Chapter 4 – Rise.. and.. Survive..

It’s been a good few years I’ve been training and studying hard since this world has not much else to do, I tried looking for movies, however, they are all not interesting,  nothing I’ve seen from my world it’s all just action and war no other genre. No Romance, comedy, or Adventure which is pretty sad. 


I asked my Father for a ‘Tendo Sixty-Four’ and he looked at me with a puzzled expression. Seems like they don’t have games here. the internet here isn’t widely used but mostly used by High class. The computers remind me of the ones that were made in the 1990s pretty weird if I remember correctly they were antiques and could be sold for a lot of money. One of my jobs as a Marksman was killing a Pawn Shop owner and he had a bunch of those, sadly they were blown up with the store cause I killed the owner and the bullet went through him hitting a propane tank, oopsie and accidental explosion.  Good times..


I looked for Music entertainment on the computer, and bullshit all I found is slow music sound slike stuff from Beethoven’s time well not gonna lie I do like Beethoven’s but I need some good music with words like proper wor-.


“That gives me an idea”


I knock on my Father’s office door.


“Who is it?”


“It’s me Father”


“Come in, Son”


I walk into the room seeing him writing down work on documents I’m guessing he was busy. 


“What brings you here son? Is something the matter?” he says questionably. Seeming concerned since I usually never visit his office.


“No, Father I just want to ask if we have a workshop or any place that will have tools”


“Hmm, yes we do it’s your grandpa’s workshop he used to love to build stuff haha, you know your father helped create the ‘Soul Channeller’ however the workshop will be on the southern district of Vierrrault. Take Erina and Lisa with you as well oh and Leona, I think they’ll gladly enjoy a walk. And here is the location of the Workshop” he hands me a piece of paper with the general location, as there are no addresses. 


We live in the Semi-North of Vierrault which is where Mansions are placed, the Southern District is where most businesses are and it’s not far I’ll just take a horse.

“Why Do you want to use the workshop?”


“I have been studying hard and I want to try something new”


“Mmm okay then just be careful”


I make my way to Erina’s room and I knock


“Come in!”


I walk in and see her dark brown hair being brushed by Lisa. Lisa is Erina’s Personal maid who’s been with her for three years. She is very trusted by our family. She isn’t a slave or anything she just chose to be a Maid. when Lisa turned her head towards me. I’m not sure that i saw right but her pointy ears turned red. 


“W-Welcome Master, I am just brushing Mrs’ lovely hair “ Lisa bows and her Silky blonde hair flows with her bow, I can see that her hair has been done as well since she has a crown style hair. 


Yes, Lisa is an elf there are multiple demi-humans ranging from elves to dwarves when we first got Lisa I had a strange urge to touch her ears When I did she blushed so weirdly. Demi-humans have a similar history in the US, they had a civil war 200 years ago it was the Unionist Vs the  Semitist, that was one of the bloodiest battles during the creation of the D’or Era, of course, the Unionist won, however, they both had different government ideals so their friendship fell apart and the CORES(The Commonwealth of the Republican Erial States) broke off and fought for their independence. Which of course they have won, it toom them 14 longs agonizing years, called the Fourteenth Year War or the what the CORES likes to call it “Independence War”.


“Jesper! what brings you here?” she comes up and hugs me. Haha this feels familiar


“Oh, I’m heading down to the Southern District at some workshop and I wanted to see if you want to come?


“Mmm Yes, let me change first”


“Okay, Lisa you should change as well, well be taking the horses so I’ll wait for you at the stables.”


I quickly left the room to let them change.



“Geez… they take so long. Well, my Wife took longer.”


Speaking about my wife, I remember having someone else in my life, but it doesn’t show in my memories. Oh well.


“I’m here”


Looking at her Lovely outfit she is wearing white Jodhpurs and a cutesy black top with her dark brown hair tied up in a bun. Behind her is Lisa with the same hairstyle but her maid skirt is a bit longer.


“Jesper, I’ll be taking Shira and you take Blackjack. Lisa go with Brother.”


“Yes, Mrs.” she responds quietly and blushes. I get that she likes me, however, I have no feelings to be with her. For all the years that I’ve been alive, I’ve learned not to date based on one-sided feelings. Well, that’s one of the no-nos but if I ever do achieve feelings for her, well.. That’s for another time.


Blackjack is a real beauty, her short black hair and she gallops fast. 


“Well let’s go, follow your older brother, Erina” 


“Muu, you’re only older by 2 years” she pouts, well, of course, I’m 10 and she is 8 but she acts mature for her age, well so do I.



As we take a detour through the forest to arrive at the southern district, Lisa was not sitting correctly but had both her legs outward on one side, for that reason she gets scared and starts to tighten her grip around my waist. 


If I didn’t train properly she probably would have crushed this small body’s innards by now



Arriving close to the location of the old workshop, the sidewalks are bustling with people buying groceries from the vendors, entering tailor shops, living there daily lives. 


We go forward to the location of the workshop


In a back alleyway, a dark alley where the sun rays don’t hit.


“Please don’t hurt my child I’ll give you any- GAHHH”

“Hehehe we got a rare catch this little girl will do…”


The silent girl sits next to her lifeless mom, No tears nor sounds


‘why!! , I don’t understand, why did Dad do this to us? I can’t feel anything, I wonder why?’ she asks her self in confusion.


She gets up and picks up one of the short swords from one of the dead bodyguards.


“Oh look at this girl, let her fight, I bet this little princess can’t do jack shit hahaha- Huh? What? I feel light yo, Simon you- WHAT THE FUCK!! Ahhhh” The quick movements faster than they can react they were on the ground”


“I don’t feel anything? And ouch…. My eyes hurt… I wonder why?”


The little girl falls unconscious as Military Police find her.


“Hey, call in the doctors Immediately!!!”


“Yes Sir!!” the two men rush out to find help.


“Holy fuck what happen here?”


The Bloodied alleyway, is now the name but that’s for another time.


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