Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 214 : Beyond the gate


Coming back from the dressing room…Nei-san is『dressing up』Michi.
That said, she’s not actually being dressed up.
Michi’s on her usual super-ojou-sama school uniform.
In places like Misuzu’s symposium, this uniform should have a considerable status.
It’s much more dignified than cheap dresses.

「How does this feel?」

Michi’s『dress up』is putting a red ribbon on her long black hair…
Then…a faint, thin make-up.
I guess it’s called Natural makeup
Nei-san straightens Michi’s eyebrows…then puts a lip balm on her mouth.
Michi who looks like a Japanese doll from the beginning, her beauty increased with something that small.

「Did Nei-san suggest putting makeup on her?」

When I asked Nei-san.

「No, not me. It’s Mii-chan」

Michi seems to have asked Nei-san herself.

「…Thank you very much」

Michi thanked Nei while looking at her figure reflected in the hand mirror.

「Kudou-san’s very beautiful!」

Mana gives her admiration.

「I’d be troubled if I’m not…!」


「I am Misuzu-sama’s guard. And, my role as a guard to make the enemy focus down on my existence」

Michi already begins to explore her own way now that she’s separated from her father.

「But…isn’t it bad if Kudou-san stands out more than her master, Misuzu-san?」

Megu threw a question to Michi instead of me.

「That is not a problem. Misuzu-sama’s thirty times much more beautiful than me」

Thirty times?

「I’m doing all of my best to stand out and not be buried in the glow of Misuzu-sama’s beauty」

Misuzu and Michi are both beauties so it’s fine.

「Here, Yoshida-kun…Megumi…Mana-san」

Minaho-neesan handed us an envelope

「What’s this?」

It feels like a hard card is inside tho…

「That’s money…100k yen each. Also, a public transportation card. It’s charged with 10k yen」

Minaho-neesan looks at us with serious eyes.

「Depending on the circumstances after his…if at worst, you were separated from the others, use the money without hesitation. You should be able to manage most things with 100k yen. When you take the train or bus, be sure to use the card…don’t buy a ticket. They can anticipate your destination from the price. If you think you are being tailed then you can make a stopover anytime」

Minaho-neesan really thinks about us…

「The meeting place on unforeseen circumstances would be Tamayo’s hotel. Go there. In case we need shelter, you can talk to her」

Tamayo-san’s love hotel we stayed at the day before yesterday.
Where Megu, Mana and I spent a night together.

「The map to Tamayo-san’s hotel is here. We went there by car last time so I thought you might not know the exact location」

Minaho-neesan puts down a printed map on the table

「Please memorize this place now. The location of Tamayo’s hotel, and her phone number. This paper shouldn’t be taken. After you memorize it, I’ll dispose it on the shredder」

Minaho-neesan…she’s assuming the possibility of the enemy infiltrating this monitor room after we go out…
Therefore, she intends to dispose any information she doesn’t want to be known.
desperately memorize the map.
Minaho-neesan turned to Yukino who’s waiting behind…

「I won’t be giving anything to Yukino-san. Not a wallet nor an ID. She’ll be following us with desperate resolution penniless…!」

Yukino shivers.

「If ever you try to run away from us…all of Yukino-san’s embarrassing videos and photos would be released on the internet. Yesterday, Shrirasaka Sousuke’s rape videos…and today the obscene images of his daughter…! The media and the society would be noisy again…!」

Yukino’s face sinks down horribly.
She doesn’t have the energy to make any more complains.
Minaho-neesan laughs at Yukino then she handed me a wristwatch.

「Put this on, Yoshida-kun. The same thing is attached on Yukino-san’s arm. Once every ten minutes, it sends a weak radio wave on each other to check the position of the other. If ever the radio wave doesn’t reach for more than 20 minutes, it’ll alarm loudly…」

So we’ll immediately know if Yukino runs away from us?

「If in case Yukino-san disappears and the alarm rings…please report to me immediately. At that moment, I will automatically consider that『Yukino-san has escaped』and send all the files tot he internet and media…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.
In short…Yukino and I have to stay in a distance where the radio waves reaches each other.

「Well, even if I say weak radio waves, the it’ll reach as long as you’re in the same building. But, it might be useless underground. Yoshida-kun…try pressing the red button on the wrist watch」

I pressed the button on the side.

『Pipi…Sensed within 10 meters』

Yukino and my watch sends message at almost the same time.

「If ever you don’t know where the other is, press that button. It’ll tell you the distance」

In that case…Yukino will absolutely have to be a distance where the radio waves would reach my watch…!
Yukino wearing a black and yellow construction site dress is looking at me with eyes of despair.

「Now then, should we go? Did everyone go to the toilet already?」

Margo-san comes.
Margo-san’s wearing a black suit and sunglasses.
She can be seen as a guard from the distance.
No…she’s doing that on purpose.
We’ll be heading to the『National theater』…where the Japanese Classical dance from Konpeki school will be presented.
Those dancing in the symposium…including Misuzu are all distinguished families in Japan.
Big names from the political and business world would visit the venue to watch their child’s dance.
Normally…each of the house has a guard gathered.
Then, Margo-san thinks of blending as a『guard』
No, it’s not just Margo-san.
Among us, those who are wearing black clothes are Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, and Nei-san only.
Minaho-neesan and Nei-san…if they’re alone then black would stand out but if the three of them are lined up, they look like a team.
Margo-san’s the bodyguard, Nei-san’s the assistant of children, Minaho-neesan is in charge of management.
It won’t be strange to think that they’re hired by a famous house.
Then adding Katsuko-nee on her beautiful secretary style wine-red suit…they feel like a first-class servants employed by a high rank family.
The problem is…we the『young class』coming to the venue with these first class people, doesn’t look childish at all.
Even if Yukino’s『modest face + construction site dress』does her best to be fashionable…she can’t make out a suitable elegance from『Minaho-neesan + Katsuko-nee + Margo-san + Nei-san』team
I’m just a poor high school boy. 1
Megu’s a beauty but she’s a lovely flower on in the field.
Today’s Mana is on her cute『Loli Bitch』
Michi…she’s a beauty but she’s not putting out an Ojou-sama aura. Rather, she’s letting out bloodlust.
Misuzu looks like she’d be surrounded by these four people.
Misuzu has the appearance that makes her look like a princess.

「Then, let’s leave」

Minaho-neesan looks at us…

「This will be the final match. Tonight, everything will be settled…therefore, we’ll all attack. Sorry…we can’t afford to separate the groups to attack and defense now」

First…we’ll go to Misuzu’s symposium.
Then…settle with Shirasaka family at the hotel specified by Mr. Kouzuki
For me, I have to confront Kouzuki『Kakka』
Then…engage with Cesario Viola at the hotel…

「Therefore, let’s all come back home in good health…!」

Hearing Minaho-neesan, everyone except Yukino nodded.
We left with our backs to the wall.
We will return here again when the enemy’s completely destroyed.
Cesario Viola…Shirasaka house too.

「When we leave, this room would be locked. Without Minaho’s biometrics, this will never open again. Minaho…survive by all means. The biometrics won’t work unless it’s the living Minaho」

Margo-san told Minaho-neesan.

「I know…I can’t die leaving you behind…」

Yuzuki Minaho…our『sister』and our『mother』…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Through the underground passage…we head to the hidden garage for the school personnel.

「The first car would be my Blue Maserati, the second car is Minaho’s black Benz. The third would be the white van driven by Katsuko-san」

Margo-san gives all the instructions to escape from school.
Today’s white van is pasted with『Maruko stage clothes』in magnets.
They’ve prepared more equipment in the white van than usual probably in case of unforeseen circumstances.

「Since we’ll always be having the order of first to third car and the second one would be enclosed…the three cars will always go together from the signals Okay?」

Margo-san tells Katsuko-nee.

「Yes, roger」
「It would be our loss if the enemy caught Minaho or Nei. That’s why Nei would be on the second car. Kudou-san, as you’re the second guard, you’ll be on the same second car. Megu-chan and Mana-chan too」

The driver of the Benz is Minaho-neesan. Michi on the passenger seat. Back Seat: Nei-san, Megu and Mana. That’s all.

「Yoshida-kun will be with me on the first car. Yukino-san will be with Katsuko-san on the third car」

When it’s decided that she’ll be away from me, Yukino’s face turned cloudy immediately.

「Now, get in…!」

Katsuko-nee orders Yukino with cold eyes.
Yukino gets in the van with a gloomy face.
Katsuko-nee puts on Yukino’s handcuffs immediately.
It’s connected to the steel pipe inside the van.

「I hate people complaining when I’m driving so be quiet. You do know what this is don’t you?」

Katsuko-nee shows a stun gun to Yukino.

「…I-I know」

Yukino who has experienced electric shock several times in these past few days became docile at once.

「Come Yoshida-kun get in」

Margo-san gently talked to me who’s looking at Yukino.

「Then, later Onii-chan!」

Mana shows her face from the window and told me brightly.

「Yoshi-kun, take care」
「It’s fine. We’ll be acting together even if we’re in separate cars」

I told Megu.

「Michi…take care of everyone」

I sit on the passenger seat of the Maserati

「Sorry, Yoshida-kun」

Margo-san speaks while fastening her seatbelt.

「The Benz and the van in the back are bulletproof but this car can’t sacrifice mobility by making the car heavy… There’s no way to prevent if we’re shot」

I see…so the cars on the back are sturty.

「It can’t be helped. At that time, we’ll just deal with it」

I answered.

「Yoshida-kun, please watch the surroundings. Especially when waiting for the traffic lights, they might pretend to be a pedestrian closing to us so pay attention」
「Well, Kudou-san’s father would be joining the guards too though」

Margo-san wears leather gloves…

「…Now then」

Maserati’s engine starts lightly.
Immediately after, the engines of the two cars started…
Margo-san opens the hidden garage shutter wirelessly.
May sunshine pours down over us.

「OK……Let’s go!」

The three cars go outside…!

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Kudou-papa greets us outside the back gate of the school.
Titan boy driven by Tony-kun…Norma-san’s driving a yellow Prius.
Then, Kudou-papa’s on his Vespa.
Coming out of the school grounds…Norma-san’s Prius began driving in front of the Maserati, the first car.
Norma-san seems to be our guide…
We left the route to the『National Theater』to Kudou-papa…so we’re going to go after Norma’s Prius.
Norma-san never accelerates the speed, she puts the blinker ahead of time as soon as possible then shows us the direction of the turn.
Kudou-papa’s Vespa is sticking on the side of the Benz, the second car.
With this, even if a suspicious person approaches while we’re waiting the traffic light, it can be dealt with immediately.
The Titan Boy is following behind Car 3. Even if there’s a sudden attack from behind, with Titan boy and the two bulletproof vehicles can manage somehow.
We run towards the center of the city as 5 cars + 1 Vespa sticking together…
Of course, it can be seen as a guarded vehicle now…Neko-san and Kudou-papa’s subordinates are following us while not leaving our car line.

「How much is the possibility that the enemy would attack on road?」

I asked Margo-san.

「In this case, there’s no meaning in thinking of the possibility. It depends on the enemy whether they would attack or not」

Margo-san said with a smile.

「However, we can only just hope now that we reach the『National Theater』as soon as possible. The closer we are at the『national theater』the harder it is for the enemy to attack」
「Yoshida-kun, do you know where the『National Theater』is?」


「No, I don’t」
「It’s in the side of the moat of the imperial palace. Next would be the Supreme Court…the center of Japan. It’s close to the National Diet Building and the Japanese government departments」

Oh…that’s why the security’s strict.

「Then…from the information I’ve heard a while ago, It seems that the undersecretary of the Commerce Department in the us would be coming to Japan for the Konpeki school presentation today」


「It seems that the undersecretary’s daughter is learning Japanese dance in US. Their teacher seems to be a disciple of the Konpeki school. Therefore, they came with the official stance of courtesy call with his family…」

…Official stance?

「Actually, he wants to make a secret conversation with Kouzuki-san about Japan’s political and business world. Today, the people gathered would be the people showing up in the US-Japan economic summit」
「…Then that means?」
「There should be police officials, public security officials, and even America’s secret service and US Military around the『National theater』」

Also…the guards of the famous houses.

「What about Cesario Viola?」
「Naturally, Kouzuki security service is reporting to public peace. Viola’s an American criminal. I’ve thrown fake information that『It’s possible that Viola will come to assassinate the undersecretary in US』…!」


「If a senior US government official visiting Japan is killed…Japan’s face would be ruined. Everyone from America’s security too. I think everyone will desperately stop Viola」

Margo-san’s mouth is smiling but…
Her eyes are serious.

「Therefore…to be honest, if we go to the『National Theater』don’t be so worried. The decisive battle would be at the night hotel however」

The first class hotel downtown owned by the Kouzuki family

「Kouzuki security service would be the only protection from there…」

It is as Margo-san says…
As we approach the center of the city, we see more police cars.
It seems that they’re inspecting here and there.
Our convoy was also stopped by the police.,
Kudou-papa made the young policeman rage for a bit but we managed somehow…
Somehow, the 5 cars + Vespa arrived in front of the National Theater.
Even at the entrance of the theater…of course, there was inspection too.
First, Nroma-san talked to the person in charge of examination.

「…We somehow arrived safely」

Margo-san sighs.
As expected, she’s nervous.

「I’m still not trained well」

She said.

「If it was Kyouko-san, she would be joking to calm everyone down but…I can’t think of anything at the moment」

Margo-san normally doesn’t joke, right?

「Kyouko-san is holding Shirasaka Sousuke in Australia right now, isn’t she?」

Kyouko Dothnomechey-san, Margo-san’s teacher…『Kuromori’s』guard
She’s detaining Shirasaka Sousuke under Minaho-neesan’s order right now.

「No, perhaps they’re already heading to Japan I think. However, we really can’t read Kyouko-san’s movements…」
「Is that so?」
「She can take actions I can’t imagine calmly. Compared to her, I’m just a running girl…that’s what I really think. This time too, I think she’ll be coming in an unthinkable method」

Though he’s released by the Australian police…Shirasaka Sousuke is missing currently.
I can hardly think that they will take a plane to come home…
How do they intend to come back?

「Anyway, it’s our turn now」

Norma-san’s Prius finished the inspection and goes to the parking lot of the『National theater』
Following, our car goes to the inspection gate
The person in charge of inspection is wearing a Kouzuki security service uniform.
The venue guard seems to be mainly Kouzuki security service.

「You guys from the guard department too?」

Since we’re after Norma’s car…the inspector past his thirties seems to think so.
He speaks to us in a frustrated tone underestimating us.


Margo-san calmly.


The inspector seems he doesn’t get it.

「Try to contact the headquarters. Say that『Kuromori』has come…!」

There’s now way this staff knows『Kuromori』?

「Just make a call and check it. We’re Kouzuki-san’s『Guests』…!」

Margo-san removed her sunglasses and looked at the man in charge with cold eyes.

「You people?…You’re not in the invitee list」

The man in charge is still going strong.

「That’s why I’m telling you to ask the headquarters. Why do you think we’re with the Kouzuki Security Service guard department?」
「Aren’t you people subcontractors of the guard department?」
「Are you an idiot?…We’re special guests of Kouzuki『Kakka』that’s why he expressly sent the guard department from your company you know?」
「No…there’s no way」
「Just make a call. Go ahead and ask the headquarters for the name『Kuromori Minaho』…!」
「I-I’ll check it right now…!」

The inspector contacts the headquarters with a transreceiver.

「Is it fine to introduce ourselves as『Kuromori』?」

When I asked, Margo-san…

「It’s fine. You should show your power of authority at this scene…!」

Margo-san laughs.

「Kyouko-san taught me before…」
「…Is that so?」
「Yeah. It feels strange. Teaching what I learned from my master. Somehow, it feels ticklish…!

The man in charge immediately returned with the color of his face changed.

「I-I’m very sorry! Please pass!」

His attitude has changed completely.
I don’t know if it’s Kouzuki『Kakka』or Misuzu but…it seems that the security headquarters has reported that we’re coming.

「We’re fine. We’re the same as you…a celebrity’s guard」

Margo-san laughed and put on her sunglasses.

「But…if you take that attitude to our master…you’d be easily losing your job…」

The inspector turned pale.

「Uhm…which one is『Kuromori Minaho』?」


「The girl wearing a black and yellow dress on the third, white van」


「Eh, she’s not on the Benz?」

Margo-san laughs.

「Our Master’s an odd fellow…」

Saying that…she enters the Maserati on the『National Theater’s』parking lot.
She stopped the car and waited for the next one.
The second car passed right away.
Megu and Mana are wearing a dress, Nei-san on her black pant suit is on it too…Michi’s wearing her uniform.
But…they didn’t realize that the one driving is the『Kuromori Minaho』
When it comes to the third van…the inspector kept bowing to Yukino inside the car.
Yukino’s dressed on a construction site color and her face changed to a plain one, she’s handcuffed to the steel pipe on the van…
Margo-san’s remark of『odd fellow』seems to have let it all pass.
Katsuko-nee deals with it with her usual pleasant smile…
For the time being, 『Kuromori’s』cars passed through the gate safely.
Following…Titan Boy too
Well, Tony-san’s a regular employee of Kouzuki security service…
…The problem

「What’s suspicious about me!?」

Well, he’s wearing a red color shirt and lack suit…
A middle aged man riding a Vespa…it’s suspicous

「It’s fine, that person is…!」

A man coming from the theater called out the inspector.

「Are you sure, director」

That’s right…this man
He’s the director of the Kouzuki Security Service general security department…Yamaoka
The one having an affair with Michi’s mother…

「Remember this…that person is the special guard department manager, Kudou Yuusaku」

Director Yamaoka speaks in a slightly foolish tone


The inspector nods big.

「What’s with that『Oh』!」

Kudou-papa’s completely angry.
Director Yamaoka knocks on the window of the Benz.
Minaho-neesan opens the window.

「Once you parked the car, I’d like some time to talk」
「Very well…」

Director Yamaoka is the head of the security department of Kouzuki security service.
Minaho-neesan also wants to discuss about 『VS. Cesario Viola』

「Where’s the headquarters?」
「It’s on the interior of the lobby on the first floor」
「Then, I’ll give you a visit later」
「Thank you」

Minaho-neesan closes the window.

「Well anyway…let’s get out of the car」

Margo-san turned the Maserati to the parking lot and the other cars followed us


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