Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 306. Dai Grepher dances!


「…Good. He just jumped into the enemy suddenly」

Margo-san mutters as she look at Different dimension warrior Dai Grepher Oji-sama in the screen.

「Even though when he got off the elevator, he’s facing with enemies with a gun upfront…」

While making an incomprehensible performance…he entered the circle of the enemy

「But…isn’t he surrounded by enemies now?」

I think.
There’s men in black clothes surrounding old man Dai Grepher in 360 degrees…

「Nah, his method is entering the enemy’s circle and force a fistfight. He’s the different dimension warrior after all」

Chief Yazawa said

「It’s dangerous if they take distance and shoot…on the other hand, if you’re surrounded by that distance…the enemy won’t be able to use their guns」

I see, they can’t carelessly shoot when there’s the possibility of firing at a friend.


The man with a red armband…Giuliano Jenka calls one huge fighter.
That fighter pulls out a combat knife…and goes forward with his waist lowered.
Is he a master of knives?…He must be a good fighter.
The guy that’s called Sam said something to old man Dai Grepher in English…
Perhaps, a provocation…a small laughter comes out from the combatants of the enemy who had been silent this whole time

「Are you talking about Kabuki Star? Are you filming a samurai Movie?…That’s what he said」

Michi said.

「Michi…do you understand English?」
「Yes, I learned english as a compulsory subject in Kindergarten」

Michi answers me like it’s obvious
Wasn’t she taking the same Ojou-sama school as Misuzu?
Those kind of school has the students with a lot of opportunities to go abroad…so I think they take care more about practical English than lessons for exam.

「Those people laugh so loud even though you can’t say it’s a big deal」

Kouzuki Kenshi says in an amazed tone.

「They’re Americans, their boiling point when it comes to laughing is low」

Nei-san answered

「Those guys are underestimating Dai Grepher because he’s alone」

Chief Yazawa analyzed.
Sam swings his knife to threaten.
The men in black combat clothes behind comes after Dai Grepher one after another.
In the disturbing air…
Dai Grepher opened the fan in his hand…slowly fanning, he answered.

『…Aikyan, notto, supiku, ingurishi!!!』1


『Redisu ando Jentoruman! ando, Otou-suan! Ookaasaan!!…I am Strong! Stronger than you!!』2

Dai Grepher turns the fan towards Sam

『Try me…!』

Sam’s mouth smiles
…At that moment
Four combatants among the enemy instead of Sam holds their knife and attack Dai Grepher!!!

『Haaa, choina, choinatto…!』

Old man Dai Grepher on his flashy kimono rotates around…and strikes the fan into the necks of the combatants!


The man hit raises a strange voice and falls down


Old man Dai Grepher spreads the fan and mutters.

『…There’s people stronger than me』


「That’s an iron fan isn’t it?」

Michi admires.

「Iron fan?」
「A fan made of iron. It’s been used as a weapon since ancient times…it’s been held so lightly, and he’s too flashy that they didn’t realize that it’s made of iron」
「That’s not just iron」

Chief Yazawa tells Michi

「He’s iron fan is made of special alloy. It’s harder than iron and it doesn’t distort from impact. That’s heavier than iron you see…!」

Old man Dai Grepher swings around that thing.
Ah, the iron fan takes down another guy…!

『Twoooo…! Leave the homeland afterwards…!』

Old man Dai Grepher takes down two men from both sides at the same time…!
Avoiding the knife of one person, taking down another one with his iron fan!!!

『Third…Miracle! Mikurunrun!!!』

He then swings the iron fan into the fourth person’s throat!!

『Fourrrr!…There’s a bald on the streets…!』

At the same time the fourth person collapses…!
Sam rushes to old man Dai Grepher with fierce eyes!

『…Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaa!!!!』

Sam swings out his knife in small ways like he’s doing a boxing rush…


Old man Dai Grepher flutters, avoiding all of that.

『There you go!』

The iron fan strikes Sam’s hand that’s holding the knife!
The knife falls from the hand that lost it’s grip and sticks to the floor.
Sam tries to take out a pistol using the other hand…!
His forehead was struck by the iron fan at the next moment…


Sam falls down with his head bleeding.

『Five!!! Someday…the chief’s daughter…!!!』

Stepping forward with his iron fan at hand…old man Dai Grepher in his wafuku has saidl.

「Chief Yazawa…do you have a daughter?」

Seki-san asks, chief Yazawa shows a dark face…

「Yeah. She’s 9 by this year」

Ah…old man Dai Grepher
It’s true that he’s a lolicon…

「No, but he’s strong…I thought that he was amazing during the lobby fight but isn’t it much different right now?」

I try to change the topic anyway

「He was fighting with Banba-chan of Banbarubie at that time」

Chief Yazawa said in a dark tone.

「That guy is into Banba-chan. That’s why during the fight in the lobby…he was fighting only with Banba-chan wasn’t he?」

Speaking of which, he was
Somehow, they look like they were having fun.

「At that time, he just purposely turned into the enemy because all he wanted was to fight with Banba-chan. That’s why I thought that he would turn to our side if I negotiated with him」
「But, Banba-san is over 20 years old…if he likes Banba-san then I don’t think that Dai Grepher-san is a lolicon, is he…?」

Seki-san asks, Chief Yazawa…

「Quoting from him…Banba-chan has a loli face and just looking at it is enough as a『legal loli』 It seems he’s not interested in Banba-chan’s body He did say that it’s his dream to make Banba-chan wear a toddler smock just to erase her body line, and make her wear a yellow school cap…」

Oh…a pervert.

「Besides, he’s more into Kudou’s daughter than Banba-chan」

…What, Michi?
True, Michi’s a beauty and has a body shape that pedophiles would like, but…

「But, that guy’s saying…『Yes Lolita! No Touch!』『A true lolicon won’t touch a genuine lolita』so he’s putting up with Banba-chan」

Chief Yazawa said.

「It would be good if that guy dies with those enemies…」

Seki-san mutters.

「I would kill if I could…I always thought of that」

Michi also says in pain.
But, Dai Grepher has the skill…
Michi have even used her secret technique and all she could do is escape from his evil glance.

「He definitely has the power but I’ll definitely not invite him to Kouzuki security service. That’s what I’ve decided」

Chief Yazawa’s eyes looks at the screen as if he’s looking at a poisonous pest.
Meanwhile…old man Dai Grepher takes down one enemy after another…

『…Ojama, Jama, Jamaaa! Ojamangaa!!』

As usual…he’s shouting incomprehensible things…

「Can he shut up and fight?」

Reika frowns.

「I don’t know why but he’s like that during combat… When Banba-chan or girls he favor are watching, he’s assuming that he’s an『Oji-sama』, he won’t change that far but…his concentration in combat is low. Right now, Banba-chan is in the fight…and he thinks that I’m the only one watching his fight…」

Oh…old man Dai Grepher doesn’t think that such a large group is watching is fight.
He thinks that only Chief Yazawa is watching so he does what he wants to do.

「Yeah…that’s ten of them」

Dai Grepher’s iron fan strikes another enemy.

「The three of the leaders didn’t come out in front…they’re guarded by the surrounding combatants」

Seki-san said.
I see, the red, blue, and silver armbands…Giuliano Jenka, Romeo Motague, Lorenzaccio Bandini are enclosed by enemy soldiers.

「It’s about time…」

Chief Yazawa decides.

「…Open the line」

Norma-san operates the mouse.
Meanwhile, Tony-san hands the microphone to Chief Yazawa.

「…I connected it to the line on the floor’s elevator」

Chief tanizawa…

「…That’s enough, Dai Grepher. You’ve got ten seconds. The withdrawal route is C1…!」

The announcer sounds in the elevator hall where old man Dai Grepher is fighting.
Old man Dai Grepher stopped fighting…
He stares at the enemy combatants surrounding himself.

『…W-E-L-L T-H-E-N! It’s about time I go! Go-Ki-GEn, uruwashuuuuu!!!!』

He dances a mysterious song.

「Do it now!」

Chief Yazawa instructs and Norma-san pushes the switch


Smoke screens are discharged from the ceiling of the elevator hall.

『Well then…arrivederci!』

Old man Dai Grepher jumpes into the open elevator.
Giuliano Jenka orders his men to shoot but…
The elevators closed quickly…


Some men shot at the elevator door but…

「…It’s useless. This hotel is thorough when it comes to counter-terrorism measures. The elevator’s are bullet and explosion proof」

Chief Yazawa said as he look at the screen.

「While at it, splash them with water from the sprinkler」

As Norma-san’s hand moves…the sprinkler in the elevator hall starts spraying.
The group of enemy got wet with water.

「Take a careful look…is there no one from those Dai Grepher took out pretending to be dead?」

Yeah…even if you take heavy sprinkling from the ceiling…
The fainted men doesn’t even twitch

「With this…the enemy troops are reduced to 20」

Chief said

◇ ◇ ◇

「Now then…should we examine the results of Dai Grepher’s recon?」

The group of men in black combat clothes are getting soaked and withdrawing from the elevator hall.
But still…they’re aiming for the upper floor

「Did you notice something?」

Chief asks…Reika speaks.

「As expected…all of the instructions to the men were all made by Giuliano Jenka」
「But, Giuliano Jenka occasionally looks at Lorenzaccio Bandini」

Seki-san says

「Yeah, there were scenes where it looks like Lorenzaccio Bandini is the one instructing Giuliano Jenka. The other one…Romeo Montague seems to be caring about Lorenzaccio Bandini’s behavior」

Margo-san said.
Amazing…everyone’s observing those things while watching the fight on the screen.

「Therefore…I think the conductor of the group is still Lorenzaccio Bandini」

Margo-san concludes.

「But…where’s Cesario Viola?」

I asked.
Is Cesario Viola not in the group?

「Cesario Viola should be on the right back corner!」

Nei-san says

「Could you replay the screen?」

Nei-san said…Norma-san projects the battle on the monitor.

「Take out those taken from bird’s eye view…!」

A surveillance camera looking down from the ceiling.

「Here…look. There’s three people protecting this one person. Those three people haven’t been moving all this time, Giuliano’s instructions aren’t working either…」

True, only those four have been on the same position all the time.

「Then…the one guarded is Cesario Viola?」

I asked, Nei-san…

「Maybe…because, he’s the only one who reacted!」


「Dai Grepher-san’s boring talk about his parents」


「He didn’t go as far as laughing but he was definitely reacting!」

Nei-san…what do you mean?

「…Cesario Viola can understand Japanese!」

…Oh right.
Viola’s taken by his parents who were working from US army to spend his childhood in Japan.
Therefore, he can speak Japanese.

「Among those enemies…the person who can understand Japanese, and even react to an old Television joke is only Viola…!」

…I-I see.

「C-Could it be that Viola kept saying all those ridiculous things to bring out Viola?」

If so…then what a deep strategy!

「Nah…I don’t think so」

Chief Yazawa said harshly

「That’s just his hobby」


「Really…even though he’s so skilled. What a disappointing personality」

Chief leaks a sigh.

「Chief…Dai Grepher-san has arrived on the first floor」

Norma-san reports.

「It seems he wants to communicate with chief…」
「Connect him…ah, just audio. Don’t show the image here to him」

On the screen…old man Dai Grepher on the first floor is shown.

「How did it go? Have you decided on my on-stage…?!」

He’s really disappointing.


  1. I cannot speak English
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, and Fathers and Mothers!
  3. oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraora