If I can start all over again, if I could have a second chance. Who never thought about it?

These kinds of things, everyone would have thought about it once or twice in their life.

I was just an ordinary guy you could find anywhere. I had nothing special about me.

Not some tragic background with all my family being killed. Nor a cool settings like dying after saving someone.

I was just an ordinary teen. Losing his virginity in a shitty way. Having a hard time finding a girlfriend. Never lasting long with said girlfriend once I got them.

Despite not having any memory of being hit by a truck, I was reincarnated to another world.

The last memory I had was that I drank so much at our year-end party then I took the last train where I perhaps died. Honestly, I remember little around that part, since I was also dead drunk at that time.

The fact that I reincarnated in a world different from Earth, I learned about it several years after my birth. The world was like the Middle Ages Europe. It was easy to understand it by observing my surroundings once I became old enough to move.

You may wonder who I am, I am Sol Dragona Luxuria. The crown prince and sole heir of the Lustburg kingdom as well as the son of the man who saved the world Mars Luxuria.

This was my identity in the new world and I must admit that living in another world was a dream coming true.

—– 3rd Pov

The royal palace was known as the Tower of Babel. As the crown prince, The space for his personal life was on the top floor of that tower. That included a living room, a study, a bedroom, and a dining hall. He could see the castle’s surroundings from the balcony. His view of the castle town of more than three thousand buildings and the seemingly never-ending expanse of fertile land beyond was enough to wash his heart clean.

The maid room was located just one wall away and that was where Head Maid Milia and the others maid lived. Through he said the room, it was a very large room divided in many personal bedroom. Enough for all of them to have their own personal space..

His private life was far more splendid than anything he could have ever dreamed of in his old life.

*Knock* *Knock* Knock*

“You can enter.”

“Your Highness, good morning.”

The black-haired and black-eyed maid who entered at his words pinched the sides of her skirt and curtsied. The perfect movement suggested just how skillful a maid she was.

She appeared to be in her mid-twenties and she wore no makeup, but she had a somehow graceful appearance and sharp features.

Two horns on either side of her head paired with the distinctive ears twitching restlessly showed her race—she was a cow woman. Dressed in a peculiar maid outfit with black patches and layered mini skirt that did nothing to hide her thighs when added with her white garter belts, it gave her a unique charm.

Her chic maid uniform was not exactly decorative, but her entire body gave off a mature sex appeal thanks to the weighty breasts visible at the wide-open chest and the plump thighs visible between her skirt and knee socks.

“*Yawn* Hello. It’s rare for you to come and wake me up. What happened?”

Despite him being the heir, he never put on an air of superiority when in a private setting and always treated the staff in the best way possible. This was even more so for this woman. After all, she had been his wet nurse for as long as he could remember.

“Fufufu. Your highness’s sleepy look is so cute. Perhaps I just wanted to take a look?”

Sol simply smiled at her teasing. It might have worked at first when he was younger, but it didn’t take him long to become used to it. Though, he had to admit that it wasn’t easy. After all, despite her clothes being completely respectable albeit a little short, her voluptuous body made it somehow very alluring. This became even more so when combined with her motherly aura.

The head maid, seeing that her antics were useless pouted a little before saying.

“*Boo* You’ve become so less cute since a few years ago. I miss your blushing and flustered look. *Sigh* Anyway, her majesty wishes to see you.”

“My aunt? Hum. OK, I will prepare myself.”

“Understood, I will go prepare the tea. The meeting will be held on the lowest floor.”

Hearing the place where the meeting would happen in that place, Sol couldn’t help but take the situation more seriously.

The lowest floor or the floor of secrets as some of the maid loved to call it, was a place that was only accessible to the royal families and their closest confidants.

‘I hope that it’s nothing too important.’

With that thought, Sol wore his clothes and went toward the place.

—– 1st POV

“It’s for you to find a fiancee.”

My naive thinking was immediately crushed.


I couldn’t help but frown as I looked at the purple haired woman who sat so elegantly while taking a sip of her tea.

My aunt, Lilith Lustburg was what priests in my old world would call a woman with a sinful body while CN authors would describe her as a country destroying beauty.

If Milia was a woman with a motherly feel, then Lilith could only be seen as a woman that could make a monk give up on all his vows. It didn’t help that she wore a long dress with such a low cut that her breasts seemed to spill out of it at any moment.

Lilith, seemingly observing my reaction to her declaration said with a serious face,

“Hmm? You don’t look very interested.”

Thinking of the marriage between nobles, political marriage came to mind. That’s the impression I had, and I learned in my fifteen years of living here that it was spot-on. At any rate, they would decide my marriage on their own, so it would just be my loss to have an interest in it.

“Hm. I’ve been letting you do as you please for your interest was beneficial to the territory. I see. You haven’t been much in contact with the young women outside of the tower.”

Without waiting for my reply, my aunt seemed to have grasped something on her own. Indeed, I didn’t have many acquaintances among nobles.

“Then aunt, is the matter about marriage?”

“That’s right. You will soon be fifteen years old. It’s about time that you learn about women. In fact, you should have already had a fiancee one year ago but I decided to first wait for your awakening.”

Learn about women. Now, what did she mean by that? Was my aunt telling me to attend the parties hosted by other nobles?

I began processing what she said.

“Do you mean you wish that I become some kind of playboy?”

My aunt smiled as she looked at me meaningfully.

“Exactly. However, always make sure to discuss it with Milia no matter who you choose. I don’t want you to be ensnared by some weird woman.”

I could not help but let out a nervous chuckle. The expression on her face told me that she really wouldn’t appreciate it.

“I’ll properly consult with Milia so as to not cause you trouble.”

“Very well. I’ve already given your allowance to Milia. You can ask her the details. You can go.”

I nodded and stood up to leave the room.

“I’ll take my leave.”

“Finally, let me give you some advice…”

A beautiful and meaningful smile bloomed on her face as she said,

“It would be better to pick an experienced woman for your first time. And, doing it forcefully might be good too, but doing it with the consent of the other party is much better.”

I left the lowest floor, my head full of thoughts, the smile on her face still replaying in my mind.

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