Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 138

138. Negotiation 1

「But you see…won’t it be a bit easier when Kyouko-chan comes back?」

Nei-san told Margo-san…

「Nei…Kyouko-san is…!」

Nei-san apologized to Margo-san…
Megu and I look at each other.
Mana’s making a blank face.

「It can’t be helped…Kyouko-san is my master」

Margo-san’s master?

「Kyouko Dothnomechey…The one in charge of 『Kuromori』brothel’s guard」

…That means?
There are guards in the mansion other than Margo-san?

「I was a high school student until last year…It’s just a few years ago since I came to Japan with Minaho. There’s an absolute guard in charge of 『Kuromori』before me」

Certainly…『Kuromori』…is a criminal organization with a long history.
There’s naturally some guard before Margo-san becomes a member.
There’s always a need for armed group to protect the organization.
Just the prostitutes can’t oppose the men…

「Where’s that person right now?」

I asked Margo-san.
I’d like to have that person cooperate with us by all means.
She’s Margo-san’s master so she surely has excellent abilities…
Or rather…why did she disappear as the one in charge of guard now?
Even though 『Kuromori』is in the middle of a fight with two big enemies…

「…She’s in Gold Coast」

Margo-san answered.

「Gold Coast is in Australia isn’t it?」

Megu tells Margo-san…!
Mana got startled when she heard the word 『Australia』…!

「It is as everyone imagines…Kyouko-san is detaining Shirasaka Sousuke in Australia right now. Minaho sent her most trusted person to keep Shirasaka…!」

…I see
Minaho-neesan’s cannot leave Shirasaka Sousuke’s abduction and confinement in another country…
…to people other than members of 『Kuromori』…
Kyouko Dothnomechey takes that job by herself…!

「She’s just the only person making Shirasaka’s absurd 『Australia hell sightseeing』…those idiotic events are almost planned and carried out by Kyouko-san」

Shirasaka Sousuke has lost it’s communications in Australia…
Her staying on a gay hotel and being preached on a church all night…
The only one who can think about it and carry it out is quite a playful person.
Or rather…Could it be that she’s not just Margo-san’s master but also of Katsuko-nee?

「Kyouko-san originally seems to have been sent by Kouzuki-san when Minaho took over the management of 『Kuromori』」

…Misuzu’s grandfather?
Kouzuki-san has been a customer of 『Kuromori tower』during the era when it was a high class brothel build by Minaho-neesan’s grandfather, before Shirasaka Sousuke dominated the mansion.
Shirasaka and Minaho-neesan’s father took over 『Kuromori』…and turned the luxury brothel to a prostitution organization to just satisfy their own desires…
The old prostitutes who can’t endure the tyranny of Shirasaka has complained to the old customers such as Kouzuki-san… and those people are big shots in industry and government…
『Kuromori』has received Kouzuki-san’s intervention…
After that…The mansion was revived parallel to the old 『Kuromori tower』and stood by the side of Shirasaka Sousuke who just want to satisfy his own preference…

「When Minaho has joined the management of 『Kuromori』, she was just 16 years old…furthermore, a former prostitute…In the first few years, it was difficult to resist Shirasaka’s selfish behavior. Then…when Megumi-chan’s mother passed away, Kyouka-san was summoned to the mansion

…Megu’s mother.
Megu’s mother was forced by the guests to take drugs…and despite her suffering, Shirasaka Sousuke has refused to let her go to the hospital…thus she died.

「Kouzuki-san has sent Kyouko-san to monitor Shirasaka and the other’s action more than as a guard of the mansion so the same thing won’t happen again」

…So she’s that kind of person.

「When Shirasaka took all the leadership, it seems that Shirasaka’s friends who are like hoodlums are loitering around the mansion. Those kind of people do horrible things to the women in the mansion. Kyouko-san literally beats out those are not 『guests』it seems」

I see…Minaho-neesan’s 『Kuromori』reform has been shielded by Kyouko-san so it can begin.

「Kyouko-san is capable…and she’s a person who can do anything on the background. Kyouko-san has been teaching me a lot of things since I came to Japan. To be honest, I’m still no match against Kyouko-san. In fighting, investigation, and background work…」

That’s Margo-san’s master.

「That’s why…it’s best if Kyouko-san comes back!」

Nei-san said.

「Even Minaho thinks the same…That’s why we decided to change plans and negotiate with Ichikawa-san…」

Margo-san makes a wry smile.

「Actually…we intended to take the fight with Shirasaka house a bit more slowly. We are at advantage as long as we have Shirasaka Sousuke you see…」

In short…Minaho-neesan is speeding up the solution?

「Anyway…if we talk to the head of Shirasaka house…if he decides to abandon Shirasaka Sousuke…Kyouko-san can return with Shirasaka…!」

With that said…
Minaho-neesan wants to hurry and negotiate with Shirasaka family now…
Does she think that the matter with Cesario Viola more dangerous…?
We need the person named Kyouko-san in order to fight with Mr. Viola…
She’s hurrying up her plan to make Kyouko-san home…!

「Somehow…I hope everything ends with this negotiation. The return from Australia to Japan will take a while day no matter how fast it is…」

Even if the negotiations conclude right now and Shirasaka Sousuke doesn’t need to be hidden anymore…Kyouko-san will return by tomorrow afternoon…

「Well…anyway, just remember that you have another Onee-san to rely on!」

Nei-san smiles to Megu and I.

「But…Like I said earlier, we need a personnel that can serve as a guard separately from Kyouko-san. Kyouko-san is the type that don’t go out of the surface just like me. I’d really want a person who’d guard in front. The 『Kuromori』right now has increased the number of people needed to be protected」

Margo-san said.

「…What does that mean?」
「This one…we’re making a deal with the old man Ichikawa with this child caught here…」

That’s right…we’re holding Mana as a hostage and a card for dealings.

「In that case…the enemy might try to kidnap Misuzu-san, Megumi-chan or Yoshida-kun」

…I see.
Even the enemy might take hostages as their strategy…

「It’s good to only guard only Minaho until now. Just Nei from Mr. Viola. But…I have to guard multiple people at the same time from now on. That’s why there’s a need for guards」

…Is that how it is?

「But still…while Kyouko-san and I guard stealthily from the shadows, it’s great to have someone standing directly in front of the enemy as a guard at the same time. Once we take an attack, you know that there’s people devoted to protecting and those who will attack

Yup…I see

「To be honest, it’s fine to have someone that just looks like a guard. Just making the opponent cautious is already effective…!」

It’s great if we have that person.
Certainly, there doesn’t seem to be one in our high school…

「…N, Maru-chan…they’re here」

Nei-san changes the image of the surveillance cameras.
A black painted Benz is stationed at the entrance of High school…
Old man Ichikawa appears.
Coming down of it is a beautiful middle-aged woman.


Mana mutters.
Inside the screen…A woman with an anxious expression wearing a green suit chases after old man Ichikawa1
This person is the food critic…Shirasaka Youko…
Another camera captures the face of the woman from the front.
Surely, it looks like Yukino and Mana.

「…Oh, another camera’s getting off」

Margo-san’s voice…looks at the image of the former camera…
Certainly, there’s another man wearing a suit and black glasses coming down.
He’s holding a black bag…

「…Do you know who that is?」

Margo-san asked Mana.

「…Shirasaka Koutarou-san He’s the lawyer of the head of the clan」

Old Man Ichikawa has brought a lawyer of Shirasaka family…?!
We focus on the video.
An office worker from the high school comes out and guides Ichikawa-san.
They ascend to the second floor.
They walk heading to the principal’s office…
We are watching their state while changing cameras.
Before long…they arrived at the principal’s office.
The office worker knocks on the door.

『…Come in』

Minaho-neesan’s voice…
The door opens…
The camera switches to the principal’s office…

『…I’m very sorry for making you come over』

Minaho-neesan who’s sitting on the principal’s desk stands up and greets her visitors.

『You can go back now. These visitors don’t need tea. We will prepare it ourselves』

Hearing Minaho-neesan…the office worker bowed her head and left the room.
When the door closed completely…Minaho-neesan lowered her head again.

『…Please to meet you, I’m Kuromori Minaho』

Old man Ichikawa looks at Minaho-neesan with strong eyes and answers.

『I’m Ichikawa Shinichiro…This is my daughter』
『…Shirasaka Youko』

Mana’s mother look at Minaho-neesan.

『Where’s Maika?! Please give back Maika already!』

Minaho-neesan smiled.

『That depends on the negotiations…isn’t that the reason why you came here?』

Old man Ichikawa speaks with a stupid expression.

『Please call Maika here first…We’ll do the talk later』


『…That is up for us to decide. We don’t mind if you go home and leave the young lady here…!』

She pushes pressure to the old man Ichikawa…!

『Maika-san…is under our management just like Shirasaka Sousuke. Please do not forget that』

Old man Ichikawa continues.

『…At least, I want to see her cheerful face. Can you bring her here?』
『…I refuse』

Minaho-neesan decides immediately.

『We cannot show the young lady on her flesh and blood until the negotiations conclude…please be relieved. The young lady is in the premise of this school…』

Minaho-neesan smiles maliciously.

『…Please stop your subordinates standing by outside the school on their search. The school forbids entry of people unrelated to the school. It’s been noisy recently…if you act rashly, we will call the police

Mana’s mother shouted at Minaho-neesan.

『Then we will report to the police as well! Retun Maika to us right now!』

Minaho-neesan speaks to her with cold eyes…

『…Then, you do not mind the Shirasaka house and Ichikawa house be in trouble? You won’t be able to work as a food critic anymore. Your young ladies’ future will be damaged as well…』

Mana’s mother still doesn’t stop.

『…It’s all Sousuke-san’s fault right?! We’re not related to this!』

It seems that Mana’s mother…have heard Shirasaka Sousuke’s evildoing from Mr. Ichikawa.
Knowing that…she says that they’re unrelated to it…

『…Aren’t you Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s wife?』
『…Husband is a husband. He’s a different person from us』
『Do you really think that reason will be accepted…?!』

Minaho-neesan’s word made Mana’s mother hesitate.

『…You might not know that Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke manages a prostitution organization. But still, forcibly assaulting multiple women, kidnapping, confining, raping…and turning them to prostitutes…』
『Yes…we didn’t know anything. All of it are Sousuke-san’s action. My mother and daughter Maika aren’t related at all…!』
『…Certainly, your young daughters might not be related. But, Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s wife, Youko-sama…has a moral responsibility, right?』

Mana’s mother whos a surprised face.

『Even if you had not imagined that Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke is doing a prostitution organization…you do know that he acts risky legal actions. Having relationships with multiple women…and even giving birth to children…』

Minaho-neesan laughs.

『There’s no way you don’t know that…madam is already considering divorce with Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke and has already sent a detective to investigate』

Mana’s mother cramps…

『…You do know that Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s committing criminal acts…?』
『…That doesn’t matter to you!』

Shirasaka Youko misplaces her anger.
She actually resembles Yukino and Mana.
Looking at such places…they’re really parent and child.

『I am…after all, I am one of Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s victims. I’m okay with you calling the police. I will talk about everything. Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke raping me when I was twelve years old and forced me to prostitution. There are still videos and photos as well…Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke is a pervert that likes to film the rape he has done…!』

Mana’s mother can’t answer anything back at what Minaho-neesan said.

『For legal couples…the wife has the responsibility to remonstrate the husband’s wrongdoing if she knows about it. If she tolerates the husband’s act, won’t that be irresponsible to say that one’s unrelated to it?』

Minaho-neesan stares at Mana’s mother.
Mana’s mother…turned her eyes to Minaho-neesan.

『…Youko, apologize to Kuromori-san』

Old man Ichikawa tells his daughter.

『But father. Why do I have to…!』
『Chose your words! Maika’s a hostage here!』

The old man scolds his daughter severely!

『We’re in a bad position…now, Youko!』

Ordered by her father…Mana’s mother reluctantly lowers her head.

『I’ve gone a bit too far…I’m sorry』

The tone of Mana’s mother doesn’t have any apology at all.

『…Let me speak for my daughter. We admit that we overlooked Sousuke-kun. I’m very sorry』

Mr. Ichikawa also bows to Minaho-neesan…
I understand that they’re not apologizing from the bottom of their heart.

『Anyway…please sit down. We can’t talk while standing…』

Minaho-neesan suggested Mr. Ichikawa and his daughter to take a seat.
Mr. Ichika took his seat.
Minaho-neesan sits on the principal’s desk too…

『…Katsuko, please prepare tea for Ichikawa-sama』

Katsuko-nee has already prepared tea.
She puts the tea before Mr. Ichikawa…

『…I’m also one of the female raped by Shirasaka Sousuke-san. Abducted and confined when I was 16, forced to prostitution…!』

Katsuko-nee tells Mr. Ichikawa while smiling.
Those eyes were cold.

『…By the way…who’s the other person? I should’ve called for Ichikawa-sama and his daughter only…』

Minaho-neesan’s eyes head to the other man wearing a suit.
The man bows his head…

『I’m very sorry…I’m Shirasaka Koutarou. I’m a lawyer that belongs to Ohata-sensei’s office who’s Shirasaka’s legal adviser, I’m a lawyer』

Minaho-neesan looks at Mr. Ichikawa.

『…What do you intend to do bringing a lawyer here?』

The lawyer answers instead of Mr. Ichikawa.

『No…I’m a lawyer but…A person of the head of Shirasaka house. I came here to represent the Shirasaka family…』

…Shirasaka family’s…representative?

『Does that mean…the current head of Shirasaka family, a representative of Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu?』

Minaho-neesan’s word made the lawyer wipe his forehead sweat with a handkerchief.

『No…That’s not the case』
『You shouldn’t be able to represent the Shirasaka house without Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu’s will, am I wrong?』

Minaho-neesan shoots the lawyer with cold eyes…

『Well…you see. The head, Moritsugu-sama, is currently very emotional…he’s not in a state where he can make a calm judgement』

his lawyer came here ignoring the head of the family?

『The members of Shirasaka family apart from Moritsugu have reached the same opinion. Therefore…there is no problem to think that our opinion is the opinion of the Shirasaka family. Either way, Moritsugu-sama will accept it eventually…!』

Minaho-neesan raised a laughter…

『Isn’t the opinion of Mr. Moritsugu, the head of the Shirasaka family is absolute? I heard it’s that kind of house…!』
『Well…that is…!』
『Shirasaka’s family business isn’t just owning the newspaper…they’re a major shareholder of all group companies, is it not?』
『Yes…indeed, our house is united around Moritsugu-sama. But, this time is a big problem related to the survival of the house. Mr. Moritsugu will absolutely be persuaded by us. I’d like you to believe us』

Why would we believe words coming out of Shirasaka house?

『Well fine…let’s talk about the opinion of the family apart from the head for now』

The lawyer starts talking when Minaho-neesan said that.

『First…Shirasaka house will banish Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke. We do not mind what happens to Mr. Sousuke』
『…That means that Shirasaka house abandons Shirasaka Sousuke, is that correct?』

Mana…raised an『uuu』voice
Shirasaka house has cut ties with Mana’s father.

『Yes. However…we would like Mr. Sousuke to be returned to Shirasaka house temporarily』
『…What do you mean?』
『No, it doesn’t mean anything, but…Mr. Sousuke is currently abroad, am I wrong?』
『Yes…in australia. She’s confined by our companion』
『Then, could you please return her to Shirasaka family at the time he comes back? Then, we will hand him over after that』

…That’s just
…Can you agree with that?!
What’s the logic?

『Making such promises…You do intend to dispose of Mr. Sousuke within the Shirasaka family…!』

Do they intend to kill him…!!!
By the hands of his own Shirasaka family…!

『…No, we do not have such intentions…it’s just a formality. Please return Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke…for the face of Shirasaka family』

…The lawyer speaks unreasonably.

『Also…we would like for you to hand over Yamamine Megumi as well』


『Yamamine Megumi is a member of our clan…I’m very sorry for the troubles she have caused. We will take responsibility for it…』

The lawyer’s face is expressionless.
It’s as if she’s giving Megu a death sentence…


Megu holds my hand strongly.

「Don’t worry…I’m here with you…!」

I embrace Megu’s body…

『Oh…you intend to lock her in a local house somewhere…do you intend to keep Megumi until she dies?』
『No, no, that is not our intention…we’ll educate her well with our hands and have her marry a house that is right for her…!』

A house that is right for her…

『…We don’t have Moritsugu-sama’s approval but, it is a consensus of Shirasaka family. We want you to believe that. I have prepared a signed memorandum as well』

The lawyer took out a piece of paper from his bag.
Even making a signed memorandum…
There’s no way it can take effect if the head doesn’t approve.
…They’re underestimating us
…They’re making a fool of us.
Just saying groundless things and thinks that we’ll do as what Shirasaka family wants…

「Seriously…we’re being disrespected」

Margo-san muttered.
Nei-san too…

「Oh god…Sensei’s seriously angry…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles darkly.

『…In the end…you’re thinking of that. Shirasaka Sousuke, Megumi…you plan to bury it in the dark! Once it disappears, Shirasaka family won’t be damaged』

The lawyer…

『Getting straight to the point…that is correct. Please do not underestimate the power of Shirasaka family. We can control media freely. You do know that right?』

The lawyer laughs.
They don’t intend to concede here in the first place.

『I will promise of it instead of Moritsugu-kun. We will return Sousuke-kun. You can trust my promise』

Old Man Ichikawa speaks calmly.
This people don’t understand their own position at all.
They think that people like us cannot go against the nobles like Shirasaka house and Ichikawa house…! <hr >



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