Reaper’s Sight

Reaper’s Sight Reborn

By SilverSakura(Cover not owned by Me)

Synopsis: Xavier “SelViko” Connor MarGrav was not a simple man as he grew up as a father in his teens. His family disowned him making him poor and start looking for a job for that reason he became the World’s best Marksman. Doing jobs for the underground High-Table, one day his final job went south and ended up in betrayal, leaving a piece of him in that world.

Name: Xavier Connor MarGrav
Age: 26
Regret: Leaving his loved ones
COD: Bullet to the head

“Hmm such a waste of potential, I’ll take him”
“My World is shit, it needs a new factor in the equation”

“My boy who has died I shall give you a second chance, Why? you will fix my world”
“What why?!! I died and I died I don’t deserve a second chance”
“haha, that’s what you think but your eyes will be the X in the change so enjoy”

The World’s best Marksman Reborn, and his eyes are the key to change this wrong-sided world

Volume 1

A/N: Hello, This is a novel I’m planning to write, please enjoy and it will be shorter however chapters will be easier for me. please support me by down below.

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