My aunt, the acting queen regent, told me: “Work hard my dear nephew. You have a royal family to re-build.”


He was once a simple boy, the personification of what it meant to be ordinary, drifting aimlessly along with the flow of the world. But one day, he awakened to find himself being different from his usual self, finding himself now hosting the body of a newborn.

He had been reincarnated, that too as the sole prince and heir of the human empire. He had been reincarnated, now living in a world of sword and magic, filled with fantastical beasts, demi-humans, divine beasts, Goddesses and so much more. Life finally seemed to take a turn for the better for the reincarnated boy.

However, as always, reality had its cruel ways of disappointing him. His parents died shortly after his birth in a war to save humanity, subjecting him to the life of an orphan. All the people vying for the throne turned against him, looking for any and all opportunities to kill him, the last living heir to the throne. Fortunately, he had his aunt, his last living family, who helped protect him by becoming the acting queen but this came with the price of being holed up in his palace till his ‘awakening’ which would enable him to defend himself and survive in this cruel world…

Witness the story of the young boy now called Sol, the son of the hero king. The man who sacrificed himself and his beloved wife to save the world, the legendary figure resonating in everyone’s heart, either in admiration or fear of his all-encompassing might and chivalry.

Witness his story as he grows and evolves to form his own path, moving forward to make his own mark in this world of fantasy, to make his own legend to be foretold for generations to come.

Witness his tale of struggle, of valor, of love, of lust as he goes against his fate and destiny and embarks on a path that would lead him to the very center of the conflict, of the mystery, of the truth that spanned since the very creation of this world and finally learn its hidden truth.

Will he be triumphant at the end of his journey? Will there be what he desires waiting for him at the end of his path? Or would he be lost in his path, unable to break the shackles of his destiny like so many others before him?

Witness and find out!!!

Genre: R-18, mature, different world, harem.

Tags: Huge breasts, small breasts, talented mc, powerful love interests, supernatural creatures

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