Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 750. Hiroshima



「 Get laughed at? That’s cruel 」

Megu said.

「 Yoshi-kun and I are taking this seriously, and we’re both doing our best. Yet, why do we need people to laugh at us?! 」

Hearing that, Edie;

「 If you’re not something that makes people laugh then the other students won’t accept you 」

「 I don’t want to be accepted if I need to become a laughingstock for them! Much less having a love triangle relationship with Hoshizaki-san! 」

Megu adamantly refuses.

「 Well then, let’s kick out Megu-oneechan 」

Mana sighed.

「 Then what’s next? I can just be Nobu’s ‘lover,’ right? 」

Kana-senpai said nonchalantly.

「 Why does it end up like that!? 」

Megu screams.

「 Megu’s not trying to compromise at all, so that’s how it ends up like that 」

I said.

「 Yoshi-kun?! 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Edie’s already fluent in speaking Japanese. Yet, she’s purposely faking it because there’s a problem with the mental image, I guess? 」

I asked.

I know that Edie’s purposely speaking Japanese in a broken manner.

「 That’s right. I’m still an American no matter how you look at it. Furthermore, I’m relatively new in Japan. What would everyone think if I start speaking in fluent Japanese? They’d think that it’s strange and they’d feel uncomfortable 」

Edie said.

「 For example, I could just speak Japanese generally like this. Then, everyone would think that I’ve been living in Japan for a long time. Once you feel that way, it becomes troublesome. I would have to tell the people who misunderstood that I’ve been in Japan for four months. I’m only telling them the truth. But, once those who misunderstood becomes aware that the reality is different from what they thought, they would feel that they were deceived. Even though I had no intention of fooling them at all 」

Still, Edie’s really good at speaking Japanese.1

「 Therefore, I try to act like what the people imagined I should be. I’m an American with a warrior’s body. They think “Edie is like this” from my appearance, and so I exhibit it. And I make myself look like a cheerful, comical, and fun girl. 」

Edie said.

「 Making people smile is a necessity. Thinking negatively is a no-no. Making people is the right thing. We stand out from the norm, after all. If we can make the students around us smile, then our peculiarities are offset 」

「 Uhm, Edie-san 」

Kana-senpai calls Edie.

「 Can you go back to your character instead? I know that you’re a genius, but you know, it feels uncomfortable to hear you like that 」

「 Oh, sorry bout that 」

Edie returns to her original speech pattern.

「 Still, I get what Edie-san’s talking about now. Seeing you speak with a smart character feels like I was fooled all this time 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Even though nothing really changed about Edie-san 」


「 Either way, it’s not my native language. Even though I’m only changing a bit on my speech, this one is harder to do. It gets me tiring. It’s an act after all 」

She said and smiled wryly.

「 Nei had me watch too many videos for reference. For example, foreign comedians trying to speak Japanese. Mastering the unique intonation is much more complicated than memorizing the ordinary method. There was that video titled “I came from the middle of Hiroshima” 」

That’s not a comedian.

「 Oh, I also had that red snake camo. That snake has an armpit hair growing out 」

Nei, just what did you make Edie watch?

「 Darling, that was a joke. I’d be embarrassed if you take that seriously 」

「 Oh, sorry

「 Still, it’s true that Edie-san worked hard on it, right? 」

Kana-senpai smiled.

「 Naturally, I want to stay together with Darling and be useful to him 」

Edie said.

「 Actually, when I enrolled in this school, Darling and Megumi were too heavy sunk below the class. Therefore, I always act like the violent American student who always smiles but can’t read the atmosphere. With that, the class starts to blend up with Darling and Megumi in their atmosphere. Megumi doesn’t want me flirting with Darling casually, see? I mean, she doesn’t favor me, probably even hate me. I know 」

Edie smiled and said.

「 That’s 」

「 Never mind that. I know that it’s natural for you to hate me, even so, I keep on barging in. I try to make sure that Darling and Megu aren’t alone in the class if possible. I forcibly interrupt to make it a three-way conversation. And once I do that, they smile. It doesn’t end up sinking down due to the weight. Instead, it floats. But, it’s much better to float to brightness than to sink to darkness. It makes people smile. If you can make people laugh, then they’d let you exist even if you’re a bit strange 」

Edie’s actions were all thought out.

Yeah, since Edie transferred in our class, the atmosphere feels lighter.

Back then, they keep on saying, “Yoshida, it must be hard on you.”

But recently, it’s “Yoshida, you have it hard, don’t you?” and it’s mixed with a joking tone.

Yeah, they’re laughing, but,

Compared to when we announced our engagement, it has become brighter and lighter, as Edie’s always smiling, laughing.

I guess that’s also the reason why my classmates are helping me out at the bakery.

「 And I’m the one to interrupt this time? That’s what makes the love-triangle? 」

Kana-senpai asks Edie.

「 That’s right. If it’s within the class, I can manage it myself. But if it’s on the whole school level, I can’t do it. It needs someone more gorgeous and bright, and sensational 」

Kana-senpai’s rumored to be the most beautiful among the second-years.

Nei’s superior to her, but she’s a repeater.

Furthermore, she had that infamy as the delinquent with blonde hair from back then.

Therefore, Kana-senpai continued to keep her position as the No.1 school idol.

「 I’m a foreign person in this school. Nei too. Darling and Megumi are no longer ordinary students since they got engaged. Therefore, if you just add another unusual student, the ordinary would avoid them 」

My class is different.

After all, everyone in our class knows us before we got engaged.

They had socialized with us even before we became foreign to them.

Therefore, Edie alone is enough to stir up the dense atmosphere.

However, for the other students in the school.

They know us after the news that there are first-year high school students that were engaged.

In other words, Megu and I are some strange objects to them.

「 Kana, on the other hand, isn’t foreign to the people. She’s just an ordinary girl in our school. However, almost everyone knows her

「 Well, that’s because I’m cute. You know?~ 」

Kana-senpai smiles.

「 Well, yes. It would be interesting to squeeze myself in between Nobu and her. It’s funny that some would laugh. Nobody will understand why this beautiful me is trying to charge in between an engaged couple at all. But, that’s what’s good about it. It’s excellent! 」


「 Uhm 」

Megu speaks up.

「 That’s not Edie’s idea but the result of discussion between Nei-oneesan and the girls. Anyway, I know what it means now, but 」

Megu looks displeased.

「 But, why Hoshizaki-san?! To be honest, I don’t like a love triangle relationship against Hoshizaki-san 」

「 Oh, you think that you’d lose right away? 」

Kana-senpai laughs.

「 T-That’s not it! 」

Megu said, but,

「 It’s Nei who picked Kana. Nei not only recognized her beauty but also her brains 」

「 Oh? I’m not that smart though 」

Edie said. Kana-senpai retorts.

「 My exam results are just so-so 」

「 In this case, we’re not talking about simple academic ability. What we were looking for was your intellect in daily life. How you think and how you contest reality 」

Edie said.

「 Megumi, do you remember how I talked about Yakuza earlier? Today, Darling, Michi, and I, together with Kouzuki SS, had a showdown with the Kansai Yakuza. 」

Edie looked at Megu.

「 If it were an ordinary girl, she’d surely back away after hearing that story. Not only that we had a fight with Yakuza, but we’re about to head to a full-on war 」


Edie talked about some specific parts with Kana-senpai present here.

Not just the fact that Edie and Michi took down some Yakuza.

She also talked about that starting today, the trigger’s pulled to have Kouzuki SS and Yakuza commence a deadly battle.

If it were someone ordinary, they’d cut off their relationship with us at that moment.

Nobody wants to have a relationship with a group that’s having trouble with the Yakuza.

「 But Kana didn’t care even after hearing all that. She’s calm. Megumi, do you know why? 」

Megu looked at Kana-senpai.

Kana-senpai’s just smiling.

「 That’s because she trusts Kouzuki SS’ power? 」

Megu replied.

「 Kana doesn’t know anything specific about Kouzuki SS. She doesn’t even know if it really is an organization that can fight back Yakuza 」

「 Then, maybe she thins that Kouzuki house can deal with the Yakuza? 」

「 Same thing. Kana doesn’t know the whole picture of Kouzuki house 」

That’s right.

Megu and I know about the power of Kouzuki house and Kouzuki SS, but

Kana-senpai doesn’t know that.

「 If it’s someone ordinary, they’d be worried or think that things are going strange 」

「 Then that’s undoubtedly not normal 」

Megu says something rude.

Hearing that, Edie.

「 Kana is different from Megumi. Megumi, you don’t listen to people. Even so, you get angry right away.「 」 That’s bad 」

「 What do you mean?! I’m listening to what you’re saying now Edie 」

「 No, not like that. You only listen to whatever they say. But that’s what you only hear, the words 」

「 What are you talking about?! I don’t get it! 」

「 As for Kana, she doesn’t just listen to the words, but she also feels the atmosphere of the place. Do you get it, Megumi? 」

Edie said. Megu;

「 I can also read the atmosphere! 」

「 No, you don’t get it Megu 」

I interject.

「 Yoshi-kun?! 」

「 I get it. I understand what Edie truly means 」

I look at Kana-senpai.

「 When Edie and I were talking about “taking down the Yakuza,” and “we’re about to fight them in the future,” when we were talking about something that sounds so dangerous, she looks around and checks the reaction. Megu, Mana, and Luna’s reaction 」

「 Our reaction? 」

「 That’s right. The conversation Edie and I were having isn’t something first-year high school students would talk about. We only look like crazy people from an objective point of view. Someone who can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy 」

“Edie just took down 20 men from the Yakuza.”

And we’re talking about it seriously.

「 But, Megu, Mana, and Luna are all listening to our conversation like that’s something natural. Therefore, Kana-senpai’s convinced that what we’re talking about is true 」

「 She also realized that we trust that Kouzuki house and Kouzuki SS will destroy the Yakuza 」

「 Yeah. Mana and Luna don’t look worried at all even when we’re talking about the Yakuza 」

I look at Mana and Luna.

「 I mean, I know that Shou-oneechan and Rei-chan are strong 」

「 I have seen them surrender to Kouzuki-sama. I also saw Edie-san taking people down one after another. I’ve confirmed that I’ll be safe as long as I’m with Nii-san, so I’m no longer scared 」

The two said.

「 Megumi too, you know how it will end no matter how many times the Yakuza attacks, right? 」

「 Well, yes, but 」

Megu knows the power of Kouzuki house.

「 Kana read the atmosphere that this isn’t something to worry about from your attitude. She didn’t just listen but also understand the atmosphere. Kana’s wise 」

Edie said.

「 And as soon as Kana thought that there’s no problem, she didn’t say anything unnecessary and just let the conversation pass through. She shows off the attitude of “Didn’t hear anything, not interested” 」

「 I mean, it has nothing to do with me either way 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 That’s why I’ll just pretend I don’t know anything. Not that I want to know about Yakuza 」

「 That’s another part of Kana’s intelligence 」

Edie smiled.

「 We got Kana involved here forcibly. To be clear, it was rape 」

I forcibly took away Kana’s virginity.

「 But, after going that far, Kana immediately understood that it’s better to build a relationship with us, to be specific, Misuzu and Ruriko, as they are the daughters of Kouzuki family. She’s brilliant 」

「 Well, of course. I can’t un-rape myself after Nobu took my virginity. But, I knew that Nobu and the Kouzuki house weren’t hostile to me right away. If they’re willing to get along with me in the future, then I thought that it’s better to be friendly in advance 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 No, that’s not all. It’s just looked interesting to me. It’s exciting to do something that’s out of the norm, you know? I’m sharing a secret with the ladies of Kouzuki house. I got my share of Nobu too. No wait, that’s wrong. I’m Nobu’s sex slave, so Nobu owns me but, anyway, it’s interesting enough for me. And as for the people around Nobu. Megumi-chan was it? Everyone’s okay with me except for you. I feel like as long as I don’t betray Nobu and I fulfill my duties as his sex slave, they won’t forget to give me a return favor. That’s why I didn’t stand to create some strife. I just let things fall into place. I mean, it’s the Kouzuki house! It will be a huge loss for me if I don’t ride the wave as that Kouzuki house can help me in my life! 」

Megu looked at Kana-senpai angrily.

「 You seem to be focused on the money with your life 」

「 Oh? I think that’s the standard way of thinking 」

Kana-senpai laughed.

「 You’re still a child inside it seems. And from hearing the conversations from earlier 」

She looks at Luna with a smile.

「 This girl is much smarter than you. She never said anything unnecessary, has she? She only looks around and tries not to get in the way of other people. Even so, she observes how each of us thinks and our relationships 」

「 I-I’m the youngest among us sisters, and Onee-chan does the talking most of the time. I’m better at listening 」

Luna said, embarrassed.

Yeah, Yomiko’s the type that speaks more without thinking deeply.

Luna’s got a docile personality.

「 Either way, I’ve been using your reaction as reference for a while because you’re like that 」

Kana-senpai tells Luna.

「 Edie-san, and you’re, Mana-chan, right? You’re good at acting. And so I don’t know which ones are true or not when you talk. And as for Megumi-san, you’re not that smart. As for Nobu, he’s too earnest on the basics. I’ll be sure to look after Nobu so strange people can’t fool him. Anyway, with Nobu’s personality, I have to believe all of his reactions. You and I have similar perspectives in that regard 」

「 Luna. That’s my name 」

「 I see, Luna-chan it is. You’re the type who observes the situation first, right? Despite that, you also have the power to catch the tastiest part. You’re actually quite vigilant 」

「 That’s not true, I’m just… 」

Luna replies, bashfully.

「 No, Luna-chan’s like that. That’s why I base my decisions on Luna-chan’s reaction 」


「 Oh right. That’s also Nei and the Kouzuki ladies’ orders 」

Kana-senpai made a sudden realization.

「 Well, that’s how it is. You don’t trust us completely, don’t you? And so, we brought in the young Luna, which is the most neutral among us 」

Edie said.

I see. So that’s why.

Someone Kana-senpai never met before.

With her 12-years of age and obedient personality, we brought Luna here.

「 I see. You guys are careful not to make me anxious then? 」

「 Everyone wants to treat Kana with care. You’ll be necessary personnel for us after all. Therefore, we’re giving you proper consideration 」

Luna’s brought here to give Kana-senpai a basis for her decisions.

That’s to show our trust in Kana-senpai.

「 I see, Nei-san used her as a recommendation. You’re right, I can see the situation objectively thanks to her 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 So, with our watchful Luna-chan here in Nobu’s arms, it shows that his power is real 」


「 You haven’t noticed? Luna-chan’s grabbing your shirt 」

Hearing that from Kana-senpai, I finally noticed it.

「 I feel at ease when I’m in contact with Nii-san. Anyway, Nii-san’s the center of everything. Nii-san’s in here, and so Edie-san will fight whoever comes and attacks us. Mana-oneesan is also kind to me. They don’t want to do anything that Nii-san would hate. That applies to me as well 」

「 Yeah, me too. I mean, I wouldn’t want Nobu to hate me. I get that. I can keep my friendly relationship with the Kouzuki ladies because of Nobu, and if he goes away, the relationship between the ladies and me will break. No matter how close we become, it would be impossible. Nobu’s the center of their lives after all 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Then, Luna-chan. What do you think about Megumi-san? 」

Kana-senpai asks. Luna;

「 To be honest, I’m a bit scared. Also, I can’t understand her at all. Why does she do things that Nii-san would hate her for until now? 」

「 That’s right. That’s a mystery for me too. She keeps on speaking things that Nobu wouldn’t like since earlier 」

The two said. Megu’s dumbfounded.

「 W-What are you talking about?! M-My relationship with Yoshi-kun is…! 」

「 Megumi, you think that you’re special and so you want Darling to spoil you 」

Edie says to stop Megu from speaking.

「 Oh, she’s a stupid spoiled brat 」

Kana-senpai said in an amazed tone.

「 That’s why I can’t tell what’s she’s thinking about 」

「 I-I’m the one who doesn’t understand Hoshizaki-san!! 」

Megu shouts back.

「 I love Yoshi-kun! Love is something that doesn’t need compensation! Hoshizaki-san’s calculating type of thinking is much more strange! 」

「 See? What is she talking about? Could it be that she wants me to laugh? 」

Kana-senpai asks Edie.

「 Megumi, you need to accept that people have different ways of living and thinking than you. Your thoughts are not the absolute 」

Edie said. Megu turns away and disregards it.

「 Darling, you understand why don’t you? The reason why Darling needs someone with Kana’s thought process 」


「 Yeah. It’s just a bit, but I get it. Just as Edie said earlier, Megu and I think alike. The two of us rush recklessly in our firm belief. Therefore, we overthink everything, and we sink down in a dense atmosphere 」

I notice the bad parts in me from looking at the stubborn Megu.

「 You’re right. I need someone on my side who thinks and lives differently 」

Kana-senpai’s skill in making things clear is something I can’t do.

But it’s helpful.

I must accept that forward-thinking way of life.

I mean, it’s fascinating.

Her personality is bright and sunny, and it shows no gloom.


「 Yoshi-kun, do you think that this is my fault?! Do you hate me now?! 」

Hearing what I said. Megu speaks out a troublesome question.

「 Nii-san didn’t say anything like that! 」

Luna said.

「 That’s right. Megumi’s personality is similar to him, but hers is sinking already. It’s better to have Kana and Luna, people who have different ways of thinking and living to stay here 」

「 And that’s why you’re speaking badly of me and trying to pull Yoshi-kun away from me 」

Megu doesn’t think that she’s to blame.

This can’t go on.

「 What will you do if that was the case? If we judge that Megumi’s causing harm to Darling, then we will exile you for real. What will you do? 」


「 No! Never!! I’m Yoshi-kun’s fiance!!! I’m a special one!!! I’m different from everyone2


  1. Not that the readers can tell because I’m translating it
  2. Hmmm, where did I hear this line again