Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 104

104. The way where first love has Come

I pulled my penis from Maika.
My penis spills over the too small bottleneck.
Two times the amount of semen is dripping from Maika’s vagina.
There’s a bit of blood mixed in there too.

「…Does it hurt?」

I asked Maika.
Maika repeats breathing roughly in pain.
Her white skin is flushed and sweating profusely.

「…It’s okay…I was able to endure it」

Maika looks at my eye and answered.

「…Onii-san, did it feel good?」

She’s looking up at me in worry

「Yeah, it felt really good…」

Maika’s inside is so small that it’s clamping on me so hard.

「…Maika is a woman with a very high pride than Onii-san thinks」

Maika said suddenly.

「Therefore…Maika will only have sex with Onii-san」


「Make me unable to have sex with anyone but Onii-san…please」

Maika’s words have two meanings
First, she wants me to teach her the pleasures of sex.
Second…Is so that she won’t be abandoned by me, get gang-banged and fall into prostitution.
Maika right now understands her standpoint.
She has already entrusted her fate to me.

「…Got it. I’ll protect Maika…I promise」

I embraced Maika’s sweating body.
I caress her whole body with loving feeling.
Her hair…small breasts…stomach…
I kissed Maika’s lips again and again.

「…Hey, Onii-san, you’ve been calling Maika earlier 『You1』, right?」

Maika said.

「…Err, did I?」

Did I call her 『You』?

「You did. Not this time but…when we had sex with you having a scary face earlier ago!」

Maika says with a dissatisfied face.

「Danna-sama…you did」
「Un, I heard it too」

Misuzu and Katsuko-nee spoke from my back.

Certainly, I might’ve said 「You」…

「…Maika is slightly displeased when men calls her 『You』」

Maika makes a sullen face.

「Oh right. I never thought that Maika hated it…」

Or rather, I.
I was trying to look good on my rape2 mode…
Remembering it, my face turned red in shame.
Maika holds my face with both hands.
Both of my cheeks…
Then, she kissed my lips…!

「…Onii-san’s so cute」


「What should I do? He’s so cute!」
「Yes, Misuzu thinks the same always」

Katsuko-nee always says that I’m 「cute」…
Well, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa-san and Misuzu are older so I won’t resist if they call me 「Cute」…
But when Maika who’s two years younger says that…it feels slightly complicated.

「…Maika’s cute too」

Taking the dignity of an older man…I replied to Maika.
Maika laughs.

「You don’t need to try to look cool, Onii-san…Knowing that Onii-san’s a cute person makes Maika happy. I’m glad」

Maika kissed me once again…

「…I’m glad that it’s Onii-san」

Is she really accepting me…?
Maika’s eyes are moist.

「Hey, Onii-san…What do you want to call Maika?」


「I want a name that’s special to Onii-san…!」

Maika looks at me…
She’s smiling…

「Anything’s fine, Onii-san should decide it…!」

Is Maika talking about 『Pet Names』!?!
W-What should I do?
I’ve never thought about a woman’s pet name since I was born…

「…Maika, you see」

For the time being, let’s just say what’s on my mind

「There was a player named Ogura in the J-league before…」

Maika’s making a vacant face…

「When that Ogura was a beginner, he was given a nickname by the team for publicity…」

For the time being…Maika’s listening to my story.

「The first one gained from the supporters was 『Ogu』…The second was 『Gura』…!」

…What am I saying?


Maika knits her eyebrows…

「…There are some of Maika’s friends calling her 『Mai』…I definitely don’t want 『Ika3』…!」

As expected she doesn’t


Misuzu calls out to me from the back.

「I’d like to tell you beforehand…Misuzu also doesn’t want to be called 『Misu』and 『Suzu』」
「Right…I don’t want to be called 『Katsu』『Tsuko』too」
「On Nagisa-sama’s case…Would that be 『Nagi』and『Gisa』」
「More or less 『Nagi』is fine」
「Rather than that, what about Nei-san?」
「…No way, 『Ne』and 『I』?」
「How about we flip it and make it 『Ine』?」
「She’d sound like an old woman then…!」



Maika bursts out laughing…!
「Ahahahaha」, she laughs out loudly.


Maika pinched my nose while laughing…!

「Geez…Don’t make that miserable face! Onii-san’s so fun…!」

Maika’s still laughing.
Without any nervousness…

「Cute! Very cute…!」

Maika rubs her cheeks on mine.

「Maika had a dog in Shizouka…!」

Maika then begins to tell a story.

「His name is Lucky…He’s a pug. He’s having a bit of a flat face, then Maika’s friends tell that he’s 『not cute』 But, Maika thinks that he’s really cute…」
「Then…One day, my uncle in Shizouka told me. 『You’re thinking it’s cute because it’s your dog』」

Your dog.

「Right now…I feel that Onii-san’s very cute. Isn’t that the same?」
「I’m a dog?」

Maika laughs ‘kukuku’.

「That’s wrong, Onii-san, you’re Maika’s 『man』 Maika’s property. Thinking like that, I can see you getting even cuter…」


「Onii-san…do you think Maika’s cute?」

Maika looks up at me with upturned eyes.

「Yeah…I think you’re cute. Maika’s very cute」

I answered honestly.

「Maika’s Onii-san’s 『woman』, right?」
「…That’s right. Maika’s my 『woman』」

Maika sighed deeply in relief.

「…I’m glad」

I pat Maika’s head.

「…What happened to Lucky?」
「He’s still in Shizuoka… Maika wants to bring it with her but…Onee-chan hated it. She doesn’t want to keep animals in the house…4

It’s Yukino’s selfishness again
Seriously, you should’ve at least listened to one of your sister’s wishes…

「Then, let’s go get him someday」

I told Maika.

「Yeah…I want to see the town Maika grew up from…」

I smiled at Maika.

「…Thank you, Onii-san!」

Her thin naked arm hugs me tightly.

「Maika-san, do you like animals?」

Misuzu asks Maika.

「If it’s a cat…Misuzu has one on her house」
「Eh, is that true?」
「You can come to see it. It’s cute!」
「I’m going! Maika wants to see it!」

An exchange between Misuzu and Maika starts from a strange place.

「How many do you have?」
「There’s 2 males and one female」
「Eh, what’s the name?」
「『Ivan the Terrible』and 『Yekaterina』and『False Dmitry III』」

Those are cat names?

「The two are Russian Blue cats. It’s a type of cat」
「…Uwaa, amazing!」

Maika’s pleased.
I don’t know what kind of type that is however.

「『Ivan the Terrible』was taken when he was a kitten, father gave him the name 『Ivan』 And because he’s the smallest of the four kittens born, it became 『Ivan the Terrible』」

Misuzu explains it briefly

「Ah…『Ivan IV』means 『Ivan the Terrible』」
「…I see」

Maika…you got that?
I didn’t get that at all.

「『Ivan the Terrible』is a pedigree, but the female 『Yekaterina』seems to have a different blood of cat mixed in her. Thus she was named 『Yekaterina』when she came to us. Of course, Mother named the cat 『Yekaterina』 She’s on the first generation…」

Misuzu continues to talk…

「『False Dmitry III』is a kitten we just took in. He’s a Siberian cat, it’s a Russian cat, so I thought that this one has to be 『False Dmitry III』…」

I’m sorry…please stop this topic already

「…Naming cats is really difficult」

Maika describes her impressions.

「『Cats』had that line…」

Katsuko-nee told Maika…

「Speaking of which, that’s right…!」
「Oh, the 『Jellicle songs』」

Misuzu and Maika seems to understand what it means…
What’s 『Cats』?
No…I should never ask.
If it goes like 『Somethingsomething III』, it would be troublesome…

「As expected, names are important. It’s the name you’ll always call after all」

Misuzu said.

「…That’s right. If cats have that much trouble…It won’t be easy for Onii-san to give Maika a nickname I guess. Got it…Let’s leave this as a homework!」

Maika looks at me and smiled.
…I-I see.
…Well, as long as I don’t have to think right now, then it’s fine.
…Now then
I raised my body and looked at Misuzu.

「Yes, Danna-sama?…What is it?」

Misuzu replied.

「…Misuzu’s turn is next」

I promised earlier.
I’ll have a round of sex with Misuzu after Maika.

「Ah…Misuzu’s fine for now. Danna-sama’s tired, right?」

Misuzu said…?!

「No…But, I promised…!」

Misuzu hugs me and kisses my cheek…

「I’m sorry for everything until now…Misuzu’s always pushing her feelings」


「Misuzu will try to endure even for a bit」
「No…I’m perfectly fine. I can do it at least one more time. I’ll make Misuzu feel good…!」

Misuzu shut me up with her mouth…!

「…Danna-sama…please get rid of your habit of overdoing everything. Your body will break if this continues」
「No…I’m not forcing myself」

Katsuko-nee interrupts from the side…!

「How many times have you ejaculated today?」

This morning, I ejaculated inside Katsuko-nee and Megumi’s mouth…
Inside the studio, I had sex with Katsuko-nee and Misuzu…
I ejaculated inside Maika three times in the garden…
Then I came inside Maika twice after entering this room…

「…9 times」
「And yet the sun is still up…don’t you think it’s too much?」
「I-I do…!」

After all…This isn’t the last one
I’ll talk properly with Megumi and I need to have sex with her too…5

「Misuzu wants to be loved by Danna-sama all my life. Therefore, I will stop requesting greedily」

Misuzu said.

「There’s no need to rush…Misuzu knows that Danna-sama will do me at any time, at any place when Danna-sama can’t really endure it anymore…!」


「Also…Looking at Danna-sama and Maika-san’s sex, it feels slightly envious. Danna-sama’s sex with Misuzu is always Misuzu asking everything from Danna-sama. Misuzu has become a bit rash. Therefore…Danna-sama should request from Misuzu from time to time」

Misuzu said with a red face.
…I see
For the time being, I must be ready to ejaculate to Misuzu when I see her.
I breathed deeply…

「Misuzu will endure to only once a day…!」


「Please embrace Misuzu once a day…!」

…Well, it can’t be helped.
…If it’s just one.

「Same for me! I’ll endure with one a day only!」


「…What should Maika do?」
「Maika-san, I think that you should get a lot until you get used to sex」
「Right…if you don’t have sex for a while then the hymen would regenerate, it would hurt again!」
「Maika…doesn’t want pain again. Then, let’s do it three times a day until I get used to it…! Is that okay, Onii-san…!」

With just the people in here, it would be 5 in a day already.
Add Megumi…
I would feel sorry if I don’t do the same thing to Nagisa-san…
I need to have sex with Yukino 60 more times in the next days, right?

「Don’t worry! Everyone will be managing your physical condition」
「Yes! We won’t let Danna-sama overdo it!」

Katsuko-nee and Misuzu said, however…
To be honest, I feel reluctant.

「Oh right…Danna-sama just finished having sex with Maika-san」

Misuzu takes a look at my half-withered penis.

「Misuzu will be cleaning it!」

Misuzu puts my penis inside her mouth…

「Ah…Maika will do that. He came inside Maika after all…!」

Saying that, Maika tries to get up from the bed…


Maika who just had her virginity ravished…holds down her stomach.

「You can relax for today. Don’t do the impossible. Let’s get in the bath once again and we’ll go to the doctor」

Katsuko-nee told Maika.

「Leave this to Misuzu for today. Please, Maika-san」

Misuzu holds my penis in her hand then smiled at Maika.

「…But, there’s also Maika’s stuff in there」

Maika seems to be embarrassed having her own love nectar licked up

「Please don’t mind that. Aren’t we 『Sisters』?」

Misuzu puts my penis in her mouth.
She’s licking the semen and love nectar with her lips and tongue.


Maika mutters
Katsuko-nee brings water and medicine.

「Maika-chan…take this」
「…What is it?」

Maika stares at the tablet.

「It’s a medicine to prevent pregnancy. A middle school girl’s body isn’t ready to be a mother yet so it’s dangerous. Drink this for now…!」

While Misuzu is doing up her cleanup fellatio…Maika swallows the emergency contraceptive.
That tablet is the real one.
It was the same medicine I saw multiple times.
I finally calmed down.

Maika’s no longer a target of 『revenge』
She’s my 『woman』…
Katsuko-nee and the girl’s 『Sister』…
She’s accepted as an ally…!

◇ ◇ ◇

「We’re going to the bathroom, you go to the kitchen」

Katsuko-nee told me.
Nei-san’s in the kitchen.

「Nei-sama’s surely feeling down so I’d like you to patch it up」

Katsuko-nee seems to be worried about Nei-san.

「Then, Onii-san…I’m going to the bathroom!」

Maika goes with Misuzu to the bathroom.
That part really seems to be in pain…
She’s walking bow-legged.
Misuzu’s walking by Maika’s side, taking care of her…
She’s ready to reach out for her anytime…

「Please leave Maika-san to me. Danna-sama, please take care of Nei-san!」

Saying that…Misuzu and Maika left the room.
Katsuko-nee whispered to me.

「The kitchen has a hidden camera but there’s no mic」


「Ojou-sama has taken it off so that the prostitutes in the mansion can talk freely」

…I see
The stress will pile up when you’re monitored all the time.
In the kitchen, you can say whatever you want.

「Therefore…no one will hear whatever you will talk about!」

Katsuko-nee smiled at me.

「Then…I’m going to the bath too」

◇ ◇ ◇

I face the kitchen.
I opened the door.
This is the room where we made the pregnancy congratulatory cake for Yukino.
Nei-san’s sitting on the corner of the room absentmindedly.
It’s the usual cloudy sky outside the window.
But…It’s not raining anymore.
The shower from a while ago seems to be just a short one.


Nei-san noticed me and called me out.
She looks languid…
She’s still wearing those Greek style clothes.
I’m the same however.

「…Nei-san, you don’t look so fine so…」

When I called her out…

「Lies…Katsun’s just being considerate isn’t she?」

Nei-san looks down again.

「Yeah…Well that’s true」

Nothing’s going to start if I lie here.
I just answered honestly.
I took a seat close to her.

「…I’m the worst. I still didn’t have sex with Yo-chan and yet…I’ve been saying 『Sister’s club』or 『Let’s all be happy』…」

Nei-san blames herself.

「The dream earlier you see…Everyone’s holding Yo-chan’s child but I didn’t have a child. I’ve just been holding everyone’s child…」


「It’s cruel isn’t it?…Even though I don’t have the courage to be everyone’s ally…I corner Maika-chan. Telling her to become Yo-chan’s 『woman』…!」

Nei-san’s eye have tears collecting on i.

「And yet…I’ve just a big mouth and I’ve never really though about everyone’s future…! Maru-chan is right for being angry!…I’m the worst…!」

I squat in front of Nei-san.
I match on Nei-san’s eye-level…

「Well, it can’t be helped, can it?…As long as Nei-san hasn’t settled things with that Mr. Viola…you can’t think ahead right?」

Nei-san looks at me.


I smiled at Nei-san.

「There’s no need to rush… We’re still young so we just have to think what should we do at ease」

Nei-san’s eyes have tears spilling from it.

「Nei-san wants to be my Onee-san right? Isn’t there no need for us to have sex by force?」
「…But, Yo-chan wants to do it right?」
「Well, I want to. Nei-san’s a beauty after all… But, I’ll hold back on my own Onee-san」
「I want to have sex with my lil bro! No…I can’t have sex with anyone but my brother! I’m that kind of pervert! I’ve been made into that kind of woman…!」

…Made into that kind of woman?
…By Cesario Viola?

「I promised my little brother that I’ll give him my virginity…ever since our childhood. And yet…my little brother is no longer here. Kei-chan got killed…!」

Nei-san’s body begins to shake.
I hold Nei-san’s shoulder with both of my hands!

「…Isn’t that why I’m telling you that I’ll become your little brother?!!!」

Nei-san opened her eyes wide and looked at me.

「…I don’t care if you’re a pervert. I’m want Nei-san!」

I tell Nei-san my feelings.

「Earlier…Yuzuki-sensei was angry at me because my『priority on Nei-san is too high』 But, even so…I know that from the start」

My heart

「I don’t get my own heart. I like Katsuko-nee, Nagisa-san, Misuzu, Megumi and Maika. I treasure them all. I love them from the bottom of my heart. I also like Yuzuki-sensei and Margo-san. I feel that they’re my family…!」

I touch Nei-san’s trembling shoulders.
I feel Nei-san’s temperature.

「But…Nei-san. You’re different from the others…you’re special!」

Nei-san mutters.


I nodded.

「I thought that Yukino’s been my first love all this time. But, that was wrong. Yukino isn’t a 『longed person』for me… I was just watching Yukino from far away…just longing for her appearance and her surface character…but when I saw Yukino 『escaping reality』…That’s not my first love」

That’s right.
I didn’t understand a thing about Yukino.


I tell Nei-san who’s still surprised.

「…I love Nei-san. You’re my first love…!!!!」


  1. This is quite hard to notice in Translations, but he’s saying ‘Omae’
  2. This is also read as insult, which is on the title
  3. Ika means squid
  4. Then get out bitch
  5. Noooo, this spiral of Megumi darkness