Chapter – 19

In a room dimly lit in a red hue, there were two bodies on the couch, that were nestling against each other. The girl was smiling brightly as if her Sun had returned in her life after a long night.

“Did you get the fever again?” He inquired her as he gently stroked her brown head. His fingers ran through her wavy hair, and then his hand stopped on her soft waist.

The girl lowered her head to hide her blush. And her heart raced in her expectations.

Shazan could see that she was reluctant to answer his question. This little maid of his was lovesick in his love. Yes, she was lovesick. Ella had developed this strange phenomenon where she would suffer from fever if she couldn’t see him in person for several days. When it all had started, everyone was worried about her. Ella couldn’t even perform her tasks properly that she excelled at, and her fever would get stronger with every passing day. And strangely enough, she would get better after just seeing him back. Her condition would improve in just a few minutes, and just like at this moment, her smile wouldn’t leave her face.

He knew that his little maid understood that he was busy. She would never complain to him about it. But she couldn’t help this lovesickness of hers.

“Silly girl.”

He pressed his lips on her head, and his sneaky hand undid the belt on her uniform. Her soft and fleshy ass was nestled right on his lap. She wasn’t moving, but the warmth and softness were making it unbearable for him.

Ella closed her misty eyes and nestled her face in his neck. She adjusted her posture a little so that he had easy access to her body, and the parts he loved the most on her. And as expected, his naughty hands did reach onto her chest, as he unbuttoned her blouse.

He smiled when he saw the alluring lingerie covering her breasts. His clumsy maid was going all out to charm him tonight. His finger traced on the design of it and sent a faint feeling in her soft flesh.

“Tickles…!” She lovingly complained in a chiming voice. And her giggles escaped from her belly.

“Who told you to wear something so alluring, I can’t help but trace it.” He laughed at her reaction.

“I am glad that Master likes it.” She whispered under her breath.

“Your Master likes everything about you.” He told her as his fingers unhooked her bra and set her bouncy breasts free. “And I love them the most.” He grabbed onto her breast and squeezed it in urgency.

The softness was heavenly, and he loved how his fingers would melt in this softness.

“Why does it look like you have gotten bigger in just a few days…” He mused out loud.

“I have not!” Ella furrowed her brows and looked down at her assets to ascertain it. Somehow, she was insecure about the size of her chest, she was worried that she would grow too big, and then her Master wouldn’t like them.

“I am just messing with you… “ He planted a kiss on her nose. “But even if they grow a little bigger, I would love them the same. After all, they are dear to me.” He said like a responsible man, and Ella laughed at his tone.

He watched her laugh and felt better. She looked really beautiful when she laughed like this. He traced her pink cheek with the back of his finger, and then he took a sip of her warm lips.

The fire in his loins was now shrouding his mind. Ella sensed his urgency, and she helped him undress her. In just a few moments, she was in his lap, wearing only her red panties.

Shazan didn’t take them off hurriedly. He took off his shirt first, and then he wrapped his arm around her small waist and pulled her on him. Her breasts pressed on his chest, and her lips were caught by him. He pulled her tighter and savored the feeling of her skin against his. Her body got warmer and warmer, and her breath filled his lungs. His hands clawed on her ass. He wasn’t gentle, as his touch left his marks on her. His hands greedily traced every inch of her skin, clawed her back, stroked her waist, and then squeezed her thighs. She was soft, so soft, and warm. She was his bane.

His fingers finally hooked on the band of her panties, and he yanked them off, every so slowly. Ella adjusted herself as she felt the last piece of her clothing leave her body. Her heart thumped hard, as her misty eyes got hooked in his. He separated her from his embrace, then helped her up by holding her by her waist. He sat her in his lap, facing him, and he ran his eyes over her body. He traced her curves with care as if appreciating a work of art, and then he leaned in and planted a kiss on her left nipple. Her small nipples looked adorable, and he wasn’t going to be unjust to the other one. And so he plated a kiss on her right nipple too.

Ella laughed when she saw him being so courteous to them, and she pressed her lips on his head. He showered several kisses on his dear loves. And then he caught one of them in his lips, before taking it in his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. Ella’s breathing derailed, as she moaned in the sensations. And her moans took away his gentleness. He devoured her breasts, played with them until her body started shuddering.

“Master…. Master…”

She called out to him under her moans. Her arms wrapped around his head and pulled him on her breasts. His hands were not staying idle, he moved one of them on the breast that was left unattended. He pinched the nipple between his fingers, and then he rubbed it in his palm. He squeezed the flesh in his hand, his fingers sunk in it, and Ella gasped in the slight pain that she felt. The other hand that had been caressing her waist, moved down to her nether region. The touch of sparse hair fueled his lust, and his greedy fingers finally arrived that the gate of her secret valley. He felt the heat emanating on his fingers as he pressed his hand on her mound. Her soft folds were slightly trembling, and there was wetness that leaked down from deep inside her. He traced her lower lips, caressed them with a gentleness that made her yearn for more, and then he roughly caught on her hiding clit and pinched it.

“Ahhh!” She cried out in the pain that shot her, and cried out again as he nibbled on her nipple. Her body shuddered in the mix of pleasure and pain that came with it, and her mind went black.

He hugged her convulsing body tightly in his arms, and then he worked himself out of his pajamas.

Ella was still bathing in her orgasm when she felt his movement. She grabbed on the warm rod, that was hard and looked to be in pain. Like an obedient maid, she guided her master to the secret valley where he belonged. She let the glans kiss the door, and then she sank her waist on it, bringing her master inside of her, inside the home that he owned.

The warm and tight walls enveloped him. Her wet folds kept wrapping him until he kissed the door of her womb. She gasped for breaths and tried her best to move, but he stopped her and hugged her. He wanted to stay like this for a while, let her pleasure settle down a little.

“Ssshhh…” He pressed his lips on her head and gently stroked her back. She wanted to please him, and she was pushing herself, but the night had just started, how could he let her tire herself out so early?

He enjoyed the feeling of being buried inside her. Unbearable as it was to not move, the pleasure was unique in its own manner. Her walls squeezed him and caressed him as if urging him to move and play with them, but he stayed still, and let her settle down. Ella didn’t take long to get hold of herself, her breaths were still uneven, but her mind was clearer than before. She caught his lips and inserted her tongue in his mouth.

She moved her waist in various rhythms. She was not too aggressive with her movements, but her greedy mouth wasn’t so gentle.

“Love me more, Master… Love me more..” She pleaded him under the kiss, but his movements still remained gentle.

Like a moth to the flame, she gambled and leaped on the aggressive side. She nibbled his lower lip, and her waist moved faster. Her insides squeezed him tightly. It was as if she was challenging him, mocking him, for how long he could control himself. Her soft and little hands entangled in his hair, grabbed on them, and she breathed in his scent.

Shazan smiled like a devil, watching her try her best. She looked so beautiful at this moment. The desperation, the desire, the affection, and her love for him, everything was getting out of her control. The pleasure she provided him was ethereal, it was intoxicating, but he was not going to give in to it. His hands traced her back, in ever so soft touches. His fingers were teasingly clawing her, and at times moved as if he was sketching something on her. The movement was making her lose her control. The burning sensations of desire from her insides were totally different from the affectionate caresses of his hands. She wanted to slow down, but she didn’t want to let go of the pleasure. She wanted to go faster, but she didn’t want to forget the feel of those gentle caresses. Like a raft in the middle of a raging ocean, she held on the edge of the peak of pleasure, she wanted to make him come for her, she wanted to jump off this peak together with him, but he seemed to be adamant on letting her jump alone. And when she thought she couldn’t bear anymore, he roughly grabbed on her waist and forcefully slammed himself on the door of her womb.

“Master…!!” She broke as she screamed. Her mind went blank. She was scared, but the pleasure was too much for her, and to her solace, his arms were tightly holding her against him.

Ella had orgasmed so hard that she had ended up squirting on him. And when she regained some clarity after a few moments, she wanted to die in her embarrassment. It wasn’t the first time he had made her so embarrassed, but every time she had thought that she wouldn’t allow him to bully her next time, and that next time had never come.

“You are mean!” She said angrily, but the pleasure soaked smile on her face betrayed her. Her body was still shaking in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“You are too beautiful that I can’t help but bully my clumsy little maid.”

“I am not clumsy!” She refuted his words, as she gasped for breath.

“Ahan,” Shazan smiled mischievously. “It’s good then. I haven’t come yet.” He picked her up and led her to the bed as they remained connected to each other.

When she saw the bed, she got frightened. And his amused laughter scared her more and rose the anticipation in her heart too.

“Master… I..”

“Tired?” Shazan raised his brow, “And you say you aren’t clumsy? Your master isn’t satisfied yet.”

“No!” She made her resolve, “I am not clumsy.” She nodded to herself.

Shazan nodded to her and separated from inside her, he put her on the bed and reached over to pick up a round-cushion. Ella curiously looked at it and cocked her head, but then she yelped as he turned her over to have her ass face him. He put the cushion under her waist and pushed her head on the bed. He traced her spine with his finger, and her body trembled under his touch. It was already too much for him, her shapely ass was inviting him to bury himself inside of her, and so, he grabbed on her waist and landed a sharp slap on her soft ass cheek.

“Ehhhh!” She surprisedly cried out in pain, but then she felt him pierce inside her again, and a moan leaked from her mouth… “Aaahhh..” And it got stuck in her throat.

His movement was not in the least gentle. He wasn’t moving like an animal on heat. What he did, was making her suffer from his hard and deep thrusts. Every time he thrust inside her, he slammed against the entrance to her womb. It was painful, but at the same time, it brought her the pleasure that he had carved in her memory over the years. Her body bathed in the pleasure as if it was being baptized by it.

Her moans echoed in the room. She closed her eyes and resigned herself to the pleasure her master provided her. She didn’t mind being treated roughly by him, as long as he showered his love on her, albeit in what form it was, she gladly accepted it. His movement fastened as he could no longer bear the ache in his balls.

“Ella..” he called out her name, “You are beautiful..” He told her, “And your Master loves you..”

He leaned in and planted a wet kiss on her spine before breaking past the entrance of her womb and bursting inside it.

“Aaaaahhhh…!” Ella cried out in the gratification of her orgasm. She was happy. “I love you, Master!” She announced her feelings without any shame.

Shazan lied down on top of her, pressing her under his weight. And then he rolled to the side and pulled her on his chest.

“Catch your breath… We are not done yet..” He told her, and her body shuddered in response.

The Palace was quiet at this hour before the dawn. He could only hear his footsteps as he moved down the hallway. He wasn’t tired even after his prolonged session of lovemaking with Ella. His maid had dozed off after their fifth round, and he stayed with her until she was sound asleep.

One of the things he disliked was the act of sneaking out of the bed and leaving the girl alone after having sex. Women wanted to be held by their lover after having given their body to him. And their hearts felt at peace in the arms of their man. He always made sure that he stayed with them until they were sound asleep, only then would he get out of the bed if he had to.

He had taken a shower and left the room, and now he was aimlessly wandering in the hallways. He hadn’t dried off his hair, and he could feel the wetness dripping on his shirt. He didn’t know why he liked not drying his hair after the shower. Usually, Renesme or someone else would help him dry them, but if they were not present, he left his hair unattended.

He let his aura roam free, and he sensed the presence of everyone in the Palace. Arianna was in her room with Roselyn, and they were both soundly asleep. Keira was in Serafina’s room, and they were asleep as well. Kaiya was in Marilyn’s room, and Ilsa was in the living room, sleeping on the couch. Mina and Nina were in their room, sleeping soundly. Karen was still in the Monitoring room, but she was asleep. Joanna and Isha were in their respective rooms, and they were asleep as well. Mary wasn’t in the house. She had left before dinner with Ezio to go and help Helen and Asaya pack their stuff.

Only three people were awake in the Palace at this hour. Lena was in the kitchen on the ground floor, as she prepared for the morning’s breakfast. That girl was devoted to her duty, and she loved cooking. Renesme was awake as well, but she was meditating in her room, and so he approached the last girl that was awake and was on the balcony of the top floor. He was aware of her habits, and he knew why she must be there at the hour before dawn.

Shazan silently approached the balcony and slid the door open to step on it. The weather was pleasant, and a cool breeze blew past his wet hair, giving him a serene and peaceful feeling. He took in a deep breath of fresh air and walked over to sit on the couches set on the balcony. He lazily half lied on it, and his eyes looked at the girl who was offering her morning prayer there.

Maira had her head covered, and she was sitting on the prayer mat with her hands drawn in the act of supplication. Her eyes were closed, and she had her head lowered in respect. Her lips were moving, but she wasn’t whispering. He couldn’t hear what she was asking God, but the earnest look on her face told him, that it was something important to her.

It was not the first time he had seen her pray, but unlike the other times when he had respectfully left, he stayed there, watching her, and marveling everything about her. Somehow, watching her pray like that made his heart peaceful, and he smiled at her.

Maira ended her prayer not long after, as she covered her face with her hands, and went in Sujud one last time before standing up and folding her prayer mat. Her eyes met his, and when she saw the smile on his face, she lowered her head.

“Do you think I am a fool who believes in something that you think does not exist?” She questioned him and then looked at him seriously. “Are you mocking me with that smile of yours?”

Shazan laughed heartily when he heard her words.

“Sit..” He gestured her to sit by his side.

Maira was reluctant, but when she observed that he had taken his eyes off her, and sank back in the couch watching the sky above, she walked to him and sat by his side. He said nothing to her, and she sat there silently waiting for him to say something. Minutes passed, and the stars in the sky paled.

“Do I look like a man who doesn’t believe in God?” He asked her but didn’t look at her.

The manner of his question surprised her. And she looked at him in disbelief. He didn’t see the look on her face, but he knew, if anyone would hear him say this, they would look at him the same way. A man like him, who would believe that he believed in God?

“You do look like a man who doesn’t believe in God.” Maira finally nodded.

He glanced at her and smiled some more before looking at the sky again.

“I believe in God. I do. And there has never been a moment in my life when I hadn’t.” He whispered, and closed his eyes.

Maira stayed silent, and in shock when she heard his words and saw the look on his face. She could tell that he was speaking the truth. He never lied to the women in this house, and he hadn’t lied to her either, ever.

“Who’s your God, Lord Shazan?” Maira asked doubtfully as if considering that he was playing with words.

“Who’s my God?” He shook his head lightly and looked at her in her eyes. “I believe in the God that created you, my Love. The one that created me, that created everything there is in existence, and everything there is that is beyond my capacity to even think of, and beyond the capacity of what anyone could ever think of. The only true Power there is, is the God I believe in, and the one I submit to.”

His words were from his heart. He was a man of faith. He had always been a man of faith. He never needed religion to believe in the existence of God, and he never liked the idea of containing His existence in the form of a Religion. That was why he never usually talked about his faith.

“You never blamed God for what happened to you?”

His heart ached when he heard Maira ask the question that no one would dare ask him. He looked in her eyes, and saw the curiosity. She had asked him this question not to hurt him, but to eliminate the doubts that remained in her heart. Her eyes lowered in apology when she realized that she had hurt him with her question.

“It’s okay,” He said and patted her head. He took off his hand before she would find it inappropriate. “And yes, I never blamed God for what happened to me. But I believe in Him, in hope that the ones I have lost, would be returned to me, in one form or another, in this time or another.” He smiled at her, “So girl, are you now mocking me for believing in such a thing, with that look of yours?” He teased her and saw something that he hadn’t expected.

He saw Maira smile at him. She was smiling from the bottom of her heart, and she was blushing. It was the first time he saw this view, and he knew that he would remember this beautiful smile until the end of times.

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