Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 178 : Nei’s past (Part 2)



…What do you think?
The boy that looks very much like me…my twin brother is being violated everyday.
In front of my eyes…
I thought of changing it over and over…
I thought that I don’t mind being violated…or even killed just for Kei-chan’s sake.
I’m the elder sister after all.
Kei-chan…dedicates his body to Viola to save me…
I can’t do anything…
Viola is a man who’s not interested in women.
He’s just a hopeless sadist gay bastard.
Because he wants to see Kei-chan’s suffering face…
He kept me alive just for that…!

「…Onee-chan, I’m no more. I’m no good」

When we’re alone…
Kei-chan always say that while crying…
Perhaps…Viola went to work.
To hit someone…to kill…

「I can’t love a girl anymore. I can’t marry. Because, I…!」

No matter how much Viola violates him…
Kei-chan didn’t feel any pleasure from it.
Kei-chan’s not gay after all…
Before sex or anything…Kei-chan is still a child.
Everything Viola does is just an act to make Kei-chan feel painful and unpleasant.

「Doing this kind of things…God surely won’t forgive me. That’s why I’m no good anymore」he said…!

That’s why, I told Kei-chan.

「It’s okay! God will surely forgive you…because Kei-chan is enduring it for her sister!」…

Then…I promised.

「…Onee-chan will marry you…Kei-chan will have Onee-chan with him forever」

If possible, I’d like to give my virginity to Kei-chan on the spot…
I want to accept Kei-chan’s body.
But…I can’t.

Viola has attached a chastity belt on me…
…Do you know chastity belts?
It’s made with Carboin Kepler…I can’t escape unless Viola unlocks it.
It’s impossible to cut it with a knife…
There’s only a small hole for peeing and pooping…
That’s the only part that has a shutter like structure…
It opens from the inside so you can poo…
When you try to penetrate it with penis from the outside, the mechanism will close the shutter.
Viola intends to leave me as a virgin…
I would sell higher that way…
There’s a pedophile among Viola’s servants…he’s always looking at me with obscene eyes.
But…those who touched me were all killed by Viola.
Viola loves Kei-chan as his pet.
And he feels pleasure when he makes his pet feel sad.
Because of that…I was kept alive.
…No, that’s not all.
Viola…doesn’t want other men to violate me…
…who looks like Kei-chan.
That’s how he’s absorbed with Kei-chan.

Soon afterwards, Kei-chan and I were taken out of the room then taken to Cesario Viola’s『tour』
…A murder tour.
Give him money and he’ll kill people.
He kill people and steal their money.
Viola is a famous sweeper in the underground society of Los Angeles.
A professional who kills『enemies』and『traitors』of those who request underground.
What Viola loves the most is『eliminating』witnesses…
Viola kills all of the『witnesses』of the crime of the underground organization…
Especially if there’s a boy Viola liked…he’ll deliberately do it.
For women…Viola’s subordinates have fun with them then kill them.
Who and how to kill will always depend on Cesario Viola’s mood.
The companions on the『tour』…is always scattered.
By day…a different member from Viola’s crime group comes.
The job taken is different on the specialty of the professional…
If it’s an『enemy』…then those specialized in killing.
If it’s a『traitor』…then those who are good at torture.
When it’s eliminating『witnesses』…then it would be a perverted one who kidnaps, confines, rapes and murders.

But…No matter what job it is, Viola’s sister will definitely be with him.
Viola’s sister is his staff.
She’s the other head of the crime group.

Her real name is Fabiana Katou
Her usual fake name is Rosalind Orlando.

Rosalind is bisexual.
She feels lust on both men and women…
Normally, she has a short hair…and wear a western boots and tight jeans. She likes to dress as a man.
But…she only likes white boys or black girls…
No…she wasn’t a woman who loved humans.
Rosalind wants is to make her sex partner surrender.
She’s a hopeless sadist.
White boys are her object of control.
Black girls are her sex slaves.
Especially black girls, she said that she like the smell of their sweat…

「Asian…especially Japanese women don’t have a thrilling smell so I don’t like them!」

She said.
Therefore…I was out of her range.

Viola and Rosalind always pretends to be a couple on their『tour』
That’s right… Rosalind does fuck her own brother occasionally.
Viola is a hopeless gay bastard but he loves only his sister.

「She’s just something like masturbation. After all, Rosalind is a part of me」

Viola said.

「You have to masturbate from time to time. It’s not bad to comfort yourself」

…Actually, they seem to deepen their mutual ties by having sex occasionally…
Viola and Rosalind…the crazy siblings need to have sex so they can keep their mutual trust I think.

Kei-chan and I were adopted by Viola and Rosalind from a poor overseas family…
There’s a lot of that in America.
Children of different race adopted from abroad…
Viola goes to an out-of-school city work…
He always bring us then goes to charity parties.
Local church, or a sponsored community service organization and the likes.
Viola and Rosalind…have very good acting skills.
They’re good at talking brightly at such places…acting as charmers.
Therefore…the people will accept the talk that we’re twins from a poor family adopted and raised.
Kei-chan and I were made to say「We’re thankful to Papa and Mama」…
Viola threatens to kill me if we make a slightly strange attitude.
Then…Viola and others will be looking for their『next prey』for their hobbies on that parties…

Cesario Viola goes for any innocent and cute boy.
Rosalind Orlando…goes for white boys or black girls.

After the party, they’ll get friends with the『prey』…allure them…
Kill the adults…rape the children, then kill them.
That is the『hobby』of the siblings.

「Viola really likes your brother」

Rosalind told me.

「Normally…he’ll just immediately kill him after raping him. It’s lucky for him isn’t it…!」

What’s lucky?
Living like this?

Kei-chan and I were taken company by Viola and Rosalind for a year…
Viola didn’t have a house to settle down.
A lot of retreats…motel…trailer house.
There are also those nights where Viola would spend sleeping next to the corpse of the victim in their house.

There’s one follower that’s named Asura.
A black woman with transparent blond hair.
Sometimes…black with blonde hair.
She’s formerly Rosalind’s slave but she grew up and became an underling.
Her job is to become a『bait』to attract the『enemies』
Gathering information…sleeping with men…
It’s like persuasion with sex…

If the partner on the job is an『opponent』…in case it’s too strong, the other members in battle would be shut in a hideout.
It was Asura who taught me the technique with cards.
Asura was born in Las Vegas…and her father was a famous dealer.
I got better immediately.
I had nothing else to do either way…
Playing cards with Asura was a good escape from reality.
Then…Asura advised Rosalind

「…This girl’s useful」…

Real Casino’s won’t let children enter…
I was taken on an underground casino.
I worked as a dealer there for some days per week.
I earned quite an amount for Viola and Rosalind.
Of course…Viola negotiated with the owner of the casino.
The casino knew that I’m a swindler.
But, a small Japanese girl like me…
There’s no way most of the customers will know I’m cheating you know?
People who knew my skills all know that we’re Viola’s slaves.
That’s right…us.
Nothing else but『slaves』…

Child dealers are very popular.
I studied how to smile and make conversation.
…It doesn’t matter if it’s a lie.
Humans live in pain when they don’t smile.
I learned it desperately…
Only when I’m dealing cards…
I forget the various things that happened…
I was desperate…
Desperately blended in the casino world.
Before long…I was able to do it.
Not only showing Kei-chan’s suffering appearance…

But…Viola rapes Kei-chan meanwhile…

One day…one of the casino customers spoke to Rosalind.

「I’d like to buy that girl」

That man was Shirasaka Sousuke.

「I’ve heard it from the rumors but is that girl still a virgin?」

Rosalind answered.

「That’s right. That girl’s not our hobby」
「Then, three times the market price…no, I’ll buy her for five times…what do you think?」


「That girl earns quite a lot as a casino dealer though…」

Shirasaka speaks.

「Okay…I don’t mind if you name the price. I can pay up as much as you want」

Rosalind thought that it’s better to sell me to Shiraska.

「…No good. She’s not for sale」

Viola rejects his sister’s suggestion

「I love raping Kei in front of that girl. Kei’s in despair because her twin sister is there. Isn’t he cute being desperate for his twin sister? If he loses his sister then he’s just a simple doll. Then, it won’t be fun for me anymore…!」


「Everything has a time to sell…now’s the time to sell that girl. There’s not much customers who’d put out such money…!」

Viola and Rosalind opposed each other.

「You…are you planning to order me?」
「…I don’t have that intention」
「Even if you’re my sister…I won’t forgive you if you oppose me. You do know that, don’t you…!」
「I know that!」

…That’s a lie.
Rosalind was thinking of selling me to Shirasaka Souske without Cesario Viola’s permission.
She…felt uneasy of Viola gradually getting absorbed with Kei-chan.
It’s not that Viola is neglecting his work because of Kei-chan.
Viola…surely does his work as a sweeper.
She wants to be the existence closest to Viola.
Viola’s words…「I won’t forgive you even if you’re my sister」…
That made her uneasy.
She’s worried that Kei-chan might become more than Viola’s『pet』…
No…she can’t allow it.
Kei-chan is on Viola’s side.
That’s why, Rosalind…
Sold me to Shirasaka Sousuke…
She begins her plan to kill Kei-chan.

At that time…Kei-chan and I felt uneasy.
My body’s growing steadily.
Us twins look completely alike until now.
But…My body grows rounder…
My chest starts swelling…
Kei-chan begins to grow a man’s body.

「…What should I do, Onee-chan」

Kei-chan’s really scared.

「If I grow to have a man’s body…Mr. will throw me away. Then, Onee-chan and I will be killed…!」

Kei-chan reduced his meals.
He tries to stop his growth somehow…
He even prayed to God.
I did the same.
We changed bit by bit.
I thought that we can’t stay exactly the same…

…One day.
Viola had a『job』and he went to Tijuana Mexico
He brought the best『combat troop』…
And yet…Rosalind remained in Los Angeles unusually.

「Both of you…prepare to leave」

Rosalind told us.
Even though Cesario Viola isn’t present…
It never happened that we were taken outside until now.
Kei-chan and I felt uneasy.
Rosalind then told me.

「…The lady, dress in lovely clothes」

Oh…I’ll be sold off

「…What about me?」

Kei-chan asked her.

「I don’t care about you」

Ah…Kei-chan will be killed!

「Hurry up…」

Saying that, Rosalind went out of the room.

Therefore…the two of us.

Kei-chan has the same hair length as me.
In front of the twin sister is a brother who was raped perversely…
Viola’s favorite.
Kei-chan and I…
Wore same clothes.
Enough clothing to erase our body line.
So that you won’t know who’s the boy and who’s the girl in a moment.
That surely…
Will become our trump card in the crisis…
That’s what we thought.

「…You look really similar」

Rosalind said when she saw us finished preparing

「We’re twins so we wear exactly the same」

I answered with the smile I remembered from the casino.

「Well fine…come」

We get out of the locked room…
Asura is crying on the corridor.
That’s when I was convinced./
We’re about to be sold off…killed
…We’re at a critical moment.

We rode Rosalind’s car…
Then we went out of Los Angeles

…It was scary
…It was frightening
Kei-chan and I held each other’s hands.
We desperately prayed to god
Never did anything to help us, and yet…

Before long…
The car arrived at a hotel in Los Angeles

「…I’ve been waiting」

Shirasaka Sousuke was waiting on the backyard of the hotel.
He’s wearing a white suit.
There’s two black body guards with him.

「They’re really twins」

He look at us in interest.

「Hmm…Her figure at night casino is pretty but looking at her under the sun, it’s not bad」

Shirasaka looks at Kei-chan and said.
Rosalind laughs.

「Idiot…that’s the brother」

Shirasaka looks at my face with an awkward face…

「By the way…you’re really still a virgin aren’t you?」

His eyes looks nasty.

「Want to confirm it?」

Rosalind Grins.

「Yeah…when doing some expensive shopping, you should always check it」

Rosalind took out a key

「…Take it off」

I took off my surf pants on the spot


Shirasaka’s surprised at the chastity belt stuck in my lower body.

「This is well done」
「…This is a special order for my brother」
「This is well done…the surface is black but it feels like a matte」
「…It’s Carbon Kepler」
「Oh…this is interesting」

Shirasaka stroked my ass from the top of the chastity belt.

「Teach me where you order this…I’d like to buy a dozen of this」
「If you’re that interested then you’re just the same pervert as my brother」
「…We’re doing business because we’re perverts, don’t we?」

Shirasaka told Rosalind while laughing.

「…Well, you’re right」
「If I buy this girl…give me the boy as a bonus」
「…Oh. But, that will cost you too」
「…I’ll pay 50% more. I’d like to make a deal with you from now on」

Shirasaka told Rosalind.

「I’m trying to make a base on Los Angeles in the future so I’d like to keep in touch with people like you」
「…You’re saying something nice」

Rosalind thinks that it’s not a bad idea.

「…I’m not interested in boys but some of our customers are interested in that play. Above all, this twin set is good. I’ll have the elder sister entertain me for a while but…I’ll be selling the siblings sooner or later」

…We’re being sold off.
But…it seems that we’re not going to be killed.
…It seems.
I felt relieved.
Kei-chan and I will live wherever it is.

An intense fear attacked me suddenly.
Rosalind’s selling us without Viola’s permission.
If ever Viola knew this…
What will Viola do to us.

「The previous plan will do…now, for the confirmation of the goods」

Shirasaka told Rosalind.

「I’d buy her with the amount agreed on if she’s really a virgin…but if her hymen’s broken already」
「I’ll half the price by then」

Rosalind said while smiling wryly.

「Really…why does men care about virginity that much? Don’t they think that a mature woman is better?」
「There are people in this world that appreciates Beaujolais Nouveau.1) is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular vin de primeur, fermented for just a few weeks before being released for sale on the third Thursday of November.] I’m one of them」

Saying that…Shirasaka gives her hand to Rosalind.

「…Give me the key」

Rosalind handed the key to my chastity belt to Shirasaka
Shirasaka removed the lock of my chastity belt
I heard a clicking sound…
Then the lock of the chastity belt was released.

「…Now then, let’s take a look at your virgin hole」

Shirasaka removed the chastity belt…
I was embarrassed
Kei-chan grips his fist and looks down.

「…Fufufu, show it」

It’s not just Shirasaka but also his body guards look at my crotch.
Rosalind is looking at me with her scary eyes as always.
The black Kepler chastity belt parts from my skin.
My abdomen felt fresh air for the first time…
The gaze of the men were hot…

At that time…!

…Shukon! Shukon! Shukon!

From the back of the hotel…
A smoke bomb was shot…!

「What’s this!?」

Rosalind pulled out her pistol…!
At that moment, she was kicked down by a shadow that came in…!


Rosalind was knocked down…!
Fists went in Shirasaka’s bodyguard’s belly…
That person’s wearing a blue mask…
Looking like a ninja we saw on TV…!

「…Kyouko, yoouuuu!」

Shirasaka screamed!


  1. Beaujolais nouveau (French pronunciation: ​[bo.ʒɔ.lɛ nu.vo