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As always his discussions with Lilith were a little stiff and straightforward.

He didn’t mind it to be honest. He just missed the day where she would hold him and smile when he was still young.

‘I need to make our relationship better.’

If you asked him if he loved Lilith in a platonic way he would answer with a big no.

It wasn’t just her body, which was hot as hell, that attracted him to her. But rather her selflessness in caring for him.

‘I am truly blessed in this life. Once again whichever god or goddess who sent me here, thank you.’


This time he was sure it wasn’t just his imagination.


Focusing once again on Lilith who was throwing a questioning glance at him, he shrugged before changing subjects,

“Can you make a little time for me? What about some light sparring? I have some time before my lesson with teacher.”

Being passive in a relationship was simply stupid. Since he wanted her, he had to be proactive.

What more he didn’t mind having some more training.

“Oh…” Lilith hesitated a little before finally nodding, “It has been a few years since I held a true sword. Don’t laugh at me.”

“Of course.”

He had heard about her legend but had always wondered how strong she truly was. At least he could see it for himself now.


*Swoosh* BOOM!!!

Sol stood transfixed as the huge two-handed heavy sword stopped just an inch before his face. The air pressure so powerful that everything behind him was completely blown away.

‘What. The. Fuck?’

This fight had been so short. This hadn’t even been a fight.

Man… This was.

“This was so fucking awesome!!”

He couldn’t help but shout in excitement. Seeing his beaming eyes, Lilith who was about to rebuff him for his language swallowed back her words.

It has been a long time since she had been so sincerely complimented. After all, men did not really take it well when a woman was stronger than them.

“*Ahem* This is nothing. You should be able to do as much if not more with enough training.”

‘No way. Is she embarrassed?’

He had to hide a grin. It was the first time he saw her so flustered. Still, his compliments were heartfelt. Seeing a woman with such a lith body holding a sword so large with only one hand was truly a sight to behold.

“So, how did you do that?”

Lilith twirled her sword, creating a small whirlwind. “This is a principle of extreme control. Using a sword isn’t just about swinging it wildly or using some kind of fancy skills. My style of fighting repose on absolute micro controls.”

As she said that, he saw her flicker her wrist a little then, following that movement, some of the flowers around her were immediately cut at the seam.

‘How can such a delicate movement be executed with such a large sword?’

But, “Why use such a heavy sword? Wouldn’t such style fit a one-handed sword more?”

The sword she was holding was a large broadsword, as tall as a full-grown man, shaped like a butcher knife. The handle was also rather long.

This sword wasn’t for game and joke but rather a true sword geared towards murder. Still, for someone who uses such a precise style wouldn’t a lighter sword be better?

“This is where you are wrong. Or rather should I say that you lack information?” She lovingly looked at her sword as she said this, “This sword was created specifically for me. Despite its weight, in my hands, it’s as light as a feather. This plus my fighting style allows me to use both strength and speed. It’s the perfect sword for me.”

“The perfect sword huh.” Sol eyed his own sword with some doubt.

“Do not worry. Once you awaken, you will have your own sword.”

“The holy sword?”


Her outburst surprised Sol, but even more so herself.

“*Ahem* I am sorry. I mean, the holy sword belongs indeed to the king. But he can only use it when fighting things that threaten the kingdom. Otherwise, the sword will not answer.”

“…I see. Anyway–” He was rather suspicious about why she reacted like that but didn’t let it bother him. “–why don’t we continue? Your move was too fast for me to glean anything from it. We still have an hour.”

The awkwardness didn’t last long, though a different kind of awkwardness was about to steadily grow in his pant if he didn’t pay attention.

Saying that the training gear Lilith wore was revealing was an understatement. She wore a Chinese Qipao, but the slit on the two sides reached her butt. As such, she was totally unrestricted.

What followed was more of a light sparring with Lilith holding back a lot. Still, each bout ended with Sol learning more and more and slowly but surely changing the way he held his sword.

‘Hum? If he focuses on the path of mana user like me he would surely be able to reach unknown heights’

Sol laid down on the grass while his entire body was bathed in sweat.

“*Sigh* At this level I guess I may really never catch up to him.” Murmured Sol. He had never really felt inferior to Mars. But being always compared to someone else had its effect.

This workout was even more intense than the one he usually did with Setsuna. Lilith on the other had barely worked a sweat.

As she looked at him like that, she couldn’t help but think back to the past. Though at that time it was her who laid down while gasping and her brother looked at her while being unscathed. She remembered how frustrating it was.

“Sol. Do you want to hear a story?”

This brought his attention as he looked up at her, “A story?”

“Yeah. More precisely my story.”


You could say that I was born blessed and cursed at the same time. Born as a woman in the royal family, my role of having to marry and give birth to children was already determined from my birth.

But, in this kingdom, women could still be influential as long as they had power. I had thought that I would reach the summit once my awakening happened. After all, I was the little sister of Mars.

My dreams were shattered on the day of my awakening. My capacity was zero. Something heard only in the story. You could even say that my lack of talent was so big it was legendary.

I was mocked, despised, humiliated, and cast aside.

But despite everything, I held on.

I didn’t care about how other people saw me.

Never cared and never would.

When people mocked me, I trained.

When they despised me, I trained.

When they humiliated me I still trained.

Finally, even though I was cast aside, I never ceased to train.

But this wasn’t enough, so I joined different battlefields as a mercenary. I fought and fought. Day after day. Battlefields after battlefield.

I fought so much I forgot the number of him I thought I would die. Finally, I reached it. I became one of the strongest women in the kingdom and even in the world, I was respected.

What about those who mocked and insulted me, now they are working with me and must always carry a smile to make me happy.

Their face, as they had to bow and scrape towards the one they previously considered as useless, was perhaps one of my best memories.

Sol, please listen. I already told you. Your life will likely be more difficult than mine. No one expected anything from me. But everyone is expecting so much from you.

I won’t lie in telling you that I am not the same. This the truth, this the reality. Right now, you aren’t Sol. You will always be my brother’s Son. At least… Until you prove yourself.

So, never crumble, never give up. No matter how tough it is, always walk forward with your head held high.

Show to all of them, to all of us, that you aren’t just the son of the hero king.

Show us that you are you and no one else.

The day you do that… I will finally be able to rest.

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