Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 283. The night where Michi gives her virginity (Part 1)


「Here, a cookie」

After the toast…Megu looks for cookie cans from the emergency food shelf and offers it to everyone.
I’m glad that it’s not hard crackers or something. Those aren’t that tasty

「Onee-chan too, please have some」

Ultimately…Megu’s moving around lively as soon as she’s given a role in the family.
It’s as Margo-san said, moving your body won’t let you have time to think or worry
Rather, it makes you take the initiative on various things yourself.

「Instead of a duster, there’s a clean towel in here so use this」
「Should I bring more water?」
「I’ll check the other canned goods over there…!」

She’s originally a kind and attentive girl.
Yeah…Megu should be fine now.

「Yoshi-kun…want some more water?」

I embrace Megu while sitting on a chair
I bury my face in Megu’s well shaped breasts

「…What’s wrong?」
「I want to be spoiled」
「…Sure. As much as you want」

Megu pats my head.

「Okay, let’s take photos!」

Katsuko-nee focuses the camera on us.

「Hmm, looking good…this is a good camera. As expected of Kouzuki Ojii-chan The items even in the furniture room are top notch!」

Katsuko-nee says as she takes a photo of Jii-chan and others.
Jii-chan’s surrounded by Misuzu and Ruriko and Yoshiko-san.

「My my, Mao-chan’s completely asleep…!」

Mao-chan is sleeping comfortably in the sofa of the bed.
She’s using a big towel as a futon.

「She’s been excited all day meeting a lot of people」

Nagisa says as she stroke her daughter’s cheeks.
Yeah…she’s been like that since the symposium today

「Sleeping is a small child’s job. Now then…it’s about time we move to the monitor room」

Jii-chan gets up

「I’ll accompany you」

Minaho-neesan too.

「I’m going too. It’s about time Kyouko-san makes a contact」

Margo-san stands up.

「…Kyouko-san is still in Australia right?」

Margo-san’s master, Kyouko Dothnomechey went to Australia to detain Shirasaka Sousuke.

「Our last contact’s been 24 hours you see…」

Margo-san smiles

「If you give her a whole day, she can fly anywhere on the earth. The situation here is sent in real time so it’s certain that she’s flying to Japan」
「Could it be that she’s coming to help?」
「Un, Kyouko-san likes to appear on unexpected times and places after all」

Nei-san laughs.
Margo-san and Nei-san seems to trust Kyouko-san from the bottom of their heart.

「We have to contact Morimoto-san who’s still at the mansion too…」
「I wonder if Morimoti-san is giving Agnes-chan proper meals?」

Katsuko-nee mutters…
There’s a 12 year old girl named Agnes who’s in the basement of the mansion

「Rather than that, I hope she’s eating food made by someone other than Katsuko-san」

Margo-san tells Katsuko-nee

「If there’s no one in the room then she’ll eat…once she gets hungry and become unable to endure it. I know that but…」

Agnes is a daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke on a white woman
…To make her his own sex toy
She’s been confined in the mansion since she was born…she’s been taught nothing but to devote herself to Shirasaka Sousuke someday
She’s never gone to school…

「Well, I think that there will be no problem in the mansion but…I’ll check the defense system just in case」

MArgo-san said then goes to the next room.
Cesario Viola doesn’t have enough strength to attack both the hotel and the mansion at the same time.
In the first place…all of Viola’s targets are gathered here.
The target herself, Nei-san…and the kill requests of Shirasaka house head, Mr. Moritsugu, Yukino and Mana and Megu are here too.
The process of entering the hotel from the theater has been witnessed by all.
It’s too late to send people on the mansion where nobody is…should be

「Well, you don’t have to worry. Have fun here」

Jii-chan gently told us.

「Grandfather! Please look this way!」

Misuzu calls Jii-chan
Then…Misuzu has Michi sitting on a chair in front of her.

「Look, greet grandfather Michi」


「Okay…I’m sorry I can’t show you my loss. At the very least, please check my hymen…!」
「Danna-sama…please come here. Take off Michi’s panty」

Misuzu calls me

「Ufufu, I’ll photograph Michi’s embarrassing figure.」

Katsuko-nee sets up her camera

「Nagisa…take the video cam」
「Okay, Katsuko!」

Nagisa leaves Mao-chan and takes the video camera from the shelf.

I go in front of Michi.


Misuzu said with a smile

「Yes…I am master’s sex toy. I’m a toy. Please make me a toy」

Michi said with her face turned red.

「Ah, that small child」

Reika and Seki-san are surprised.
The two beauties don’t have any experience in sex.

「Michi…lift your skirt」

Michi lifts her skirt with her trembling hands.
Michi’s cute thighs…
Her white panty is in full view.
Her crotch is wet.

「Michi…you’re drenched」
「Yes…I’ve been waiting for Master」

Michi answers

「It’s my fault?」
「Yes…I…my head is filled with Danna-sama violating me since earlier」
「…How do you want to be violated?」
「Painful…make it hurt」


「I like it painful…please do me violently」

Michi leaks a hot sigh

「…Got it」

I crawl my fingers in Michi’s crotch

「…Ah, Ahn!」

Then…her love juice spreads on her wet cloth.

「…I’m taking it off」

I put my hand on Michi’s panty.
Michi floats her waist to help me out


The thin cloth slipped through Michi’s still thin ass.
Then…the panty lowered through her thighs.
Michi’s vagina with no hair at all is perfectly closed.
A small female genital.
The slit that’s like a line of spatula on clay has warm juice overflowing on it.
Can my dick enter this place?

「…I’m embarrassed」

Michi’s ears turned red in shame

「You’re cute, Michi」

I pull down her panty to her feet.
I took it off on one leg but left the panty on her ankle.
This way…it has the feeling of me violating her

「Michi…open your legs」

I ordered


Trembling in shame…Michi spreads her legs on top of the chair.
Michi’s flexible body…is very good to embrace I think

「Open your vagina and show your insides」

Michi seems to not know how to do it

「I’ll do it」

Misuzu tells Michi with a smile.
She reached for Michi’s crotch and opened her vagina with both hands

「Aaaaah…S-So embarrassing」
「Don’t tremble…Danna-sama can’t see Michi’s important place that way」

…The trembling stops

「Michi…how should you beg at such times?」

Misuzu asks…

「…M-Master…please take a look at Michi’s embarrassing place」
「Sure, I’ll take a look」

I peek inside

「I can’t see it over the overflowing love nectar」
「I’ll lick it off」

Misuzu says but…

「Nah. I’ll do it」

I bury my face in Michi’s crotch
Sucked in Michi’s love nectar.

「…Aaaah, masteeeer!!!」

Michi trembles in pleasure.

「Amazing…doing that much」

I can hear Seki-san’s voice.

「Does licking the genital really feel good I wonder?」

Nagisa answers Reika’s question

「If you’re receiving it from someone you love…anything would feel good」
「…Someone you love?」
「Yes. He loves all of us in the『family』after all…!」

I make my tongue crawl as if cleaning Michi’s slit.
While at it, I also lick her clitoris.

「Afuuu, afuuu…that’s amazing~!」
「I’ll do this everyday if you want… !」
「Yes…gladly…please enjoy my body!」
「Here…it’s clean now」

I let go of my face once again

「Come now Michi…open it yourself like how it was done earlier」

Michi opens up her vagina with her fingers.

「Please take a look master! Please take a look at Michi’s hymen!」

Michi’s moist eyes appeal to me

「Yeah. I can see it Michi…」

There’s a slimy pink colored meat deep inside Michi
Wow, the membrane’s quite dense.
This would hurt when I break.

「Can you see it too…grandfather?」
「Umu, I can see it. It’s a beautiful hymen. It’s a bit wasteful to break it」
「It can’t be helped. This is a necessary trial for Michi to become an adult…Danna-sama’s woman」

Misuzu said

「I’ll try to be as gentle as possible」

I say…but Michi

「No, please break it violently. Please make Michi’s inside a mess」

I kiss Michi.
Michi violently asks for my tongue.

「I feel sorry to take my leave but I’m worried about the situation above. I’ll watch the rest on a video later. You can enjoy the night」

Jii-chan said


Jii-chan looks at the two elite guards.

「Take a close look at her lose of virginity. It’s something you two will experience later…!」
「Yes, certainly」

Reika replies.


Seki-san’s puzzled.

「Ruriko and Yoshiko too…take a good view」
「Yes, grandfather. Michi-san is at the same age as me so I will watch it thoroughly Yoshiko too, right?」

Ruriko is holding Yoshiko-san’s hand tightly

「Katsuko, Nagisa…take care of the other things」

Minaho-neesan tells the two.

「Yes, Ojou-sama」
「I’ll record a wonderful first time experience!」

The two replies holding their cameras.
Then…Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan head to the other room.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Megu…take off my clothes」

I order Megu

「It’s your job to take off my clothes right?」

I’ll stick to being a domineering husband to Megu.
I’ll make Megu do all no matter how trivial it is.1
I’ll bother Megu on things I can do by myself
If I don’t let Megu participate on each of my actions…
Then she’ll get depressed again

「G-Got it…Yoshi-kun」

Megu reaches for my clothes.
I’m not doing anything
I stay solid like a stone statue and let Megu do everything.
Taking off my coat and shirt…
Megu then takes off my belt.

「…You’re not jealous that I’m going to feel good, right?」

I whisper in Megu’s ears.


Megu looks up at me.

「If I embrace a woman I feel good…if I feel good then that means that Megu should feel happy」
「…That is」
「Megu, do you hate Michi?」
「I-I don’t」
「I want to embrace Michi. I think it’ll feel really amazing when I break Michi’s virginity and ejaculate inside her. Michi’s okay with it too?」
「Yes…I want to be violated by Master!」

Michi answers while having her legs open.

「Megu, I’ll have sex with other girls regardless of what you think. I’m not a man only for Megu. Accept that」
「Megu’s the『family’s』class chairman Think of what’s best for everyone in the『family』」

The words enrich Megu’s mind…

「Got it…Yoshi-kun only has sex with his『family』」
「…No, Megu」
「If the『family』wants it…I’ll rape anyone」

I look at Yukino

「Minaho-neesan wishes for Yukino’s pregnancy」

Therefore…I’ve got to keep doing Yukino until she gets pregnant

「You’re right. Yoshi-kun wants to do it with Yukino」

Yukino glares at me.

「Yeah. Got it. Megu will help out if that’s whta Yoshi-kun wants. I hate just watching from the side… I will do anything if Yoshi-kun wants to have sex with someone」


「In exchange…please don’t throw me away. Please…I beg you」

I pat Megu’s head.

「When we return to the mansion…you stay in my room」
「But, you won’t be alone. Even when I have sex with another woman in my bed, you’ll stay there and watch」
「Okay…I got it」
「If I want to do it alone with another woman then I’ll do it on a different room. However, if it’s in my room, then you’ll stay with me…is that okay?」
「…Yes, dear」

Megu swore.

「I want to stay in Master’s room too…」

Michi said.

「Please give me a dog house Michi wants to be bound there with a collar on her neck. Then, when master is in the mood…you can violate me anytime」
「M-Me too…I want to stay in Onii-chan’s room I want to be raped anytime you would like Onii-chan…」

Mana says

「I’m fine on my room. I want to be loved in my own space. Of course…I’m fine having fun with other girls in your room too

Katsuko-nee said.

「I have my house with Mao-chan. You can just come there. Once a week will do. I’ll wait preparing a special treat for you!」

Nagisa said

「I wonder what should I do?!」

Nei-san…before that, your virginity first

「I’ll ask grandfather and rent a room.」

Misuzu said.

「A condominium with good security will do. I’ll make it a room for me and Danna-sama…for whenever he wants to embrace me. I welcome everyone however…Misuzu has her own territory and I would like to please Danna-sama」

Yeah. Misuzu feels away in the mansion.
That said, because she’s living with her parents at the house…
She can’t call me in her house.
However…having sex in a luxury condominium.…

「Then, Yoshiko and I will rent the room next to it」

Ruriko said

「I still don’t know a lot of things about sex. I would like to receive guidance from Misuzu-oneesama and everyone」
「There’s no need for guidance!」

Nei-san tells Ruriko

「Just do it whenever Yo-chan wants to! Just say yes to everything and do it no matter how embarrasing it is. It’s fine, Yo-chan will never do anything girls absolutely hate. He’ll surely make Ruri-chan feel good too」
「Yes…I’m looking forward to it」

No…Nei-san, should a virgin like you say that?
Well fine


Megu looks up at me

「I’ll take your penis out」

Megu exposes my penis.
It’s already erect to max

「That’s going to enter me」

Michi mutters as she look at my erection

「I wonder if this can go in, Michi looks small」
「Please put it in…you can force it. You can split it apart…please bully Michi!」

Love nectar drips from Michi’s crotch

「Misuzu…strip Michi」
「Yes, Danna-sama」

Misuzu takes off Michi’s clothes.
The stripping process is recorded by Katsuko-nee and Nagisa.
Meanwhile, Megu’s taking off my socks

「Mana…suck it」
「Okaay, Onii-chan」

I let Mana do fellatio before Michi gets naked as promised

「Ruriko-san, please watch! Mana’s going to lick up Onii-chan’s penis」

Mana fills her mouth with my dick as if demonstrating it to Ruriko and others.
She licks the glans with her tongue

「…That’s amazingly lewd」

Seki-san leaks out her voice.
It seems to be her first time seeing this
Reika’s observing quietly.
Ruriko is watching Mana’s fellatio interestingly as she hold the hand of the frightened Yoshiko-san

「We’ve got to do this kind of service too. Yoshiko」
「Mana-san and I don’t have that much experience…so Danna-sama is teaching us how to make him feel good」

Misuzu said

「No way…even I don’t have that much experience」
「That’s not a matter of experience Danna-sama just has to tell how he feels good. Ruriko-san, Michi and I will do anything after all」

Misuzu says as she take off Michi’s clothes.

「Oh right, I will run as the next student council president in the next semester」


「I’ve talked about how the school is strict as an Ojou-sama’s school, right?」
「Yeah, you’ve talked about it but」
「The school doesn’t have any young male teacher. The school regulations are very strict」
「Therefore…I think that there’s not a woman who had sex in the school building since it was established」


「Our school has a sports festival, and people outside the school are invited via ticket system. At that time, let’s do it in the student council room. Sex and fellatio too」

Misuzu said happily

「Ruriko-san will join in too, right?」
「Yes…if that’s what Onii-sama wishes then Ruriko will do anything」
「Michi will join too」
「Yes…however, Master」

Michi is already on her bra and stockings only

「…First, please pierce through my virginity」

There’s love nectar flowing from Michi’s crotch to her thighs

「The depths of my stomach feels so hot…!」
「Fufufu, Michi…!」

Misuzu smiles mysteriously

「Michi’s wombs wants Danna-sama’s semen…!」


  1. Like his grandfather on mother side