Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 764. But we get along!



「 You all are late! What were you doing?! I was so hungry, and so I ate ahead you all 」

After putting on clothes, we head to the dining room, and for some reason, Yukino’s in control of the place.

Katsuko-nee, Tsukiko, Nagisa, Mao-chan, Megu, Yoshiko-san, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Edie, they’re all here.

For some reason, Misuzu’s making a troubled face.

The other girls are eating with a smile on their face.

「 Ah, we’re having hot-pot for today! Go on, take your seats! 」

I see. There are four pots on the table, and they’ve started eating on the two.

We sit down on the empty seats, close to three pots.

That’s namely, Minaho-neesan, Agnes, Luna, Mana, Yomi, and me.

「 Okay, those who want to get single dishes just say it 」

Nagisa brings us plates and chopsticks.

It’s Misuzu and Nagisa in charge of cooking tonight.

Therefore, Katsuko-nee welcomed us back.

「 Come, come, start eating 」

For some reason, Yukino’s the one urging us.

「 You’re too noisy Yukino! They’ll start eating even if you don’t say that! 」

Megu shouts at Yukino.

「 What’s wrong with it?! You need to have someone giving the cue if you want to start eating, right? 」

「 I mean, why are you the one sticking out?! 」


「 Don’t mind them, you can start eating 」

Nagisa tells us with a smile.

「 Okay~ Thanks for the meal! 」

Agnes replies, cheerfully.

「 Thanks for the meal 」

We start eating hot pot after the long bath.


「 Oh, does anyone want me to fill up their plates? 」

Minaho-neesan asks Agnes and the young girls.

「 Ah, I’m okay 」

「 I prefer picking the stuff I like 」

Luna and Agnes replied.

「 Mana and me too 」

「 Sorry. But thanks, Minaho-oneechan 」

Yomi and Mana.

「 Oh, that’s unfortunate 」

Minaho-neesan felt sad that her little sisters don’t let her help them.

「 Then, I’ll go get Yoshinobu’s share instead 」


I can’t refuse.

「 Yeah, thanks, Minaho-neesan 」

Minaho-neesan fills up my bowl.

「 Hey, hey, Nagisa-chan, can we get some from that pot too? 」

Agnes looks at the fourth pot on the table.

「 Oh. That one is set aside for those coming home later 」

Nagisa replies.

「 They said that they’ll come in ten minutes, they should be arriving soon. And so I added another pot for them 」

If they’re gonna be late then we can just reheat the pots we’re eating now, but,

Knowing that they’re coming, it can’t be helped.

It’s more fun to eat together than wait until we’re done eating.


I think it’s Nei and Margo-san who sent Kana-senpai home.

If I recall, Michi won’t be coming today.


「 Are these for Shou-neechan and Rei-chan? 」

I asked Nagisa.

Are the two of them coming late?

「 Yes, the two of them will be coming 」

Ruriko who’s sitting in the front side of the table answers instead of Nagisa.

「 I’ve asked them to come earlier 」

Ruriko asked them?

「 Uhm. Ruriko-sama contacted Seki-san for my sake 」

Yoshiko-san says bashfully.

「 The big problems are taken care of, and so I’ll return to the main house. Earlier, I’ve expressed my desire to stay here, but I need to receive my Grandfather’s permission first. I also have school by tomorrow, and so I’ll retire for today 」

Oh, Yoshiko-san’s been living with Jii-chan,

And so, she has to return to the Kouzuki’s main house.

「 Yes. And so, I asked Shou-oneesama to come over, and escort her back to Kouzuki main house 」

Ruriko tells me.

The ringleaders of the case this time, Oodori and Satake were dealt with already, but the aftermath of the fuss still remains.

Yoshiko-san is also one of Jii-chan’s granddaughters.

Kouzuki SS is necessary when moving a successor of Kouzuki house.

And it needs to be from the top elites.

「 Yes, I think that Shou-oneesan should be coming soon 」

Nagisa replied.

「 I see, I guess we need a hot pot reserved for them 」

Putting Shou-neechan aside, Rei-chan is a big eater.

She shows so much dignity in her looks, yet she eats a lot.

Well, that’s why she’s powerful anyway.

She can use her cane to break rocks.

「 Uhm, Onii-sama 」

Suddenly, Ruriko, call me.

「 What’s up? 」

I reply while taking the small bowl Minaho-neesan prepared for me.

「 Once we’re done eating, I would like to come with Yoshiko-oneesama and head back home 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I know that it’s impolite for a slave like to ask this but will you please allow me? 」


「 Going back to Jii-chan? Ruriko 」


「 Do you want to leave the mansion and live together with Jii-chan again? 」

She’s abandoning me.

「 W-What are you talking about Onii-sama!!? I am Onii-sama’s sex slave forever! You’re the only one I’ll serve 」

Ruriko replied with a straight face.

「 It’s only for one night. Tomorrow, I will go to school from Grandfather’s house, and will come back here by night, back to Onii-sama’s side 」


「 A lot has happened today, and so I would like to take it slow and talk it out with Grandfather. Those are my honest feelings 」

I see.

Someone was listening with my conversation with Jii-chan earlier in the hotel.

Was it Minaho-neesan?

Or Maybe Tsukiko read my thoughts.

Our time meeting up with Megu in school should be enough.

「 Somehow, when you said that you’re going with Yoshiko-san, I thought that you’re going back to live together with Jii-chan 」

I replied in a slightly joking tone.

「 It’s been a lot of time since you’ve started living with us in this mansion. Ruriko also had time to confirm it herself 」

It’s been four months since I bought her as my sex slave for 3000 yen.

Going back to Kouzuki house and talking with Jii-chan would be helpful to her.

「 If that’s the case, I’m going as well 」

Misuzu speaks up.

「 I think that the three of us should gather since we have the chance 」

They’ll discuss the future of Kouzuki house unreservedly.

The three of them.

「 Uhm, I think you already know it, but Jii-chan can’t stay with us here 」

I tell Misuzu and the girls.

「 As expected, he has to stay in the main house no matter what. Although, he promised to come over and play as much as possible 」

「 Indeed 」

Yoshiko-san sighs.

「 No, I don’t think that means that Yoshiko-san has to live together with Jii-chan all the time 」

「 However, we are still Grandfather’s relatives 」

Well, that’s true, but,

「 If that’s the case, I’ll get out of my parent’s house. Then, I’ll live in Grandfather’s house, and this mansion in equal times 」

Misuzu gives a suggestion.

「 If that’s the case, when I stay over on Grandfather’s, Yoshiko-oneesama can stay over in this mansion. We can take turns in taking care of Grandfather 」

「 Wait, Misuzu-chan. In that case, I think that I should also come and take care of Grandfather, as I’m always here anyway 」

Ruriko tells Misuzu.

「 It’s okay. Ruriko-chan, you are Danna-sama’s slave, and you’re to stay here all the time 」

「 However! 」


「 Before making a conclusion, shouldn’t you discuss it with Kouzuki-sama first? 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Even if you debate while Kouzuki-sama’s absent, there won’t be a conclusion 」

They’re right.

I mean, the main issue at hand is…

First, improving Jii-chan and Ruriko’s relationship.

「 Do you want me to come with you? 」

I asked. Misuzu;

「 No, I think we should do it by ourselves 」

Yeah, Jii-chan probably won’t like me coming with them.

I’ll back off for tonight and let him talk to his Granddaughters.

Especially Ruriko.

「 Then, uhm, Onii-sama, can we bring Edie-san with us? 」


「 I think having a smart and bright girl like Edie-san with us will do better. If it’s just the three of us, I believe that our conversation with Grandfather will become overly serious 」

That’s true.

As it’s been a while since Ruriko’s come back, Jii-chan would be shy, or should I say that he’ll try to make himself look cool, and the conversation won’t progress.

「 If that’s the case, shouldn’t Nei come instead of me? 」

Edie who suddenly got nominated sounds a bit displeased.

「 But, we can make an excuse that we have Edie-san with us as our bodyguard, substituting Michi 」

Misuzu replied.

Yeah, if Nei comes with Misuzu and the girls, Jii-chan would think that it’s strange.

He’d notice the intention of this side right away.

Then, Jii-chan’s the type that is always careful.

He’ll laugh at Nei’s jokes, but,

The ambiance of the conversation would just get stiff.

「 I agree 」

Misuzu said.

「 We do not have Michi with us tonight. Naturally, we can call her out, but we would like her to take a rest tonight 」

Michi’s feeling down as she made her mother faint.

It would be pitiful to summon her to escort Misuzu at this moment.

「 Hauuu, it can’t be helped then. Then, I’m going, but give me an hour after meal 」

Edie said.

「 Darling promised to shower me with love tonight 」

「 There’s no need to rush, I can still make time to do it with you by tomorrow 」

I replied. Edie;

「 No, it’s okay. One hour will do. I’ll do today’s share today. That’s for the best, also 」

She looked at Ruriko and smiled.

「 Hey guys, you’re done with the serious talk?! 」

Yukino said in a loud voice.

「 If you’re done, then put that aside and eat. Look, the small girls are getting tensed 」

Now that she mentioned it.

Mao-chan and Agnes are eating silently.

「 When there’s a mature talk, they stay quiet, or should I say that they’re taught well. I think you all should be considerate of the children too, no? 」

「 Yukino, stop it 」

Megu tries to stop Yukino, but.

「 I mean, who can understand what they’re talking about?! These people are too smart, too argumentative, and they think that people’s thoughts are a formula for them to solve! Look, people live with their emotions! You won’t be able to see the truth unless you talk it out with the person! You all take too much time simulating everything in your head!!! 」


「 I think you’re right. Yukino-san 」

Minaho-neesan replied to Yukino.

「 We’re indeed overly-theoretical. I reflect on it 」

「 That’s right, reflect on it! 」

「 Geez, Yukino, you’re the one scaring everyone now! 」

Megu gets angry.

「 What? All I’m doing is just… 」

「 Don’t shout close to my ear! Stupid Yukino! 」

「 You’re the stupid one here! I mean, that guy is the representative of stupid people! 」


I knew it.

「 That’s right, you’re the most stupid here! 」

「 Don’t say that Yoshi-kun’s stupid! 」

「 What’s wrong with me saying that a stupid guy is stupid?! 」

「 The one calling people stupid is the most stupid! Geez! 」

Megu sighed.

「 I’m the most stupid here. I know it already. People made me understand today. Let’s end the silly talk 」


「 Done? 」

Mao-chan asks the two.

「 Is it over already? 」

Yukino and Megu looked at each other.

「 W-Well, it’s over 」

「 We won’t make a fuss anymore. Sorry 」

Then, Mao-chan

「 Then, handshake 」

「 What? 」

「 Handshake, Yukino-chan, Megu-chan! 」

「 O-Okay 」

The two shake hands.

Mao-chan places her hand on top of theirs.

「 That’s enough fights today. You two made a lot of noise. You two were bad girls! 」

She glares at Yukino and Megu.

「 But, we get along!! 」


「 It’s common in the TV show for children. They say “But, we get along” 」

Nagisa whispers.

「 Go on, Yukino-chan, Megu-chan! 」

「 W-What? 」

「 You have to repeat 」

「 But, we get along 」

「 Geez… But, we get along 」

「 Another one! 」

「 But, we get along 」

Yukino and Megu shout while holding each other’s hand.

「 And now, everyone! 」


We’re joining in there?

「 Onii-sama, let’s do it 」

「 Yeah, let’s do it 」

「 Me too 」

「 Yomi too 」

「 Agnes too 」

「 Geez, it can’t be helped. Let’s do it 」

Katsuko-nee reaches out for Minaho-neesan’s hand.

「 What, Katsuko? 」

「 Well, it needs pairs to hold each other’s hand 」

「 Oh, is that so? 」

「 That’s right 」

Following Yukino and Megu;

Katsuko-nee and Minaho-neesan hold hands.

Agnes and Luna.

Yomi and Mana.

「 Ruriko and me 」

Edie and Ruriko.

「 Do you mind, Misuzu-sama? 」

「 Sure 」

Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 Then, it’s you and me 」

Nagisa and I hold hands.

「 If you’d please, Mao 」

Hearing her mother, Mao-chan;

「 But, we get along 」

「 But, we get along 」

I don’t get what’s going on,

But, we all said it.


After a few moments of silence.

「 Fu, kufufufufufu 」

Yukino’s the first to laugh.

「 What was that that was so funny! Kufufufufu!! 」

That laugh of hers infected everyone.

「 Indeed, pufufufufufu 」

Katsuko-nee bursts into laughter.

Nagisa, Yomi, Luna, Agnes, and Mao-chan also laughed.

「 Puhahahaahaha! 」

「 Kyahahahaaha 」

「 Gufufufufufu 」

Edie infects Ruriko with her laughter.

「 Hahahahahahaha 」

「 Ufufufufufufu! 」

Tsukiko, Misuzu, Mana, and Megu started laughing as well.

「 You’re right, it’s absurd. You all are funny 」

Then, even Minaho-neesan.

Naturally, that includes me.


The dining room’s filled with laughter.

Everyone’s looking at each other.


We’re all laughing.


「 What’s wrong guys? 」

Nei stands in the entrance of the dining room, dumbfounded.

「 Ah, I’m home~ 」


「 Oh, as for Margo-oneechan, she’s parking in the garage. While at it, we picked these up 」

Picked up?

「 I’m back 」

One of them is Michi. As expected, she still looks dispirited.

And as for the other one.

「 Yo! I’ll be in your care tonight! 」

Kudou Haruka in her karate uniform for some reason.

Her hands are carrying luggage wrapped in cloth.

She’s wearing a Geta. (wooden sandals)

Then, heir hairstyle’s looking like “Yawa-chan”1

Her hair bundled up and set in place with a red hairband.

「 W-What’s with that look?! Pfft! 」

Yukino started laughing again, and the whole room roared in laughter.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I thought you weren’t coming back tonight? 」

I asked Michi as she sits next to me.

Mao-chan gave orders saying, “Give the seat next to Papa to those that seem sad,” and so Agnes did just that.

Nobody in our family can beat the younger children.

「 That’s the plan, but, Aneue 」

Michi looked at Haruka.

「 If I’m joining in with the professional matches, then I thought that it’s better to live in here 」

Haruka said.

「 It’s frustrating, but I must admit that Michi and that woman, Margo is stronger than me. I need to reach the same level as them by training together, right? They say that their objective is in the American rings after all 」

「 You’ve given up on Kouzuki SS now? 」

I asked, deliberately.

「 It’s no use, Mother did all that. I don’t want to trouble my big brother either. If I can earn money through Karate, then I’d do anything 」

Haruka’s eyes are blazing.

「 She knows that Mother made a lot of debt for the four months she was missing 」


「 You mean, the time when she was with Yamaoka-san? 」

「 That was really stupid of her, she was at her prime. And yet, she escaped with that man, got troubled with money, made debts, and then got deceived by the bad guys while trying to pay it off, and when she noticed it, she’s already at the Yakuza’s hands! 」

Haruka’s angry.

「 Father’s taking over Mother’s debt for now, but 」

「 No, that guy ignores his family and only does what he wants. That’s why he gave up on Mother, and she followed that man! It’s unforgivable! I will pay back Mother’s debts myself 」

「 There’s also the hospital charges 」

Michi’s feeling depressed, and so I give her a hug.

「 Thank you, Master 」


「 Why do you look like that Haruka-san? 」

She hasn’t put down the luggage she’s carrying yet.

「 Ahahahaha, amazed by this?! 」

Kudou Haruka laughs loudly.

「 You see, I’ve become the Karate Oni now! I’ve abandoned my womanhood! Therefore, I’m using the old Japanese Karate uniform! My hairstyle’s like Yawa-chan! I’m no longer a woman! 」


「 Since the matches are in America, she imagines that she’ll fight villains like Great Togo or Harold Sakata 」

Nei said.

「 What do you think!? With this, not even you can make a move on me! 」

Kudou Haruka’s elated in success.

「 With this, I can protect my virginity and devote myself to training!! Give it up! 」

No, look.

I don’t even want to have sex with you.

「 Look, do you think that this stupid guy has the aesthetic sense? 」

Yukino speaks to Haruka, looking down on her.

「 Maybe, that stupid look of yours right now is just his type you know? 」

「 N-No way?! 」

Haruka flinched.

「 Yoshi-kun doesn’t have a bad taste! 」

Megu shouts at Yukino.

「 That’s right, Nii-san prefers cute girls! 」

Luna said.

「 So, Yo-chan? 」

Nei asks me curiously.

「 What happened while we’re away? 」

Hmm, there’s too many things that happened here.

「 Somehow, the atmosphere’s changed 」

「 How? 」

I asked.

「 Well, I see that it’s gotten better, but Megu-chan wasn’t that energetic when I left, but 」


「 Why is Yukino-chi taking over the center?! 」


  1. It’s most likely Yawara Inokuma from Yawara! Manga and Anime