Chapter 3 – Eyes/Awakening

Around the middle of the night on the post birthday. My own body and brain were re-charging, I get tired very easily since I’m in a five-year-old’s body. 


‘ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!’ I scream in my inner self almost like I’m about to release a demon. My legs start to kick around my bed with the pain. I put my hands over my left eye, this feeling the throbbing, pulsing pain, and it’s hot too hot. Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!!.


The weird thing is I’ve begun screaming out loud but my voice won’t come out, just dulled yells come out. Still in excruciating pain. My left eye was pulsating and hot, too hot to the point, I’m unable to focus on anything. I waddle my self to my own private bathroom. Hard to keep my self straight with my brain focusing on soothing the pain in my left eye. 


At the sink, I put my eyes under the faucet and start to douse my eyes with freezing water. It doesn’t work at all. In a five-year-old body and facing this pain which this body has no experience in pain resistance is not something you see every day. My body shuts down immediately not literally but just my own body reacting to the pain, guessing it had enough of it.


6:32 In the morning.


Small boy laying on his back in the bathroom.


“Uhh god, my head”


I hold my head while I stand up, that pain I felt for a while felt like it lasted for a while, I don’t remember what happened but I guess that I passed out in the bathroom. 


“What the fuck?” I mutter while looking at my self in the mirror, something on my face that was not there before. 


My Father has chestnut-colored eyes and my mother has green-colored- eyes, and Erina was born with green- eyes akin to mother’s eyes, which is uncommon. If I remember correctly in my school days when I was Xavier. Dominant and recessive alleles the common one is the Chestnut colored and the rate of getting it is 75% but then getting the recessive trait is 25% and everything else is a 0% chance. I’m supposed to have brown-eyes but what? In my old world was there any cases of changing eye color naturally? No, I don’t think so at all but then why do I have crystal light blue eyes.


Questioning this weird scenario? Why is it both my eyes my left eye was the one in pain, the most so why both eyes? I talk to my self while I examine my body double in the mirror. A glowing aura starts showing around my body it’s yellow.


“Weird? This is something new” I tell my self. In amusement and curiosity.



After waking up and being confused about my iris color change and struggling to figure out what the yellow aura meant around my body. My brain got exhausted heavily so I went back to my bed and slept till my appropriate wake-up time which is 8:00 am. My old self I used to wake up at  5:00 in the morning but since I’m not my old self and that I’m in a kid’s body so it’s understandable, a kid can’t handle much at a very young age.


Heading towards the main table for breakfast mother serves us at 9:00 in the morning, like a family It’s a little bit nostalgic from my past life but oh well. My family is a noble family, it was mentioned before that the aristocratic system is still running. We are the Lenior Family and the family’s rank is a Comte(Count). Oh, and why mother cooks? Well, I have no idea I can’t read minds nor find real reasons, maybe parent love? We do have a maid and a butler that live in our mansion but at the moment they are sick. So they’ve been gone for a week now.


“Jesper!? Your eyes!” She says in amused expression as she runs over to me and looks at my eyes


“Yes, mother?!” I know what she is talking about but I’ll just play clueless


“Connor! Come here” Mother yells for Father, and yes My Father’s name is Connor while my Mother’s name is Adrienne.


“Yes, Renne?”


“Look at Jesper’s eyes, you know what this is”


I honestly do not know, well I know my eyes changed color which is noticeable but I don’t know what it means.


“In the Goddess name of Astrea, Son come here, you know what this means! Your Mana has awakened early usually men awake there mana at age 13, and your eyes will change color to the most rare in the family. This is a 1 out of 1 million occurrences the ods of another Early awakener are so slim that its easier for one to jump off a mountain and find Nirvana.  Son, One’s mana is important for living, One will need practice and study. I hope you can succeed the Lenior Family” he says with a soft and loveable expression then he pats my head.


What’s this feeling it’s familiar, I’m remembering something but who is she? Who is this little girl? Questioning the little girl I see but nothing comes up.


“Jesper, congrats on awaking your mana, you better study and practice hard, Honor can only get you to a limit So you will need to push past that and go unlimited,” Mother says passionately 


“I will mother”

Leaona next to me stares at me, in a confused expression.




She doesn’t understand cause well she is a puppy and got her yesterday.


“Son, Let me show you something” he takes a  metal staff grip with a blue light in the middle out of a holster, It’s the length of a standard-sized pistol holder on his sides


“This is called a Soul Channeller, it channel’s your mana and creates your weapon. The weapon it creates is the manifestation of your soul and creates a physical weapon. Mine is a Rapier good for thrusting. One will acquire one at age 12, I would let you attempt it nevertheless, you are too young and you’ve just awakened your mana so it’s too early, maybe once you are older I’ll buy you a Soul Channeller.” he shows me his Rapier, it looks so real but it’s made out of one’s mana. Wait a second let me see something.


I focus my eyes on my father, and a green aura appears, what I learned from that is nothing, maybe it’s something to do with mana but however, I’m not sure. I would ask Father but that is a no go since he didn’t say anything about being able to see an aura.


Noticing he is about to speak, I look at his eyes.


“Son, I’ve changed my mind about 1st Year School you will be homeschooled till you are eligible to enter Charles and Leo’s Academy, I will tell you more once you are 12 and you pass the entrance exam” 


School System is 1st Year School which teaches ages 5-11, Then 2nd year does 12-17, Lastly, 3rd Year does 17-21, you study History, Mana Science, and Mathematics in 1st year, of course, it’ll have extracurricular courses too. 


There’ll be a downside to 3rd Year, that’s when the chaos happens.


“Jesper, let us eat. Erina don’t throw your cup to the ground”


“I hungry, Food pwease!” Erina says cutely wanting her food, might as well feed Leaona as well.



I start researching more after eating,  what I found is interesting Mana Awakening is a natural occurrence Mana Scientist has always trying to find out how it works but its something unexplainable myth but one of their theory is that the worlds are built on mana and the mana radiation is absorbed when we are born, once it’s absorbed it takes time to nurture and build up. but at another site says here, that this the Goddess Astrea’s power. Astreaianity worships the goddess’ power. 


I searched for anything about Aura showing when you focus on something but nothing pops ups but then I remembered that Astrea told me that I will get two gifts. So now I know why I have this but what is it for.


After hours of studying and researching, I figured out my goal until I enroll in the 2nd Year School. I’ll take these years and practice and study. I need to have a good influence and power to prepare for the chaos.


So from then on till he turned 11, he chose to hone his body and improve it, practice his mana channeling the studied hard. Soon the real challenge will come, will Jesper be ready for his challenges? Who is the girl in whom he can’t remember? Questions will pop up through the answer is in his eyes…


Welcome to the start of this World soon to befall in chaos




A/N: Hello everyone this should conclude this short prelude arc. Welcome to the parallel world or universe whatever. There may be holes in this novel I’ll try to fill them up however this is my first novel with a new genre into it. Please enjoy this novel, oh and yes it’ll have romance and ecchi moments. This is just the Prelude Arc, soon the EnTrance Xemal Arc will begin and I hope you look forward to it so please review the story so far. I apologize for the grammar mistakes as I’m not perfect. Nevertheless enjoy!!!!!!!!!!