Chapter 3

With Selina

A lifetime ago, someone once told me, “You’ll only miss something when it’s no longer yours.”

I had everything then, and it rang hollow. I thought that, as long as I was alive and demonic beasts still existed, there would be no need to worry about losing my debaucherous life as Hero.

“Mm . . . Fufu . . . Master, please take your time . . . Mm . . . I am here to sate you . . .”

In the end, my arrogance cost me everything. That life was rightfully mine. I earned it, painstakingly. Yet, I ruined it and let it be taken away. ‘They’ cast me into the dark pitch of space-time, reducing me to the nobody I once was.

“Ahn . . . Ahn . . . My teat . . . Master, you still remember . . . Fufu . . . Mm . . .”

For fifty years, I had endured not having Selina. With her in my arms now brought life back to my dying spirit. The libido I had lost gushed forth like a broken dam as I savoured her nipple in my mouth.

“I’m putting it in.”

Unable to spare another second for any form of foreplay, I stripped her naked and spread open her legs, a little more forcefully than I had meant to.

“Yes . . . Please, grant me your affection, Master . . . Deep inside me . . .”

I thrust my pulsing cock inside. It fit so well, I thought Selina had modified her body in some artificial way. I knew for a fact she didn’t, however.

I wasn’t going easy on her, not at all. And yet, only carnal pleasure and delight showed on her face. The sounds of my cock banging against Selina’s pussy echoed throughout the enclosed space inside the cave.

“Ah . . . Ahn . . . Ahn . . . Master . . . I . . . I’m sorry . . . I’m gonna’ come, I’m gonna’ come!”


Selina’s insides convulsed uncontrollably at the same time I could no longer hold back the approaching ejaculation. With the enhanced senses of this new body, I could vividly tell most of my semen went directly into her womb.

Cross-breeding between races was impossible in this world, but we both knew all too well that this new body of mine was extraordinary. We made sure that it would bridge the gap.

That said, the Moon race had extremely low birthrate due to their long lifespans. Even if I had come a whole lot inside Selina, it was still up to Lady Luck to decide whether she would conceive.

Well, if doing it once wasn’t enough, then keeping at it would be the natural next step.

“Mmnn . . . Ahn . . . It’s gonna’ spill . . . If you do me so hard . .  Ahhn . . . Ahhh . . . . . .”

My lust for Selina’s body eventually settled down after the fifth round.


“Everything is in top condition. Once again, I’m impressed.”

Selina had helped me put on my old equipment.

I immediately noticed how well-maintained they were.

“I take pride in serving you, Master.”

She suppressed her smile again, but I could tell how happy she was by the look in her eyes.

Originally, I could simply use a skill to equip my gear from my [Dimensional Storage], but Selina insisted on doing it herself, and I didn’t want to say no. I really am no match for her loyalty and love.

“We shall proceed as planned and head to the western city of Heimdall. After establishing a guild and a reputation, conquering one of the Primordial Dungeons will be our next step. Once that is out of the way . . .”

“. . . Your name will surely reach the ears of the Central Church of Cordeillia. If we manage to stir up their paranoia, even the Twin Rose Order will be mobilized. Our reverse summoning ritual was flawless, but I’m afraid the Maiden has likely noticed the disturbance in this world’s space-time.”

“Then it would be disrespectful if we didn’t put on a good show while she was still watching.”

“Yes, Master, I concur.”

Selina’s tone was sharp. She still held that grudge against the Maiden, it appeared.

“Once I have had my revenge on the old farts and destroyed the Church’s deep roots in this world, we come for the demons next.”

“. . . and the Moon race.”

“Yes, and the Moon race. That will be your battle alone. I will not meddle.”

“I am prepared, my Liege. You will not be disappointed.”

“Good. Equip yourself well. We are parading my return before the shitfaces’ eyes.”

“Yes, Master!”

With that, we left the dungeon mine Belford and set course for Heimdall.

On the surface, it was coincidentally daytime. Even though I paid no heed to the time while indulging myself in Selina’s embrace, I wanted to say, ‘All according to plan.’ It was quite convenient that we could depart during the morning. That way, it was easier to show off in the city.

Standing beside me was Selina in her disguise as a combat mage. The outfit was nowhere near as provocative as the dress she wore to welcome me, but the design fully intended to emphasize her curves. The armoured parts protected her vitals, while the skin-tight parts allowed ease of movement.

She was sexy enough in that outfit that I almost felt jealous people other than myself would be looking at her. Of course, I kept that to myself. She was sure to make a big deal out of it if I told her that.

“Let’s go, shall we?”

“As you command, Master.”

[Summon Mystic Creature]

I activated a spell and called upon a being which could be a mount. In the past, this spell required a catalyst and a magic item for me to cast an inferior version of it. But nothing could hold me back right now. My new body was designed to be a Master-of-all-Trades.

What emerged from the magic circle on the ground, was a demi-dragon. It retained some ordinary lizard-like features while boasting body parts unique to the legendary Dragon species. From head to tail, it was triple my height. Its red scales had proven to be superior to any fortress wall.

“You . . . We have met before, human.”

The demi-dragon spoke telepathically.

“Indeed, we have.”

I answered in the same manner.

“Well, no matter. What is your offer this time?”

“Three outcrops of your choice inside my base over there.”

The demi-dragon walked past me and stood at the entrance of the dungeon mine. It needed only to grasp the mana radiation to know exactly what types of mana ores were inside.

“Very well. I shall offer five days. What say you?”

It turned around and asked with an easygoing tone. Apparently, it was pleased with the promised reward.

“Ten. I know which outcrops you are aiming for.”

“Your stinginess hasn’t gotten one bit better. Fine, then. I shall remain in this world for Ten days, counting from exactly Now.”

A countdown appeared in my head.

[09:23:59:50 . . . 49 . . . 48 . . .]

“Excellent. Take us to the city west of here.”

“Make yourself at home and do not break my spikes.”

The demi-dragon lowered itself to the ground and let us climb on its back. The bony spikes where our butts would be were retracted to create empty seats. What a high-tech ride this guy was . . .

“Go at a speed my woman can handle.”

“Roger. It will take thirty minutes.”

The demi-dragon started off with a huge leap and began dashing through the vast grassland at the speed of a car on a racetrack. Selina was no weakling, so this much wind pressure was nothing to her.

And yet, she stuck to me and hugged me as if afraid of falling off.

We enjoyed the trip with as little flirting as possible out of consideration for our driver.

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