Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 96

96. Gentle Liars.

「…Maika’s Papa did something bad?」

Maika asks Yuzuki-sensei anxiously.
Sensei began talking calmly.

「…When I was 12, I was raped by your father. It was before you were born…!」

Sensei’s eyes are serious…


Maika’s surprised.

「After that…I had horrible experiences with your father. I was made to sell myself…you know prostitution don’t you?」
「…I do」
「I was raped multiple times by your father’s friend. For years and more」

Sensei…looks at Maika’s eyes as she talk.
Maika’s listening to Sensei seriously.

「Then, I got pregnant…I was 16 at that time…!」

Maika’s eyes have tears collecting.

「But…Your father still made me do prostitution while I was pregnant…then my stomach was made to no longer be able to bear a child. My body has become like this…!」

Sensei shows the scar on her abdomen to Maika…
A painful to look at wound…hollows out from the abdomen to her genital.

「It’s cruel isn’t it? It’s ugly isn’t it?…My body can no longer have a child. I don’t have a womb. Far from that, I can’t have sex with a man. That’s what happened to my body…touch it」

Maika spoke to Sensei.

「I want you to touch it…I want you to confirm that it’s a real wound with your fingers…!」

Is unmoving, stiff.
I hold Maika’s hand.

「…Let’s touch it together」

Maika looks at me.

「If Maika doesn’t touch it…I would feel sorry for Sensei.」

Maika asks me.

「Yuzuki-sensei wants Maika to learn the truth…She’s showing the wound she never wants to show anyone」

Sensei became naked for that sake.
…Maika prepares herself.

「Onii-san…touch it together with Maika」
「Yeah…I’m here with you」

Putting my hand on top of Maika…we reached out to Sensei’s stomach.

「…I’m touching it」
「…Go on」

Maika and I touched Sensei’s stomach at the same time.
Yuzuki-sensei’s stomach is cold.
We trace the swell of the wound…
…It’s definitely a genuine wound.

「…What do you think? It’s not fake isn’t it? It’s a true scar」
「…Yes, it is」

Maika answered.

「…Maika’s Papa did something horrible to Yuzuki-san didn’t he?」

Tears spilled from Maika’s eye sockets…
Sensei confesses more of her severe past……

「…It’s not just me…I have a little sister named Naomi…Maika’s father raped Naomi too. Then she died…!」

Maika’s eyes opened wide…!

「My little sister was 13 years old…and yet, she was raped, made to sell herself, and died. She didn’t even have a first love!」

Sensei said while biting her anger.

「That’s why…I’ll never forgive him. I promised to make Shirasaka Sousuke fall into hell…That is why I became the devil…!」

Maika cried out right away…!
Tears flowed like a waterfall…!

「…Maika…it’s okay…I’m with you」

I embraced Maika tightly!

「…Misuzu is here too! I’m here!」

Misuzu pats Maika’s back gently.
Maika calms down for a bit.
Misuzu brings over a towel.
Then, she wipes Maika’s face.

「…Maika-san, do you believe what I just said right now?」

When Maika finally stops crying…Sensei asks her.

「…I do」

Maika answered.

「My uncle in Shizuoka told Maika before…『Maika’s father might do something horrible soon』and 『He’s doing bad things in the dark』…!」


「It was a famous saying in the family that my Papa is a bad person. He’s working at the advertising agency but…He has Yakuza friends…they said!」

Maika trembles bit by bit.

「That’s why…Maika thought that Papa might be caught by the police someday…since I was a child…!」

Maika’s makes a pained face…
It seems that she’s worrying about her father all this time.

Shirasaka Sousuke…
I don’t know what kind of person he is though…
A parent who lets their own daughter have such a look is the worst…!
It’s absolutely unforgivable…!

「…12 years since my little sister was killed, I’ve been living with the thought of revenge against Shirasaka Sousuke」

Sensei continues to speak…

「This mansion is my house… Of course, Katsuko is living in here too but, Margo and Nei are residents of this mansion too…」

…Sensei, do you intend to tell Maika about everything?
About 『Kuromori』?
Even about Katsuko-san being a prostitute…

「Katsuko and Margo are my friends. They came here to help with my revenge…!」

…Eh, Sensei?
Sensei’s truth has 『Lies』mixed in it

「Yoshida-kun’s called me Sensei earlier didn’t he? I’m a high school teacher. Nei and Yoshida-kun are my students. I used these two students from school for my revenge…!」

…Sensei recites a story unlike the truth.
So that Maika won’t learn Katsuko’s past…!
It must be because she’s thinking not to destroy Katsuko-nee’s image in Maika…!

『…I’m not being used! I became Sensei’s ally by my own will! Aren’t you the same, Yo-chan?』

Nei-san’s voice is heard from the speakers again.

「Uhm…I’ve been curious from a while ago but this house?」

Maika throws a frank question…

「Oh…This mansion was originally a senior citizen’s home for rich old men and women. I bought this senior house when it became unpopulated. This has lot of room so it’s convenient living together. It’s near the school too…」

Sensei piles up her lies smoothly…

「Since it’s an old senior citizen’s house, there are surveillance cameras remaining. Look, it’s dangerous if they get injured isn’t it? There are those who wander at midnight too. It’s also a necessity in crime prevention. Even the bath has some cameras…」

I can’t do this kind of play.

「It’s obvious for senior citizen’s home to have announcement system too isn’t it? It would be trouble if there’s a fire after all」
「…Is that so?」

Maika believes it quickly.
Yeah…Of course.
Yuzuki-sensei’s acting at an academy award winning level towards this 14 year old girl…

「Since they were worried about Maika-san…Katsuko and Nei had been watching the bathroom from the old caretaker room…I’m the same」

…That’s how it has become.

「Ah, Misuzu’s watching in the caretaker room too…!」

Misuzu matches up…!
Since I’m dumb, I just have to be silent.
Nothing will be exposed if I just stay silent.

「…Katsuko-san, Nei-san, and Misuzu-san know it too? That Maika was raped by Onii-san…」

Maika’s face distorts in sorrow…!
That problem surfaced!!!!

「To be clear…I ordered Katsuko and Nei to make contact with Maika-san. My purpose was to lure you into this mansion…!」

…S-Sensei, you don’t have to be clear about that!

「…So your objective was to have Maika raped…!」

…As revenge for Shirasaka Sousuke.

「That’s right…My aim was to have Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter be raped just like how I was raped」


「…Everyone’s been fooling Maika, haven’t they?」

Maika’s face gets gloomy instantly.
…What should I do?!
…What should I do?!
…What should I do?!

「…At first. We had such plans…」

Sensei calmly answered.

「Halfway through though…our plans changed…!」

Maika raises her face in surprise.

「After coming in contact with Maika-san and knowing what kind person you are…Katsuko, Nei, and Margo came to like you. 『We can’t do horrible things with her』, 『Rather, I want Maika-san as an ally』is what everyone said…!」

Sensei continues her 『Lie』…!

「 Especially Yoshida-kun…He fell in love at first sight when he saw your photographs. He’s grown fond of you…!」

Maika looks at me with a surprised face.

「There’s no need to hide it this late in the game so I’ll say everything…Our first plan was to have Maika-san raped by an adult man. Just like when I was raped by Maika-san’s father…」

Sensei stabs Maika’s heart strongly on purpose.

「But…Yoshida-kun said 『That’s so pitiful. Please, stop it』and begged in front of me. Of course I refused. Because this is the revenge I’ve been living for 12 years. That’s why, I said…!」

Sensei smiled.

「『Then…How about Yoshida-kun rape Maika-san instead?』…! I’m satisfied as long as I can slap the fact that Maika-san was raped to Shirasaka Sousuke. Yoshida-kun’s much more gentle than a strange old man. Then…Yoshida-kun cried…and said…!」

What did I say?

「『I will rape Maika-san myself. In exchange, I’ll take good care of Maika-san for the rest of my life. I’ll definitely make Maika-san happy…』」

Did I say something that big?

「He’s rubbing his forehead in the floor as he begs. He’s crying all out…Yoshida-kun really liked you」

Sensei’s 『Lies』seeps into Maika’s heart…


Maika looks at me.
I thought that it would be bad if I say something.
That’s why I kiss her.
I kiss Maika’s lips again and again.
I love this small girl from the bottom of my heart1
These feelings are true…!

「When he was raping Maika-san…Yoshida-kun shouted some incomprehensible things like 『I’ll make you mine』and 『You’re my woman』didn’t he?」
「…Yes. Onii-san said that」

Sensei smiled at Maika…

「He was serious about that. This boy. Yoshida-kun really wants Maika-san that much…」

Maika asks me.

「That’s obvious…It’s because Maika-san’s cute!」

Misuzu shouted before I could answer…!

「Misuzu had sex with Danna-sama multiple times but…It’s always Misuzu asking from Danna-sama! Danna-sama never had sex with Misuzu where he’s the one attacking! That’s why, to be honest, it feels frustrating! I’m becoming impatient!」

Misuzu’s high tension surprised Maika.

「Isn’t that obvious?…It’s because Maika-san might steal Danna-sama away! Maika-san’s the first one Danna-sama approaching in sex!」

Misuzu…Nice follow up.
Or rather…Half of it might be her true feelings.

「But…I’m not that cute. Isn’t Misuzu-san much more adult-like…and beautiful?」

This time, I’m the one who answers Maika.

「I want Maika! I think Maika’s cute! I want to kiss Maika! I want to have sex with Maika! I want to make Maika mine!」

Words I can’t comprehend fly out of my mouth…!


I kiss her instead of answering…
I insert my tongue in Maika’s mouth…
I lick inside Maika’s lips…
I embrace Maika…!

「…Geez, Onii-san! Get away for a moment!」

Maika says in a slightly angry tone…so I part with her.

「Got it! I can’t understand what Onii-san is saying as always…!」

Maika’s eyes look at my crotch…
I’m intensely erect.

「…This got big because of Maika, didn’t it?」

I answer.

「Yeah…I want to embrace Maika so much that it got erect!」
「…Maika’s body has small breasts and buttocks…I’m boring」
「It’s not true, I want to do it with Maika…!」

I say that as I look straight at Maika’s face.
…Maika looks at me.

「…Do you really like Maika?」
「…Yeah, I do!」
「Got it…I’ll believe Onii-san’s penis」

Maika responds.


I embrace Maika again!
I Lick her nape…!

「…Aaaahn! Don’t lick that place!」

Maika raises an adorable voice…!

「Geez, Danna-sama! Misuzu wants it too! Please lick Misuzu!」

Misuzu pleads.
Maika looks at me…

「Please give it to Misuzu-san too…Misuzu-san’s Maika’s onee-san after all!」

She said with a smile.

「…Misuzu come!」

Misuzu jumps at me like a puppy.
I make my tongue crawl on her nape.

「…ahaaan, it tickles! Danna-sama I love you!」

I exchange kisses with Misuzu…

「…Are you guys done?」

Yuzuki-sensei opens her mouth.
She’s smiling but…it’s scary 2

「Ah…Sorry, Sensei!」

Maika looks at me.

「So it’s really Onii-san’s teacher?」
「Yeah. Yuzuki-sensei’s our homeroom teacher」

Until Golden Week ends that is…!

「…Let’s go back to our topic. Maika-san」

Sensei’s quiet voice tightens the atmosphere of the place.

「Your father is in Australia isn’t he?」
「Yes…He’ll come back soon though」
「That business trip is my plot. All of my preparations will end before Shirasaka Sousuke returns home」
「…What will happen to Papa?」
「Worry about yourself more than your father」

Sensei told Maika…

「Shirasaka Sousuke will surely be fired. I will be reporting all of the crimes of Shirasaka Sousuke to the bigshots in your father’s company. Do you know about punishment dismissal? It means completely firing the person if he does something wrong」
「I think that Shirasaka house will be banishing your father too. You do know that there will be no relatives to help you, don’t you?」
「…I think it will be. I can no longer meet my uncle in Shizouka too…!」
「After that…Your father has debt with the Yakuza. Up until now, he’s a member of Shirasaka house and they’re waiting for repayment since he’s working in a big company but…The Yakuza will come to collect immediately if he loses his support. Your family will be sold. No, even if all of your father’s assets are taken…there will still be a debt remaining」

Maika’s body is trembling…
I embrace it tightly.

「…Is Papa finished?」
「Yes…please give it up. By the time he went to Australia, I’ve already finished all the preparations…」

Sensei coldly sentences Shirasaka Sousuke…

「…Is that so?」
「He’s in a place where there’s no phone signal for two or three days…Katsuko, where is Shirasaka Sousuke right now?」

Sensei asks Katsuko-nee:…

『He’s in the middle of the desert right now. Yesterday, all of his baggage and passports were stolen and he was called and helped out by a white man when he was troubled, however the place that white man brought him is a hard gay special motel, Shirasaka went until morning having men aim at his ass』

Katsuko-nee announces.

「My…Was his ass violated?」
『No…He was forgiven by just giving fellatio to ten people. His buttocks is the next opportunity』
「That’s regrettable…What’s today’s schedule?」
『Today, he will stay in the temple of a new Indian religion where there are only 40 year old lesbians. Four old ladies will be preaching to him thoroughly about the splendor of Ganesha until morning. He’s not going to sleep』
「…My, that’s troublesome too. As usual, is the aborigine with a spear still chasing him?」
『…He’s completely marked!』

Sensei laughs.
It seems that Shirasaka Sousuke’s hell travel in Australia continues…


Maika mutters.

「Then…What will you do, Maika-san? Your house will be lost soon」

Maika has a dark face.

「Maika…has to stop going to her school」
「That’s not all…Maika-san will lose her guardian in the place she’s living too. Your father’s a criminal…what will you do after this?」

Maika’s frightened.
I must help her.
I have to help her at all cost.

Speak to sensei

「I’ll live together with Maika…!」

Maika looks at me in surprise.

「I’ll leave school. I’ll start working. If I work hard…I think I can somehow deal with Maika’s life…!」

…I’m sure I can

「…Onii-san, why?」

Maika asks me.

「Because I like Maika. Isn’t that how love is?」

I don’t have any hesitation.

「Maika…I was abandoned by my parents」

I told Maika the truth.

「That’s why…I’ll never abandon Maika. I’ll make Maika happy whatever happens. I have decided that so Maika doesn’t need to worry」

Maika clings to me.
I gently caress Maika’s back.
Misuzu’s looking at me.

「Then Misuzu will live together too!」


「I won’t let Maika-san monopolize Danna-sama!」

Misuzu…are you listening?

「Misuzu-san…it’s okay…that won’t happen」

Sensei laughs.

「By the way, Maika-san…」
「Maika-san…Do you like your mother?」

Sensei looks into Maika’s eyes…

「…Yes, I do. Mama’s not always in the house but she always makes meals when she’s there…and she’s kind to Maika」
「You do know that your mother’s committing adultery, don’t you?」

…That means?!

「I know…Its the manager, Takarabe-san…!」


「Maika’s Mama and Papa are just a couple who got married because of family circumstances. I know that Papa doesn’t love Mama all this time. They’ve been sleeping in different bedrooms for years already. We have that kind of family so I thought that Papa and Mama are having affairs」

Maika’s too clever.
On top of that…There’s the gentleness thinking about other people’s feelings too…
That’s why Maika has accepted the selfish way of life of her parents as 『Something that can’t be helped』…

「I want to meet your mother. If possible, your grandfather too. Ichikawa-san’s your mother’s father isn’t he?」
「I think that your mother should prepare a divorce before Shirasaka Sousuke loses power. She’s a cooking adviser and this incident will be troubling Ichikawa’s house, don’t you think?」

Maika answers calmly.

「Perhaps…You and your Onee-san will be taken by Ichikawa house.」

…Is that so?
I feel a bit relieved.
Maika still has a place to go back to.

「Understood…Maika will call Grandfather. If I tell Mama about this, I think that Mama will not believe it. I think that Grandfather should be the one telling Mama」
「Thank you…I’ll ask that of you then」

Sensei thanked Maika.


Maika speaks to Sensei.

「Is Yuzuki-san’s revenge Maika only?」


「Could it be that Onee-chan too?」

If there was a plan to rape her…It’s normal to think that her elder sister will be the same.
Maika’s a clever girl.

「…I can’t answer that. My revenge is still in progress」

Sensei answered.

「If possible…please pardon Onee-chan. Onee-chan’s having her first boyfriend now, she’s happy…! Please don’t let her experience this cruelty!」

Still…Maika’s a child.
She’s thinking that she was raped first…
She’s thinking that Yukino’s unusual events these past few days are because of her first experience with Endou…
That prejudice has already been engraved so it won’t overturn easily…

「…I’m saying that I can’t answer you didn’t I?!」

Sensei tells Maika in a slightly harder tone.

「Maika…Maika will do anything, so please don’t do anything to Onee-chan!」

Sensei then answered Maika who lowers her head.

「That’s no good…Maika-san, you’re already Yoshida-kun’s 『Woman』 I won’t do anything cruel to Maika-san anymore…!」


「Yoshida-kun…Thank you for helping me with my revenge until now. But, that’s enough. You have to be happy with Maika-san and Misuzu-san. We’ll take care of everything from here…!」

Sensei says.
Is she saying that she’s going to free me from being a 『Toy』for Maika and Misuzu’s sake?!

「…Sensei, even if that’s a joke, please stop that」

I told Sensei.

「I treasure maika. I also treasure Misuzu. Everyone in 『Kuromori』is important to me. Also…I think of Yuzuki-sensei as important」

Sensei looks down.

「…Are you sure?」
「I will be with you until the end」

I look at Maika.

「Maika…You’re my 『woman』aren’t you?」

Maika looks at me.

「…Yes. Maika is Onii-san’s 『Woman』」
「Then…follow me without asking why…!」

I speak with strong eyes.

「Don’t ask about the revenge anymore…I’ll make Maika happy. I’ll definitely make you happy…!」


「…Got it. Maika won’t ask anymore. I’ll do anything Onii-san asks me…!」

Maika replies.


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  2. EN: Picture an oni mask floating behind her