Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 932. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the twins (Rie Arc 1)



「 It’s okay, Rie-chan, I’ll be with you 」

Eri embraces her sobbing twin.


「 Tsukiko, make Eri unconscious, don’t let her wake up until I say so 」

I give out a cold order.

「 W-Wait! Onii-san! 」

Eri shouts at me in panic, but…

「 I won’t. I’m going to deflower Rie while Eri’s unconscious. You will not see nor hear how I tear Rie’s virginity 」


「 The two of you have been together since you were born. That means you have shared everything for 13-years of your life. All that happiness, sadness, fun, fear.. 」

「 T-That’s right! We’ve always been together! And from now on too! 」

「 Eri-chan 」

The twins embrace each other tightly.

「 But, if that’s what you want, you two will die 」

No matter how strong the bonds these twins have…

If they stay in that world where it’s just the two of them, then…

「 I’m not as easy as your parents and all the people you’ve met so far 」

The twins were able to evade all the dangers with their duo so far, but…

That will no longer work.

「 Then, sure. I don’t mind dying together 」

「 E-Eri-chan? 」

「 Right? Rie-chan, I don’t want Rie-chan to experience all this cruelty without me knowing! Never! 」

「 I don’t want it either. I want to be together with Eri-chan, no matter how scary it is 」

「 That’s right, if we’re together, then we can endure anything 」

「 Yes, we’ve always been together after all 」

Rie and Eri look at each other’s teary faces.

Eri’s eyes gather tears too.

「 Sorry. I’m not letting this go the way you want it to be 」

I said.

「 I’m the one to decide your fate. Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

「 W-Wait! I!!! 」

Eri desperately pleads, but…

「 Look at me in the eye 」

Tsukiko controls Eri’s mind.

「 Kuu?!!! 」

「 Now, please sleep 」

Eri’s consciousness paused.

「 E-Eri-chan?!!! 」

Eri fell unconscious in Rie’s arms.

「 Okay, take her 」

「 Okay, Nei-oneechan 」

Mana takes Rie away from Eri as Nei instructed.

「 N-No! Eri-chan! Eri-chan! Wake up! Open your eyes! 」

「 Tsukiko, quiet her down 」

「 Certainly. Look at me 」

Tsukiko uses her power on Rie.

「 Auu 」

Rie’s body is under Tsukiko’s control.

「 Okay, we’re good. Mana will let this girl sleep on the other side 」

「 Yomi will help out! 」

Mana and Yomi carry Rie on the corner of the room.

Purposely placing Eri on the other side of the room and lie her down facing the wall.

「 E-Eri-chan! 」

Rie shouts, but Eri’s not moving.

Eri’s facing the wall so she can’t see her face either.

「 Tsukiko, force her mind to calm down. Don’t let her fall to panic 」

I ordered her.

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

「 Kyauuu 」

Tsukiko radiates her power and Rie trembled.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

「 Okay, calm your mind down, your mind is currently having a direct connection with mine 」

Tsukiko’s spirit is the most stable among the sisters.

No, I think that she’s the first or second among my women who can keep herself stable in an argument.

After all, she couldn’t use her power to read and compel minds if she isn’t calm.

Her power could reverse the tide on her and crush her down.

「 As expected of Tsukiko-oneesama 」

Yomi who holds the same power is struck with admiration.

「 Yomi can’t gain total control like that 」

「 Indeed, if you don’t moderate your power, it will leave a big wound in her heart. You must gently and carefully even out your power in their mind while in control of them 」

I don’t get it since I don’t have the same power as them.

However, this power is truly dangerous.

A mind that’s hurt or broken can never be fixed.

Earlier, Yomi used her power on Tendou Sadao.

「 Yomi-chan had to deal with people we’re disposing so I think that you did well 」

Nei said.

Tendou Sadao and his group are now insane.

They will die while screaming to their boss words that they don’t understand.

Not even Tsukiko, who has a stronger Miko power than Yomi, can put them back.

They’re completely broken now.

「 Indeed, and if it’s someone that must stay alive, then utmost caution is required 」

「 Yes, I understand that 」

Yomi, the second daughter of the Takakura sisters is the one who is the most active user of this power.

Luna and Koyomi-chan both have a timid personality.

Yomi’s the only one who used her power as she pleases, albeit it was weak, before coming to our place.

Tsukiko’s hiding her strong power back then.

「 Yomi now finally understands how fearsome it is to use the power all out 」

She sent Tendou Sadao and Irokuchou Ichirou, the two groups of Yakuza, to die.

Yomi felt the horror for real.

She looked at me.

「 Sensei. Yomi’s still inexperienced. Therefore, next time, I’ll hold myself off from using my power unless Sensei gives me an order. I promise that 」

She did that verbal promise before.


She needed to learn from experience with her flesh and blood.

Back then, it was a verbal promise.

But now, it’s a pledge.

She gives me that promise, but in reality, she makes the pledge to herself.

「 That’s how it is, founder-sensei 」

Nei speaks at the camera on the ceiling that’s monitoring us.

Either way, Minaho-neesan’s watching our state in here.

「 You can’t rely on Yomi-chan’s power anymore~ 」

Right, it’s a warning to Minaho-neesan that she can’t use Yomi’s powers on underground business.

「 Indeed, Yomi needs to accumulate experience on using her power with precision 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Minaho-neesan already knows that 」

I said.

「 Today, Yomi moved a lot to earn experience for herself. Even now, Tsukiko’s showing how to control that power 」

Unless it’s people like Tendou Sadao, you can’t use your power all out.

They experienced it with Kyouko-san in the party today.

They trained to read individual thoughts from multiple people.

Where she has to learn slowly, putting everything to practice.

「 Minaho-neesan accepted Yomi, Tsukiko, Luna, and Koyomi-chan as her little sisters. Don’t worry much about it 」

I said.

But it’s probably different.

Tsukiko and the girls call Minaho-neesan as “Kuromori-sama,”

Because they sense that Minaho-neesan has some desire to use the sisters with Miko power as tools.

Tsukiko can read Minaho-neesan’s thoughts.

That’s why we step in between.

It’s to prevent Minaho-neesan from using Tsukiko and the girls as tools.

「 Nobody treasures their family more than Minaho-neesan does 」

That statement of mine should put a brake on Minaho-neesan’s urges.

Tonight, Tsukiko, Yomi, and Luna used their powers…

It’s for Minaho-neesan to let out some steam.

She thinks that if one has such great power, then one should be free to use it.

Minaho-neesan’s true nature is ambitious.

「 Right, we have to trust Minaho-oneechan 」

Nei also matches with my talk.

As a member of the family, Minaho-neesan should be able to take control of her desires.


「 Now then, have you calmed down now Rie? 」

I looked at Rie.

These twins can’t become our family.

Minaho-neesan will never accept these girls in our family.

「 I-I… 」

Rie’s a bit dazed.

Tsukiko used her power to take control of her heart which is about to panic and forced her unrest to calm down.

「 Tsukiko, make sure that her mind is stable so her consciousness doesn’t fly away. So she doesn’t cry, scream, or blow herself away with fear 」

I ordered.

「 I want Rie to remember what I’m about to do with her, how I will rape her, how she loses virginity, for the rest of her life 」

「 I don’t want it! No 」

Rie shakes her head.

I look into Rie’s eyes.

「 I don’t want to violate Rie’s body only. I want to make everything, Rie’s mind and body, mine. I’m going to be thorough with it 」

「 I-I… 」

Rie’s afraid, but…

「 It’s okay, Kou-sama. I’m managing it 」

Tsukiko is in control of both her mind and body.

「 Ruri-chan, let’s resume filming 」

Nei called Ruriko and goes back to get the camera controlled by a pc.

「 Yes, Nei-oneesama 」

Ruriko stood up and prepared her digital camera.

「 Yomi-chan, stay on support so you could move if anything happens to us 」

「 Roger that, Mana-san 」

Yomi and Mana both back off from the view of the camera.

「 Well then, let’s begin, Yo-chan 」

「 Yeah, thanks 」

This is the former training facility for Kouzuki SS.

Inside this nap room with tatami mats on the floor.

This whole building has no windows to prevent any raid from the outside.

A sealed room.

In the middle of it is a bed.

I sit down there, cross-legged, naked.

My erect penis is shining from Mana and Tsukiko’s love nectar.

Then, two meters before me…

Rie who wears a school swimsuit and a leather collar sit in fear.

She grasps her knees, rounding her body.

Around us are cameras standing on tripods.

All of the cameras have their red lamp turned on.

It’s only Rie and me in the camera’s view.

Tsukiko also went outside the camera’s range.

Eri’s unconscious, facing the wall.

「 Rie, come here 」

I call the other half of the twins.

I give an order to the beauty who has lolicon fans all over the country.

「 Go to Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko controls Rie’s body.

「 Hiii, ah, aaah 」

Rie desperately tries to resist but she’s no match against Tsukiko’s control.

Her body comes to me slowly, as if dragging herself.

「 N-No, I-I’m scared 」

That’s natural.

The person waiting on the bed is a naked man.

Furthermore, he has an erect dick.

「 I-I’m scared! Eri-chan! Eri-chan! Help me!! 」

No chance. Eri’s consciousness is cut off.

「 We’re going to record Rie’s deflowering. Therefore, Eri might see it someday. Then, she will mourn. She’s in the same room, and yet, she couldn’t protect Rie. She doesn’t even remember anything about it 」

Eri will feel that regret for the rest of her life.

That’s okay.

That’s one step to make the twins independent from each other.

「 N-No! Noo! aaaah 」

Finally, Rie’s small body is close to me.

「 Rie 」

I embraced Rie’s body.

「 Hiiii!!! 」

I embrace Rie not straight ahead but somewhat slumped.

Rie’s body stiffens in my arms.

Ooh, Rie’s back and fair skin is getting goosebumps.

That’s a lot of hate.

「 Is this your first time to embrace a naked man? 」

I asked.

「 T-That’s obvious! 」

Rie turns her face away.

「 Look at me 」

「 Look at Kou-sama 」

「 Hauu 」

Rie looks at my face while trembling.

「 Look, do you know what’s touching your thighs right now? 」

My hot erect penis touches her springy skin.

「 I-It’s disgusting 」

Rie speaks out of fear.

「 I see. Rie, which do you prefer as your first kiss? My lips or my dick? 」

「 Huh? 」

Rie’s surprised.

「 You still haven’t kissed your boyfriend, right? 」

They only exchanged emails and never went to date.

「 I-If it’s first kiss, Eri-chan… 」

Rie said.

「 We’ve done it with each other since we were young. I’ve kissed Eri-chan multiple times on the videos for the lolicons, and we’ve done it during the photo sessions too 」

Oh, so the twins kiss each other to show it to the lolicons.

「 I see, if you’ve done your first kiss, then you don’t mind giving me fellatio, right? 」

「 T-That’s! 」

Rie’s startled.

「 No, I guess we’ll start with kissing 」

I suddenly steal Rie’s lips.

「 Nnnnnnn?! 」

Rie couldn’t react with the sudden kiss.

「 Stay still 」

Tsukiko orders Rie.

「 Okay, we’re taking photos! 」

Ruriko takes photos of me, naked, kissing Rie who’s wearing a school swimsuit.

「 Nnn, nnnnnn?! 」

Rie stopped breathing, she looks like she’s in pain.

She could just breathe in her nose though.

I let go of my mouth.

「 Uu, uuuu. T-That was my first time, and yet… 」

Oh, what? I guess you don’t count the kiss between you twins?

That means this was Rie’s first kiss.

「 T-To think that this is my first kiss… 」

Tears gather in Rie’s eyes.

「 Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, don’t cry. You can’t cry 」

She stops the tears with her Miko power.

「 Hey, another one 」

I kiss Rie’s lips again.

「 Nu, mumumu 」

Rie hates it but…

「 That’s not it. I will take the lead 」

Tsukiko emits her power.

As soon as she does that, Rie’s lips loosen up.

Her lips stiff from tension and fear turn soft.

「 Kufu? 」

Rie opens her mouth, opposing her will.

I then send my tongue inside Rie’s mouth.

「 Numi? 」

It’s her first time tasting a man’s tongue.

Rie’s confused.

「 The, like this 」

Tsukiko entwines Rie’s tongue with mine.

「 Numumu?! 」

The young beauty is confused.

「 Oh, you don’t know about entwining tongues 」

Yomi says as she reads Rie’s mind.

「 Oh, I see. They don’t do that much in sex videos 」

Nei said.

「 You know, these girls got their sex knowledge from their parents making them watch sex videos, right? Most actresses don’t like French kissing 」

Oh, I see.

「 They’re okay having sex in public, but they don’t want to kiss that much, most of them are like that 」

「 Yomi loves entwining with Sensei’s tongue though 」

「 Yeah, Mana also loves kissing with Onii-chan 」

「 Ehehe, me too 」

Yomi, Mana, and Nei added.

「 I love it too. Or should I say that I love everything when having sex with Onii-sama 」

Ruriko says while taking photos.

「 Tsukiko-oneesama, what about you? 」

「 I love it too, but… 」

Tsukiko replies to Ruriko.

「 Sorry, I have to concentrate in controlling her for now 」

「 Ah, sorry 」

Ruriko bows her head.

Though she looks calm, Tsukiko’s using a lot of her focus.

I guess it’s hard to take full control of someone’s mind and body.

「 No, if I loosen up my focus, this girl might bite Kou-sama’s tongue 」

Tsukiko said.

「 This girl isn’t as aggressive that she will bite off Kou-sama’s tongue, but still, she might do it in one moment where I miss the control 」

That’s what makes Tsukiko the most stable of the girls.

She never overestimates her ability, she makes sure to see the situation and assume various things.

「 Yes, loosen up. Entrust your body to Kou-sama. Feel Kou-sama’s body. You can lean on him but Kou-sama will not collapse. Don’t worry and loosen up 」

Tsukiko said. Rie slowly loosens up.

I embrace Rie’s petite body tightly.

「 See, can you feel it? This is what it means to embrace a man 」

I let go of Rie’s lips.

She leaks out a sigh immediately after that.

Then, Rie loosens up further.

「 Now, feel it. Kou-sama’s scent. His sweat. His warm embrace, his arms 」

That’s right if I’m just raping her, then…

She will feel fear and rejection, she’ll close her heart.

She’ll close it from the pain she feels.

However, Rie now…

Tsukiko’s opening all of her senses.

Her sight, hearing, smell, taste…She can feel me with her all senses.

Me too.

I lick the back of Rie’s ears.

「 Hiii!! 」

Rie trembles in fear.

「 Yeah, Rie’s skin is delicious 」

「 I’m delicious? 」

Rie looks at me in surprise.

The tension and agitation are rising.

Sweat floats in her forehead.

I also give that a taste.

「 Oh, this one’s salty. But, it tastes like Rie 」

「 T-That’s…please don’t lick me 」

Rie says in shame.

「 I’m going to taste a lot from Rie’s body 」

I kissed Rie’s cheeks and nose again and again.

「 And Rie will taste mine too 」

「 Onii-san’s taste? 」

Eri looks at me.

Tsukiko’s power slowly reforms her to make it normal to look at me.

「 Right. The taste of my dick, the tastes of my semen 」

Rie’s surprised, but she still looks at me.

「 And I want to know how Rie’s nipples taste like, your pussy, and the tastes of your love nectar


「 Now, take it off. Get yourself naked while I watch. Show me everything you never showed to anyone before 」

Rie’s still staring at me.

「 Did you twins show each other your pussies? 」

I asked.

「 We didn’t. We couldn’t 」

Rie replies in a daze.

「 Then, I’ll be the first to see it. The first man to peek inside Rie’s pussy 」

「 R-Really? 」


「 Yeah, that’s how it is. So… 」

I have to emphasize it.

「 Now, get naked, Rie!! 」