Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 65

65. Suffering Bride (Part 1)

When we returned to the mansion…
Everyone’s waiting for us at the entrance…!

「Welcome…we waited for you guys!」

All of the women have changed to their leather bondage suits.
Yuuka-san is wearing a red corset and black shorts that looks like a prostitute coming from a western bar.
Hidemi-san is wearing a black corset binding rolled in the stomach and her breasts are exposed. Her panty is a string one.
Tamayo-san exposed her breasts too…under that is a black leather hot pants.
NAgisa-san is wearing a small bright blue bikini. Of course, it’s leather.
All of them have a collar in their neck.

「Yoshida-kun…this is embarrassing」

Megumi-san who had her hair cut and have a thin make up…has become an unexpected beauty…!
So she was this beautiful…!
She has the figure of a foreign fashion model, the shape of the bridge of the nose makes a simple and beautiful face…
On her neck is the emerald green collar she inherited from her mom…
Her body…is clamped tightly with a yellow high cut dress…!

「Uwaa, Megumi-san…you’re so beautiful!」

Misuzu raised her voice instinctively…!

「My my, everyone’s ready for battle! Okay, Katsuko will change too!」
「Katsuko-sama…Misuzu wants to look like everyone!」
「Okay okay, come with Katsuko!」
「Aaaaah, Katsun, me too, me too…!」

Katsuko-nee, Misuzu and Nei-san ran to change clothes!

「…Yareyare, everyone’s so noisy」
「Margo-san, you won’t change?」

When I asked.

「…Eh, I’m going to wear that too?」
「No…It’s fine otherwise」
「Those kind of sexy clothes won’t match me…」
「Eh…Yoshida-kun wants to see me wear those?」
「Yes…It brings out your body line clearly so I thought that Margo-san would be sexy if she wears one. Like a leopard…」
「Oh…what was it in English?…Oh right, Jaga. Jaga!」2
「Err…was it Puma?」


「Yoshida-kun, you pronounced it badly. It’s not Jaga, but 【dʒǽɡwɑ】3 Also, cougar is a puma in English」

Yuzuki-sensei taught me.
Speaking of which, she is an English Teacher
…She’s not teaching the class though
Sensei…is on her usual black clothing.

「Yoshida-kun is saying that Margo’s body looks like a wild beast so it’s cool」
「But…cool and sexy are different things isn’t it?」
「No, there’s cool sexy too you know…!」

I insisted strongly…!

「That’s right! Margo-chan wear it too! Be the pioneer in cool sexy…!」
「Yup Yup, it’s definite!」
「…Come here!」
「Eh, eh…Wait a moment!!!」

Margo-san was pulled by Hidemi-san, Tamayo-san and Nagisa-san…!
Only Sensei, Yuuka-san and are left at the entrance…
Oh right…
Yukino was taken down from the white van and was loaded on a cart from mansion along with the chair…
She was covered with blanket from the head to toe…
The sound of the motor can still be heard from under the blanket…

「Yoshida-kun…can you carry this?」

Sensei called Yukino 『This』…

「Minaho-sama…which room will we do the training?」

Sensei answered Yuuka-san’s question…

「…Let’s do it at the chapel」


「That means that we’re going to do that?」

Yuuka-san laughed.

「Yes. Let’s make this woman taste the suffering of the woman kept in this mansion…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

The chapel is a room surrounded with stained glass. There’s a cross in the platform in the front.

「This is not a real chapel so don’t mind it…This room is made by Shirasaka Sousuke for his hobby…!」

Sensei said as if she’s about to vomit.

「Hobby…Does he like praying?」

Yuuka-san answered my foolish question.

「…That’s not it You see, Shirasaka Sousuke…is a man who loves 『Wedding play』!」

…Wedding play?

「He loves raping women wearing wedding dresses4…He’s going to rape them while making them do an eternal oath…!」

…What the hell!

「…We’ll have Shirasaka-san experience the same thing…!」

Sensei muttered coldly…!

「Ah, so you’re here! Everyone…it looks like it’s going to be done here!」

Nei-san comes in…!
There’s a black hat for military on Nei-san’s head and leather pants down. She’s not wearing anything on top. She’s only covering her nipple with a black string suspender.
An arm long gloves…

「…Does it suit me?」
「Yes, it looks cool!」
「Ehehe, Yo-chan, do you know Liliana Cavani’s 『The night porter』? I’m copying Charlotte Rampling’s clothes…!」
「Err…I haven’t watched it yet」
「Then, let’s watch it next time!」
「I’ve got a lot of movies I want to show Yo-chan」

Nei-san smiled at me.

「Hey, Nei…Chalotter Rampling doesn’t have any chest you know?「」」
「It’s fine, I just want to wear this!」

Margo-san appeared.
On top is a black tube top bra only, her stomach’s coming out and down is a black hot pants.

「…There’s nothing that matched my size.」

The tube top is made of rubber…her nipple can be seen clearly.

「It looks bad on someone who has a manly physique, doesn’t it?」

Margo-san smiles wryly.

「No…it looks cool, sexy!」

Even if it’s muscular…it’s still a woman’s body.
It really looks like a delicate beast…
I can feel seductiveness in strength…

「Is that so?…Thanks」

Margo-san got embarrassed from my words…

「Misuzu also had only this size…!」

Misuzu enters half crying.
Misuzu’s wearing a red micro-bikini on top…and a diaper down under.
The bikini is too thin that her cute nipples are seen clearly…

「Danna-sama…which do you like, this string bikini or this diaper?」

Misuzu showed a too small red underwear and asked.

「…It’s fine with the diapers」

I answered immediately!

「Ehehe…As expected, Misuzu has to be with diapers!」
「Un…it’s cute. Misuzu」

I embraced Misuzu and kissed her.

「Take a look at Katsuko too!」

Then Katsuko-nee appeared…!
…It’s a fishnet stockings.
…Or rather, her whole body is net tights…not all of it are covered though
Is it a body suit made from silk?
It’s too transparent that nothing’s hidden.
Her nipple, pubic hair, and genital, all of them are saying 「Hello」…!
And a leather wide string that covers it tight.
It hides neither the nipple or genital…rather, it’s tightening the breasts that it strangles the meat!

「How is it?! Isn’t it sexy?!」

Un…It has the fighting spirit award.
It’s too sexy that it’s going down…

「…Yes, it’s sexy」

Well…it’s fine as long as Katsuko-nee is happy.

Meanwhile, all of the other women came in the chapel too.

「…Then, let’s start the interview?」

On behalf of everyone…Margo-san removed Yukino’s blanket.
Yukino who’s dressed in her uniform and was under the blanket all this time is sweating damply…
It may be the result of the rotor vibrating between her crotch.

「…Remove the blindfold, ball gag, and the headphones」

Margo-san follows Sensei’s orders.
First was the headphones.
Next is the gag.
Lastly…her eye mask!


Yukino who opened her eyes was startled with Katsuko-nee’s voice…!
Restrained on a chair, she’s surrounded with women with strange appearnces…!

「Hmm. Well, she’s not that much of a beauty!」
「I wonder Tamayo-chan…I don’t think she’s that cute」
「…As expected, she looks like that man. Her eyes and nose」
「Don’t you think so, Yuuka-san?…She looks like him in that regard doesn’t she?」

Yukino looks at the ladies.

「…W-What?! Where is this?! Who are you?!」

Is it out of fear?…Yukino shouts loudly!
Of course. She was restrained for more than three hours…
Stimulated by a rotor…
The chair has been carried somewhere…
This is too sudden after all.

「…We? We’re all women who experienced your father’s cruelty!」

Tamayo-san told Yukino

「Papa?…That’s a lie!」

Yukino shouted

「Katsuko-chan, please」

Katssuko-nee operates the projector with Yuuka-san’s cue.
A big image is projected on the wall before Yukino’s eyes…
A man raping a young girl…
Influenced by the desire…an ugly face…

「That’s your Papa isn’t he?…!」

Tamayo-san told Yukino.

「By the way, that was me being raped ten years ago…!」

Yukino looks at the video in fright.

「No…That’s not Papa!

Katsuko-nee changes the video.
A girl in her high school uniform being raped by the same man…

「That’s me…I was 16 back then. I was raped by your Papa and lost my virginity…!

Nagisa-san told Yukino.
Nagisa-san in the video is crying, shouting…
Nagisa-san continued to cry as the man rapes her while having a vulgar laughter…

「…That’s a lie!

Katsuko-nee changed the video again…
An old image with particles on the frames.
The man’s features are considerably young too…
The man violating was a young girl in her grade school.

「…Papa…that’s a lie!

The screaming girl is forcibly violated by the man.

「…That’s me

Yuzuki-sensei said.

「I was raped by your father when I was 12. Again and again. I was forced to sell myself all four years after that!」

Yuzuki-sensei stands in front of Yukino restrained in the chair.

「…That’s why…I’ll make you feel the same pain, Shirasaka-san…」

Sensei…holds a metal stick in her hand.
Then she applied it in Yukino’s foot…!



A pale spark flew and Yukino’s body twitched!

「Fufufu…It’s shocking isn’t it? This is a foreign made mob suppression stun stick. Shirasaka Sousuke loves tormenting girls with this…!」

…Stun stick?

「He’s shocking the women while forcibly raping them. Your Papa is a genuine sadist…a madman…!」

Sensei told Yukino with cold eyes.

「…Let me do it too」
「…Me too」
「I still have the burn mark left in here」

Hidemi-san, Tamayo-san, and Nagisa-san spoke in sequence…

「There’s no way my Papa would do that!」

Yukino desperately tries to deny Sensei’s words…


Katsuko-nee changes the video…
Inside the screen…is the man using the same electric shock stick just like Sensei’s.
He’s laughing satisfied while shocking the woman.
He’s roaring in laughter…
The man attacked the body of the girl who fainted…!

「…The one being raped right now Is me」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Then…Should we have Shirasaka-san experience the same thing?」

Katsuko-nee handed the stun stick to the ladies…

「Then…Let’s change the voltage. Since it’s made in foreign countries it’s not made to follow Japan’s law. Well…we’re going to set the current to low so she shouldn’t die no matter how many times we do it…perhaps」

Sensei used the stun stick to Yukino once again!



Her limbs jumps up while being restrained!
Sensei removed the stick immediately.
Yukino’s breathing roughly…
Huge amount of sweat comes from her forehead…

「Margo, remove Shirasaka-san’s restraint…」
「Got it, Minaho」

Margo-san removed Yukino’s binds one by one…
Yukino who’s exposed to high electricity…is unmoving, just breathing heavily.


MArgo-san removed the last leather handcuff…

「…Stand up, Shrirasaka-san」

Yuzuki-sensei orders Yukino.

「Should I shock her again to make her understand?」

Yukino…stood up though she’s staggered.
Her eyes are close to tears but still, she looks at Sensei with the light of hatred…

「…You can run away. I think that everyone would have fun that way」

Yukino’s surrounded by the ladies who are holding stun sticks.
If Yukino tries to run away, she’ll certainly receive a concentrated shock attack

「…What do you intend to do with me?」

Yukino spoke with a frightened voice.

「Don’t worry…we won’t kill you. We’re going to make you experience something worse than death. …Katsuko」
「Okay, Ojou-sama」

Katsuko-nee brings out a big iron sewing scissors.

「…Don’t move. I’ll cut you if you try to do something」

Katsuko-nee cuts off Yukino’s uniform with those scissors…
*Cut*!*Cut*!…Yukino’s uniform is cut.

「Nagisa and I went to the same school as Shirasaka-sama. But, we were raped by Shirasaka Sousuke…and had to leave the high school. We were forced to sell ourselves…!」

The pieces of cloth from her torn uniform falls to the floor…
Katsuko-nee cuts Yukino’s skirt…

「…We hate Shirasaka Sousuke who stole our happy school life from us!」

Her pure white blouse is cut with her scissors…!
Only the remains of Yukino’s uniform is left on her body.
Katsuko-nee severed the string of Yukino’s bra!
Yukino’s breasts became exposed…!

「…What, isn’t that just a boring body?」
「No guest would take that body」
「Yeah, that’s no good, her breasts are disappointing…!」
「But…there’re mad perverts who would love this dirty body」
「Right…a madman would take this…!」

The ladies speaks ill of Yukino’s body…!
Katsuko-nee cuts Yukino’s panty.
The vivid green letters appear on Yukino’s abdominal region.

「What’s that?」
「Pupupu, 『Yoshida』? That’s so funny!」

The women laughed.

「This child tried to have sex behind my back so I gave her a punishment. That tattoo will never disappear unless a special medicine is used…」

Sensei explained to the ladies.

「My, I can’t live anymore if that’s carved on me!」
「Right, I’ll die from embarrassment!」
「Hey hey, Minaho-chi! Let’s carve some more!」
「Should we carve all over her body?」
「No…Should we just carve just on her pussy?」
「…What should we write?」
「『500 Yen a fuck』」

The ladies laughed.

「That’s too high, with this shabby body…it’s market price won’t even reach a『100 yen each』」

Tamayo-san joked.

「Sorry to disappoint but I won’t be selling this girl. Shirasaka Yukino is Yoshida-kun’s exclusive sperm toilet」
「Yeah, that’s why it’s 『Yoshida』…」
「Then, shoudn’t we just carve 『Yoshida’s restroom』?」
「Don’t you think that a straight 『Sperm Toilet』is better?」

Misuzu comes near to me and whispered.

「…Danna-sama, Misuzu wants that too」

…As expected.
I thought that she’d want it when she sees it.

「…Misuzu can’t have that」
「…I love Misuzu’s secret place being clean for now
「Misuzu’s hairless, slippery pubis…is so cute. I think that it’s sexy right now」

I embraced Misuzu.

「…Danna-sama…I love you!」

Misuzu inserts her tongue in my lips…!
Ah…Megumi is looking at us.

Yukino who’s trying to hide her body with only tattered uniform…you can see her breasts and genital as much as you like.
The senior women…criticizes her body severely…
Yukino’s already crying.

「Shirasaka-san…take a seat and open your legs wide…show your genital to everyone」

Sensei gave a new instruction…
Yukino remained standing while crying.
Sensei pushed the stun stick to Yukino’s thigh silenlty.



Yukino’s body jumped up and falls on the floor…!\

「…Shirasaka-san. You really look like you don’t have the learning ability」

Sensei spoke to Yukino expressionlessly.

「Sit on the chair and spread your legs…Split it like M…Hurry up!」

Yukino raises her body while crying…and sits down on a chair.
Then opens her legs widely…

「…I-Is this okay?」

Yukino’s shaved genital is showed.
The vagina that took three hours stimulated by a rotor is completely wet.
The crack’s wet and completely open.

「…What’s with this dirty hole?」
「Won’t the penis rot if you thrust it in there?」
「Or rather…doesn’t it stink?」
「Was is Yukino-chan?…Your pussy smells strange you know?」
「Have you ever been told that your pussy stinks by someone else?」
「Un…It smells」
「Ah, it stinks, it stinks…are you properly washing that?」
「Even if she washes it normally, won’t Yukino-chan’s smell still remain? Isn’t this already a physical defect」
「Wash it with lemon…lemon…!」
「Don’t use some cheap cleaners, Yukino-chan’s pussy would react and make a poisonous gas after all!」

The ladies laughed…!
Yukino can do nothing but cry at the slander of the ladies…

「Still, what an embezzled hole」
「You had sex with around a hundred people?」
「Eh, this hole looks like it had done 200 though」
「Un, it’s been pierced too much that it has transformed already」
「Anyone who sees it will definitely know that it’s a strange hole…!」

Sensei spoke to Yukino.

「Shirasaka-san…please tell everyone how many people you had sex with」

Yukino’s crying.
Sher’s crying quietly.

「…Do you want to be electrified again?」

Yukino answered.


Actually, it’s all me.
Yukino’s actually thinking that she sold herself to men other than me6

「Eh, she had sex with tree and it already got this dark?」
「It shouldn’t spread this much unless it’s pierced by various ones!」
「Maybe it’s that, Yukino-chan loves doing it herself…」
「Oh, it has gotten dark from groping it herself…!」
「She might’ve pierced it with something big? Pestle or baseball bat?!」

The ladies continues to speak as they want.

「Shirasaka-san…have you ever masturbated?」

Sensei asks Yukino…


Yukino hesitates.
Sensei brought her stun stick close…

「I’ll say it, I’ll say it so please stop the shock…!」

Yukino desperately escapes from the stun stick…

「…Then, answer. Are you masturbating usually?」
「…I do」
「How old were you when you first masturbated?」
「…It was in the first year at middle school」
「Why did you start masturbating…?」
「Uhm…I heard it from a friend. When you touch there while thinking about the person you like, it’ll feel good when you touch it…!」

Yukino’s been masturbating since her first year at middle school!

「Then you’ve done it all the time?」
「Yes…Once or twice a month」

Yukino answered shamefully.
Yuzuki-sensei had an idea…

「Is that so?…Shirasaka-san, have you masturbated after Yoshida-kun raped you and stole your virginity?」


「…What’s wrong, Shirasaka-san? Please answer !」

…Yukino answered.

「…I do」

Sensei laughed.

「You’re recalling the time when Yoshida-kun violated you…?」
「…Yes. That’s right」

Yukino…masturbates using me raping her as material?

「…Just as I thought. Shirasaka-san…You’re a genuine pervert…!」

Sensei’s words pierce Yukino’s heart…!

「Well, I heard it from Hidemi-san…this girl masturbates recalling the time she was raped…!」
「A daughter of a rape monster would like to be raped…!」
「As expected of Shirasaka’s daughter…A lewd beyond perversion…!」

…That’s right.
The process of making Yukino lewd is progressing certainly…


  1. Margo misheard how Yoshida said it
  2. That’s how Japanese read the Katakana Jaguar
  3. I’m just pasting what was written by the author
  4. Alliteration unintended
  5. Electricity sfx
  6. Even though Sensei just said that she’s not going to sell Yukino