Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 297. In the elevator


「I went to Kyoto University you see…」

Jii-chan said.
Oh…so he went to a university in Kyoto.

「It’s been 60 years ago. Kyoto at that time, it’s quite a self-sustained university…since the war hasn’t passed much yet, the senior students are domineering every time in campus…」

Jii-chan speaks of an old tale looking nostalgic.

「That’s the only place where Kouzuki’s name doesn’t matter. I’ve been raised with the tradition of the house all the time so I was amused by that…」

It’s a university life where the academic year is the only hierarchical relationship, regardless of the influence of the house…it seemed to be exciting for Jii-chan.

「It was during my first year…the first year students were instructed by the seniors to do assembly work on the auditorium. Everyone was treated as slaves of the senior student, being told『Do this』『Bring that』 Then, one of the senior ordered me. 『I left something in the dormitory, get it for me』 I ran to the back door of the auditorium. Then…」

Jii-chan laughs.

「One of the first year student is skipping work at the back of the auditorium. He’s smoking cigarette…when the other year ordered him to work, he ran away. Thus, he thought of hiding until the work time ends He’s quite good at it」

Haa…there’s those kind of people even 60 years ago.

「Some of the first years were aware that he’s skipping. After the day’s work, another first year said. 『Those guys who don’t follow the group action won’t be successful in life』, 『He doesn’t know that building good relationship with the seniors right now has a big meaning after graduation』…」

Relationships coming from universities will continue for a lifetime.

「However…decades after graduating from the university, the man who ran out from the orders of the seniors became a president of a big company afterwards. In contrary, those who were following the senior’s instructions all ended on being executives. Do you know why?」
「…No. Why?」

I said.

「People who become the head of an organization don’t easily follow the orders of others. A person who always say yes to whatever their superior commands them, always worried about the superior’s eyes can never be on top 」

…Is that how it is?

「Personality makes habit…habit dictates life decisions. At age 18, a man who can make clear decision like『Men who are just few years older instructing you to do everything are just stupid』are men who can make self-judgement. However, it is a necessary wayof thinking to be on top…it’ll be difficult to have human relationships but it will be all experience. On the other hand, those who don’t think of themselves and just become limbs of their seniors…only following the orders of the company, boss, or even society…they can’t get away from being someone’s underling for their life. They arrive to peaceful human relationships」

Jii-chan smiles.

「This is an example. Of course, there are also those who don’t cooperate so much that they got expelled from the organization, starting their own business but fail as a result. However, everyone who is at the top of an organization has a degree of arrogance. They can crush down people without worry, they’ll never be subordinate to someone. There’s always a strong side of such self-consciousness…」

…I see.

「Now then, with this case…what kind of person do you think is this person who betrayed me, tried to stand up on the ground and attract the enemy by himself?」
「Well…someone who’s strong willed and yet doesn’t have someone they can trust?」

I answered.
If they have a subordinate they can trust then they won’t stand on danger on their own.
Because they want to see it with their own eyes, they purposely come to this hotel with the other executives.

「Which do you think it is, the『Top type』or the『Subordinate type』?」
「Well…of course it’s the『top type』」

…In short.
The typical subordinate type…Kouzuki Satoshi, Tsunoda, and Natsuki won’t do this.
Therefore, we can exclude their father’s.
Well, even among the top types…people who want to become the kind of the hill and let their subordinate do everything like Kouzuki Soujki…his father should be excluded too.

「Then the prince faction has no traitor?」
「…There’s that thought. The way of thinking of the top-type that has an independent mind…is that; if they don’t have a protégé to send on a dangerous mission…」

Then the traitor is among the『rising faction』?

「Of course…this is just an assumption of mine. In reality, I don’t know」

Jii-chan smiles

「But, that’s very helpful…thanks, Jii-chan」

I thanked Jii-chan…

「Katsuko and I will be monitoring the situation inside the hotel from the monitor room, and report to you all」

Minaho-neesan tells me.
That’s helpful but…
Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee are in the monitor room…
I think that Jii-chan hasn’t given up going upstairs alone however

「Ruriko…Misuzu…take care of Jii-chan. Please」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

I think that Jii-chan is weak for his two granddaughters…

「I’ll take care of the other girls so be at ease」

Nagisa said.

「Margo-san, Nei-san, Seki-san, Michi, Reika…are you ready?」

Margo-san and Seki-san have their hands fit in a thin leather gloves.
Michi’s checking the weapon under her uniform’s skirt.
Reika holds her cane of death.
Nei-san, she’s smiling.
Yes…we’re ready

「Yukino…you too」
「Shut up…I’m going okay!」

Yukino in her sailor uniform goes aloof.
Well…this is the usual
I look at the women of the staying group.
Nagisa, Megu, Mana…

「Then, we’re going」
「Take care…dear」
「Yoshi-kun…good luck」
「Onii-chan…I’ll wait here」

Yeah…I’ve got to survive, absolutely
I can’t die leaving these girls.

「Yoshiko-san…you just have to hold until morning」

Yoshiko-san trembles, not even talking…
This is a normal girl’s reaction.
Then, I pat the head of the sleeping Mao-chan

「…I’m going, Mao-chan」

I have to protect everyone

「You’re making a good face」

Jii-chan smiles at me.

「Seki-san, Fujimiya-kun…as the head of Kouzuki house, I order you. Don’t let him die…it’s troublesome if he does」

Jii-chan orders the top elite guards.

「…By your will」

Though she’s wearing jersey…Reika’s heart is still a warrior.

「Take care…dear」

Lastly…Katsuko-nee said.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

The elevator has a limit on number going up so…
We have to split into two groups and ride in again.

「The first team will be, me, Seki-san and Michi-chan」

Margo-san said

「…Minaho, there’s no enemies near the elevator room above?」

She immediately uses the communication device.

『…It’s fine. Nobody’s up on that floor yet』

I can hear Minaho-neesan’s voice over the earphone.

「Still, we should be wary. Therefore, the three of us will go first」

Yeah…Margo-san and Seki-san are professionals…
If something happens, Michi’s mystic art would be useful


The first group rides the elevator.
What’s left is Yukino, Nei-san, Reika, and me.

「Reika…you see」
「Yes…what is it, Lord?」

Reika seems to be a bit tense.

「That jersey suits you」
「I don’t like it that much For me, the suit tight on my body is better for me」
「Hmm, Reika-oneesan wants to be hugged then!」

Nei-san said…

「What do you mean by that?」
「People who had less physical contact in their childhood likes to wear clothes that tighten their bodies」

Nei-san replies laughing.

「Even humans are animals so it’s also important to touch skins.」 Therefore, Yo-chan, give Reika-oneesan a tight hug!」
「It’s not that I…」

Reika’s confused.

「Well then, let’s try it right away! I’ll embrace her from the back…Yo-chan attack her on front!」

Nei-san embraces Reika from behind…

「Please…wait a moment…」
「Nope, go, Yo-chan, hurry…!」

I embrace Reika from the front.


Reika’s strength is easy to take off…
Reika accepts mine and Nei-san’s embrace.

「Nothing’s scary…no need to be afraid. Here, take a deep breath…Yo-chan and I are just hugging you. We won’t do anything bad…!」

Nei-san whispers in Reika’s ears.

「What do you think? It’s warm…not bad isn’t it? It’s better than tightening your body with clothes…」


「Y-You’re right」

Reika’s body tension is melting away.
The gloomy face disappears.

「Reika…you look beautiful without your makeup. I guess you’re originally well ordered」

I look up at the tall Reika’s face, and express my impressions.

「That’s right, Reika-oneesan’s got a pretty boy face」

…Pretty boy face?

「Your eyes look refreshing, your nose is tall…you look cool. I like that!」
「I also like you Reika」
「Ah…thank you very much」

Reika’s embarrassed.

「Besides…your skin is fair and beautiful. Your face looks dignified when you were wearing a make up but…this no makeup face is also fine!」

Nei-san praises Reika.

「Is…that so?」
「Yes. I think so too. Your British gentleman dress looks good but…I think that this Reika is good as it is」

Reika’s cheeks dye red.

「Yes, yes…you’re going to fool another girl like that right?!」

Yukino speaks sarcastically to me.

「He’s taking responsibility for the rest of his life so it’s fine…」

Nei-san said.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Before long…the elevator came back.
We get inside and the elevator goes up.
It’s not just moving up and down vertically…it also draws complex orbits sideways multiple times…
The secret elevator rises.
Even inside the elevator…Nei-san and I are sticking to Reika.

「Ah, Reika-oneesan…your ass is tight」

Nei-san says while stroking Reika’s ass.

「Uhm…please don’t touch that place…!」
「Yo-chan, try touching it too…it’s small and elastic, it feels so good」

I also accepted the offer and touched Reika’s ass.
Wow, though she’s trained…the elasticity isn’t half-bad.

「Reika-oneesan actually has a sexy body」

Reika’s surprised from what Nei-san said…

「I’m not sexy…isn’t your body the sexy one here?」

Reika says self-mockingly

「I just have a lot of meat and jelly stuff. Reika-oneesan’s tight and tempered body is sexier. Don’t you think so Yo-chan?」


「I like Nei-san’s glamourous body but, I also like Reika’s tight body」
「Yeah…it’s filled and feels comfortable to embrace」

I bury my face in Reika’s chest.
It’s a small breast but…the elasticity is different because of the pectoral muscle.

「Do you like me?」

Reika asked, looking down on me.

「Isn’t that obvious that I do?…If not, then I wont’ be hugging you」
「Then…w-what part of me do you like?」
「…I like Reika as she is」

Ah, she didn’t understand what it meant?

「I’m often told the same but…Reika’s so easy to understand. A beautiful face and trained body…and it’s synchronized with the heart. Very frank…you have a personality that doesn’t lie」
「If it’s lies… I do it too」
「Even if you lie, it’s found out right away…so it’s fine, Reika…」

In that respect, she closely resembles me.

「Easy to understand, easy to talk to, easy to get along with…I think you can be the Onee-san that’s loved by everyone in the『family』」
「…Though they’re having problems with me showing off because I’m too obsessed with aesthetics!」

Nei-san supplements from what I said.

「Un. I think that it’s Reika-oneesan’s fault on showing off strangely!」
「…It’s my first time being told like that」

Reika mutters.

「Well of course…you won’t be adviced like this by people that aren’t your『family』」

Nei-san smiles

「The people in this world are harsh on a complete stranger. Especially for those who are over 20 years old…as long as there’s no problem in their family or a boss that does a direct advantage or disadvantage, they will never pay attention to someone else’s social life. That’s how it is」

…That might be

「Especially…Reika-oneesan has a job taking advantage of special skills…」

Kouzuki Security Service’s elite

「Look, famous novelists, or filmmakers…have strange fashion sense or even if they have a problem with their speech or behavior, they leave them alone, right? Reika-oneesan is left alone with the same reason as them」

Thus…the beat to death swordswoman with a British Gentleman hobby was born.
The person herself is such a beautiful lady and yet.

「Well, the British gentleman hobby is a hobby…try to become a normal beautiful looking Onee-san from now on!」
「Yo-chan and I…no, Mii-chan, Megu-chan, Mana-chan, Ruri-chan, and Mao-chan…thinks of wanting to walk around the city with a beautiful elder sister」
「Ah, of course…it’s okay to continue using a British suit. But, I’m just saying that I would also like to see Reika wearing a beautiful dress…」

Nei-san and I attack Reika

「…I-I’ll think about it」

Reika said embarrassed.

Before long…the elevator stops.
The door opens…Margo-san and others were waiting.
Doesn’t seem that there’s a problem.

「Let’s return this elevator back to the basement」

I I pressed the descend button and got outside before the door closes.
With this, the elevator goes back to the basement.
The door closed completely…and we made sure the elevator has gone down.

I then told Reika.

「…Break it, Reika」
「Destroy the circuit so the elevator can’t be called on this floor again…」
「Then…we can’t return to the『emergency evacuation room』…」

I laughed.

「That’s fine. The priority right now is to make the enemy unable to get down to the basement」

Jii-chan can sneak off Misuzu and other’s eyes, and go up to the upper floor.

「As Jii-chan said earlier…if we can hold them until morning, we win. The five of us doesn’t have to do back down」

We’re going to continue to fight for our lives in this hotel until morning…!