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Sol was still in a daze after hearing Lilith’s speech.

Still, this did not last long, “I understand.” He simply answered with a smile full of confidence.

Whining would change nothing. If he had the time to complain, then he should use it to become stronger.


“Sooo… Why are we taking a bath together.”

Sol was once again in his bathroom, though, this time, the only one presents were Lilith and Sol.

Currently, Sol was sitting on a stool with a towel on his lap while Lilith crouched behind him and watched his back.

“No particular reason. I just thought that it has been a long time since I took a bath with you. The last time I did so you were eight? Time flies so fast.”

Sol simply nodded and lowered his head when she poured out a basin full of water.

“I can do the front alone, now my turn.”

Lilith didn’t answer and simply turned back while removing her towel and protecting her front with it.

Sol, stood in silence as he admired her back.

It was without a doubt a beautiful back. The way her curve moved and showed some glimpse was particularly enticing. Still, Sol could not summon any thoughts of lust as he gazed at this back. The reason being the large scissored scar on it.

“I am sorry.”

He traced his finger on it while feelings of guilt washed over him.

This scar was the result of Lilith protecting him from a sudden attack during a diplomatic mission from another state.


Sol gritted his teeth as he murmured those words. The Envilya kingdom was, alongside Lustburg one of the seven kingdoms in this world.

The only difference being that if humans were the ruler of Lustburg, then the rulers of Envilya were demons.

“You shouldn’t feel guilty over what happened. This was a result of my negligence.”

In all his peaceful life, this was the sole time Sol either felt danger to his life.

This happened during a conference reuniting the leader of the seven kingdoms. At that time, Sol was still very young. One of the emissaries of the Envilya Kingdom, a powerful man in his own rights suddenly used a forbidden move to kill Sol at the price of his life.

The official reason the ruling power used was that the man had lost most of his family because of Mars and wanted revenge. They also swore to have nothing to do with what happened and willingly gave a high compensation.

High enough that the Lustburg kingdom who still wasn’t stable because of Mars’ death, could only grit its teeth and accept.

Everyone knew that it was pure bullshit. But they had no choice back then.

Of course, the fact that in the two next year’s, the Envilya kingdom mysteriously lost some of the most promising heirs of their nobles families had nothing to do with Lustburg either–It was just a pure coincidence.

Sol snickered as he thought about this lesson of history.

“What is so funny?”

“No, I was just wondering what face those guys must have had when they lost so many young heirs.”

“I would say that they should have been rather happy. At least the royal family was.”


“Sol, do you know why our royal family never lost power even though we only have one or two heirs in each generation?”

“Because we are powerful?”

“… Indeed. But more precisely it’s because we have a very good relationship with the church of chastity. As such we always fight together when the nobles’ families try to grab power. But…”

“I suppose the Envilya kingdom is different?”

“Hum. Next time I will ask your teacher to give a more profound explanation of the political climate of the other kingdoms. Anyway. The church in the Envilya kingdom is the church of Gratia. The Gratia church and the invidia royal family are in opposition. The Gratia church supports the nobles while the invidia family fights alone. It’s a wonder that they held on this long.”

“I see.” Sol wasn’t stupid, he immediately made the connection. “The assassination attempt must have been made by the church and the noble side. When we *Ahem* I mean when those unfortunate accidental deaths happened, it weakened the power of the nobles and gave a breathing space to the royal family.”

“Hahaha~ !” For the first time in a while, Lilith laughed out loud with no restraint, “Indeed, those unfortunate accidents as you said, tremendously helped the royal family. And for some weird reason, they decided that they owed us a debt.”

She didn’t continue to explain, she didn’t want to make him feel a heavier burden on his shoulders.

The way the debt would be paid would depend on Sol’s results during his awakening, if he reached as high as she thought he would, then the following talk would be easier.

“Anyway, enough backwashing,” Saying so, she suddenly got up and walked toward the bath, “We should be fast. Even for me making Edea mad is no joking matter.”

As she said so, she briefly faced Sol but was immediately stunned, since the towel around his hips fell down.

An awkward silence settled between the two when Lilith murmured, “You are indeed a grown-up now.”

No one needed to say where she was looking when she said this.


Sol walked down the stairs toward Edea’s place while wearing a weird expression.

A mix of disappointment and relief, a disappointment because nothing happened and also a relief because nothing happened.

‘I never thought that I was such a coward.’

He knew that he missed a chance to score with Lilith, but at the same time he felt that this was for the better. He didn’t know what weighed her down, but he knew that it was something extremely heavy.

If he had attempted something today, in the best case he would have been rebuffed, but in the worst case, she would have accepted and their relationship would have become extremely awkward.

‘Well, one moment of sex isn’t worth destroying my relationship with her.’

He wasn’t in a hurry. Sex was only a complement to a good relationship, never the base.

‘By the way, I wonder what happened to her husband.’

All he knew about that man was that he was from the Gorfard family, but he had mysteriously died a few weeks after their wedding.

‘Mysterious accident?’

He stopped short, as he thought back about the mysterious death of the noble heirs from Envilya.

‘Did she kill her husband?’

He pondered a little before casting aside this thought, it did not matter if she did so. Lilith should have had a good reason for killing him and even if she didn’t have one… So What?

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