Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 243 : In the hotel lobby.


Anyway…we’ve entered the hotel.
The bright and spacious lobby looks normal.
There’s a hotel man standing at the reception…the surrounding shops are operating normally.

「The hotel lobby is a public space…we’re having it on it’s usual state as we don’t know how the『enemy』will invade

Director Yamaoka reports to Misuzu and Ruriko-san.

「What about the employees at the hotel and the store clerks?」

Misuzu asks.

「All of them are replaced with our guards. This hotel is often used by Kouzuki group for international conferences…so our security guards are blended with the employees of the hotel. They’ve been trained to do the hotel’s counter work so you can buy at the shops without problems」

This hotel itself belongs to Kouzuki house’s security separtment.
The lobby currently don’t have guests.
Where is Minaho-neesan and others?
Well…I think it’s dangerous for them to stay in the lobby that’s just connected to the outside
…Should I call them?
That group on the corner of the lobby isー?
Somehow…they seem to be a group of flashy people eating lunch box at a fancy hotel…
Hmm…it seems I’ve seen that man in black hat and suit.
Ah, he’s coming this way…

「Oh…well done guys coming here」

Kudou papa finished eating his lunch box, he calls out Barbie-san while holding a toothpick in his mouth.

「We came~! Stingy!」

Barbie-san replies to Kudou-san.

「…Hey, Kudou. What’s with this poeple?」

Director Yamaoka immediately flares up at Kudou-papa…

「Yagyuu Mitsuko-san, Saionji Hiromi-san Kinoshita Ryouko-san」

Kudou-papa answers smoothly.

「Shut it, don’t call us with our real names!」
「I prefer the real name though!」
「I don’t care whether you call me Ruby or Hiromi…!」

The『Banbarubie 3』had varying reactions.

「Yagyuu Mitsuki…No way, that one?」

Director Yamaoka’s surprised.

「I hate having my real name called because of guys like him making that kind of face!」

Barbie-san gets ill-humored.

「Well…I heard that you died」
「Yagyuu Mitsuko is dead. The one right here is…Code Name『Barbie of the phoenix』!」

Saying that, Barbie-san pokes director Yamaoka’s chest.

「That’s how it is…to be frank, just one of these three is ten times stronger than you. With three of them together, it’s a hundred times」

Kudou papa said with a serious face.

「But…Yagyuu Mitsuko’s the『Demolisher』isn’t she?」
「Coming this far, we’re far better with people who have pure fighting power. You know that enemies are coming to this hotel right?」

Director Yamaoka fell silent.

「Well fine…anyway, come here. I’ve prepared a meal for you three」

Ah…the flashy group eating lunch boxes at the lobby are all people Kudou papa gathered…
Neko-san noticed us and waved her hands.
Michi and I gave a quick bow.

「Hmm…Neko-san, Happy-san, Rascal-san, Healthy-san. Carl-san and Masaru-san are here too…」

Barbie-san looked at the group of people eating lunch box and speaks.

「Nee-san…that’s a hamburger sage and a crepe mami! The Koisunen of the moon is also here!」

Banba-san makes a fuss

「You girls eat your lunch boxes faster. You can’t work if you’re hungry right?」
「Could it be seaweed meal again?」

Barbie-san glares at Kudou-papa.

「Don’t worry. We’ve got grilled meat and hambuger. It also has coleslaw salad. You can take two of the water and tea bottles too…」
「N-No way! What happened to you?! Is the Stingy Kudou-chan getting generous now?」

Barbie-san looks at Kudou-papa like she can’t believe it.

「…That’s how big is the case」
「Hmm…just how dangerous then?」
「Think of it as the highest grade…the pay will also be twice per head. It’ll have one more digit than the usual」
「Phew!…That’s a huge feast. The guys we just took down can’t be compared to them?」
「Yeah…it’ll be American monsters coming to attack」

The man named Viola does irregular things, we also know that he’ll bring his subordinates…
But, the woman Viola…
…We don’t know her type.
Even the guards from Kouzuki security service a while ago…we don’t know who’s giving them instructions…
With Viola becoming a two team…we can’t make any predictions.

「…I’ve got two conditions. One would be, I would doing Kudou-chan’s request but I won’t enter any commands. We will fight at our own discretion. We’d like you to send real-time information though」
「I don’t care about that. I don’t think that you’ll obey me either way. On the other hand…I can’t give you enough support. You’re too free while the others are joining up. We can’t let you just create a collateral injuries」
「I know Rather, if we’ve got an ally close to us, we can’t break things as we want! We can destroy anything in this hotel, right?」
「『Kakka』is on the upper floor. Everything’s okay as long as it won’t put『Kakka』on risk」
「Even if we break the whole floor?」
「All okay…as long as the building doesn’t collapse. Though, try to spare making fire」
「Roger…also, my other condition…」
「If it really becomes dangerous…we’d have Banba-chan withdraw from the scene. Kudou-chan, take good care of her」
「Eh, no wayyyyy, Barbie-saaaaan!」


「No, I think that Barbie’s judgement is correct. You still don’t have an experience fighting an enemy with the most evil level. If you think it’s dangerous, then immediately withdraw. If you’re just a hindrance then our lives would be at risk too…」

Banba-san’s eyes are serious.

「I-I get iiiiit…But, I’ll do my beeest…please look at me with warm eyes!」
「We’ll have you as our center in the future so you’ll be taken care of importantly. Don’t push yourself!」

In the previous fight, it looks like Banba-san was the only one fighting but…
Was it training?

「Well then…let’s eat the lunch box!」

The three ladies head to Neko-san and others.
But …『Banbarubie 3』are really on good terms.
Compared to that…

「The enemy has infiltrated the integrated security department…director Yamaoka will be charged for the cost of my car’s repair」

Seki-san is shouting at director Yamaoka.

「Y-Yes…I’ll treat them all as my responsibility」

Director Yamaoka keeps bowing at Seki-san who’s a top of the lite guards under Chief Yazawa.
An old man bowing on a 20 year old beauty.

「In the first place…since when had the enemy sneaked in?」

Seki-san asks.

「Yes, when I surveyed…in the autumn last year, three employees who joined midway were『infiltration agents』」

Director Yamaoka reported.

「With the introduction of those three…fifteen enemies have impersonated as our security guards」

Is that so?

「Those three are already detained. They’re currently being interrogated on a different room」
「How about the security of this hotel?」
「The employees who have made contact with those three even once have already been removed from the site. As a result, only two-thirds of the planned personnel are guarding, but…」
「It’s much better than having our colleagues show up as enemies」

Seki-san speaks ironically.

「But…if it’s last autumn, then the hole is quite big」

Fujimiya-san said calmly.

「We should think that there’s quite a lot of information leaked out from Integrated security department」

Seki-san thinks seriously…
…Currently, the actions of the moving Viola is…
They know information about Nei-san, if this didn’t happen in the past several days then…
It’s a serious situation.
The enemy has a long term plan prepared for today’s attack.

「This is a challenge to Kouzuki security service…no, the enemy’s aim might be Kouzuki family itself」
「Either way, 『Kakka』will take control」

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san looks at director Yamaoka

「Where’s『Kakka』right now?」
「I’ll lead the way」

He’s not saying which floor or which room he’s in.

「Thanks…sorry for the wait, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama. Let’s go」

Fujimiya-san calls the two
Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are a set so Yoshiko-san’s going too.
Michi and I are trying to follow…

「Wait…who are these children?」

Director Yamaoka asks Seki-san…

「『Kakka’s』orders are to take this boy with us…」

Misuzu turned around

「Michi’s my guard…there’s no problem」
「I-In that case…」

Director Yamaoka consents


Michi looks at Kudou-papa.

「I have defeated Aneue」
「Yeah…I’ve heard it from Etsuko. Etsuko’s furious…she doesn’t want to see our faces for a while」
「…I’m very sorry」
「Don’t mind it…Either way, I know that this will happen. Haruka’s decent as an athlete but she’s not suited for actual combat. It’s Etsuko’s mistake to put Haruka to Kouzuki security service. It’s not your fault」
「On the contrary…you’re the only daughter that can do actual combat Etsuko’s not a woman who don’t understand that but her eyes are being clouded lately」
「I think that Mama-uesama hates me」
「I wasn’t obedient to Mama-uesama just like Aneue… Ever since childhood…」

Michi said.

「It can'[t be helped…there’s affinity even between parents」

Michi looks lonely


Misuzu looks at me


I hold both of Michi’s hands.


Michi looks up at my face

「Don’t worry about your mother or sister…」
「Un…You have us with you」

She holds my hand tightly.

「Father…I am now spending the most fulfilling time in my life. I’ve got a lord to protect with my life…Michi’s happy…!」


「…Is that so? Then fine…you push on your own road」
「…Yes, Father」

Michi swore to her father with passionate eyes…

◇ ◇ ◇

Then…we left Kudou-papa in the lobby…
We then followed director Yamaoka to the elevator.
We get off from the 17th floor and entered another elevator.
…But still.
Though it’s a big elevator…
Director Yamaoka + Seki-san + Fujimiya-san + Misuzu + Ruriko-san + Yoshiko-san + me + Michi = It’s narrow
Ah, Misuzu’s clinging to me…
Michi’s also sticking from my back…
We went down to the eighth floor…we then changed to another elevator.
Eventually, we got off at the 23rd floor…
They’re going this far just to not specify『Kakka’s』whereabouts

「This way」

Director Yamaoka goes ahead after getting off the elevator.
We follow him…

「…Master, please observe the state of the elevator」

Michi whispers to me.
The red-wine colored carpet corridor…
The stairs are over there and the fire exit is there…
The toilet’s here…
I put the floor’s plan into my head.
…Before long.

「It’s this room」

Director Yamaoka stops in front of『Room 2307』
He knocks the door


The one who opened the door is…Nagisa?!

「Well…you took quite a lot of time. It made me worry!」

Then…Mao-chan shows up from the door

「Ehehehehe…we’ve been waiting!」


「Why are you here?」

Nagisa smiles

「Isn’t that obvious?…I’m worried about Misuzu and you!」

Nagisa…as my『woman』…
As Misuzu’s『first owner』as well

「I thought of coming here with my own car but…I won’t be allowed to enter. So I hitchhike on Kouzuki-sama’s car」

Why did Nagisa not ride on Katsuko-nee’s car then?
Even though it shouldn’t have problems letting the two inside Katsuko-nee’s car.

「My car’s left in the theater so I’ll go get it tomorrow morning」
「If you entrust us your keys then our men would have it delivered here however…」

Director Yamaoka offers.

「I’m grateful for your offer but…Kouzuki-sama said that he can’t trust Yamaoka-san’s work…」

Hearing Nagisa’s words…Yamaoka’s blunder sinks in.
I get the situation.
Nagisa’s making director Yamaoka think that she’s『Kakka’s』mistress
Only the old guests know that Nagisa belongs to the organization『Kuromori』
She purposely call Misuzu’s first name in front of director Yamaoka…
She’s showing to director Yamaoka that she has a special relationship with『Kakka』and Misuzu.
Therefore…she purposely rode on『Kakka’s』car

「Should I sent my support unit instead of the Integrated Security Department?」

Seki-san proposes.

「My, that helps…then please」

Nagisa hands out her car keys.

「It’s located at the back of the first floor of the parking lot. It’s a red Peugeot so you’ll know it right away」
「We’ll take care of it…we’ll be transferring the car to this hotel’s underground parking lot」
「No…I’d be troubled if it’s in here. This will become a battlefield soon right? Since you’re going to bring it, it would be troublesome if it gets destroyed. Please park it at the Plaza hotel. I do work in there. Just say that it’s the car of the manager of Katagai flowers and they’ll know right away」

Seki-san takes the key from Nagisa.
Director Yamaoka’s face is at complete loss…

「Hey Mama! Hurry up! Kouzuki-san says Hurry up!」

Mao-chan carries『Kakka’s』message

「Oh, right! Sorry. Everyone…please come in…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

The room is…like a special room used for conferences.
There’s no bed or bathrooms in here.
It seems that『Kakka』is on the back room…

「Ehehehe! Hurry! hurry!」

Mao-chan hurries us while smiling.
Nagisa knocks at the door.



「Everyone has arrived…」



Nagisa opens the door…
On the other side is…
It’s a room about the size of 20 tatami mats1
It’s really like a conference room.
There are chairs lined up on top of the gray punch carpet
There’s a desk on the other side of the door…
『Kakka’s』sitting in there.
Somehow…this looks like a high school interview hall.
Behind『Kakka』is chief Yazawa.
On the side, sitting quietly…
It’s Misuzu’s『fiance』…Shiba Takahiko
Shiba Takahiko is glaring at me with frightening eyes…

「Good work…Yamaoka-kun」

First,『Kakka』speaks to director Yamaoka.

「You can return to your work. I wish you don’t disappoint me further than this…!」
「Yes…I’m very sorry」

Director Yamaoka bows his head.

「Humans are creatures that make mistakes. Therefore, I don’t have any complains about your failures in particular. However…I doubt humans who commit similar failures are suited for their job」
「Yes…I won’t make the same mistake again!」

『Kakka』ignores director Yamaoka’s gratitude…then looked at chief Yazawa.

「…Yazawa, follow him up」

Chief Yazawa bows his head.

「We’ve got visitors tonight so don’t be careless. Whoever it is, you must welcome them properly
「Yes…I will make preparations. Kudou has already gathered his members too」
「He’s the kind of personnel for tonight…let him play an active part」
「…I will tell『Kakka’s』words to them」

Chief Yazawa answers his lord graciously like a butler serving for a long time

「Then, head to the field…it’ll be fine to have Fujimiya-kun and Seki-kun as my guards」
「…Then『Kakka』excuse me」

Chief Yazawa then left the room without making any footstep sounds.
Then…『Kakka』looks at director Yamaoka like he’s looking at something dirty

「You’re still here Yamaoka-kun?! Go back to your work too」
「…Uhm, I!」
「…Hurry up and go. I can’t get down to business with them if you stay here」

『Kakka』returns his glance to Misuzu.

「Yes…Excuse me! Uhm…I will do my best to fulfill my responsibility so please! Please have expectations on me!」

Director Yamaoka leaves the room freezing…

「People who are athletic don’t think much with their heads. They do their best to live by just threatening and being cruel…!」

Kakka expresses his disgust.

「If it’s people like you who try to read everything between the lines…the conversation just gets tiring」

Looking at Seki-san and Fujimiya-san…『Kakka』speaks

「Well…enjoying an intellectual dialogue with beauties like you two is a way to prevent me from growing senile…take a seat」

『Kakka』advises to seat.

「Seki-san there. Fujimiya-san, goes there. Ruriko and Yoshiko-kun, that seat. Misuzu and you, there」

I’m the only one that’s『You』
Well fine.

「We’re on the defendant’s seat…grandfather?」

Misuzu asks.
speaking of which…the order of the chairs are…

「If Grandfather is sitting on the seat of the judge…our seat would be the seat of the defendants…Seki-san is the prosecutor, Fujimiya-san is a lawyer, then that would make Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san witnesses?」

Misuzu asks uncomfortably.

「It’s a bit different…」


「Ruriko and Yoshiko-kun are audience. The two are unrelated to this trial」

As expected…it’s a trial.

「Also, the two beauties will just be observers. The prosecutor…will be Takahiko-san here」


「Misuzu…you don’t have a lawyer…!」

…Does that mean?


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