Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 838. Sex Kingdom / Wash away the tears



「 Take it slow… 」

Ai speaks to Megu.

「 Look at Darling 」

Edie’s on the left.

「 O-Okay 」

Megu gets in between my legs as I lie down the bed.

She tries giving me fellatio once again.

「 I-I’ll try it again, Yoshi-kun 」

「 Sure… 」

Megu grabs my penis and stuffs it in her mouth.

「 Oh, that’s warm… 」

Megu slowly uses her tongue while looking at my face.

「 Hmmm 」

「 Is this okay, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu speaks as I respond, but…

「 Don’t rush. Look around 」

Edie smiled.

「 Yukino’s licking Darling’s foot

「 Huh? 」

Megu turned around, then she found Yukino licking my foot.

「 Hey! What are you doing, Yukino? 」

「 Oh? It’s not your exclusive time, is it, Megumi? 」

Yukino laughed.

「 True 」

Edie grabs my right hand and starts licking the gap between my fingers.

「 A-Ai too 」

Ai starts to lick my nape.

「 Ah, aaah… 」

My penis in Megu’s arms gets harder.

「 Hey! You girls!! 」

「 That’s right, it’s all of us who make Darling feel good 」

「 B-But… 」

「 I think you should stop that “Me! Me!” thought of yours 」

Yukino tells Megu.

「 This idiot has a lot of women, not just Megumi. It’s useless to make some strange appeals 」

「 I know that, but… 」

Megu speaks in a sad tone.

「 You don’t get it 」


「 Darling has a lot of women, and still, he looks at Megumi and loves you. Are you asking for more? 」

「 Megumi, you know that you can’t monopolize him, don’t you? This idiot loves all of us, and will do all that he can to make all of us happy 」

「 Normally, you should be satisfied that your love is recognized and that you’re loved back 」

「 Ai’s happy from doing this 」

Ai rubs her cheeks on my chest.

「 Megumi, you ask for too much. That what makes you extremely self-conscious, and then, you blow yourself up before he could react. What a hopeless girl 」

「 I… 」

Megu’s confused. I…

「 Megu, come here 」

I spread my arms and call her.

「 O-Okay, Yoshi-kun 」

I embraced Megu’s slender naked body.

「 Here, take a deep breath 」

Suu, haaaa…

Megu takes a deep breath in my arms.

「 Listen, you need to take a deep breath, no matter when. Then, you won’t have to hurry on anything 」

Just like using “shuffle” when Ai’s in panic, Megu needs a system to restart her thoughts.

「 Once your breathing turns relaxed, you can ease up. Look at the people around you…everyone, let’s take a deep breath 」

Our skins are touching, and so, we can feel each other’s breath.

「 Okay, let’s begin 」


We take long and deep breaths, just like when Michi’s using her Kudou style.


Megu joins with me, matching the swelling and deflation of my chest and stomach.


「 Suuuuuuu…..suhaaaaaaaaa 」

Ai, Edie, Yukino, they’re all taking deep breaths.

「 Yes, taking a deep breath lets the oxygen reach your brain 」

Edie smiled.

「 Edie, teach Megu the formal breathing techniques for Qi 」

I looked at Edie and asked her.

「 Sure 」

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu looked at me, startled.

「 It’s not my specialty. And you prefer learning from Edie than Michi, right? 」

「 But… 」

「 I’ll try to join you whenever possible 」

I said with a smile.

「 So, how’s that after taking a deep breath? 」


「 Yoshi-kun, you seem closer than earlier 」


Our bodies are this close together, having sex.

If we breathe together deeply, we’re no longer far from each other.

「 I’m always worried that Yoshi-kun will go away, or that you’ll leave me alone, but, I don’t feel that now 」

「 And that’s why you should take a deep breath when you’re starting to worry. Like how you did just now. That’s what I always do 」

「 Yoshi-kun too? 」

「 Yeah, I mean, I’m always worried everyday 」

I thought of talking about it since there’s an opportunity.

「 I’m always worried. Like, “was the pastry sufficient?” Like, if I make a mistake, then I might not sell a single one… 」

Everyone’s helping out in the pastry making, but I’m the one in charge of the oven.

If I fail, everyone’s product would be wasted.

「 But, Yoshi-kun does it… 」

「 But, I might fail if I lost focus. I mean, it’s me. I’m the one doing it 」

I don’t trust myself.

After all, I’m useless.

「 I can manage to do it somehow for now, but I’m always worried. I could go through it thanks to everyone 」

If I was alone, I’ll never work it out and fail all the time.

Someone as useless as me couldn’t possibly operate a bakery.

Making pastries every day, selling them, then training for the next day, looking at the sales, thinking of new products.

「 If I look back at April, this is like a dream 」

Back then, I felt hopeless.

「 But now, I have hope. I’m happy. I’m blessed 」


「 And that’s the reason why I’m more worried 」

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

「 I don’t know what I would do if everyone abandons me. I’ll become alone. I’m worried that the people around me would be gone. It horrifies me. I’ve seen it in my nightmares 」

I’m happy, and that makes me scared.

「 At times like that, I take a deep breath, then, I can calm down somehow 」

「 Right, Darling, you do that sometimes in the middle of the night 」

Edie said.

Right, even when I’m with my women in the bed…

A warm body embraces me, yet, I still feel worried.

「 I do the same, but… 」

「 Yeah, Edie does take a deep breath sometimes 」

Edie stretches her body and does some breathing control with her Qi when she has time.

I thought that she’s only eager to train but, I guess I’m wrong.

Edie’s doing that to calm herself down when she feels uneasy.

「 Me too 」


「 In my case, it was masturbation. When I feel uneasy, I always imagine that you’re banging me as I masturbate. Although, I don’t need to do it as much nowadays 」

She laughed.

「 But, since it’s dangerous for me to put anything inside right now, I just imagine that you’re sucking on my breasts. When I remember you sucking on my nipples, I feel calmer 」

「 Ai became able to use shuffle on herself without the need for Yoshida-kun to say it 」

To Ai, “shuffle,” means rebooting her thoughts.

Everyone deals with their worries in various ways.

「 Megumi, you’re too much of an honor student right now 」

Yukino said.

「 You know, Yamamine-san, they were earnest people. You feel sorry for them, and that’s why you always go with: “I’m okay, I can endure it” and live that way. Well, not that I’m in the place to say that since I’m the cause, but still… 」

Megu intended to accept her fate. The fate where Shirasaka Sousuke turns her to a prostitute.

「 You didn’t have someone you can fawn on, and so you get spoiled with Darling…But… 」

Edie said.

「 Megumi, you’re a bit too spoiled…it’s becoming a burden on Darling… 」

「 That’s… 」

Megu looked at me.

「 Yoshi-kun said that I can fawn on him more… 」

「 That’s impossible 」

Edie said.

「 Megumi never relies on anyone right now… 」

「 Right 」

Yukino nods.

「 Someone who can’t do anything by herself shouldn’t rely on Yoshida-kun…. 」


「 People who are spoiled and lick each other’s wounds only cause trouble to the people around 」

Edie’s harsh.

「 First, you must oppose your fate, and find your will. Find the courage, no matter how weak you are. If it’s those people, then there’s a meaning to their gathering. Darling knows that 」

「 Ai understands too 」

Ai said.

「 Ai knows that she can’t do anything…Thinking that Ai is Ai, and so she’s useless. But, Yoshida-kun told me that I shouldn’t think like that. If Ai doesn’t want to be useless, then do something… 」


「 I’m just like Ai. I always thought that I’m useless. That I can’t do anything. That I have no worth… 」

「 That’s not true 」

Ai holds my hand.

「 Yoshida-kun, if you’re not here, then, Ai would be at a loss 」


「 Please, watch over Ai all the time…Ai will surely lose her way…and be unable to understand anything…so… 」

「 Yeah, I’ll walk together with you. I won’t push or drag you. But I’ll watch you. Always 」

「 Yes 」

Ai smiled.

「 I do talk with Snatch and Francie when it comes to showbusiness problems, but, if I’m wavering, I’ll talk to you. I have no one but you when it comes to someone I can consult with 」

Yukino said.

「 Maika’s younger, Megumi’s dumb. I know that the other women won’t do anything to me, but I still don’t trust them. With all that gone, you’re the only one left. I feel like you can give me an advice if it’s something objective 」

「 Yeah, you can talk to me about anything 」

I promised her.

「 Yoshi-kun, I… 」

Megu looks up at me with a teary face as I hold her in my arms.

「 In the end, Megumi’s not as mature as she thinks she is. Mentally, that is. I think that she’s much younger than Maika right now 」

「 I think that she’s at the same age as Agnes. 」

Yukino and Edie said.

「 But, I’m at the same age as Yoshi-kun. I’m Yoshi-kun’s partner. I want to be the big sister for everyone else 」

Megu speaks out her thoughts.

「 That’s impossible 」

「 Yeah, it’s impossible for Megumi right now 」

The two denied it right away.


「 If that’s what you want, then work for it 」

Ai smiled.

「 Ai also will do her best to become what she wants 」

「 Ai-san? 」

「 Megumi-san, let’s do our best together! 」

Megu’s confused.

「 Megu, you were looking down on Ai, weren’t you? 」

I said.

「 But, it’s different…Ai’s thoughts…she’s doing her best at her speed. She’s not inferior, nor slower than Megumi 」

I also looked down on Ai. It’s a bitter memory, I’m reflecting on it.


「 First, you must accept Ai. You need to honestly admit that you and Ai are the same. Your anxieties won’t go away unless you do that 」

「 And you’ll start yelling at Darling when you feel uneasy 」

「 Yeah, no more, I don’t want to see Megumi get hysteric again 」


「 Okay, I think my pride was too high 」

She says with teary eyes.

「 Because of that, I had so many insecurities with Misuzu-san, and I looked down on Ai-san, someone on the same age as me 」

Tears start to fall.

「 But, my pride doesn’t match the reality, getting me too anxious that I blame Yoshi-kun for it 」

Megu’s an honor student. Once she finds out, things start to fall into place.

「 That was shameful of me, pathetic… 」

I take out the tears.

Women’s tears taste salty and bitter.

「 Come here, we’ll have sex, Megu 」

I lay Megu down the bed, and I get up.

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

「 You know, what you need at times like this is sex! 」

I kiss Megu’s lips roughly.

I massage her breasts with force.

It should hurt a bit.

「 Yoshi-kun. Yoshi-kun. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! 」

Megu started crying like a child.

「 Yeah, that’s okay. Let it all out, Megu 」

「 Aaaaaaah, aaaaaa, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! 」

I spread out the legs of the crying Megu.

「 Ah! Wait! 」

「 Right! 」

Yukino and Edie licked my penis and made it sticky.

「 Good enough 」

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I rub my glans wet with saliva in Megu’s slit.

Megu’s not that wet yet.

「 Aaaaaah! Yoshi-kun! Yoshi-kun! Uwaaaaaa!!! 」

I invade Megu as she cries out loud.

「 Aah! I-It hurts! Yoshi-kun! 」

「 It’s okay, we’ll take it slow 」

I push in the tip into Megu’s yet to loose insides.

「 Y-Yoshi-kun! Uwaaaaaaaaan!!! 」

Megu accepts me while crying.

「 Here, Megu! 」

I push into the root.

「 Uuuuuu, uuuuuu, waaaaaa, uwaaaaan!! 」

Megu clings to me, crying.

「 Here, it’s okay, you’re going to be okay, I’m here with you 」

I slowly move my penis.

「 Uuuu, waaaa, waaaa, uwaaaaa, ah, ah, auuuu!!!! 」

Each piston makes Megu’s insides wet.

It’s getting softer.

Her hot juice makes sopping noises.

「 Yoshi-kun! Yoshi-kun! Aaaaaa!!! 」

Megu’s tears and love nectar. She’s wet above and below.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! 」

Gucho, gucho, gucho.

Lewd sounds come from the part where we’re connected.

Megu’s cute breasts sway along with my movements.

「 Aaah, more! Yoshi-kun! Do it! More! 」

Megu asks me in tears.

「 Scold me more! Mess me up!!! 」


That’s my plan.

And so, I stir up Megu intensely.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Yoshi-kun! Yoshi-kuuuuuun!!! 」

「 Megu! Megu!!! 」

「 Aaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaah! What do I do? Yoshi-kun’s scolding me, and yet, I’m feeling strange! 」

「 Go on! Feel it!! 」

I slam Megu’s abdomen with mine.

Our skins make clapping sounds.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! 」

Megu’s disheveled, all while all the other girls watch her.

「 I-It’s embarrassing. Everyone’s watching me, and yet…. 」

「 Throw away that pride! 」

「 Y-Yes! Yoshi-kun!!! Aaaaaah! 」

Then, Megu…

「 Aaaah! Aaaaahn! I-I’m cumming! I’m cumming! 」

「 Aaah! Megu!! 」

「 Yoshi-kun! Cum! Let it out inside me!!! 」

I head to my last spurt.

Papapapapapan! It claps.

「 Uuuu! Aaaah! kuuuuu! Aaaah! Yoshi-kun!!! 」

Megu looks at me with eyes in pain.

「 Aaaah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!! 」

Her vagina clamps, it convulses.

「 Me too! I’m cumming! Megu!!!! 」

「 Let it out! Cum! Cum inside me a lot!!!!! 」

I ejaculated.

「 Warm stuff is coming in!!! 」

I continue to ejaculate while grinding Megu’s insides.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! Yoshi-kun! Yoshi-kuuuuuuuuunnn!!! 」

My ejaculation continues.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I’m so embarrassed! Uuuuu…. 」

Megu starts to cry with a blushing face after her ecstasy calmed down.

I’m still inside her. Limping on top of her body.

「 To think that everyone saw me crying. And yet, still having sex, and even reaching climax. They saw it all 」

She cries again.

「 Uuuuu, uwaaaaaa! 」

Ai pats Megu’s head.

「 There, there 」

Edie and Yukino.

「 Yeah, we saw that 」

「 Yeah, that was shameless of you, Megumi. I should’ve brought a camera 」

She laughed.

「 Forget it! Forget it all! 」

「 I couldn’t possibly forget that, right? 」

「 Of course~ 」


「 You’ve shown something so disgraceful so far, do you think that you still have pride? 」

I said while burying my face in Megu’s breasts.

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu stopped crying.

「 Correct. If you were to show some bossy attitude again, then… 」

「 We’ll tell everyone how Megumi reached climax while crying her eyes out 」

「 S-Stop that! 」

Megu shouted.

「 O-Okay, I-I’ll be careful from now on. I promise 」

She promised everyone.

「 I won’t fawn on Yoshi-kun anymore. I won’t get angry right away, and I’ll take a deep breath to calm myself down 」

「 Good girl. Good girl 」

Ai smiled and pats Megu’s head.

「 Then, you’ll find what you want to do too, Megu 」

I looked up and stared at Megu.

「 Okay, I’ll become a cute bride and a beautiful mother. I’ll think on what to do 」

「 You can talk about it with everyone 」

「 Yes, Yoshi-kun 」

Megu takes a deep breath.

She’s calming down


「 I’m really sorry about everything. I caused a lot of trouble 」


「 It’s okay. We’re your family, Megu 」

I replied.

「 Right, in the end, this idiot can’t get out of his poverty mindset, and so he needs someone like Megumi close to him 」

「 Yukino? 」

「 Yeah. Misuzu, Tsukiko, or even me, among all the girls who are with Darling, Megumi’s the normal one 」

「 Therefore, it’s not that we plan on kicking Megumi out. Don’t worry 」

Yukino speaks kindly.

「 If ever someone tries to speak ill of Megumi, then I’ll beat them up 」

「 I’m going to kick them too 」

「 Uuuuuu, uwaaaaaaaaa. I’m really sorry, everyone!!!! 」

Megu starts crying again.

And throughout the whole event, Ai keeps on patting Megu’s head.