Reapers Weasel chapter 1 – Apple Man

A/N: This will be a short R-17 Story with short chapters. please enjoy oh and comment of what do you think the story will be about hint: Non-Reincarnation

“Hahaha…. Never thought it’ll end like this”


As the old man said shamefully his tears did not fall but his anger leaked out. He drinks a large gulp every few seconds. He drinks till his sorrows leaves his soul.


“Fifteen fucking years down the drain, they all thought I was fine but I’m not”


The resentment in his voice could not be described by words. Does it seem simples does it not?


The old man who drinks off the edge of a highrise building seems depressing. You have probably seen this cliche. A man who wishes for vengeance will get his revenge by re-blooming his tree. However, he who was supposed to be an Ouroboros bites his own tail and fails and sees his own end. Simple right? Who’s fault is it for this pitful man to live in this state?


“Mmmm this apple is juicy but too sweet”

“Huh? Who the fuck are you?”


“Oh I’m sorry the apple was just too good I forgot to introduce myself, name is Raimoi, let me ask you? Do you want a second chance?”




“Damn that’s harsh”


“Look if i wanted a fucking 2nd chance I would want it”


Confused as the man in a black suit tilted his head as he bit into the sweet apple


“Then why do I feel resentment and revenge coming from you?”


“Because it’s toward my failures, I cause my self this you know, it’s no one’s fault only mine”


“Are you sure well then I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not, as I cannot reveal truth nor lies all I can say… well what the hell you were lied to here is the information you need”


As the man throws his apple at the old man’s body, he starts to get a sudden flashback and salty tears drip from his eyes.


“Haha so I blamed my self that wasn’t my fault fifteen years I blamed my self for what for naught”


“Well do you want revenge?Vendetta?Vengeance?”

The old man thought it over, he went through all his miserable memories death, betrayal, corruption. He decided over his goal in his next life. What will it be? Will it be Revenge?Will he try to live happily? Or he will do nothing?


The sound of falling nulls his words, the only thing that could be understood from the old man’s words was the reaction of the Apple man.


“Hahaha…. Then if that’s not right? Entertain me have a good second life… bye-bye”


As the Apple man smiles Sinisterly, he mutters before sending the old man to his next Branch in the tree.


“I’m sorry that I messed up your life, this is all I can do”


“Okay before I send you, I’ll say this… ‘Words cannot be said, but actions can be done’”




Before the Old man can finish his consciously fades away at the sound of a bang.


 Twenty-Two Hours Later




The Old Woman screams in agony as she gets dragged by five black men in suits


“Kill her and her daughter”


“Yes sir”


“Hah… I’m sorry bro it’s nothing personal, we all have to carry on lives like this.”


As the man who gave orders opens a book on Theories. He sees a peculiar one.


“‘Survival of the Fittest ~Charles Darwin’…. I like it”


Forty-Eight Hours Later


“Sir, the daughter has escaped!!”


“FInd her”


As trouble brews for him, questions are left unanswered…. What is the meaning of all this?