 」

Mao-chan and Agnes;

「 Even if this fight takes away my life!!! 」

「 We will not step back!!! 」

Then they take a signature pose.

「 What fight is it girls? 」

I asked.

「 King Namena! 」

Oh, the show they just watched.

Seems like they’re still excited about it.

「 Never mind that, eat your breakfast already 」

Katsuko-nee tells Agnes.

She’s placed a plate with bacon and eggs to Luna who’s already sitting on the table.

「 I already ate breakfast! Toohh!! 」

Mao-chan’s full of energy.

「 I see. Then I’ll play with you 」

Edie leaves her seat.

「 Hey, Edie, what play? 」

Mao-chan’s still a toddler okay?

「 Don’t mind it. I’m always playing with children at Mao’s age in New Orleans 」

Edie grew up in a community of assassins.

「 Besides, if I start training Mao-chan now, she’ll grow up to be a fine warrior! 」

Hey! Wait a second!

「 Don’t get her hurt. Also, don’t teach her to hurt others 」

Nagisa shows from behind and tells Edie.

「 It’s about time for her to live together with children of the same generation 」

If Mao-chan were to injure another pre-schooler with assassination techniques, then that would be a big problem.

「 Roger. But, I’ll teach her the basics of Qi. There’s nothing wrong in teaching her. She’ll be able to escape when someone approaches her with ill-intent 」

Yeah, I want her to learn that.

「 Agnes too, come over when you’re done eating. We’ll be in the courtyard 」

「 Okay! Luna, let’s go together! 」

「 Huh? 」

Luna’s surprised.

「 Do you not want to be with Agnes? 」

「 That’s not it 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Luna, it’s Qi training. Come join us later 」

Edie said.

That’s right, there’s not much time until the interview with Jii-chan.

「 Then, we should get going too.

I ate breakfast already, so I’m now filled with energy.

「 Who’s next? 」

Misuzu and the girls should’ve planned the schedule for today.

Luna’s group started this early morning.

Next is.

「 Yomi! 」

The 14-year-old loli-big-tits beauty. Yomiko replied.

「 Okay 」

It’s 9 am right now.

There are still 4 hours until Jii-chan’s interview.

「 The members are the M-girls club 」

Misuzu tells me.

「 M-girls club what? 」

「 Michi, Yomi-chan, and me! 」

Misuzu said laughing.

「 Yomi-chan’s strong-willed and cute, see? I’m sure that she’s a masochist too 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama gave her recommendations. I’ll do my best! 」

Yomiko says with a bright smile on her face.

And, of course, she doesn’t know what masochist even means.

「 Yomiko-oneesama, Tsukiko-oneesama 」

Luna calls her sisters.

「 I left Onee-sama and had sex with Nii-san, but it was a good experience. I’ve always been having Onee-sama protect me, and I’m always hiding behind your backs 」

But when she had sex with me without her sister watching her.

It stimulated Luna’s feeling of independence.

「 Also, everyone here is good people, and they really accepted us as their family 」

Luna said.

「 Instead of that, Luna, you should eat more, or you won’t grow big! 」

Agnes said.

「 Oh right. Papa, this is the bread Luna made 」

「 I know. I already ate one. It was delicious, Luna 」

「 Nii-san 」

Luna blushed.

「 Agnes was so sleepy last night that I couldn’t help out 」

「 Yeah, it’s okay. You can help out next time 」

「 Yes, Papa! 」

Agnes smiles happily.

「 I finally found something I could be useful for Papa other than sex 」

Agnes sighs.

「 Ah, but, of course, sex is still essential. Agnes loves having sex with Papa! 」

「 Nii-san, I’ll do it too. Please have lots of sex with me 」

The two 12-year-old beauties smile at me.

「 Oh boy, I don’t care anymore even if this is your child 」

Yukino says as if she’s demotivating herself.

「 I want to make a child soon 」

「 Me too, I want to bear Nii-san’s child 」

Yukino’s surprised.

「 Haa, that’s religion right there 」

She speaks astounded.

「 Oh? We would very much like to exchange positions with Yukino-san if possible 」

Misuzu said.

「 Yes, If it’s only possible then I’d like to bear Onii-sama’s child instead of Yukino-san 」

Ruriko too.

「 Hey, don’t joke like that! 」

Yukino speaks in a bad mood.

「 This child is my child. I’m taking care of it, and this will grow inside my stomach! 」

Then, Yoshiko-san;

「 In the end, Yukino-san also likes Kuromori-sama 」

Yukino’s startled.

「 W-What are you talking about! W-Why do I have to?! 」

「 But, Yukino-san is always relaxed whenever Kuromori-sama is present, and you show a peaceful expression 」


「 Yeah, Yukino-chi’s always alert whenever Yo-chan’s not around

Nei laughs teasingly.

「 T-T-T-T-That’s not true! 」

Yukino desperately denies though she’s blushing hard.

「 That’s because I don’t know what you or Katsuko would suddenly do! Ah, speaking of which, you burned my hair during Golden Week! 」

「 I don’t remember anything~ 」

Nei laughs.

「 Well, leave the rest to us and go with the M-girls club 」

「 Yes, Nei-oneesama 」

Misuzu, Michi, and Yomiko stand up.

「 Then, let’s go, Danna-sama 」