Chapter – 4

The airport they landed on belonged to Silverstein Empire. It was a private airport and bigger than many international airports of the world. When they stepped out of the plane, three black cars were waiting for them. Their luxury had not surprised Kaiya this time, but she still wondered how rich a person could be to afford Customized Editions of Mercedes that were probably the most expensive cars in the world.

This time it was not a Limousine but a Luxurious Maybach Exelero. A sweet smile crept on her face when he kissed her hand and opened the door for her to the passenger’s seat. He then got into the driver’s seat and helped her tie her seat belt. Seeing his face so close to her made her heart race. And to her happiness, he stole a kiss from her lips when he was done helping her put on the seatbelt.

“Ready?” He asked and lightly laughed.

It finally dawned to her why Keira was not in the same car. She looked at the car next to theirs, Keira was sitting on the driver’s seat. A pale smile adorned her face and she pouted to them before firing off the engine.

“Are you going to race?”

“Yes, Keira loves racing and we do it from time to time.”

“Oh” She looked at him and smiled. “You seem to love racing as well.”

“Of course, I love doing what my mischevious wife loves doing.” He nodded to her and fired off the engine.

“But these are not sports cars.”

He clicked on a button and a small cabinet opened. There were several Sunglasses inside it. He chose one for her and then put it on her eyes.

“These cars are customized editions. They may not look like it but they house 1200 Horsepower engines.”

Kaiya was a little scared now. She had never been inside such a fast car, and had never been in a race before.

“Don’t worry.” He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. “There will be no accidents.” He confidently said.

She nodded to him. Her heart felt at ease after hearing his words.

Shazan then pressed the call button and the voice channel was connected to all three cars.

“This time… I am winning it.” Keira enthusiastically said.

“If you want to win so much then I will just let you win, My Love.” Shazan laughed at her words and teased her.

“You are not allowed to go easy on me, Master.” She said and then whispered. “The loser will have to listen to anything the winner says.”

“Well, that makes it more interesting.” Shazan nodded. “Are you fine with it, Caius?”

“Of course, Lord Shazan.” A man said in a husky voice. “I don’t plan on losing again.”

“Alright then,” Shazan said and looked at Kaiya, “Lady Kaiya will do the countdown.”

Kaiya blushed under his smile and meekly nodded.

“I hope you all will be careful and not push things too much.” She said and then continued with the countdown. “On your Mark!”

“3!, 2!, 1!.. Go!”

She was pushed back in her seat by the throttle and for a moment her eyes couldn’t even concentrate on anything. The engines were not making a monstrous noise, but the speed that their cars were running on was scary.

Kaiya didn’t even look at the side window because it was getting too blurry. Her eyes were set on the front and every time a turn came, her heart sank a little. The car would drift at an astonishing speed and then speed up once more.

She was not sure where they were. The roads were big and there was no traffic on them. She concentrated on the GPS and saw that they were in the middle of nowhere. There was no population nearby. The three red symbols of cars on the screen showed her the status of the race. They were in second place and Keira was leading them. She forgot to breathe when her eyes landed on the speed the meter displayed. They were going at a speed of over 300 mph.

What was even scarier was that the three cars were almost mirroring each other. She couldn’t believe how three different people could drive in the same style and with such coordination. They were not even trying to coordinate. It was a race and Keira was winning it with just a distance of a meter. And the last car was also by their side and just a meter behind.

“I told you to not go easy on me, Husband.” Keira laughed. “Now you are not getting ahead of me.”

“Oh, we will see that.” Shazan shook the head and lightly laughed.

He pressed a button on the wheel and then the car lunged forward in acceleration. The speed went up by 20mph in just a second and finally, the car vibrated a little.

“Shazan…” Kaiya was scared now. The adrenaline rush was making her entire body shiver in excitement. It was a thrill she had never experienced before.

“Yes, Love?” He chuckled and inquired.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard him address her as ‘Love’. The fear waned a little. What she wanted to say was to be careful and not to go this fast, but now her words betrayed her.

“Are we really going to lose?”

“Now we are not. I was planning to let her win. But now that you want me to win this…” He stopped and grabbed her hand. “I will win this for you.”

“Yes yes… Let me see how you win this.” Keira interjected their conversation then started gaining a little more distance.

Kaiya giggled and tightened her hand on his hand.

“Lord Shazan…I am not sure if you should count me out of this race. I am planning on winning as well.”

“No one’s stopping you from doing that, Caius.” Shazan laughed then nodded his head. “I will give you a few days off if you do win this race. That’s in addition to whatever your demand would be as a winner.”

“Who wants a day off?” The man laughed in his husky voice. “I want you to let me handle the Fourth Lord if I win this.”

There was silence in the cars after his words. Kaiya looked at Shazan and found a pale smile on his lips. He was not wearing the sunglasses and she could see danger reflecting in his gaze.

“Win this and he’s yours.”

“Thank you, Lord Shazan.”

The three cars sped once more. The straight road was coming to an end in just a dozen miles. Kaiya’s heart jumped to her throat when she saw a U-turn on the GPS. The road was now going to go downhill in a snake-like passage. And the cars were not in the least slowing down.

“Ready, Love?” Shazan whispered.

She’s didn’t understand what happened after he said those words. The turn was just a few hundred meters ahead when the car hit on the breaks and then it drifted down the road. She shut her eyes close, and the sound of her pounding heart drowned that of the engines. Her body swayed with every turn they took. And there seemed to be no end to this. The only thing keeping her from crying out loud was the fact that they had not crashed into something and were still running.

“It’s fine now.” His gentle words penetrated her ears after a while.

Kaiya was not sure about how long she had kept her eyes shut. Her body still trembled in fear and excitement. She carefully opened her eyes and found that they were now on a road in the middle of woods. The scenery was just too serene and beautiful.

Her eyes landed on the GPS and saw that they were now in the lead and almost a hundred meters ahead of Keira.

“Yayyy!!!” She screamed excitedly and then broke out in fits of laughter. “We won!”

Shazan laughed at her enthusiasm and grabbed her hand again. He held it gently and caressed it with his thumb.

“It’s not fair, Kaiya!” Keira complained. “It’s all because you fueled his desire to win.”

“Sorry.” Kaiya giggled. “But I am so happy that we won! Yes!”

“It’s good that you are happy.” Keira gently said. “But you still have to listen to my demand, Husband.”

“Oh, I will.” Shazan nodded. “But before that, you will have to honor the agreement we had on this race. You have to listen to whatever I ask of you.”

“All yours, Master.” She whispered. It was evident in her voice that she was blushing right now.

“So Caius, I thought you were going to win this race.” He said and chuckled.

“My bad, Lord Shazan.” Caius laughed in his husky voice and then added. “It seems like I still have a long way to go to reach the skilfulness you have on the wheel. Even Lady Keira is better than me.”

“Of course, I am better. After all, I learned my driving skills from my Husband. And he’s the best.” Keira proudly said.

“And you still thought that you could beat me.”

“You are saying it as if I have never won against you.”

“The only times that I let my precious wife win.” Shazan chuckled at her words and lightly said.

“Well, whatever… I still won.”

“Yes yes…” He gave in. “You guys go ahead. We will arrive at the mansion in an hour or so.”

Kaiya was surprised at his words and looked curiously at him. He squeezed her hand lightly and then slowed down the car.

“Take your time.” Keira giggled and said. She didn’t ask why he wanted to do this.

“Yes, Lord Shazan.” Caius said respectfully.

The two cars crossed them and then soon vanished from their sight. Shazan stopped the car on the side of the road. It was right under the tree tunnel that perfectly covered the sky.

Her heart sped faster as he leaned in and unfastened her seatbelt. His hand caressed her waist before lifting her up and sitting her in his lap. The adrenaline rush had not completely subsided yet. He carefully sat her on his lap facing him and then adjusted the seat by reclining it backward.

Not a word was said, and he just kissed her lips soon after taking off her sunglasses. It was a deep sip and then his tongue invaded her mouth. Their breaths mingled and her body started warming up. His gentle caresses encouraged her and her panties were already being stained with the love juices that she could no longer control. She was embarrassed, but his gentleness and eagerness comforted her heart. Her arms locked around his neck as she tried to kiss him back and dance her tongue with his.

His hand snaked its way under her skirt and massaged her ass. Her moans leaked out in his mouth when his fingers rubbed on her swollen lips. She did not want him to stop touching her, but then his other hand snaked its way inside her skirt scaring her a little. He grabbed on her ass and lifted it up slightly. The soft fabric covering her most private part was torn by him. She felt his other hand leave her ass and then she heard the zipper open. The next moment she was lowered on his bulging hot member. It slid right in her lubricated insides.

She felt her swollen insides burn in pain, but there was pleasure mixed in it. She buried her face in his neck when the tip of his member hit on her cervix.
Tears slipped out of her eyes in pain and strange pleasure that came with it. And she whimpered.

“Are you okay?” He kissed on her head and asked.


“Let me know if you need me to stop.”

His hands caressed her ass and then guided her up and down on his length. The pain burned some more but the pleasure rose as well. She hugged him tightly and moaned near his ear. It was in encouragement that she did not want him to stop. The tip of the glans kept hitting on her cervix and jolted her body in pleasure every time it hit that spot.

“Does it feel good?” He whispered in her ear.

She was too embarrassed to hear his question. And it only intensified her pleasure.

“Mhmm.” She moaned and nibbled on his neck.

His movements became urgent with each thrust and her moans became louder. She lifted her head and kissed him ardently. The tension was building up inside her womb and the walls of her vagina tightened around his length. Her moans were muffled in his mouth as she started moving her waist to climb the peak of the pleasure faster.

The orgasm hit her hard and her entire body shuddered in ecstasy in his embrace. Pleasure soaked her senses. She bit hard on his lip and as her insides clamped tightly around him. He did not stop his movement. His fingers clawed her ass as he kept guiding her on his length. The orgasm hit her again and then again. It never seemed to end, and the strength drained from her body. The tears kept slipping out of her eyes but they were not in pain but the pleasure she was feeling right now.

“I am coming…” He grunted and said near her ear.

A pain shot her as his glans penetrated through her cervix when he entered balls deep inside her. He erupted inside her womb and showered it in his warmth. He squeezed her small body against him tightly. She could hear his heart beating fast almost in the same rhythm as her. She wanted to forever stay like this but the tiredness soon won over and her eyes drooped. She fell asleep in his embrace as he stroked her back gently.



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