Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 945. Night of Flirting / Slaves as a slave



「 Aaaahn~ Yes~ Yes! It feels good! 」

While we take a warm shower.

I bang Yomi from behind.

「 Yes, Sensei, grind it more! Gouge Yomi’s insides! Shove it more! 」

Yomi’s body is small.

She’s small and yet her breasts have grown sensually huge.

It sways around and I hold her breasts from behind as it flicks water.

I knead her hard nipples with my fingers.

Yomi’s black hair is wet from the shower.

I lick coming from her thin nape to the pink back of her ear.

「 Aaahn, I can feel that. It’s making me twitch! 」

Yomi’s vagina clamps my penis.

I push my hips towards Yomi’s ass.

「 Aun~ So deep! It’s coming in so deep!! 」

My tensed glans knocks on the entrance to Yomi’s womb.

All while Yomi’s vagina clamps my whole penis.

It’s really tight in the entrance where it clamps the root.

Then, I can feel Yomi’s cute ass with my abdomen.

I enjoy Yomi in various ways with our few centimeter distance from each other.

「 And we can embrace each other like this. Yomi’s body is small enough after all 」

I grab her breasts with both hands and shove my penis deeper. I embrace Yomi in three points.

「 Yomi, raise your body 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Yomi stands straight, facing the mirror.

Ooh, I can see my fat dick going inside Yomi’s slit.

「 It’s coming inside Yomi 」

Yomi’s face looks ecstatic as she watches me violate her body.

「 Yep, you’re beautiful, Yomi 」

Yomi’s beautiful when I bang her.

That face of complete pleasure.

Her body’s young and yet she makes that kind of face.

「 Aaahn~ It’s really lewd! Yomi…Yomi’s feeling all the pleasure 」

She trembles.

「 Hey, Sensei? 」

Yomi looks at me through the mirror.

「 What’s up? 」

「 Yomi wants to pee while doing it 」

While I’m shoving it in/

「 Is it okay to leak my pee? 」

Yomi says while leaking out hot sighs.

We’re in the shower room.

There’s no problem if she pees herself.

「 Sure, leak it, Yomi 」

I grabbed Yomi’s right leg and lifted it.

「 Yes. Yomi will pee in front of Sensei 」

Yomi bent her body and is aiming at the part where we’re connected in the mirror.

「 Kuu, uuuuuuu!!! 」

Yomi’s crotch is spread out.

She’s holding my dick inside her.

The urethra is just right above the vagina.

It’s between the vagina and the crotch.

When the urethra spreads to urinate, her vagina tightens.

「 Aaaaaah! 」


Yomi’s urethral opening surges out a yellow liquid in an arc.

Yomi’s right leg I lifted twitches as she pees in the shower room.

「 T-This is embarrassing, Yomi’s peeing while Sensei’s violating me 」

Yomi’s expression is dyed in shame.

「 That’s cute, Yomi 」

「 Ahn, look. Sensei. Watch this lewd Yomi. Let out all your arousal on Yomi’s breasts inside me 」

「 Yeah 」

Even though Yomi’s peeing, I continue to shove it inside her.

「 Iyaaaaan~ Aaaahn~ It feels good! 」

Yomi’s small yet plump body trembles in pleasure.

「 You see, Sensei! Yomi…Yomi’s too lewd. Yomi’s a pervert! Therefore, please…Sensei, break Yomi 」

Yomi finished peeing.

IF that’s the case.

It’s my turn to attack.

「 Yeah, I’m going to break you, Yomi!! 」

Gucho, gucho, gucho!!

I begin to piston for real.

First, let’s go with shallow-shallow-deep.

Ton-ton-zum! Ton-ton-zum! It’s a three-step tempo.

「 Ahn~ Yes! Yomi’s okay if you go harder 」

「 Okay, now put your hands on the mirror and brace your legs 」

「 Yes! 」

Yomi does the pose as I told her.

If it’s this pose, she will be okay even if I go wild with my thrusts.

「 There will be no breaks! 」

I grab Yomi’s thin waist and slowly speed up my thrusts.

「 Aah, aaah, aaahn! Aah, aaah, aahan! 」

Yomi’s gasps match with my tempo.

「 Afuu, afuu, aaaah! Agu, agu, auuu!! 」

Her gasps are changing slowly.

I changed my rhythm from 3-step to 2-step.

「 Agu, agu! Agu, agu! 」

Then, spurt forward.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaahn! Yes! Yes! Sensei! 」

「 Yomi, Yomi, I’m about to… 」

Ooh, I can feel the hot lump of liquid coming from deep inside me.

「 Yomi too! It’s coming! It’s coming soon! 」

I tightened up my anus to prevent myself from leaking too early.

「 Yomi, let’s cum together! 」

「 Yes! Sensei! Aaah! I’m so happy! I’m so happy!! 」

Yomi in the mirror smiled at me.


「 Aaaah, it’s coming! It’s coming! Aaaah! The big wave! Aaaaah! Sensei! Sensei 」

「 Yeah, I’m watching, I’m looking at you, Yomi 」

「 Yes, watch me! Watch me! Sensei! Yomi’s cumming! Yomi’s…Yomi’s…Aaaaaaahn!!! 」

Yomi bursts out.

「 I-I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

I also thrust my hips forward intensely.

「 Aaaaah! I-I’m cumming! Yomi’s cumming!!!! 」

Yomi says while looking at me in the mirror.

「 Me too! I’m cumming! I’m going to cum!! 」

「 Do it inside! Cum inside Yomi!! 」


「 Aaaaahn! It’s coming in!!! 」

Yomi can feel my ejaculation inside her.

「 Aaahn~ I’m so happy! It’s warm inside me 」

Dopyu! Dopyupyu!

I continue to release waves after waves.

「 Yomiiiiiiiii!!! 」

I grab and embraced Yomi’s body from behind.

Then, I poured every drop inside Yomi’s womb.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Ufufufu 」

Yomi smiled.

I turned off the shower.

Then, we lie down naked on the tile floor as we hug each other.

The tiles are warm because of the water.

Our whole body is wet.

Although, our crotch is wet from love nectar and semen.

「 I love it when you embrace me like this after sex 」

I hug Yomi from behind and play with her loli-big-tits.

「 If you love Yomi’s breasts that much, then you could touch it anytime, and yet… 」

Yomi said.

There’s still the aftertaste of sex and so Yomi’s not speaking politely.

We’re having a conversation as a man and a woman.

「 Should Yomi stop wearing Bra? Or do you want me to show off my cleavage by taking one button off my blouse? Maybe you’ll touch them more if I do? 」


「 Put on your bra. It’ll affect the shape of your breasts if you don’t 」

Her loli-big-tits is a well-shaped breast.

「 Also, I like taking off bras 」

That part where the breasts jump out when you take off the bra is the best part.

「 I know 」

Yomi laughed.

Right, she could read my thoughts.

「 You see, Yomi, I love it when Sensei says that you love me 」


「 Sensei, please say it more 」

Yomi said and touches my half-withered penis.

「 For example, Sensei loves it when we do this, right? 」

Yomi smiles.

「 I love it when girls do clean-up fellatio 」

「 Yes. Yomi will do it 」

Yomi licks my glans.

She sucks out the remaining semen from the tube.「 」

「 Hamumu, don’t hold back please, you can treat Yomi as your slave 」

Yomi says while serving me

「 But, I feel sorry to do that 」

If I just give Yomi and the girls orders according to my desires.

「 Then, could Sensei turn Yomi to a lover instead of a slave? If that happens, you can’t have sex with other girls. Yomi gets jealous easily 」


「 You’ll have sex with nobody but Yomi. No kissing either. And of course, when Yomi gets to 16, we’ll get married right away 」

Yomi says that far then shows a sad smile.

「 It’s not possible, right? Sensei has to be everyone’s master after all 」


「 Megumi-oneesama bursts out occasionally because she’s the one with the closest sense of ordinary. She wants to monopolize Sensei, become Sensei’s on lover, and marry Sensei, leaving everyone away. Well, it’s normal for girls to want that. Women are possessive, and gets jealous a lot 」

Yomi said.

「 But, Megumi-oneesama also knows that the family’s current status. She knows that nobody can monopolize Sensei. That’s why she’s in a dilemma 」

Megu’s also a girl born in the brothel of Black Forest.

She owes Minaho-neesan.

She can feel that it won’t go as she wishes.

「 Thinking about the settlement of our family, nobody can become Sensei’s lover. Only one can become your partner on paper. That’s how girls think 」

Women are like that.

「 Therefore, Kuromori-san and Nei-oneesama chose to become Sensei’s “Onee-san” instead of “Lover,” right? 」

Well, both Minaho-neesan and Nei lost their real family.

They have insecurities.

Therefore, they became my elder sisters.

「 No, that’s not all. Sensei 」

Yomi who can read my thoughts replied.

「 It’s just poor timing, both of them were in a situation where they can’t become Sensei’s lover as they are already your elder sisters 」


Right, when Minaho-neesan and Nei became my woman.

I’m already carrying a lot of women.

「 Agnes-chan and Mao-chan treat Sensei as “Papa.” Katsuko-oneesama and Nagisa-oneesama are more of a “mistress” The two of them don’t behave as lovers 」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa, they don’t act as my lover when others are present.

Is that how a mistress act?

Both of them are former prostitutes. Furthermore, they were the best of their time.

They went to fancy restaurants and theaters with their clients before.

At such times, they behave with elegance to show that they’re not over-familiar with the person.

They’re not standing formality, but they don’t stick too close either.

It’s to not let people see them as prostitute and client.

The customer can’t walk with a prostitute at ease unless the people around think that the prostitute is a relatively young lady who just happened to be with them.

They used that technique with me too.

They kiss me during “good morning,” “good night,” or “I’m heading out,” but…

They never show any unnecessary contact with me when other girls are present.


The girls come to Katsuko-nee and Nagisa to ask for advice, even though the two are also their rivals.

「 They can’t become your lovers but they pick the relationship that’s next closest to it, that’s how it became 」

Yomi said.

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan too.

Both of them draw the line when there are other people.


When we’re alone, Shou-oneechan becomes my “big sister,” and…

Rei-chan becomes my “little sister” who calls me “Onii-chama”

「 And Yomi also picked to become Sensei’s slaves that way 」

Yomi said then kissed my glans.

「 Becoming a slave means we’re Sensei’s property. There’s no other relationship close to that 」

If they become my property, then they can’t leave me anymore

Is that so?

「 If one’s a property or a slave, then there should be no dissatisfactions even though one didn’t become a lover. After all, that would be impolite to the master. If you’re a slave, then the master already owns you, and so what you should think about is how do you get his love. There’s no need to think of anything unnecessary 」

My slaves.

Yomi, Mana, Ruriko, Luna, Tsukiko, Ai…

Also, Misuzu’s my pet, which means she’s also my property.

Michi is also my property.

「 Edie-oneesama’s only exception. She’s a genius at this. Edie-oneesama can become anything and everything for Sensei 」


「 Yeah. Little sister, big sister, daughter, mother, best friend, teacher, all of it 」

During Edie’s early days in Japan, I was the one teaching her. She relies on me. Until we entered school.

But, she learns at an incredible speed that now I’m the one who learns from Edie and relies on her.

Of course, her combat strength is amazing.

「 Sensei, you lack a lot of things. Edie-oneesama wants to become that supplement. That said, she doesn’t stick out too much, and so Kuromori-san allows it 」

Yeah, I don’t know how families live together.

When it comes to friends, yeah, I consult with Edie a lot in school.

I can talk to Edie if it’s something I can’t discuss with Megu.

It’s as if she’s a male best friend.

Then.「 」

「 Come to think of it, I haven’t done it with Edie lately 」

Earlier, when I was having sex with the girls in the bathroom.

Edie conceded for the girls and didn’t do it with me.

「 She’s too considerate 」

「 No. If she’s not that considerate, Sensei will be short and you can’t do it with everyone 」

Yomi said.

「 Sensei and everyone in the family has coordinating roles. Therefore, it’s mostly Edie-oneesama, Tsukiko-oneesama, and Nei-oneesama go lets other take priority 」


Yeah, I haven’t done it with Nei either today. All she does is keep the smile on her face.

I’ve done it with Tsukiko, but I took it easy and had slow-sex with her. Tsukiko didn’t cum, and I didn’t ejaculate inside her.

Despite that, she didn’t complain and accepted it.

「 Yeah, everyone’s considerate of me 」

I reflect on myself.

「 Don’t. Don’t reflect on it 」


「 Sensei, you’re working hard on your own. Yomi and everyone knows that. 」

No, but…

「 Didn’t you say it earlier? You’re doing all your best with those within your reach? 」

Yeah, I said that in the elevator hall.

「 And so, make a clear divide on what’s within your reach. Just like how Sensei made it clear that you don’t mind if Tokuda Sonoko-san hates you 」


「 Sensei, you know that you can’t save everyone, and you can’t become the good guy for everyone, right? 」


I cannot save the people who are on the edge who just become acquainted with me.

If I do that, I cannot keep my family safe.

「 That’s right. That’s why, please make a clear divide with Yomi and everyone too 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 We’re family, but Yomi is Sensei’s slave. Therefore, please treat us as such 」


「 No, to be honest. Nobody can hear Yomi and Sensei’s conversation right now 」


「 Kuromori-san has to give Tokuda Sonoko-san her briefing, right? 」

Yeah, explaining Black Forest’s brothel.

「 Then, Edie-oneesama and the girls are playing some bad games on the nap room next door 」

Edie purposely asked Nei to get something to ‘kill some time’

「 There are two reasons for that; first is that Sensei, you look like you’re hesitating, and so you needed someone to talk to. Actually, others can do better than Yomi, but Sensei chose Yomi 」

Right, I chose Yomi as my partner to deal with this fatigue erection.

「 On the other hand, Sensei fears that Nei-oneesama and Edie-oneesama will scold you. Therefore, you picked Yomi, the younger. After all, Sensei didn’t think that Yomi talks this much, right? 」

「 Yeah never thought 」

「 But, it can’t be helped. Their mind worry that Sensei might want to talk like this 」

Yomi read Edie and Nei’s thoughts.

Then, knowing that Yomi can read it…

They entrusted this conversation to Yomi.

「 The other reason is that Haiji-san isn’t a member of the family yet. We don’t want to show this kind of conversation with Sensei 」

Yomi said.

「 It’s a precious conversation inside the family. Of course, Sensei accepts Haiji-san, but you don’t know that girl unless you have sex with her 」

Yeah, I don’t want Haiji-san to hear this so Nei and Edie aren’t listening.

「 Kuromori-san also thinks that she should leave Sensei to Yomi and the girls for a while 」

My approach with Sonoko-san was too intense that…

Minaho-neesan intervened halfway and sent me back.

She knows that I’ll contemplate about it, and so she entrusted Yomi to do the follow-up.

She’s detaching herself.

She has to give Sonoko-san a briefing is her way to say that she will not be observing.

「 That’s why it’s just Yomi right now. So, listen, my dear Master 」

Yomi said.

「 Sensei, you treat Yomi equal with everyone, but, Yomi and the Takakura sisters are still newcomers 」


「 We have to show consideration to Megumi-oneesama and all of Sensei’s family, of course, that includes Misuzu-sama. In truth, Yomi and the girls are kept alive 」

「 No, but, my family… 」

「 Sure, Sensei you do, but there’s this delicate power balance in the family 」


「 Therefore, Mana-oneesama and Ruriko-sama help out with housework. Mana-oneesama is aware that the family lets her live, and so she works for the family. Ruriko-sama actively helps out with the housework to not let the other family members attend to her 」

Is that so?

「 No, look. Sensei, you don’t have to think too much about it. We only act on our thoughts and live while showing consideration with each other. Yukino-oneesama’s way of being considerate is by not helping out with the housework 」

Yeah, if Yukino tries to help out the girls in housework, it will only turn awkward.

She’s bossy and nonchalant, but it doesn’t create any discord.

「 Everyone wants to stay with Sensei, with the family. Therefore, they put on effort in their own way, cooperate, consult each other, and give each other advice! Somehow, we managed to create teamwork and that’s why… 」


「 There’s no need for Sensei to worry about everything, and you can’t either. Sensei, you’re the pivot of this family. Stand strong. You can be more selfish, and show your desire to everyone. Yomi and everyone would gladly cooperate and answer Sensei’s desires 」

I’m overthinking…

I move alone too much.

「 Yomi and the girls are all Sensei’s slaves. That’s why give us an order like the Master you are! Sensei, treat us like your family, and your slaves

Yeah, you could say that.

「 Everyone establishes their relationship with Sensei, right? Kuromori-san and Nei-oneesama decided to become your big sister, Agnes-chan and Mao-chan decided to be your daughters, and Yomi decided to be your slave! That’s why, please show us your love as a master 」

Yomi said.

「 If not, you can’t deal with the twins, the young lady of Kurama house and the other girls the right way 」


「 Right, I need to be clear that Eri and Rie are my sex slaves. I know that they can’t join the family, but…

I unconsciously think of what’s best for them.

「 Sensei, those girls know it 」


「 But, that’s impossible. Sensei, you have to figure out who can’t join the family 」

Oh, I see.


I was trying to understand the twins.

But, that’s…

That also means the reverse, I want the twins to understand me.

「 Slaves are slaves. But, you can make love with your slaves, and you can make bonds as a master and slave 」

Yomi said.

「 But, it’s not allowed to cross over. If that happens, it breaks that ‘master-slave’ relationship 」

Then, Yomi starts licking my penis again.

She sandwiches it between her tits.

「 I am Takakura Yomiko, your slave. My body is all yours. My mind and body both exist to please you. I will bear your child someday. I pledge to have sex with nobody but you for my lifetime. I will gladly follow your orders and never disobey them. Yomiko is your sex slave. And I’m happy that I am 」

She looks at me in the eyes and said.

「 I’m alive because I am your sex slave 」

I see.

If I don’t treat Yomi as a slave,

Then she can’t be with me.

Jii-chan, Misuzu, Minaho-neesan.

Anyway, someone will keep Yomi away from me.

I have these women who have the Miko power, an overwhelming power, and so they leave them alone in peace.

If Yomi’s status changes, then people who are afraid that she can use her Miko power as she pleases will come.


I have to control Yomi as my slave.

「 Sure, Yomi 」

I embraced her.

I can touch her voluptuous breasts as it’s my property.

「 I will be loving you for all the time 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Yomi smiled happily.


Even though we’re family, I still have to make clear distinctions as the big sister should be treated as such, my pet, and my slaves follow suit.

That’s my duty.

「 And I’ll make love with the twins as my slaves 」

Not as family, but as slaves.

If I don’t make it clear, the twins will have no more place to go.

I can’t show more mercy than necessary.

Slaves are slaves.

「 Uhm, Sensei 」

Yomi speaks to me while in my arms.

「 Yomi loves Sensei. I love you. As Sensei’s slave 」

Nobody’s listening and so Yomi confesses to me.

「 Me too, I love you, Yomi 」

We kissed each other.