Chapter – 18

The dissatisfied look on the face of his little devil was too adorable. He couldn’t help but chuckle at every glance that he took. His hands gently braided Renesme’s hair in the style of a crown, the rest of the hair flowed down her back and touched her waist. He loved the soft waves in Renesme’s hair. His fingers flowed through them, marveling the softness and the luster.

“So, how’s it?” He teased Roselyn and asked her.

“It’s beautiful!” She replied with honesty, but then pouted and glared at him. “I want a pretty hairstyle too! Just like Renesme’s.”

“Well, for that your hair need to be as long as her hair, And for now, you can only have the hairstyles that fit your age, Little Princess.”


He didn’t allow her to complain anymore and picked her up in his arms.

“I love the way you look. You are beautiful.” He planted a kiss on her cheek and earned a giggle from her.

“I know…” Roselyn said and giggled some more.

Renesmee stood up from the dressing seat and wrapped her arms around them.

“Both of you are beautiful,” She said and laughed.

“Careful there, girl. I am your Husband.” Shazan frowned and said. For some reason, he didn’t like to be called beautiful.

“So?” Renesme didn’t pay any heed to his words. “You are beautiful.”

Roselyn burst out laughing at their exchange. She apologetically nodded to Shazan when she observed his dissatisfied look, but then she laughed again.

“Renesme is beautiful too!” Roselyn said.

“Thank you, Princess!”

She was not in the least humble.

“Alright, let’s go.”

He planted a kiss on Renesme’s head and grabbed her hand to lead her to the dining hall.

On his way, he glanced at the uniform Renesme was wearing. It was a maid’s uniform. A uniform that she designed for the maids of the Silverstein Palace. She was not a maid of this Palace. Everyone in the house knew that. Everyone knew that she was his wife, and he had informed everyone that she was a Princess. But she held the role of his personal maid. It was her choice.

The relationship the two of them had was never that of a Master and his Servant. She never behaved like a servant. She was a wife who loved taking care of his needs and serving him. It made her happy. And he knew that it was her way of staying close to him.

He gently squeezed her hand and brought it up to plant a kiss on it.

Renesme looked at him and then smiled in her blush. He loved the beat of her racing heart. And he could feel it resonating in his heart.

When he entered the dining hall, he found several of his girls already present there.


Mina and Nina were the first to call out in unison. They happily came over to him and slightly bowed before standing there in front of him obediently. He knew why they had stopped there. He had Roselyn in his arms, and his free hand was holding Renesme’s hand. Even if they were mischievous when they were alone with him, they were never bold enough to pounce on him in front of others.

He placed Roselyn down in her feet. He wrapped his arms around them, and the two sisters buried their faces in his chest. He hadn’t seen them in a while, and so, he let them stay like that. He planted a kiss on their heads, and lovingly stroked their backs.

Mina was the first to look up at him. Her heart-shaped face was burning in her blush, and then she lowered her head as she stepped out of his embrace. Nina, on the other hand, wanted to stay like that for a while. And he knew that if he allowed it, she wouldn’t let go of him all night. He caressed her head, and then raised her chin to make her look at him. He traced her lip with his thumb. He traced her light beauty spot at the corner of her mouth, and then he leaned in to sip her lips.

Her eyes were intoxicated looking in his eyes as he separated from her, and it was only the giggles from Roselyn that brought this little maid back to her mind. She lowered her head to hide her blush and stepped back.

He didn’t even get the time to tease her. A lady approached him with misty eyes and buried her face in his chest. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight against her. He planted a kiss on her brown head and let her stay in his arms until her heart settled down. He couldn’t help but squeeze her mature and fleshy body in his arms. And he took in a deep breath of her scent, as he placed his cheek on her head.

“I am fine, Mother.” He whispered.

“Huh.” She smacked his chest with a light punch as she separated from him. “You hurt me,” She told him and then walked over back to the table to sit on her seat.

The girls around him chuckled at their exchange and he could only helplessly stand there. But then he found his target and pulled her in his arms as he swung her around.

The girl in his arms laughed heartily as he kept spinning with her in his arms. When he placed her back on her feet, she took off her glasses, and she caught his lips and engaged him in a kiss. He smiled on her lips and snaked his hands inside her jumper. He clawed her waist lightly, and in her agitation, she bit on his lip.

“Ouch..” He wore a painful expression and teased her.

“You deserve it…”

“Yay!” Rosely screamed happily, “That was quite bold of you, Karen mommy!”

Karen’s cheeks burned when she realized that everyone was looking at her, but it didn’t seem to bother her much as she returned back to the table, but before that, she pushed a girl in his arms that had been standing silently there in anticipation.

Shazan caught his green-eyed maid in his arms, but he didn’t forget to take advantage of the situation. His hand was on her chest, and he squeezed the soft flesh. His clumsy maid yelped, but he closed her mouth with his. She had quite a volume on her chest. She was only 18, but her cup size almost touched the D. And damn… He loved the feel of them.

He left her breathless when he separated from her and gave one last squeeze before freeing her.

“How’s my Ella been?” He planted a kiss on her forehead and stroked her wavy brown hair.

“Fine… Master.” She whispered as she lowered her head. Her ears were pink, and her fair skin was blushing.

“Good…” He said and closed in near her ear. “You are coming with me to bed, after dinner.” He whispered and smiled.

Her body trembled when she heard his words. And he left her there, trembling in her anxiety, and stood by the door that was closed. He gestured to the rest of them to stay quiet and waited for the two girls to enter the hall. He had already sensed them coming over, and he wanted to tease one of them. He wanted to tease the other girl too, but he knew he couldn’t hide from her senses, she had already felt him hide behind the door. And like an obedient shadow, she stayed quiet about it.

A moment later, the door opened, and a beautiful girl with blonde hair entered the hall.

“Good evening, girls….”

She could finish her words as she got caught in strong arms from behind.

“Eeeehhhh!!!” She screamed, but then she just resigned herself. Her heart settled down, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face. “Husband, you scared your Sera…”

“Did I now?” He whispered in her ear and planted a kiss on her defenseless neck. “Am I so scary?”

“Of course…” She could play the game too. “Do you think you are not scary?”

“Oh honey, I so wanna show you how scary I can be. Unfortunately,…” He licked her ear, “It’s dinner time.”

“Am I on the menu?” She was not gonna give in.

Her words made all the girls in the room blush. She never shied away from being so bold in front of her family. And when he was in such a mood, she loved playing along with him.

“Everyone’s on the menu…” He laughed at her words, and when he saw the faces of the rest of them, he couldn’t help but tease them all.

His words made some laugh, some blushed more, and then there was the little devil who was grinning from ear to ear. Of course, she didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

“Behave…” It was Marilyn who reprimanded him.

Shazan nodded to her and restrained his playfulness. It wasn’t a wise call to tease his girls in front of his three-year-old daughter. Rose was used to such an atmosphere, but it was still improper to behave in such a way in front of her. She was still a child. He wouldn’t really want to hear her ask him the same question Sera had asked.

‘Am I on the menu?’

He chuckled as he let the thought drift away from his mind. And then he turned his Sera around and kissed her.

“Does it still hurt?” He inquired under the kiss.

Serafina was experiencing a phase that the Azeros addressed as Krytis. The word was part of the language of Amazeros. Its meaning was the evolution of power. She was shedding her current realm in this process, and when the Krytis would be complete, she would be able to utilize her power to read minds at a new extent, and there may appear some variations as well. Her power to be one with nature will improve as well, improving her physical capabilities with it. This phase was very important for a Zeros. Not all get to experience it more than once. She was experiencing it for the second time since her birth. And this phase was painful. He knew it better than everyone else, how painful it was.

“Mhm..” She lightly nodded but refused to let go of his lips. She seemed to have not had enough of it.

He didn’t stop her. He held her in his arms and replied to her love with his love for her. He gently showered his affection on her. Her soft lips were fueling a flame inside of him. And he wanted to burn in it.

When she let go of him, her lips were slightly swollen, and her breathing was uneven. Her fair skin was burning in pink blush, and her emerald eyes were misty. She looked breathtakingly beautiful at that moment. He subconsciously stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers.

He smiled at her and planted a kiss on her forehead, and then he helped her sit on her seat. It wasn’t like she needed any help. He did so, in his care for her. And she loved it.

Shazan returned to where Keira was standing. And without saying a word, he pulled her in his embrace. His feelings for her welled up in his heart. He placed his cheek on her head after planting a kiss on it. The girl in his arms was someone he dearly loved. She was his Queen, and she was the mother of his child.

“I love you, girl…” He whispered near her ear.

When she blushed and looked up in his eyes, he caught her lips. She replied to his kiss, as her hands grabbed on his hair, and pulled him on her.

She didn’t hold him for long and separated from him with a satisfied smile. Then she went over to Roselyn and picked her up in her arms. She kissed on the tip of her nose, and Little Rose returned the courtesy.

His eyes never left the pair of mother and daughter. Even though Roselyn, had inherited his eyes, and some of his sister’s features, she still looked like she was Keira’s daughter. Her mother had passed onto her, her perfect traits. He could see that the lips were the same, and the nose was the same as well.

He felt complete looking at the pair of mother and daughter happily chatting. He felt proud, and his love for them was pouring out of his heart. He was sure of one thing in his life, if his Keria was not happy, he could never be happy. It was the same for the rest of his women as well. But the guilt in his heart made it special for Keira. His queen had borne the pains with him, and the pains he had made her suffer. He understood that if it wasn’t for her, he might have lost himself in the abyss of despair. And the silly girl had borne the pain and never complained. Any girl would have broken under the torture he had made her go through. But her love for him never lessened. He was the center of her life, and she was his shadow.

He was lost in his thoughts when someone tapped on his shoulder. Before he could turn around, someone stole a sip of his lips.

“Ilsa,” He called out her name and tried to wrap his arms around her. But the girl escaped with a smug look on her face.

Shazan helplessly shook his head. He loved her the way she was, even though she was annoying as hell at times. His eyes landed on the other girl that had come with Ilsa, and the girl lowered her head in her blush.

Isha had come to the Palace with Maira. She was once Maira’s personal attendant. And she was Maira’s best friend as well. She was gifted to him by Maira’s father. It was something that displeased Maira, but she was pleased that she didn’t have to separate from her best friend. He had forgotten how many times he had teased Maira that he would eat Isha, and how many times Maira had threatened him in various ways. That princess was too prideful, and she deeply cared for this girl.

“Come here,” He drew his hand to her.

Isha didn’t hesitate to take his hand, and she didn’t falter when he wrapped his arms around her.

“How’s our Isha?” He inquired as he looked down in her eyes and patted her head.

“I am fine, Lord Shazan.” She answered with a smile.

He tucked the strand of black hair behind her ear and stroked her soft cheek with the back of his fingers. She was a beautiful girl. Her natural tanned skin was beautiful, and her hazel eyes were alluring. She wasn’t tall. Her height barely touched 5’1. And it didn’t look like she would gain more than a couple of inches when she grows up. However, her figure was maturing at a faster rate than the girls of her age. She already had curves that could drive men crazy for her, and the assets on her chest announced that they would keep growing. Perhaps, in a couple of years, she would touch the D cup.

Shazan couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. She was his, and he still hadn’t touched her. The threats of Maira might have not worked on him, but his care for her did. He didn’t want to make her sad, and so, he hadn’t touched her best friend.

He planted a kiss on her head and freed her. How could he not see the anticipation in her heart? He knew when a girl wanted him, and this girl had already accepted him in her heart. However, her time hadn’t come yet. He had to deal with Maira first. Her stubbornness was a pain, but it was something that he admired about her.

Just as he was thinking of her, Maira appeared in the hallway walking toward the dining hall. He looked at her and smiled, but then his smile ceased when he saw the aloofness in Arianna’s eyes as she came together with Kaiya. She was still mad at him.

“Come here, love.” He called out to his little bride and opened his arms to her.

Kaiya blushed at his action and lowered her head as she slowly walked in his arms. He picked her up and kissed on her forehead before stealing a sip from her lips. She giggled, and then she buried her face in his neck.

“Where did you go?” he inquired her.

“To the forest in the west. Arianna showed me around and introduced me to so many animals there.” Kaiya happily answered.

“Did you make any friends?”

“All of them!” She laughed. “They all seem to like me a lot, especially Rin. She allowed me to pat her head, and nestle with her.”

“You were not scared?” He smiled and asked.

“I was at first, but then when I watched Maira and Arianna play with her, I willed myself to touch her. And she allowed it.”

“That’s more like my little bride, good job!” Shazan kissed on her platinum head and praised her.

She deserved the praise. The animals in the forest were dangerous animals. Rin that she talked about was a White Tigress. And she was one moody cat. It was easy for Azeros to get close to such wild animals, but for a normal girl like Kaiya, it wasn’t so easy. And he was sure that any normal girl would be terrified in the presence of so many wild animals. There were wolves too, as well as all types of big cats. The only dangerous animals not there were the animals that lived in cold habitat.

“Thank you!” Kaiya answered with a smile and looked him in the eyes. “You are feeling better now?” There was a concern in her voice that was not hidden.

“Yes!” He said and kissed on the tip of her nose, and placed her back on her feet.

His eyes landed on Arianna who had not greeted him. She was already sitting on her seat on the table. He could only shake his head in regret.

“Come,” He said to Kaiya, and guided her to her seat, before walking over to the head of the table. He planted a kiss on Arianna’s head before taking his seat.

There were some unvoiced rules in this Palace. The seat on his right belonged to Renesme, and the seat on his left belonged to Arianna. Next to Arianna was Keira’s place, and adjacent to her, next to Renesme, was Serafina’s seat. Karen was sitting right next to Keira, and as his fourth official wife, Kaiya was now sitting with Serafina. Next to Kaiya was Marilyn’s place, and next to Karen was Roselyn’s. And then the seats were allocated to the maids in order of their seniority. It was not him that had made these rules. The rules were made and established by his women.

A few moments later, Lena and Joanna appeared with the dinner trolleys. The rest of the maids helped them set the final dishes on the table before taking their seats.

Shazan didn’t forget to greet his lovely Head-Maid. When Lena approached him, he got up from his seat and help her tight in his embrace. She wasn’t the shy type of girl. She never cared about anything when she was in his arms. She kissed him without a care, and only after she was satisfied, did she leave his embrace and allowed Joanna to enter it.

Jonna was a tall girl. She was 5’10 in height. She had light brown hair, that complemented her eyes of the same color. Her honey skin looked very healthy, and her thin lips on her diamond shaped face were nothing less than beautiful art. Though she had modest breasts, she didn’t lack the right curves on her body. She had a very strict personality. She was hard-working and was very compliant and strict with the rules and regulations.

He had wanted to tease her a little, but everyone was already on the table. The dinner was set, and so he restrained himself. He kissed her and nudged her cute nose before freeing her.

He as the head of the table had to give the sign to start eating. Everyone’s eyes, except for Arianna, were locked on him. The rule was established so that any announcements could be made if there were some. And today, he had to make an announcement.

“Most of you must already know that Helen and Asaya will be coming to live with us from tomorrow…” He said his words and watched then all nod. “There is something that I have kept from all you people for several years…”

His words made the maids frown, but the other girls seemed to have already been informed about it.

“Asaya is my Step-Sister. She is a Silverstein.”

He could have chosen to reveal this to them after their arrival, but he chose to do it now. He didn’t want to keep it from them any longer than he already had.

“That’s not all,” He said and glanced around the table before sighing. “Helen doesn’t know that I know this truth. And… Asaya is unaware of it as well.” He took his time before saying his next words. “I want you all to not worry about the turn of events that make take place in the next few days. There’s a possibility that Helen will get upset. And I am not sure how Asaya will take the truth. What I want you all to remember is that we are a family. And Helen is part of this family.”

The words he had said were not needed to be said. Everyone in this house knew about the familial bonds that they observed and respected. And everyone already knew about his affair with Helen. They had already considered her a family.

Everyone on the table nodded to him. Everyone except for Arianna and Kaiya. His little bride was frowning, and her eyes were vacant for a moment before she caught him looking at her. She tried to smile at him, but her restlessness had not escaped his eyes. He could sense that she was scared. And he knew what she was scared of, but he wasn’t going to ease her fears.

The battle she was fighting, she needed to fight on her own. And if she would fall, he would be there to take care of it.

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