After messing a little with Setsuna, Sol lay down in the water of his bath as his body was being scrubbed clean by five maids.

Even though he was originally from the modern world, he didn’t feel uncomfortable being tended upon. He could never understand why those reincarnated mc refused something that was rightfully their because of some weird sense of responsibility and shyness.

His bath was more like a large swimming pool full of hot steaming water. The maids bathing him were wearing a sort of white and black micro-swimsuits of his own creation that barely covered anything aside. Making their sights even more tantalizing than them being fully naked.

As he looked at them, his penis couldn’t help but slowly become erect. One would need to be gay or an eunuch to not get a hard on in such a situation. Never mind that he had already cum five times since yesterday.

Still he simply closed his eyes and didn’t pay attention to it. It wasn’t his first bath nor his first time getting a hard on. Usually the maids would just ignore it with a professional smile and finish bathing him.

Today wasn’t as usual.

Feeling a hand slowly caressing his penis, he opened his eyes and looked quizzically at the one who was so bold.

It was a rather petite maid. He never really tried to remember their names since they always rotated in doing his bath.

Feeling his gaze on her, the maid let out a bashful smile as she said,

“Your highness. Would it be alright for us to take care of it?”

Sol raised an eyebrow at this. He had never used his authority to make the servant around him serve him.

He was many things but not a rapist and he did not think that there was anything exciting about an unwilling partner.

“What brought this question? This is rather sudden.”

The maid began to giggle as one of them, a cat girl, said with a impish smile,

“We always wanted to do it Nya~! …”

“We just thought that your highness wasn’t interested.” Another one, with the pointed ears and the dark skins of a dark elf continued while licking her lips.

“But yesterday…”

“All the maids heard the moan coming from your room and…”

“Our suspicions were proven correct after seeing the stats of Setsuna.”

“So we thought we would try our chances.”

He was as impressed about their synchronization as he was about their proposal.

Five maids. A cat, an elf and three humans. All of them rather beautiful and with well developed bodies.

He nearly gulped, but he refused to show them weakness.

‘Seems like I will realize one of my dreams. Having an orgy.’

He let out a smile and said,


What happened next was something he would always remember.

—-(Bonus chapter)

As he left the bath, with a towel on his hips, Sol let out a sigh of satisfaction. It was truly exciting.

In the bath, what left were five completely exhausted women covered in semen from head to toe. This was such an erotic sight that he almost went for a new round, but remembering that he still had to attend breakfast he left reluctantly, but not without saying,

“I am really satisfied. We need to do it again another time.”


After having changed in clothes easier to walk such a trouser and a shirt, Sol began to walk calmly toward the dining room.

Along the way, maids of different races bowed in respect.

The tower was divided into four parts. Upper, middle, lower, and underground.

Only the confident of the royal family could enter the underground and the upper part, what more, in all the upper part, Sol was the sole man.

From the guards, to the cooks and the servants. They were all women. Most of them were from different races.

After all, with the presence of mana the difference between the gender was useless. A dainty little woman could have enough strength to shatter a rock while a Muscular and rugged man could be unable to do the same.

‘All the feminist on earth would kill to live in the world like this one.’

Discarding thought about his old world, he stopped once he reached a large door decorated in gold and silver.

Despite the lavish expanse, it was in no way gaudy. The royal family had to keep appearances. As a noble, being modest wasn’t a virtue. It was just a show of weakness.

Thinking so, he finally opened the door to the dining room.

It was a large room with a table as the primary decoration. The ceiling was painted with what looked like a map of the sky and said stars were shining thanks to a complex array of spells created a few years ago by the court witch.

‘I need to meet my teacher later.’

After scanning the room, his eyes went past the maids standing close to the walls before stopping on the sole woman seated.

She was as beautiful as always. Her long purple hair combined with her black dress could only emphasize this beauty of her. She was overflowing with the thick pheromones of a mature woman.

As if it wasn’t enough, The dress’s chest was kept boldly open, exposing the lovely curves of her cleavage. The two large and soft-looking white mounds of flesh and fat looked on the verge of popping out of the dress.

This was truly a woman of sin. This sinful woman who was his aunt gave an order after seeing him enter

“Girls, you can leave the room. I need to discuss a little with my nephew.”


The maids all bowed in unison before walking in perfect synchronization without the slightest sound.

Once alone, Lilith, let out a smile as she indicated with her hand toward the seat on her right,

“Why are you still standing? Come take a seat.”

He let out a smile of his own before elegantly walking and sitting next to her. Everything from his posture while walking to the one he adopted while seating was perfect. The result of years of training in martial arts and ethics(A/N: I am not sure if it’s the right word)

He took a look at the table full of beautiful but light dishes before asking with a solemn tone,

“My aunt, before eating, I believe it’s better for you to explain to me what’s happening.”

He really wanted to understand why she was in so much hurry as she threw so many women at him. Setsuna and Milia aside, those five maids had clearly been given orders even if they pretended otherwise.

It was too weird. Too abrupt. He of course knew that he was about to awaken. But it seemed like he was still in the dark about some important information.



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