Grassland Law Chapter 13


「Mukai、come here。 」

Mukai’s father called him over while he was practicing his bow.

「What could it be Father」

HIs Father urged him to sit down in front of him.

「Recently in the morning、you woke up when the girls go to draw water and train」


「What’s up with that? Is it because you couldn’t do anything when the wolves attacked? This time the horses weren’t injured、don’t mind it。 」 (TN: No, father, it’s because of a certain OP pervert…)

「It’s not like that, Father、I can’t really tell about what happened but…」

Mukai told his father about the time when he was attacked by the wolves.
He got assaulted, his dog was killed, then when the horses were about to get attacked, a passerby Warriror saved him.
He didn’t just stop telling there.
Rather than that, he was required to tell more.
The fact about he was surrounded by 6 wolves, and the fact that the one who saved him was the popular Twin Arrows Jumuka
And the thing about him wanting to become as strong as that person so he trains in the morning

Hearing Mukai’s words his father put a hand on the chin and thought.

「I see、got it、training is good」

The two of them stood up.
Mukai went to the training ground while his father went to where the girls are working.
Mukai’s father gathered all the kids of his slave wives with the age range of 12 to 18.

「You people、do you want to be wives or slave wives? If you want to be a wife then now’s the time」

The kids of his slave wives divided into 2 factions.
One is to become a Fighter’s wife, one is to become a Warrior’s slave wife.
Their marriage is decided by the family head, but in a house with some margin these daughters of slave wives’ wishes can be respected.
1/4 of the girls remained after those words.

「You huh…one more thing、it’s marriage in another tribe、it’s a good chance so step in」

With that said 3 other girls stepped in.

「You three huh、that’s right you’re turning into adults this Snow season…you all stand and turn around」

The three girl stood up silently. They turned their back and leaned their hips a little.
Lifting their dresses, the three’s buttocks came into view, he carefully gazed at them.

「Un、that’s right、Loche、you look good」 (TN: Okay so, the actual text was Roche, but the katakana for Ro is the same as in OverLOrd so I’m sure it’s Loche)

「Thank you very much。 Father-sama、what kind of person is my Master?」

「You’ll be surprised」

He whispered into Loche’s ears. (TN: Listen Loche, he’s a pervert who trains to peep at hotties)

「Fueeeee ! !」

Loche raise a loud voice of astonishment.

(Back to Jumuka’s POV)

I’m only sitting.
Next to me is Lucci in a white dress.
Of course the necklace I gave in on her neck.
How many hours have we sat, I have no idea.
The Sun is dazzling brilliantly.
Today is the wedding.
The married couple’s work is to sit in one place and do nothing
People from both family join hands and cook together to treat the people who come to congratulate.
The ones who give presents and congratulations are family members of the couple, other people will say their words to our siblings and they will report it back to me and Lucci.
Me and Lucci haven’t eaten anything since morning.
But, Lucci has not drop her smile at all.
Occasionally we returned our siblings’ congratulations, but honestly I just want it to end already.


「Thank you、Temujii」

The person who gave Lucci words of congratulations just now is her same-mother little brother Temujii
He’s now 13 years old, it’s rare to see a sibling right below her to have a 4-year age difference.

「Brother-in-law-san、I’ll entrust Lucci to you。 」

「Yeah、of course」

The wedding went on until the Sun goes down.
That means up until then we still haven’t eaten anything.
As we returned to our house the 4 girls prepared dinner.
I thought that I didn’t need to wait for Lucci and dug in right away.

「Nnhonnhon」 (TN: Nom nom nom)

Then I got packed a little in my throat.
Yesu carried across a sake-cup of water.

「Jumuka-sama、you don’t have to be in such a hurry you know?」

Lucci laughed while saying so.
I ate a quick pleasant meal and handed the right to eat over to Lucci.
Other people already ate at the wedding ceremony so there is no need.
Lucci looked elegant as usual, but she ate a lot. (TN: Duh, how do you think she got chubby?)

Sending my little sisters home Yesu went to the work place of slave wife.
Me and Lucci stared at each other.
Lucci changed out from her wedding dress into her usual look
Lucci is looking around cheerfully.

「Umm、Jumuka-sama、what about Yesu?」

「Yesu was allowed to rest。 」



Embracing Wives and Slave wives in one night accordingly to order is fine.
But, tonight is our first night, I wanted to embrace her with just us, so I sent Yesu to rest.

「Yesu haven’t bear Jumuka-sama’s child yet。 Jumuka-sama needs to make a lot of children soon you know」

「That’s、well、it’s true but、is Lucci fine with that?」

「With what?」

「Etto、I heard that it’s fine to embrace everyone in our first night but…」

「Such things、there is no girl after wife training would not know that。 」

Lucci plainly declared so.

「I’ll go call Yesu。 」 (TN: Hahaha, a wife offering her husband a 3P, Lucci knows what’s up)

Saying so Lucci rose and went into slave wife room.
From afar、Lucci-sama! Eh! Is that okay? those words were heard。
Then Lucci brought Yesu along with her.

「Jumuka-sama let’s begin。 」

Lucci smiled sweetly.
I was a little surprised, but the things I’m gonna do won’t change. It’s only a bit different since it went from embracing Lucci only to embracing Lucci and Yesu.


I knocked my thighs *ponpon* and Lucci drew closer.