April 11th, 2027 Somewhere on the coast in Florida.

[Yo, I’m moving towards the vantage point. Is the target still in his room?]

[Yes, he is]

[Alright, I’ll call you when I’m in position]

Water vigorously hits the building, from the inside you can hear the resonating drops. Today the weather was going to be nasty perfect for the mission. While using the emergency stairs, I take out a small baggy containing a small note and gummy bears.

The note reads, ‘Hey dad I made these last night, please come home we have to go to our paintball game, I can’t wait to snipe some boys’

Ahhhh, My sweet baby girl, I love her so much. I can’t wait to retire from this. I said as I started snacking on the gummy bears

I enter the suite that was prepared for me two nights ago. My guitar case laying on a queen bed, I start to prepare. Assembling my kremlin, or Remington 700 commonly used for police snipers however this Remington has a catch to it, the barrel is so far advanced that the barrel is able to be used as a blunt weapon easily. I would love to talk more about the special features of my Kremlin but I have a job to do.

I make a hole in the window, using the glass cutter that I was provided with. Almost prepared I gave my Kremlin another important addition a silencer.’ but wouldn’t the sound of the shot will be heard anyways’, No, this is a special silencer it cuts off all sound from the human ear however Only the human ear which means animals are able to hear it. Next on the list is my mask, grabbed out of the guitar case a Shiny Silver Kitsune Mask, or fox. Then last but not douse my mouth with a bag of gummy bears.

*nom* *nom* *nom* 

I use the guitar case as a sniper mount due to the fact if I use the bipod a mount it might bounce a bit and mess up my aim, I lay on the floor on a prone position, and adjust my sight. Since, everything is ready I give the call.

[I’m ready and set]

[Roger, Team A are you ready?]


[Okay, Once I pull the fire alarm SelViko will have an open window to kill the target then Team A will move in and secure the documents] 

[On my go]

The target is…. Well I don’t know I only get shown the picture, from there I’m unable to ask a question or look up information about the target. Which is the downside about the new leader but it’s whatever.

[Pulling now]

On the adjacent building about 2 kilometers away.

The VIP finally gets off the phone when he gets a sudden interruption.

“What is it now I was enjoying my fucking wine”

“Sir, we need to evac the suite now there is a fire”


He stands up not knowing the Reaper’s Scythe is around is neck.


A loud thunder flashes the sky. On the ground is a lifeless body with a large hole in the head.

“Shit! Code Black!!! VIP Is do-”

The bodyguards get bullets loaded into him by the Team A members.

[Secured the Document Team A exciting the premises]

[Alright, Team A you got 50 seconds till contact. SelViko rendezvous at the appropriate location.]


Packed quickly I took the fast route to the point. I put my guitar in the black sedan however there will be a change of plans.

I walk up to the driver seat and tell my evac.

“Seems like the baby duck is following the goose”

Code for I’m being followed.

I go in the opposite direction. As I know I’m being followed let us see how good he is.