Grassland Law Chapter 14

First night with Lucci

Lucci slowly sat down on my lap.
Lucci’s butt climbed onto my thighs.
Her butt flesh tightly wrapped around my thing.
Lucci entrusted her body.
My chest feels Lucci’s back.
I could feel the squishy sensation all over my body.
I circled my arms from the back and hugged Lucci tightly.
A *punyuri* sensation covered my arms.
As I buried my face into Lucci’s nape I inhaled in a lot of her scent.

「Yesu、start preparing。 」


As Lucci gave out instructions Yesu sat while taking off and folding her own clothes.
I stole a glance over there but right now it’d be rude not to keep Lucci company, so I quickly turn back to Lucci.
I gently brushed Lucci shoulder-long hair, and touched her nape.


Lucci raised a cute shriek.

I unfastened Lucci’s breast straps.
*Poron* her huge tits were laid bare.
I looked at those tits from behind Lucci.

「Jumuka-sama、how is it? I worked hard to make them big。 I think I’ll make good breast milk。 」

「These、they’re big」

I lifted Lucci’s breasts.
I intended to lift them up but in fact I didn’t lift them at all.
My fingers were buried and sunk into Lucci’s breasts.
Her breasts have weight.
I didn’t feel any springiness and elasticity. It’s just mostly softness.
As I put strength into my fingers they sunk without any resistance.

「Aa、Jumuka-sama、so rough。 」


「We just began、please be gentle to me。 」


I began to move my fingers rubbing Lucci’s breasts.
The flesh moved *munyu munyu* matching my fingers’ movements.


Lucci’s voice reached my ears.
It wasn’t an erotic voice from her feeling it, but her voice was matching my fingers movements.
I moved my fingers *guni guni*, and moved to the front.
I gently flicked Lucci’s nipples.


Lucci’s voice became a bit more erotic.
Pin!Pin! I flicked them many times、and rubbed her breasts。

「Ah!Jumuka-sama、、somehow、it feels really good。 」

「Lucci’s voice、it’s cute、let me hear it more」

As I *muni muni* rubbed my fingers an erotic voice could be heard from the front.
I looked to where the voice came from and spotted Yesu looking this way while playing with her own nipples breathing roughly.

「Lucci-sama、that looks so good、me too、I want to、be embraced。 But、but、an、Masteeer」

How damn erotic. Oh shit that ain’t good right now Lucci is more important.
I crammed Lucci’s nipples into her breasts


Lucci’s body slightly *bikuri* shivered.
A sweet fragrance drifted from Lucci.
Honestly any more than this wouldn’t be good, let’s embrace Lucci.
I threw my body forward.
Lucci seemed to read my intention as she leaned forward and held out her arms, she got on all fours.
Normally after caressing, the wives and slave wives would let me look at their naked body first then get into positions for insertion, that’s basic etiquette
But, for wives if there’s only one then this etiquette can be looked over.
It’s fine for her to get into horse-position right after caressing.
In that case, you’re fine since your a wife and I wanna quickly move into doing you. Or so it can be understood as.
As one decides the order of the wives he’ll do this to the first wife, then the second wife would be the usual etiquette. Thus telling the wives their order is also necessary.
And of course, since you can’t embrace 2 wives in one night, you tell this order to the same slave wife when you embrace her in a different day. 1

As she got on all fours I lifted Lucci’s dress from the back.
Her round big ass was exposed.
As I thought, when I placed my hand on her ass my fingers sunk.
As I enjoy the squishy sensation of her butt I put my hand in between her thighs and opened her legs a little.
Lucci’s vagina and its entrance came into view before my eyes.
Her vagina was only a little bit wet.
I placed my thing on Lucci’s vagina.

「Jumuka-sama、it’s finally time」

「Yeah、Lucci、I’m going in alright」

「Yes、with this I、I’ll、become Jumuka-sama’s wife」

「I think it’ll hurt a little、maybe we should stop。 」

「It’s okay。 Please come。 」

I grasped Lucci’s hips and advanced mine.
My fingers are also buried into the softness of her waist.
My thing opened up Lucci’s vagina and advanced forward.
Up until the point of inserting it was rejecting my thing but then Lucci’s vagina accepted me and this time it wrapped tightly around my thing.

「Aa、aa、it entered。 Jumuka-sama is、Jumuka-sama is」

I plunged into Lucci’s vagina.
Midway I felt Lucci’s hymen.

「Lucci、I’m doing it」


I advanced my hips strongly, and tear my way through.


Lucci didn’t raise her voice. But, it seemed painful. She gasped for breaths rapidly.
I didn’t move inside Lucci but waited it out for her to settle down.


「What is it?」

「You’re not、moving、is this fine?」

「It’s alright、Lucci is in pain aren’t you」

「I’、I’m okay。 Now、I’m o、kay。 Please move。 」

「Got it。 」

I moved my hands from her waist and seized her butt, pulled my hips back, and plunged back in.
Lucci’s insides gradually loosened to match my thing.


As she pushed out her hips matching the movements Lucci’s voice gradually began to sound erotic.
Lucci’s insides gently and tenderly wrapped around my thing.
Lucci isn’t the type that clamp down tightly.
It’s good either way so I don’t have to say anymore. Either is good
As I reached my limits I told Lucci.

「Lucci、I’m coming」

「Yes、please。 Please give me Jumuka-sama’s child。 」

I poked at her deepest place, then spit out my seeds.
I let go of her butt, pulled my thing out and Lucci collapsed forward.
Did I overdo it a bit?
As I took a breather Yesu wiped my body.
After gently wiping me she wiped Lucci and prepared the animal pelt.
Yesu put her folded clothes aside and got into dog-position.

「Master、preparations are completed。 Please have your way」

Slave wives preparing themselves while the wives are being embraced so that they can go right away after is also an etiquette
Yesu’s vagina is already all prepared being thoroughly wet.
I put my thing on Yesu’s vagina, and entered.

「Aaaaa、at last、Master’s valuable thing、aa」

Yesu raised her voice matching my hips.
As if pleased with Yesu great reactions I ejaculated with all my might inside her.
As Yesu wiped both our bodies, Yesu, me, and Lucci lined up like letter 川 and slept.

The next day returned to just a normal day.
As I finished having breakfast and taking care of the horses I began training.

「Jumuka come here」

The Patriarch called me over to the plaza and Mukai had already been there.

「Jumuka-sama、it’s been a long time。 」

「Mukai、what’s the matter?」

「I came to thank you for the other day。 」

Mukai bent his knee and made a thanking posture.

「That day、when you killed wolves、and saved me who couldn’t do anything、you defeated them all by yourselves。 So me Mukai, the son of Shiio tribe’s Patriarch, came as a representative with some goods as thanks from the Patriarch。 We offer you half guda of horses, 1 guda of sheeps, and one slave wife. 」 2

I looked behind him and there were certainly 6 horses, 12 sheeps, and one girl.
If I decline I’d embarrass the other party.

「Jumuka of Ronga tribe、I certainly have received it。 」

My number of slave wives increased by one.
The girl stepped up and stood next to Mukai.

「I am called Loche。 It is such a blessing that I get to become that Twin Arrows Jumuka’s slave wife。 」

As Loche turned around Mukai lifted her skirt.

「She has quite large butt。 She’ll give birth to healthy children。 」

As Mukai let her skirt down, Loche turned back and held out her hands.
I took out a rope from my hips and tied her.
Loche happily stared at her hands being tied.
Mukai went back on his horse.
I saw him off and returned home.

「By the way Jumuka、that boy just now said you defeated the wolves alone、what do you have to say?」

Ah, it was also decided that I’d become a Great Warrior…


  1. もちろん一晩で妻を二人抱いてはいけないので別々の日に同じ隷妻を抱いて隷妻づてに教えさせるということである。
  2. So somebody actually figured out 1 guda is just a dozen = 12